Central Cee - Fraud [Net Video] Wild West

16 mar 2021
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  • best tune off wild west fire

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  • My mans is spittin bruv

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  • He the only white guy that can sound black or just me?

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    • Waffle

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  • y’a t il dés fan français ?

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  • Man thinks he’s the shit but he can’t even speak so proper English.

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  • Legend in the making

  • bad man🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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  • Nah he really doesn’t miss

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  • yo where I can buy the black air force 1 wild west

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  • Yeoo just heard this banger today 🤦🏾‍♂️ this track is tough no capp 🚧🚧🔥

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  • Fredo would be hard on this beat lol

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  • Ayayaysy

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  • I got commitment issues is the best

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  • Central cee dont miss

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  • listening from scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💯💯

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  • 0%womens 0%guns 100%talent

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  • Yo Was young, try bang an AC, I tried a ting and they blocked my card Oh Lord, I trap but it ain't that smart cah bro done half an M off fraud Get bun in the name of trust, I'm too paranoid, can't drop my guard Couldn't believe they locked my darg, I feel it for him, it hurt me hard What's ours is ours, on your marks, get ready and go, I won't come last I'm charged, I'll do what I need to do but I won't suck ass I had to stay at my bredrins yard, they didn't think that I would come this far One-shot to shine, I'll close my eye, if I get one chance I'll hit the target Fresh out the trap, my song just charted, ain't even started, I'm not in my bag When you step into town gotta pull up your pants fam, pull up your pants, don't sag Ain't servin' no random cat, bro got sent can and he came home tapped It ain't no cap, I'm the hardest out, even they know that Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip I bought my whip and I ran mileage up and I took that trip Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip I bought my whip and I ran mileage up and I took that trip I don't chat shit when I come on the mic, I just won't waste my breath I don't say nothin' under my breath that I won't say with my chest Bad B wanna lay in my bed, my bad but I gotta go chase that bread I just misplaced this weight, one sec, I gotta retrace my steps Who's up next? They're sayin' it's Cench What's the odds? Place your bets Just made a name this year, pushed man outta the way this year They show so much love, it's weird I have a feelin' I'll go clear next year I need the same deal that my man got, I had a meetin' and I made it clear Not long 'til I'm out of here, funny feelin' in the atmosphere I'm sorry Mary I had to interfere, I got a reload, can I bag this here? My amigo gonna volunteer, we're the trio, we're the musketeers More time I'm emotionless, it's been a while now since I bussed a tear Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip I bought my whip and I ran mileage up and I took that trip Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip I bought my whip and I ran mileage up and I took that trip Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip I bought my whip and I ran mileage up and I took that trip Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip I bought my whip and I ran mileage up and I took that trip Lemme talk my shit, still walk my strip

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  • The “let me talk my shit” hit hard for no reason

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  • Speak French ?

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  • Imagine Benny Banks and Central Cee both together🔥

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  • Freeze X

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  • The flow at 1:28 🧡🔥

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  • God mode

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  • Чем-то похоже на +44

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  • BrilliAnt role model😍😍 don’t get why there’s so many stabbings in london? 😉

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  • seworld.info/will/ZoTatqqVlZ-hqJM/video

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  • what you get here behind the scene of 6 of 6

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  • JB made this

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    • Nahh

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  • i'm french c'est lourd j'attend le son avec freeze corleon

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  • Central cee is absolute killing it💥keep it up💪🏽2021 is urs cee💙🔥💯

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  • Dinger ting🌹🌹🌹

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  • Most underlooked, underrated in UK!

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  • this guy is underrated asf

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    • @Thodoris Papaioannou ?

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    • That finna change soon‼️

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    • Underated... righto

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  • I want those sweatshirts

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  • The Bitcoin Chain doee

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  • almost 200k subscribers, How do you feel

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  • 419

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  • Do what I need to do

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  • Central Cee is a real G heard he has mad connections from G in New York and Chicago idk

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    • @OTM RAYZ he hangs around with memo600 and OTF do your research he been in a couple of music videos that’s why digga d doesn’t want to fight central ceee because digga d said that central is hard and he was cool with central until central started hanging with digga d oops

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    • How u know

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  • does anyone know what name of the brand of the hat the guy next to cench is wearing ?

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  • This man really the truth

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  • O'Brien 🤓

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  • Not gonna lie that haha 😜 got me feeling these beats

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  • My new obsession

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  • 3 me styll

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  • 667

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  • The Producer : yooo this is a Hit mate Central cee:nah lets Put some flow and cee in it

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  • Song would be good after a gram or 2

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  • he gives me that 2pac energy. i love it!

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  • What’s his real name

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  • Ohhhhh an other crazies damnnn

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  • rumor says half of his veiws are girls that buss for him

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  • Tension music video coming?

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  • 2020:Central cee 2021:central cee

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  • Bob Marley?

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    • My producer tag

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  • central cee is one of the best but this isnt it and he needs to diversify he is gonna become uks Nav

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  • man like Caesar

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  • do me a filho. merci

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  • Central cee is just insane😎💚👽

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  • He will blow

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  • Everytime u listen more to central cee, he keeps getting better and better incredible. 🔥🔥

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  • This is actually really good

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  • This shit is fire and I listen to usa rap

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  • Deserves more views than it’s getting, this one right ere is a grower🤐

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  • This Guy Made Uk Drill famous

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  • bet ya'll didnt realize this was a day in the life

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    • what you mean

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  • Yea bro shiy

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  • Sheeeesh

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  • Underrated

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  • Budget rough riders.

  • What I've noticed is that west London rapper's sounds clearer on beats, north ldn rappers r like Atlanta rappers mummbling on beats, east ldn rappers r brooklyn rappers n south rapper's like Chicago rappers when they rap

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    • like T wayne in body

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  • Road to 3Milli views🔥🤯

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  • Cench found his sound and took off🔥🔥

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  • Central Cee is the next big artist in UK🔥🔥🔥

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  • You Up the thing fam

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  • Let's remember the fact that when he get's famous, we're his OG fans 🧡

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    • @Abdiqafar Hassan When he gets worldwide

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    • He’s already famous😂

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    • seworld.info/will/hIrYt9quq2l73nE/video

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    • yeah

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  • #centralcee2021

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  • Like from Italy/Romania

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