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2 maj 2021
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This is my fun channel, you'll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff :) Although a lot of my videos are RC Car videos you will also see other stuff like business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance and many other topics.
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  • Learn Mike's 30 years of 1:8 Rallycross secrets

    Kevin TalbotKevin Talbot15 dagar sedan
    • Hey Kev! Or Mike. (new sub btw). Hi from Texas! In my opinion i think a HOW:TO video on controlling your RC cars with a Gimbal radio, or plane remote as most people refer to, could be viewer-worthy. I have several spektrum models and have ordered the receivers. 🤞🏽

      rogue factorrogue factor2 dagar sedan
    • Why does Mike prefer the old style controller can you ask him please

      Wussyboy RacingWussyboy Racing11 dagar sedan
    • @wesley donnelly True!

      DJ WRAITHDJ WRAITH13 dagar sedan
    • @DJ WRAITH yes i noticed his ace driving skills too my friend! You could tell he has years of driving/racing experience by the way he used throttle and approached turns and controlled his jumps etc. Amazing! Wes.

      wesley donnellywesley donnelly14 dagar sedan
    • He built it in under Ten Hours! DAM! He really knows what he is doing but he has been doing it all his life so tip of the hat to you mate! Well Done! He did get a righteous ride though! Good job Kev! Man he can drive too! Wow!

      DJ WRAITHDJ WRAITH14 dagar sedan
  • 12:18 I ought to try that!

    Brady PrinceBrady PrinceDag sedan
  • 😱What!? me wow! You что нот

    Alemkhan BorovitsinAlemkhan BorovitsinDag sedan
  • Very nice Kevin. That’s definitely a beautiful kyosho. She’s going to fly with that reds racing setup. I have one in my inferno neo st. There disgusting fast. Keep up the good work man. Really do enjoy you and your friends channels.

    Jason HughsonJason HughsonDag sedan
  • I like the fact that he's using a flight controller for his controller.

    Mike MelroyMike MelroyDag sedan
  • Finally a lambo vid

    john pietruszkojohn pietruszko2 dagar sedan
  • Sounded like sutty and sweep

    Sam jonesSam jones2 dagar sedan
  • Buen backflip nitro

    Hardstreet PubaHardstreet Puba4 dagar sedan
  • How is that nitro engine still running

    Rc SubjectRc Subject5 dagar sedan
  • I noticed the sab goblin 580 in this video

    Michael WiebachMichael Wiebach6 dagar sedan
  • I love how there's always the one idiot that thumbs down a video...just ta thumbs down a video. it was the Arrma Fanboy lol... 🤔😎 jk.. Another epic unboxing Kev!

    RogueSouth RacingRogueSouth Racing6 dagar sedan
  • Did Kev loose his nerve to send a new car to the moon? [ LOL ] Anyways, As always , love the video!

    OLD GEEZEROLD GEEZER7 dagar sedan
  • How much did u pay him to build that🤣😂

    Ben and ConnerBen and Conner8 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Brandon WinchBrandon Winch9 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or is it kind of odd seeing someone running a nitro buggy with a dual stick controller and not pistol grip?

    Tonka808Tonka8089 dagar sedan
  • I used to race Nitro but it’s just so messy. We did get one to go over 100Mph though. But when they wreck, each tiny part you see flying off is me thinking 💭 there goes $40.00US, there goes another $40.00, and another, and another, and another, Etc... Now I’m running electric and with today’s battery tech it’s just so much better in so many ways. But like petrol gas, there is a finite amount of lithium on earth and were chewing through it pretty darn fast.

    jbirdmaxjbirdmax9 dagar sedan
  • Where's the real monster truck???

    Peter TappanPeter Tappan9 dagar sedan
  • I like your channel 😉

    Umer jan Ali janUmer jan Ali jan9 dagar sedan
  • Muito bom 👍

    Primila 013Primila 0139 dagar sedan
    • Pena que aqui no Brasil é muito caro automodelo a combustão

      Primila 013Primila 0139 dagar sedan
  • rip the civic 😭

    ImJustLyZImJustLyZ10 dagar sedan
  • Hey man, why are you starting to look all drawer up like a drug addict who addiction is taking over? I love watching your videos but you’re starting to look really rubbed down. Are you ok brother?

    Michael FloydMichael Floyd10 dagar sedan
  • ??? 아니 전동만 하셨잖아요

    고고영석고고영석10 dagar sedan
  • That lambo sure puckers thee ol' butthole

    Aresea AdventuresAresea Adventures11 dagar sedan
  • Hmm I’m gonna try that startup method on my revo

    Steven AdamsSteven Adams11 dagar sedan
  • the only car that will survive your driving is a second gen Serpent 811.

    Serdar AYTEMİZSerdar AYTEMİZ11 dagar sedan
  • All driven at 45 mph

    Wussyboy RacingWussyboy Racing11 dagar sedan
  • Dad sad no nitro cars... got one anyways!

    biosbios11 dagar sedan
  • Hey men I Would like one RC cars drift or racing or Any RC cars

    Sabine SacaiSabine Sacai12 dagar sedan
  • Crazy how high those REDS Engines rev.. Got an LRP one and it doesn't rev nearly as high.. Also, did anyone notice that this here pal uses a stick TX? :O

    JulianJulian12 dagar sedan
  • How many RC cars can u have!!!!!!!! 😂

    Gustav GilichGustav Gilich12 dagar sedan
  • I traxxas fan boi

    camper boycamper boy12 dagar sedan
  • - - -

    EzPeakEzPeak12 dagar sedan
  • Ok all that money in cars. Not being mean but get ya 🦷 fixed. U smile to much not to

    Gutta Beats74Gutta Beats7412 dagar sedan
  • Wow fun. I wanna ride in the Lambo

    Jimmy VJimmy V12 dagar sedan
  • Dude you just do a great job labeling your videos!! I look thru video names and Pick Kevin Talbot time after time.

    Jimmy VJimmy V12 dagar sedan
    • @Kevin Talbot wow I feel like a celeb. Got a response from the great and powerful Kevin Talbot. His greatness is only exceeded by his mystery. I do love the videos. Appreciate all the hard work you put in running these thru the paces.

      Jimmy VJimmy V11 dagar sedan
    • Glad you like them!

      Kevin TalbotKevin Talbot12 dagar sedan
  • Think Kevin is having a mid life crisis with the braces 😂😂😂

    jessie cássiojessie cássio12 dagar sedan
  • Why is mike driving the car with a drone remote

    DoniDoni12 dagar sedan
  • Kevin MORE POWER the other guy more power

    Enrique LopezEnrique Lopez12 dagar sedan
  • forever you mean waiting 10 minutes to see what the post is about. Upgrade the Lambo if your going to feature it. i do enjoy your videos normally.

    DonwardDonward12 dagar sedan
  • Best RC youtuber. Hands down

    Mia WilliamsMia Williams12 dagar sedan
  • not a bad way 2 spend 2500k

    KushkushOg BombKushkushOg Bomb12 dagar sedan
  • 1/8 kyosho nitro buggy, master piece of Japanese technology

    arielo1987arielo198712 dagar sedan
  • Nice on the 1000000👌

    Corey SlaterCorey Slater12 dagar sedan
  • Plisssssssssssss video Kyosho 3.0

    Rc PoddaRc Podda12 dagar sedan
  • Kyosho 3.0

    Rc PoddaRc Podda12 dagar sedan
  • Kyosho 3.0

    Rc PoddaRc Podda12 dagar sedan
  • That's the problem with my Audi Q5, every 2-3 weeks I take it out for a spin so the battery won't get drained. I rather spend 500-600$ for a new RC then for a stupid battery lol.

    ciprianwinerciprianwiner12 dagar sedan
  • This guy ever get that monster truck happening? jw

    Ya Heard jzjzjsYa Heard jzjzjs12 dagar sedan
  • I have an Ofna Ravager from the early 2000s with a 4.6. all hopped up and still running the same engine block. all wheel drive baby!

    DanielDaniel13 dagar sedan
  • Hey Kevin! That was very cool mike building that 1/8 Nitro buggy! Do you know why he uses the standard radio instead of the pistol grip style of transmitter seems so old school? He sure runs the cars awesome that way! I'm going to watch the whole build video seems like a very cool guy and alot of fun and knowledge thanks for the content Bro!😉👍😎📹💯

    Terry KuehnTerry Kuehn13 dagar sedan
    • Mikes old school, lots of people used stick back in the day, i did too

      Kevin TalbotKevin Talbot13 dagar sedan
  • congrats on 1mill but can you actually race it

    Ethan BregmanEthan Bregman13 dagar sedan
  • Stop upsetting Civic drivers on the 505.....Still prefer the cossie! Wow Kyosho Infernos have been doing the rounds in various iterations for years now.

    Damian DavidsonDamian Davidson13 dagar sedan
    • @Kevin Talbot All good mate, looks like you're living your best life, top work fella!! I had kids, so no Lambo for me lol. Good to see ya looking well and energetic!

      Damian DavidsonDamian Davidson12 dagar sedan
    • Haha! Hey man how’s it going??

      Kevin TalbotKevin Talbot13 dagar sedan
  • Wait a sec...who still sells box transmitters for surface vehicles

    masjuggalomasjuggalo13 dagar sedan
  • This vid is a GEM

    tabby doughertytabby dougherty13 dagar sedan
  • I like the " it feels like my grandads Vauxhall" Kev nails it 😮

    masjuggalomasjuggalo13 dagar sedan
  • Kayton8s vs outcast8s

    Edith RussellEdith Russell13 dagar sedan
  • Yesss! You're the man bubba, keep doing you haha 🙌🖤

    Boomer PaschallBoomer Paschall13 dagar sedan
  • What’s the music @ 3:29?

    Joshua HerbertJoshua Herbert13 dagar sedan
  • The good Kyosho's. I'm also drive one

    Lolo33 LidowLolo33 Lidow13 dagar sedan
  • I love watching these builds, speeded up. Iv not bought an RC yet, but when i finally stop working abroad, i will definitely be getting one. Great watching Micks face, in the Lambo🤣

    kristofevokristofevo13 dagar sedan
  • What is the 9:29 transmitter model?

    Bronson DunnBronson Dunn13 dagar sedan
  • i'm suprised that mike is using a stick raio for racing. what model of radio is it ?

    MpsiMpsi13 dagar sedan
  • You should also review the losi 8ight nitro

    Molly GanowMolly Ganow13 dagar sedan
  • You should review the traxxas t Maxx 3.3 nitro

    Molly GanowMolly Ganow13 dagar sedan
  • Talk about old skool. Nitro power and stick transmitter. I do miss my nitro but not the carb setting up for the weather changes and the cost of fuel.

    Mark MmmMark Mmm13 dagar sedan
  • His galardo is super

    Mohamed RifathMohamed Rifath13 dagar sedan
  • Good to see nitro cars back again.

    calcon1997calcon199713 dagar sedan
  • Great video mate, thoroughly enjoyed watching this one, and man, the sound of a nova rossi, nothing beats it! Atb /Per fb: team corally bashers

    That Swedish GuyThat Swedish Guy13 dagar sedan
  • Nice a nitro !!!!

    Ls3AtomicvetteLs3Atomicvette13 dagar sedan
  • What’s up Kevin! I have a request for a video. I would like you to buy a low rider and do a review on it and stuff. It would be amazing if you would do it👍🏻🙏🏻❤️

    Sebastian EkSebastian Ek13 dagar sedan
  • Please give this car

    Sachu BinuSachu Binu13 dagar sedan
  • how’s the ender 3 v2

    jayden Playsjayden Plays13 dagar sedan
  • Can you bring back the rustler?

    guichi's RC carsguichi's RC cars13 dagar sedan
  • Nice. That's a happy little nitro rite there.

    Brett StricklandBrett Strickland13 dagar sedan
  • That Kyosho is art!!

    Jacobus RCJacobus RC13 dagar sedan
  • Kevin get he armara velocity 3s 4x4 please

    Michael Duarte (739micduar)Michael Duarte (739micduar)13 dagar sedan
  • Kev has braces?! *respect*

    steven woodruffsteven woodruff13 dagar sedan
  • I am very, very impressed with your workshop and the cars in it 💪❤❤😢😢✌

    Ãbdøû MâïstrøÃbdøû Mâïstrø13 dagar sedan
  • Kev take the burnout car out to the skate park and bring a few sets of wheels Like if yous want to see some sets at the skate park

    Itz_caption_anchorItz_caption_anchor13 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been waiting for this video! I’ve been thinking about buying an mp10 kit. My losi 8X is more durable, based on what I saw here, but I still might. I like the passion and dedication that’s gone into the design of the kyosho

    simplegr33n420simplegr33n42013 dagar sedan
  • Losi mini t2.0

    The Rc RacerThe Rc Racer13 dagar sedan
  • Awesome Buggy & the Lambo footage was priceless.

    Backyard Plinking, Trick-Shots & RC’SBackyard Plinking, Trick-Shots & RC’S13 dagar sedan
  • guy is not loving ur lambo lol

    uropropuroprop14 dagar sedan

    Andrew BeatonAndrew Beaton14 dagar sedan
  • Just jumped my rc8.2e off a cliff feeling good! No seriously I did =/.

    KI3ER PlayzKI3ER Playz14 dagar sedan
  • DMO impression 🤣😂

    Jamie SmithJamie Smith14 dagar sedan
  • Mick really deserves a drive in the Lamborghini! (He’d be safer than you anyway) 😜

    Dave GrahamDave Graham14 dagar sedan
  • Great when you took him for a spin in the lambo beast Great to see nitro to I've got nitro and electric 👍

    John CardwellJohn Cardwell14 dagar sedan
  • I have a really old kyosho rocky 4wd

    Evan DuncanEvan Duncan14 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or that engine sounds a bit like 8s Steve talking like a baby? 😂

    Daniel PazDaniel Paz14 dagar sedan
  • If you want speed go for a kyosho. For durability you should have picked a Hobao. These things are built like tanks!

    Umbrella LemmingsUmbrella Lemmings14 dagar sedan
  • Lewis Hamilton and his younger half-brother Nicolas at 2:09!

    Harold ScottHarold Scott14 dagar sedan
  • have you supercharged the lamb yet and if not when will you?

    Ben PryorBen Pryor14 dagar sedan
  • 06:26 😅😅😅😯😯😯

    G7R611G7R61114 dagar sedan
  • It looks cool! Funny guy, but I like him!

    KobtsevRCKobtsevRC14 dagar sedan
  • Never seen you laugh so much kevin

    Wayne StinsonWayne Stinson14 dagar sedan
  • Bro you hit 1 million!

    John The Car GuyJohn The Car Guy14 dagar sedan
  • The most ICONIC rc car of the planet.. enough said..(can take a lambo for a mountain downhill but do not expect not to fail..)

    greecegreece14 dagar sedan
  • My first RC car about 20 years ago was a Kyosho PureTen GP Alpha Ford Focus (Colin Mcrae) with a GX12 motor. That thing brought me to alot of smiles as a 12y old boy.

    Emil Oxxide JohanssonEmil Oxxide Johansson14 dagar sedan
  • Well you're living the best life for sure mate!! Lambo's and R/C cars!! Couldn't think of a better life !! Well a nice piece with me and we complete😁

    Brant DeibleBrant Deible14 dagar sedan