Mat Armstrong

Mat Armstrong

I am Mat Armstrong from Leicester UK. Follow me as i build \u0026 modify cars.

I dont really specialise in any manufacture of car, neither am i professionally trained, just a regular guy winging it as i go along restoring each car with my own personal touch (even if that means getting the angle grinder out)

I hope my content brings a smile to your face and maybe inspires you to get on the spanners yourself.
There would be no point in me listing what car i own at the moment as i switch and change so often, but you are likely to see Audi's, Mercedes, VW, Maserati's, Bentleys \u0026 more.

I do like German engineering but im not scared to give the others a try 😆

At the end of the day im here for a good time \u0026 never take things too seriously so enjoy!!

Mat Armstrong

⬇️ Im always active on my other social accounts aswell which are below ⬇️