Weed 'em \u0026 Reap

Weed 'em \u0026 Reap

Born n' raised city folk, Kevin \u0026 DaNelle, along with their children Ethan \u0026 Lydia, decided in 2009 to move to a 1 acre lot in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

It was perfectly zoned for all sorts of agricultural activities so they got busy learning how to raise goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, geese, turkeys as well as learned how to garden and grow trees in their harsh desert climate.

Now their daily life includes milking goats, gathering eggs, eating fresh fruits \u0026 vegetables from their garden, \u0026 harvesting fish from their pond.

Follow along as they raise new baby goats each year, laugh at their mistakes, grow just about everything in their garden, and enjoy life together as a family who's trying their best to live a life that's worth living on their little farm in the city.