I hosted a Terrible Online Gameshow...

27 aug 2020
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This is my gameshow. My big show! Carson's Big Show!
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I hosted a Terrible Online Gameshow...

  • Carson. I am so proud of you for dealing with this in a manner of getting help instead of letting people consume you to the point of something terrible. It was a mistake that you can learn from. Anyways, happy late birthday buddy! I hope you can come back soon! I love you man and I am really looking forward to seeing you laugh and smile on stream again! See you soon pal. And when you're back, we can listen to some Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 Chill Gaming/Study Beats to Chill And Relax To!

    dyllen clinedyllen cline58 minuter sedan
  • i appreciate the fact that carson called eef "Unus"

    The NecromancerThe NecromancerTimme sedan
  • Yea... this is the kind of thing that makes me not give a damn whether or not Carson is a bad guy...

    Fe7 GeneralFe7 General12 timmar sedan
    • i know

      Fe7 GeneralFe7 General2 timmar sedan
    • he isnt a bad guy

      watxhywatxhy3 timmar sedan
  • By far the greatest video on the internet

    Your Boy CuchYour Boy Cuch13 timmar sedan
  • I miss you bro I forgive you please come back

    mr cleanmr clean14 timmar sedan
  • The show really is over...

    Mage_GuyMage_GuyDag sedan
  • “Women are loud” Charlie

    Kendall JimenezKendall JimenezDag sedan
  • He's funny enough to forgive him, he didn't even break the law.

    BoboBoboDag sedan
  • this is so fucking bad

    ian birdian birdDag sedan
    • wth u mean? it was rlly funny lol

      NotUrProfileNotUrProfile20 timmar sedan
    • 🤔

      Xecnor BXecnor BDag sedan
    • It’s great

      Winston CarperWinston CarperDag sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    Diesel TerminalDiesel TerminalDag sedan
  • This was so BAD

    A Friendly DinoA Friendly Dino2 dagar sedan
    • no it's good

      Xecnor BXecnor BDag sedan
    • no it’s good

      Evelyn JoeEvelyn Joe2 dagar sedan
  • Getting cancelled for something that isn't even that big of a deal. We must perform the reviving ritual now.

    KoronXKoronX2 dagar sedan
    • @Xecnor B I just want to watch funny videos man sadge

      34753475Dag sedan
    • @3475 he did a bad but for the most part he is being forgiven

      Xecnor BXecnor BDag sedan
    • i personally feel like he deserved it kinda, but he is seeing therapy and might make a return

      34753475Dag sedan
  • 38:53

    Good GregoryGood Gregory2 dagar sedan
  • Such a funny guy lost in the rubble

    ShaunShaun2 dagar sedan
  • watching these make me sad

    74pixels74pixels2 dagar sedan
  • I miss it

    Jason PerleeJason Perlee3 dagar sedan
  • so glad carson got this video out before he disappeared

    TateTate3 dagar sedan
    • same

      NotUrProfileNotUrProfile20 timmar sedan
  • I miss him

    Alex ChampagneAlex Champagne3 dagar sedan
  • him saying he had a big number next to hi name so people trust him did not age well at all

    GlobyGloby3 dagar sedan
  • Pain

    Jayden CanutoJayden Canuto3 dagar sedan
  • Return sweet king love you pleas we miss you

    fake smilesfake smiles3 dagar sedan
    • @hayden h ya he was texting a 17 year old while he was 19 that's not even that bad like here in Texas that's not even illegal people just pulled it up but I do hope he comes back

      fake smilesfake smiles2 dagar sedan
    • Do you know what happened

      hayden hhayden h2 dagar sedan
  • happy late birthday carson, we hope your good.

    TheSavageOne 521TheSavageOne 5213 dagar sedan
  • Carson lost some subs.

    SdreiSdrei4 dagar sedan
  • it sucks so bad how many more new contestants we could've gotten on the part 2

    Marc BateMarc Bate4 dagar sedan
  • 18:27 oh, so that's what he meant. Uh oh that didn't age well

    Me and the boiz restarting the USSRMe and the boiz restarting the USSR4 dagar sedan
    • @abxnt wasn't a joke, or as you call it a "joke"

      Me and the boiz restarting the USSRMe and the boiz restarting the USSRDag sedan
    • ur "joke" was unfunny

      abxntabxntDag sedan
    • He's good at role-playing because he did it alot with underaged fans a couple years ago as was revealed with the "new" controversy

      Me and the boiz restarting the USSRMe and the boiz restarting the USSR3 dagar sedan
    • How? I know that he was being a creep but what does that have to do with role playing?

      broken power cordbroken power cord3 dagar sedan
  • The show really *is* over.

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez4 dagar sedan
  • we miss u carson

    endraigonendraigon4 dagar sedan
  • :(

    MackersMackers4 dagar sedan
  • I've said it once and I'll say it again we need cancel cancel culture,where we cancel cancel cultures

    NightSlasher35 TMNightSlasher35 TM5 dagar sedan
    • @LittleBMO yeah because if they just pretty much gutted him out and tried to forget about him that's really scummy and overall really shity Behavior. As for them I really hope they learned a thing or two about how to handle situations like those out of what the catastrophic disaster this brought upon everyone. And how they let Carson drift off on his own common I can understand why they wanted to distance themselves. They didn't want to be the final picker so that Carson didn't try to end his own life but you think they would have tried to stay with him even after he lied to them to make sure he didn't do nothing else to do but didn't know we had to get away from them and we had to make him look like a monster even though he's not. I don't know if it's just me but I've lost all respect to the lunch Club except Carson, why? Because he was upfront about what he did and that he felt guilty for his actions and he felt bad and he apologized to them both in private and resolved it but no of course they had to come out and ruin him when he was at his Peak. And they since March to make a damn decision and and oppression they decide to bring him down to his lowest how did they not expect this to happen.

      Drake JeffersonDrake Jefferson4 dagar sedan
    • @Drake Jefferson im so glad i never downloaded twitter, I've heard he's been getting therapy so im glad hes doing well and i really hope that his friends didnt just shut them out of there lives and tried to work things out instead

      LittleBMOLittleBMO4 dagar sedan
    • @LittleBMO yeah me too what I find what he did was not the greatest look cancel culture but completely natural to a normal human being that doesn't use Twitter doesn't melt their brains behind Twitter all day. I just feel really sad that one knowing that Carson tried to end his own life over this when there are people who are a thousand times worse it is sad to know, Noah disclose that in the RFC interview

      Drake JeffersonDrake Jefferson4 dagar sedan
    • @Drake Jefferson yea we live a society where people are fucking stupid....i just hope carson will come back one day tho

      LittleBMOLittleBMO4 dagar sedan
    • @LittleBMO everyone's wishing him happy birthday on his Instagram which is good to see the people are still calling him a pedophile and someone said every nineteen-year-old in the world who dated a 17 year olds a pedophile why is there so many Karen's around still

      Drake JeffersonDrake Jefferson4 dagar sedan
  • Its just... It wont be the same man

    zumpaluzumpalu5 dagar sedan
  • The best part about this is that nobody except Carson is enjoying this

    Seema PandeySeema Pandey5 dagar sedan
  • pls comeback Carson

    cs kid got hackdcs kid got hackd5 dagar sedan
  • A 2 year age difference...really twitter?

    Darth Plagueis the WiseDarth Plagueis the Wise5 dagar sedan
    • it wasn't the age difference. the age difference wasn't illegal. it was because he allegedly manipulated fans to get nudes

      LincolnLincoln3 timmar sedan
  • S T E A K

    Benny BoiiiBenny Boiii5 dagar sedan
  • I miss call me carson

    ItsCoookieItsCoookie6 dagar sedan
  • happy birthday carson

    CallMeAngelCallMeAngel6 dagar sedan
  • 42:07 how zoom horror calls are

    R RayR Ray6 dagar sedan
  • Please come back

    AcademicBlock84 _AcademicBlock84 _6 dagar sedan
  • Hey carson. Just here to do my deed and say we really miss you. We accept that what you did was wrong, but after the EDP445 incident, he makes you look like jesus christ. Many of my favorite creators like Nairo, ZeRo and Pyrocynical have been wrongfully acused and their cases have been blown way out of proportion. I'm tired of my favorite creators dying. I'm tired of cancel culture ruining lives and hurting people. Please come back, king.

    PlutoPluto6 dagar sedan
  • Happy birthday, Carson. Hope you're doing well.

    Kil NarethKil Nareth6 dagar sedan
  • 5% Spin Wheel Again 5% Roleplay 90% *Tiktok Dance*

    Ricky ✔Ricky ✔7 dagar sedan
  • Bad man but good content

    new 17new 178 dagar sedan
    • Stfu dude

      CaIIMeCarsonCaIIMeCarsonDag sedan
  • We miss you, Carson. Come reclaim your crown, Mr. King

    Austin MarshallAustin Marshall8 dagar sedan

    Jon VJon V8 dagar sedan
  • Happy birthday Carson

    sleep deprivedsleep deprived8 dagar sedan
  • bruh...

    Herbaciane dzieckoHerbaciane dziecko8 dagar sedan
  • I want more videos. Reject society and its artbitrary rules, become monke.

    ISleep 2DreamISleep 2Dream8 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      sleep deprivedsleep deprived8 dagar sedan
  • miss you carson, happy early birthday:/ come back if you can and when you are ready:/

    MadzCloudMadzCloud9 dagar sedan
  • Lily’s voice is so fucking annoying

    JackJack9 dagar sedan
    • @Jack man if you dont have something nice to say dont say it at all. your just bein rude.

      NotUrProfileNotUrProfile20 timmar sedan
    • weeb

      Nathan YeetNathan Yeet6 dagar sedan
    • @Jim Miller shut mouth

      JackJack7 dagar sedan
    • It’s her fucking voice man what do you want her to do

      Jim MillerJim Miller7 dagar sedan
  • We miss you man

    William MercerWilliam Mercer9 dagar sedan
  • Miss you Carson happy early bday

    Thundertrain2930Thundertrain29309 dagar sedan
  • Miss him

    Piano BoyPiano Boy9 dagar sedan
  • i miss carson

    Dukthemuk123Dukthemuk1239 dagar sedan
  • happy early birthday carson, :/

    Yeet 426Yeet 42610 dagar sedan
  • God I miss this guy, hope your doing ok carson

    Minethecraft636Minethecraft63611 dagar sedan
    • @Lil Broomstick and he has a cat now

      ow ye menow ye men5 dagar sedan
    • He says he went back to his parents house for a while

      Lil BroomstickLil Broomstick10 dagar sedan
  • Hey, even tho carson was somewhat of an asshole Atleast he did good videos And im gonna remember them fondly

    Josh FlowersJosh Flowers11 dagar sedan
    • @Oskar Svanängen yes it is, but im talking more about how: *he acted a lil creepy with the girl *kept messaging other fans even tho he said he wad gonna stop *was very rude with one of his friends Etc

      Josh FlowersJosh Flowers9 dagar sedan
    • 17 and 19 is normal

      Oskar SvanängenOskar Svanängen10 dagar sedan
  • 39:38 Hmm, how olds the bride?

    DaMemeBoi _DaMemeBoi _11 dagar sedan
    • @Dino man thing? Sans i was expecting someone like you replying to my comment also never said i was also also what are You doings here? if this guy is soooo bad

      Sir StroodleSir Stroodle8 dagar sedan
    • @Dino man thing? Sans I’m not trying to defend him but it feels that everyone now just watches Carson’s old videos so they can comment something about the drama. Just enjoy the video and try to forget about the stuff he did.

      Matt M GrantMatt M Grant10 dagar sedan
    • @Dino man thing? Sans she was 17 and he was 19, how is that a child predator

      espru0kespru0k10 dagar sedan
    • Why are some of you in this reply section trying to defend a child predator

      Dino man thing? SansDino man thing? Sans10 dagar sedan
    • me when shut the fuck up and watch the video bro

      Sir StroodleSir Stroodle10 dagar sedan
  • This was one of my favorite videos and I pray that one day there will be another. Maybe in a couple years. If Carson ever comes back they gonna make some hilarious jokes at Carson’s expense.

    Zack WeakleyZack Weakley11 dagar sedan
  • Fun

    Lemon DemonLemon Demon11 dagar sedan
  • Please return king

    ThyGeminiThyGemini11 dagar sedan
  • 3.03m then 2.96 now

    ItsJustWizzieItsJustWizzie11 dagar sedan
  • He clearly like it!

    Jason SJason S12 dagar sedan
  • he's back boys

    Katherine PeterKatherine Peter12 dagar sedan
  • The King has Fallen

    Eric HaoEric Hao12 dagar sedan
  • "For some reason I have this big number over my name so, people trust me"

    Not NickNot Nick12 dagar sedan
  • Little did they know that even outside of the game, Carson was playing them all...

    Ben WoodBen Wood13 dagar sedan
  • The meatballs thing seems like a school play performed by a bunch of 3rd graders

    ekko von Lolekko von Lol13 dagar sedan
  • the 3 mill goes to 2.96 mill

    Owen HoggeOwen Hogge14 dagar sedan
  • Gonna download this real quick... It's by far my fav video on this channel. Wanna make sure I can go back and watch it if Carson ever deletes the channel or privates this video.

    Upside DoggoUpside Doggo14 dagar sedan
  • I watched this again now and I see where it says ted nivison under is slimecycle and jschlatt i knew they were ment to be friend 😌✊

    IreneTrashGamerIreneTrashGamer14 dagar sedan
  • 39:36 .... that didn't age well.

    Eli AshEli Ash15 dagar sedan
  • *STEAK*

    clairewolfhxrdclairewolfhxrd16 dagar sedan
  • Oh, that's the bald guy from Eilish Billie, he's bad but bald he's cool and bad really bad bald guy that one yeyeah

    100tyapka100tyapka16 dagar sedan
    • @Pig Man yeah

      zeropiezeropie12 dagar sedan
    • @zeropie it’s a pretty shit arg

      Pig ManPig Man12 dagar sedan
    • @Pig Man nah bro its an arg, its the same thing reddit experienced, the guy who did this in reddit was revealed to actually have a pathetic and shitty life so he was bored and did this

      zeropiezeropie12 dagar sedan
    • @zeropie think it’s just a child spamming the recommended word thing

      Pig ManPig Man12 dagar sedan
    • This is another edgy arg isn't it? Like the reddit Videogames guy

      zeropiezeropie16 dagar sedan
  • 1:24 that one didnt age so well

    Joseph BaileyJoseph Bailey16 dagar sedan
  • Can’t help but miss this dude, his content was top tier

    Laz SpLaz Sp16 dagar sedan
  • Well this was funny...

    HagsHags17 dagar sedan
    • Still is

      Kil NarethKil Nareth6 dagar sedan
  • 21:51 - 23:20 I laughed so hard

    uhmQuezuhmQuez17 dagar sedan
  • This be my first time watching him. I think if lost a few --hundred-- thousand ✔️ brain cells. ( I'm in the negatives, I was already stupid before)

    Boredem AnimsBoredem Anims19 dagar sedan
  • innocent lets go

    owengamerowengamer20 dagar sedan
  • mark rober being here feels so gloriously wrong

    Holden PierceHolden Pierce20 dagar sedan
  • 1:23 that didn't age well

    toxic brotoxic bro20 dagar sedan
    • omg lol

      PP PPPP PP20 dagar sedan
  • part 2?

    WallahSootWallahSoot20 dagar sedan
    • @marblemoon he only had it up for five minutes. It's on youtube though, people managed to download it or whatever. Just look up "Callmecarson ig story" on youtube. It's the top result.

      Upside DoggoUpside Doggo14 dagar sedan
    • @marblemoon we obviously didn't do it in time cuz he only had it up for 10 minutes and then deleted it

      Drake JeffersonDrake Jefferson15 dagar sedan
    • @PP PP he isn't. He posted on his ig story his new kitten and he's getting better

      Sparkling_H2OSparkling_H2O16 dagar sedan
    • he cant he is in prison

      PP PPPP PP20 dagar sedan
  • And he likes kids! Maybe love :D, too love

    Kian SogoniKian Sogoni20 dagar sedan
    • @Kil Nareth 17 and below...

      Kian SogoniKian Sogoni5 dagar sedan
    • Define kids

      Kil NarethKil Nareth6 dagar sedan
    • Oh come on it was a two year difference

      Mr. DuckworthMr. Duckworth15 dagar sedan
    • LOL

      Kick The KickerKick The Kicker17 dagar sedan
  • "for some reason, I have this big number next to my name so people trust me" that did not age well

    The Gallaby FilesThe Gallaby Files20 dagar sedan
    • LOL

      Kick The KickerKick The Kicker17 dagar sedan
  • It suck for what he did but I always get a good laugh

    xoFiberxoFiber21 dag sedan
  • Sad to see his content won't be the same

    xoFiberxoFiber21 dag sedan
  • I'm sorry an attention grabber got rid of 500k suns

    Aidan GodfreyAidan Godfrey21 dag sedan
  • If he didn’t leave we would get more like this :(

    ThatChrisGuy _ThatChrisGuy _21 dag sedan
    • @Goldenboy 115 yea I know

      ThatChrisGuy _ThatChrisGuy _20 dagar sedan
    • He left because he got called out as a pedophile

      Goldenboy 115Goldenboy 11520 dagar sedan
  • 47:06 all i can pay attention to is Jardon... why does he have that on him xD Edit: oh i see now xD

    DeddsosDeddsos21 dag sedan
  • We need this man back..

    Matthew HerreraMatthew Herrera21 dag sedan
    • @Kick The Kicker bro this man career was destroyed to someone who wanted attention and lied on Twitter about the allegations

      Matthew HerreraMatthew Herrera4 timmar sedan
    • @Kick The Kicker who cares if some twitter snowflakes start raging at a 2 year age difference

      anthony paulanthony paul15 dagar sedan
    • well... i don’t think that’s a good idea

      Kick The KickerKick The Kicker17 dagar sedan
  • ThIS AgEd BaDLy

    RaccSenpaiRaccSenpai21 dag sedan
  • i just want him back man...

    Sodium ChlorideSodium Chloride22 dagar sedan
    • @Kick The Kicker i agree with you i just wish none of this happened in the first place

      Sodium ChlorideSodium Chloride17 dagar sedan
    • I’m not sure if other people agree

      Kick The KickerKick The Kicker17 dagar sedan
  • carson i miss you :(

    klarissaklarissa23 dagar sedan
    • @Kick The Kicker it was a 2 year age gap bruh

      pitchpitch12 dagar sedan
    • Some people may not agree

      Kick The KickerKick The Kicker17 dagar sedan
  • 41:55 Why would Michael not want to taze one of his friends? He is literally known as that Taser Guy "either Poki or Lily" wHy NoT bOtH?!

    Zack ZanderZack Zander23 dagar sedan
  • Just realized I watched all of his videos in 480p So I put this one in 1080p there was no difference

    Uninspirational LizardUninspirational Lizard23 dagar sedan
  • Carson comeback...... u were my happiness......

    koperlankykoperlanky24 dagar sedan
  • Its sad that the girl faked it

    CapRundownCapRundown24 dagar sedan
    • Apparently she deleted the account before hand, someone took her old handle, and tweeted with it. The validity is a little muddy on both sides tbh.

      Gianna LinaresGianna Linares19 dagar sedan
    • @SparkPlugYang23 just forget abt it

      CapRundownCapRundown23 dagar sedan
    • @CapRundown didn’t he admit to doing it? Where did you find that

      SparkPlugYang23SparkPlugYang2323 dagar sedan
    • @SparkPlugYang23 she tweeted that it was all fake it was Chloe or some shit and then she deleted the account

      CapRundownCapRundown23 dagar sedan
    • @CapRundown wait give more context were the allegations false?

      SparkPlugYang23SparkPlugYang2323 dagar sedan
  • CallMeIncarnated

    Mr. VicMr. Vic25 dagar sedan
  • 1:23 Well this hasnt aged well

    TheRedPandaGamerTheRedPandaGamer25 dagar sedan
    • Bro thats a violation

      koperlankykoperlanky24 dagar sedan
  • 19:14

    toothpaste mantoothpaste man25 dagar sedan