DANGEROUS Jungle Spider!

18 okt 2017
9 986 761 visningar

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote catches a giant Wandering Spider in the jungles of Costa Rica!
Known for belonging to the most dangerous family of spiders in the Americas, the Wandering Spider is equip with an extremely toxic venom! Seriously, one bite can send you right to the hospital. So in order to get this arachnid close to the cameras Coyote is going to need to use all of his wildlife handling skills in what is sure to be one risky encounter!
Get ready because this is one you’re never going to forget!

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  • "hey look it's a super poisonous snake!" 2 minutes later.. "oh there's a small wandering spider" 30 seconds later "hey a scorpion!" Me "no way in hell I would live there."

    Nate Wylie StudiosNate Wylie Studios16 timmar sedan
  • How many animals does coyote come across in 3 nights? I would say 29 animals

    Marisa DeSantiMarisa DeSanti3 dagar sedan
  • mark: he's i litghtning bolt cyote: i know right mark: ...

    Victoria ConstanzaVictoria Constanza4 dagar sedan
  • i felt like watching about spiders and i definitely did NOT expect that big boy

    Victoria ConstanzaVictoria Constanza4 dagar sedan
  • This guy is so brave

    Mythical ToastMythical Toast4 dagar sedan
  • Why you shouldn’t get a test bite. 1. IT HURTS. 2. ITS VENOM. 3. YOU WILL DIE.

    Hyper SwitchHyper Switch4 dagar sedan
  • This is playin with ur life at its finest😂

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  • umm i dont like spiders

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  • You rock!

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  • 3:40 about middle of the screen, 3rd plank down from the top. They missed a pretty big one.

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  • I am just saying whoever could not see the snake is blind

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  • Other insects : Hey get me out of here!!! This spider : This aint nothing but a gangsta party!!

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  • sometimes im glad i live in england lol

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  • Do you have arachnophobia the spider coyote

    Robo TennysonRobo Tennyson15 dagar sedan
  • well im really far from those specimens, but ill be really careful, so my colection of casted on resin bugs may grow

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  • Do a camel spider

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  • Greetings from Costa Rica! [Pura Vida Mae!]

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  • Venomous spider- Oh crap! Jumping venomous spider- FML!!!!

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  • seeing this guy in quarantine is basically a blessing to me, thanks youtube

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  • I felt something crawling on me during this video............. But them I remembered that my dog likes to walk on me🤣

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  • Anyone else constantly feeling like something is crawling on you while watching this?

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  • This spider can give you an erection Hey it’s a true fact

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  • الو

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  • Why the hell am I watching this video, I HATE spiders but I want to watch this.

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  • 7:19 little did they know there were 3 others near them while they were all focused on the one.

    EDIT MODEEDIT MODE21 dag sedan
  • you felt something on you for sure

    Adesh RobersonAdesh Roberson22 dagar sedan
  • It was all like nope not gonna be in there nada.

    The MikeyBoiThe MikeyBoi23 dagar sedan
  • Wandering spiders in the Cupiennius genus aren't that toxic. Their bite causes pain, muscle contractions, cramps, and in severe cases can cause nausea, vomiting, and fever. The Phoneutria genus, which includes the Brazilian wandering spiders, can actually kill you.

    DanDan23 dagar sedan
  • Seeing this make me say nope nope nope

    Jamie MaJamie Ma23 dagar sedan
  • One of

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  • i am so scared of spiders i cant even kill them or even look at them 😐😅

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  • he said they hide in your sheets and shoes 1:im sleeping without feelings 2:im waering crocs for the rest of my life

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  • ah the boner spider

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  • Sorry but you couldn't pay me a fortune to film one of these q.q I'd be shitting myself before even stepping foot in that place

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  • i was screaming "what are you doing?!?!" and then i saw the next video "deadliest spider bite" i was like *boi* ... you got like 10,000 gallons of anti-venom or something?! *what are you doingggg*

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  • how is this man still alive

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  • How do you spot these little things

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  • Ok Costa Rica is off my bucket list.. Thanks very much!

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  • 3:34

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer26 dagar sedan
  • The fact this spider can give you painful boner before you die is just, why?

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  • Imagine if spiders could fly.

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  • Yes

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  • put it in you hand hes only EXETREMLY dangerous

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  • Well that’s a good thing that spider does not live in my country

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  • My name is Wandering Spider and I'm letting Coyote Peterson hold me in a box. Now go back to your bedroom, the jungle is mine.

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  • Woooooooooooooooooooooow

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  • I get anxious watching Coyote.

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  • Guess I'm sticking to London.

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  • 9:53 are those all are its eyes? Small and big? How many eyes does it has indeed, please?

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  • Once I was hiking here in Brazil. When I reached the canyon, I slipped on a rock and used my hands when I fell in order not to fall on my face. When I did that, I put my hand right next to a wandering spider. Not fun! One of the scariest moments of my life for sure.

    Isabela GugelminIsabela GugelminMånad sedan
  • That is such a gorgeous wandering spider. I've been trying to get ahold of these gorgeous little monsters

    Andrew KeathleyAndrew KeathleyMånad sedan
  • Can you make a video when you’re actually feeding real life elephant

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  • im a scardycat when i see bugs that i dont like and a spider is one of them so if i see this im going to be dead

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  • I hate those spiders now I can’t sleep lol 😰😱😨

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  • Ya.. Shacking in my seat, not even close to describing my Arachnophobia. My Anxiety spiked so hard and fast.

    Erik BodeauErik BodeauMånad sedan
  • Nope, nope, nope. NEVER going to Costa Rica.

    Arxe_dArxe_dMånad sedan
  • Person, it’s sooo hard to find a wandering spider, FEW SECONDS LATER.... the spiders in my boot! No wonder it’s called a wandering spider!

    Praveen PremPraveen PremMånad sedan
  • I love watching these kinda shows interesting ......careful coyote 🐍🐍🐍 wandering spiders are big they are brave getting close yikes lol 😱😱🕸🕸🕷🕷

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  • When most animals are put in that plastic box they’re all like: “ok, I guess this is my life now” But that spider was all like: “Nah fam”

    Parker HayesParker HayesMånad sedan
  • I would like to see Coyote free handle a Banana Spider. I'm not sure if that's what they're actually called, I know there's a spider that lives in banana trees. But I'm talking about the freaking huge ones that get like the size of your hand. You find them in the woods sitting in huge webs that are usually suspended in between a couple trees. They're usually black and yellow. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    Travis TaylorTravis TaylorMånad sedan
  • My back yard is literally home to like 80 of those

    Lil DimezLil DimezMånad sedan
    • Are u alive

      Epic GamerEpic Gamer26 dagar sedan
  • i've had arachnophobia, since a non-toxic spider in my parents' backyard thought it was a good idea to spun a web between 2 ends of the backyard using my head as a station inbetween, twice. i always screamed when there were spiders around me, even the very small ones. these days i just feel very uncomfortable, but watching these video's make realize there are more dangerous animals in the world than the small spiders in the netherlands, and it's a way for me to get used to small and large spiders.

    Niels KoomansNiels KoomansMånad sedan
  • I don't think I've ever screamed like a little girl so much in a video, EVER! You're crazy Pete!

    Justin MJustin MMånad sedan
  • Australians: So........ Where's the dangerous spida??

    Master SaitamaMaster SaitamaMånad sedan
  • Cupiennius species are completely harmless. I was bitten by one and I can tell you it hurts a bit for like 5 minutes and that's it, nothing you need to worry about. I don't know why you have that clickbait title...

    YouTube AccountYouTube AccountMånad sedan
  • he found a buletant mound

    Epic Family GamingEpic Family GamingMånad sedan
  • That little shack was just a death to humans association that takes pick your poison to a whole new level 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • The Australian variety can kill a human fast and are the deadliest spider on this planet

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  • Hell to the naw naw.

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  • I would totally watch this on discovery Channel or animal planet

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  • Imagine going into this and not knowing that the Brazilian Wandering Spider’s bite kills you after a 4 hour painful erection.

    The Real ThanosThe Real ThanosMånad sedan
  • I’m glad I love where I do in Canada when the biggest spider I would see here would be like an inch or 2 at most

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  • Coyote Peterson in 2023 I am about to enter the biting zone with the lion

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  • I rewatched the video to tell coyote where all the venomous animals are, im a saint 🙏

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  • Isn’t it crazy that this little thing has so much venom that I could kill people

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    • 7:48 3:07 7:55

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  • If that think jumped on me i would be dead

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  • How does he just... look for the most venomous spuders in Costa Rica

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  • You should be on tv no joke!

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    • he is

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  • Like my new profile pic

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