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11 jan 2021
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Let the hard work begin!!
We’re Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple that have bought a 44ft steel sailboat (Dinieper Tropic 1200) that was abandoned on the hard for 22 years in Guarujá, Brazil. We are on the mission of refitting her to travel the world taking our house with us!
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It Blows My Mind - Assaf Ayalon
Country Candies - GYerro
Princess - Serge Quadrado
Going to the Beach - Day Fox
Moments like This - Will Van De Crommert
A Simple Matterof Fate - Bunker Buster
Bloody Mary- Skipp Whitman
City Run - Russo
Happy Gypsy - Max Herve
If I'm Honest - Jay Denton
Inside Out Blues - The Bottlesnakes
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  • Hip tie the dinghy when your boat needs a tow. Tie it to the I'd Of the boat with fore and aft spring lines as well. Male towing super easy.

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  • I'm thankful for your commitment restoring Odd

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  • i love the new intro.

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  • ....☝❤👍😁

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  • Galera, pra que serve esse olhal na proa do barco, abaixo da linha d'água?

    Mariano VillafañeMariano Villafañe5 dagar sedan
  • I if was you, I probably would replace all seals since the boat is been sitting out of the water for a long time just to have peace of mind. Keep the good work 👍👍👍.

    MrBEZMrBEZ6 dagar sedan
    • 😉

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting5 dagar sedan
  • If you have to do this again. Tie the “tugboat” to the side of your boat, when towing inside a harbor. Then you have control.

    Mit NavnMit Navn7 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant teamwork..projects development. .normally tedious following but both made it absorbing. .great vids! Salute!

    Mary KingMary King7 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

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  • Was the anti-fouling paint supposed to stop that before? I think this is why old boats used to have copper marine paints.

    Kevin BurgessKevin Burgess7 dagar sedan
  • Hello Duca & Roberta please tell Ben & MP to pin their important comments (last video) so it can be seen by everyone up in the comments section ! Have a nice day.( Looking forward for the new video !). Cheers 😊

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    • @Odd Life Crafting 🙏 Thanks ! 🙂💙💚💛🐦

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    • Hi. I have checked and it's pinned. 😉Have a great week! New video coming in less than 10 minuts

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  • You might have to change the title to Odd Lifetime Projects....just reading comments it's obvious your followers are attracted as much by your magnetic young personalities as by your sailing experiences. I'm not criticizing; just making an observation. Hope to see you actually sailing the vessel soon. !

    Mike HMike H7 dagar sedan
  • Muriatic acid eats calcium and is water soluble and used in pools so just don’t get any on your skin

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  • Sailing boat red is beautiful 🌬🍾⛵

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    • Thanks 😊

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  • DUCA Dont throw ekstra rope on the see,let it stay onbord😉⛵⛵

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  • Bom dia meu nome é Richard trabalho com inox é soldas sou amigo do Wagner mecânico meu Whats 13988089116

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  • seworld.info/will/oKil06yuppagtoU/video

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  • Check in to Magic Antifoul, it's what Sailing Zatara uses on their hulls now. Hardly anything clings to their boat now.

    TheGhostFace2086TheGhostFace208610 dagar sedan
    • The company is not allowed to sell their product as they are waiting for some regulation to be done. They say this on their website

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  • Better is you will use Transferwise instead of PAYPAL, because absolutely less fees money transfer into 10 Minutes, don`t use PayPal is the biggest scum

    Sascha HornSascha Horn10 dagar sedan
    • They don’t have the system in Brazil to receive the money from the exterior

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  • We really enjoy watching your channel. If you haven't committed to an engine yet, check out "Sailing Uma". Their most recent video talks about an electric motor sailboat--instead of one large motor, they put in two smaller motors, which they say makes for better, more flexible maneuvering. There is a company in Croatia that builds them--Salona Yachts, I believe. You might enjoy it, if you have time! We just thought the two motor idea was interesting.

    Janice CrouchJanice Crouch10 dagar sedan
  • Finally a new intro! Good job!

    Gene BraaksmaGene Braaksma11 dagar sedan
    • Glad you like it!

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  • Happy Gypsy has become my new favorite tune!

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    • 😊

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  • ❤️❤️

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  • How’s the new motor working out ?

    sol starsol star11 dagar sedan
    • Still waiting for it to arrive.

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  • Nice job, guys!

    Bruno MarquesBruno Marques11 dagar sedan
    • Thanks!😊🤗

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  • The never ending story of restoration. What is the brand name of that fake antifouling paint? Everything else you’ve done is absolutely perfect. It’s as though an unseen force is preventing you from going places in the boat. There will always be something to fix. A reason why 90% of yachts in the water are never ever used.

    Neville CotteeNeville Cottee11 dagar sedan
  • There is a old saying " no boat is ever completely ready to leave shore".

    Nick WalbridgeNick Walbridge11 dagar sedan
  • its a hole lot eazer to use pump sprearer

    matt giardinamatt giardina11 dagar sedan
  • why dident you just start the boat motor and drive over to the dock it still runs

    matt giardinamatt giardina11 dagar sedan
  • You have to debarnicle every 3 months?

    Roger HudsonRoger Hudson11 dagar sedan
  • Look up "Magic Anti-Foul" bottom paint. It is a proven product to keep your hull bottom much cleaner for longer periods of time plus easier to clean.

    Always Learning Thank you!Always Learning Thank you!11 dagar sedan
  • Wow ..lots of growth re just sitting on on a dock ? For how long ? ..... compared to other sailing vids out there redoing anti foul etc , just seemed to be way more heavy growth ..Stay safe

    Bj ReynoldsBj Reynolds12 dagar sedan
  • nice

    Randomix40Randomix4012 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

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  • Friends of Capri ; Duca , Why is your boat so low it looks like its only a meter on the waters edge ,this kind of sail boat was not designed for a ruff blue sea more like from one point to the other ...Im saying this because theres not mush difference between your dinghy and the sailboat hight dont try sailing in the ocean yet practice alought ...Dolce Mare used to be two meters off the edge of the water...I will love you forever ...

    Jean marie montignyJean marie montigny12 dagar sedan
    • Hi. We have a centerboard: seworld.info/will/sIOpsJKtbqWo0Zc/video

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  • The expression you're looking for is "on the Hard" not " on the dry".

    atadoff62atadoff6212 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting on the hard A boat that has been hauled and is now sitting on dry land. According to wikipedia for what that's worth. :)

      atadoff62atadoff629 dagar sedan
    • 🤔 A while ago we put on the hard in a video and many people said it would be on the dry

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Now I know why there was muriatic acid on our boat when we bought it.

    Phil GrayPhil Gray12 dagar sedan
    • 😉

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Amazing how much crap gets on the hull in such a short time!!!! It sure is nice to have Fred around to give help and support... he is just awesome. He needs to put out more videos though so you have to let him go..... With you, Fred and Yaba, we see things that we never would know about boats..... I'm glad we get to see you doing all the jobs so when you splash for real, if anything goes wrong, we will know what you 're doing to fix things. Stay safe!!!

    Dave NelsonDave Nelson12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks so much for the support, Dave 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Just loving your new intro!!

    Hope RulesHope Rules12 dagar sedan
    • Glad you like it!💕

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  • How long was the boat in the water to get all those Barnacles on there

    rooster roosterrooster rooster12 dagar sedan
    • Are those zebra mussels

      rooster roosterrooster rooster12 dagar sedan
  • The kill switch cord should be attached to your wrist for safety, i know its a hassle, but it could save your life or serious injury, my friend Ed Boden got flipped over board going back to his boat in St. thomas in the evening, the boats prop got him, right across the cheek, knocking him unconscious, he was floating head down, fortunately a fellow cruiser heard the dinghy going around in circles, and saw Ed floating in the water, got him to the dock, where an ambulance and Doctor was waiting, saving his life, fortunately Ed was a floater , thereby saving his life, so be warned. e.g., i was a non user of the kill switch lanyard until i knew about Eds accident.

    doug tiffanydoug tiffany12 dagar sedan
    • We have heard of some serious accidents like this one. Thanks for the reminder

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • You guys have the energy to all of the work and have such an awesome time. Always helping, aiding and supporting each other, being around you two makes me try to be more as you: Happy! I can’t wait till next week’s episode. Y’all stay safe❣️

    terry bullterry bull12 dagar sedan
    • 💕

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  • Cara o casco pegou muito cracas ein ???

    Wagner BelemWagner Belem12 dagar sedan
    • Pois é. Essa água aqui da marina é super nutrida, hahaha. O problema é que ficamos parados por muito tempo.

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting11 dagar sedan
  • I'm freezing in Canada...and you're swimming in the ocean. Not fair!!! 🥰

    Den LairDen Lair12 dagar sedan
    • 😊🏊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • You guys know I love your blog very much but that bottom paint is no good I think I said something about this please get in touch with sailing Zatara with captain Keith one of their sponsors is a great new bottom paint they are out of Louisiana I think please check it out with your rating you could be a spokesman for the company it is great antifouling paint

    Elmer BurleyElmer Burley12 dagar sedan
  • Better use a different anti-fouling... after 2 months this looks bad!

    Jimmy VerhaegenJimmy Verhaegen12 dagar sedan
  • Looks like it's been in the water for years. Must be the worst AF I've seen.

    Jan MetzlarJan Metzlar12 dagar sedan
  • Have you two ever thought of putting in an Electric Marine engine? Talk to the couple who do "Sailing Uma" here on SEworld. Just food for thought. I watched you cleaning the bottom of your boat. Talk to Sailing Zatara, here on SEworld, and they have a lead on a revolutionary bottom paint that you two might be interested in. I'm not a sailor, just a video watcher.

    Speed BumpSpeed Bump12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you again for a well shot, and edited video of your boat hoisting and bottom scraper...I'd just like to say I don't envy you having to clean those darn barnacles off the hull and I wondered how expensive it must be to lift the boat out of the water, arranging all the repairs on the propeller shaft seals and maybe even installing a new engine. You are certainly doing a wonderful job ensuring yourselves a safe and well prepared vessel for that much anticipated maiden voyage. I'd like to thank you too for my splendid Odd Life coffee mug which I have christened with it's first double espresso...the first of many as I have one every morning.

    Paul WhitePaul White12 dagar sedan
  • We are on the dry in South Africa cause they banned the sale of alcohol

    Mary Du PlessisMary Du Plessis12 dagar sedan
  • Bonjour les amoureux, I know what it means to have a brand new toy, buta two stroke engine ? What an idea, why not a four sroke one, quieter and smoking less ? 8/9 CV four stroke engines do not exist ? What about bernacles on the boat drift ? I am not familiar at all with boats and sea so I find very impressive the impact of the salt water on a hull after only 3 months. Besides this, you have been much more lucky with your paint than Juh and Fred ! A few spots to repair is nothing compared to a whole hull ! Amicalement, Raphaël

    Raphaël HavranekRaphaël Havranek12 dagar sedan
    • We couldn't find a 4 stroke that was not too big for our little dinghy. We are inside a mangrove and the water has a lot of nutrients, hehe

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • www.magicantifoul.com/

    Louis SippellLouis Sippell12 dagar sedan
  • Look into this: https:/@t Sailing Zatara is using it

    Louis SippellLouis Sippell12 dagar sedan
  • The Old Path....God bless.

    Crosstech HeavyCrosstech Heavy12 dagar sedan
  • Wow, whats left of the old boat :0) Stay safe, wanne see rest of the story...

    Erik WestrheimErik Westrheim12 dagar sedan
  • 💐 to Roberta.

    Kristine WillemsKristine Willems12 dagar sedan
  • One other thing. I believe he had excellent results but his paint was solvent based and applied to a fiberglass hull. I believe this would be worth testing this theory. Hope this helps prolong times between coatings Greg Hathaway

    Gregory HathawayGregory Hathaway13 dagar sedan
  • hi Duca, a little reminder: do not drop the outboard in the water. anyhow, Ben would be able to tell you how to handle it 😁

    Rolf DCRolf DC13 dagar sedan
    • 😉

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Why is the boat so dirty so quickly?

    73henny73henny13 dagar sedan
  • Back in the 90's a friend of my father's was experimenting using extracts from hot peppers and mixing them with bottom paint. He claimed the barnicals did not like the"taste" and that kept them away. Just a thought. GregHathaway

    Gregory HathawayGregory Hathaway13 dagar sedan
  • Sheesh! Can you use the stuff that you put on the propeller all over the hull? That would relieve the barnacle problem would it not ?

    Teresa JamesTeresa James13 dagar sedan
  • In the minute 14:43 duca seems like a ARABIC SHEIK hahahahah greetings from Panamá

    Alexander GonzálezAlexander González13 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Greetings from Texas Roberta and Duca! I am so enjoying your channel and you guys are just awesome and amazing!!

    Steve JobeSteve Jobe13 dagar sedan
    • Thanks so much!!😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Bom dia Já tentei indentificar está praia que vcs vão e não consigo Aonde é?

    Solemar SilvaSolemar Silva13 dagar sedan
    • Oi. Achei que eu tinha colocado na descrição dos vídeos 😁 é no Guarujá

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Hi each, loving the videos. Just watched the latest and my wife commented on Robertas sun hat. Can you let me know what brand it is as I would like to get her something similar. Rgds & keep safe. Gary

    Gary BirdseyGary Birdsey13 dagar sedan
    • 😊💕 Hi, Gary. It came with the boat. It has more than 20 years, the name of the brand had fade out, sorry that I can't help you to find one like this.

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Of course were back on the dry , there has to be something to fix . One tip graphite rope

    Mike BraunMike Braun13 dagar sedan
  • if you want remove the forestay without dismount the furler(dangerous for tension on turnbuckle). Use the jib ,or spinnaker, halyard tighten on the bow, by winch, to bring the mast a little flex fore ,that remove tension on the forestay. Whitout tension you can remove the forestay by the pin under the furler. This is the right way to dismount or modify lenght on all shrouds. (tension on turnbuckles is dangerou, it coud brake/grip metal screw).

    Francesco MarcoliniFrancesco Marcolini13 dagar sedan
  • Roberta e Juh são essenciais para o sucesso de seus projetos. Ver o sorriso de Roberta coberto de restos de cracas, sorrir era uma indicação perfeita de sua disposição em ajudar Duca em qualquer coisa. Juh faz um trabalho incrível de narrativa e seu trabalho de arte é impressionante. I hope this is comment translates properly, my first try.

    Dale HoffmanDale Hoffman13 dagar sedan
  • I was hoping you would decide to put in a new engine. The old one was a gamble, and a new engine is a better bet. Go well.

    Derk HawkinsDerk Hawkins13 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Duca your sense of humor is very enjoyable and seams to come natural. Roberta your smile brightens my day. Thank you both and many blessings I hope for you. Roberta thank you so much for your conservative dress.

    Chief ViaChief Via13 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👌❤❤❤

    Ohskelily WurarahOhskelily Wurarah13 dagar sedan
    • 💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Coloca uma junção "T" de PVC na ponta do cabo dos remos para ficar mais confortável de uso caso precise.

    Ricardo dos Santos MarquesRicardo dos Santos Marques13 dagar sedan
    • Obrigada pela dica, nunca tinha pensado nisso, hehe

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • 🇮🇪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    DroumreagueDroumreague13 dagar sedan
  • Duca please tell me, what have you used on the propeller?? It's amazing!

    Ricardo Mosquera MiguelRicardo Mosquera Miguel13 dagar sedan
    • It's Propspeed

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Hi,having watched from the start,it's about time you two have a break.

    Lesley HarrisLesley Harris13 dagar sedan
    • 😊 Thanks for the long time support

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • why not use copper coat for the bottom ? It's a bit more expensive but you're good for a few years !

    timgibbonstimgibbons13 dagar sedan
    • It's not recommended for steel boats.

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Duca, in 30 years time you’ll be able to look back at these videos and remember how blessed you were to have such a wonderful partner in Roberta. You are a truly fortunate man. Live long and prosper both of you! 🖖❤️🇬🇧

    Phil TuckerPhil Tucker13 dagar sedan
    • 💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • I really enjoyed this episode and the new introduction. Thank you for sharing once again 😀👍⛵️

    YoureNowOnTVYoureNowOnTV13 dagar sedan
    • Glad you enjoyed it😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/bZq-p7XWeat2uKc/video

    Phil PhilPhil Phil13 dagar sedan
  • Your smile is engaging, may luck always assist you, when you think of setting up a small sailor :) :) :)

    Sergio Video ClipsSergio Video Clips13 dagar sedan
    • 😊 thank you

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Love your show guys, just some advice for your outboard engine when you take it off the boat and put back up on deck, just run it quickly with fresh water going through it. Keeps the salt water out of the rubber impeller. Good luck and great job.

    Phil PhilPhil Phil13 dagar sedan
    • Good tip! We actually did it, we even posted on our instagram 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • mate you should have gone for a battery /solar unit,two stroke is old tech and very polluting .

    Michael E Jean- louisMichael E Jean- louis13 dagar sedan
    • We don't have good options here in Brazil

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • You've created Fredenstein!

    Mark BrittonMark Britton13 dagar sedan
  • Still watching... But i wanted to say i love when you guys use your native language and share with us monolingual people. Thanks :-)

    Dan Can DoDan Can Do13 dagar sedan
  • Suzuki DF9.9A Owner's Manual (Page 25 of 61) | ManualsLib www.manualslib.com/manual/1769687/Suzuki-Df9-9a.html?page=25#manual Hi not sure of the outboard you have but I never heard of a ICE that was not damaged by to much oil. I looked in the manual and could not find any reference to adding extra oil. Please check. I really enjoy your videos and what a great boat. The bottom paint issues have to be addressed now. What did you use? All the major paint companies have great tech support with knowable people available to answer your questions. Call them Stay safe and good luck.

    john cammarotajohn cammarota13 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting Ok great keep up the great work

      john cammarotajohn cammarota13 dagar sedan
    • This is actually not our outboard. It's a 2 strokes DT15

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • I notice that Suzy rides Frederico's ass.

    Bruce HenryBruce Henry13 dagar sedan
  • Duca & Roberta, Please use the safety leash on the outboard motor. You certainly wouldn’t want to fall overboard and have the motor cut you all to pieces which has happened to several sailors in the last couple of years. Please do not attach it to your Wrist but rather around your waist or attached to your waist. Be safe and take care

    David OlsonDavid Olson13 dagar sedan
  • I would have sailed the boat made sure I liked how it sailed before I bought a new engine for it what if you weren't happy with how it sails

    Wayne AndersonWayne Anderson13 dagar sedan
    • After all we did in a year and a half I don't think we would give up on the boat

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Never heard of 2x the oil in a 4 stroke motor. Are you reading breaking proceedings for a 2 stroke? To much oil will cause bent valves and or rod because there's not enough room with Xtra oil

    chrisrandall79chrisrandall7913 dagar sedan
  • If you guys keep making your boat immaculate you probably won't be sailing 😁.

  • Life jackets you two!

    23Prospero3723Prospero3713 dagar sedan
  • Where's the keel ?

    bill hannabill hanna13 dagar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/sIOpsJKtbqWo0Zc/video

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Hey Duca, your mom is HOTTT!!!!!! ;)

    Steve 1961P.Steve 1961P.13 dagar sedan
  • I thought you were concerned of the world and the sea contamination, but if you are using muriatic acid I guess you’re not concerned at all, I suggest you to wash out any remainings of the accid, it can be dangerous to the steel hull

    Oscar StavsethOscar Stavseth13 dagar sedan
    • We washed all the boat afterwards and the marina has a impermeable floor and treat the water from the floor before it goes to the ocean.

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Ooooh, so much darn barnacles already on ODD ! 😰 Look, I know nothing about copper paints or other stuff. But, what I know is use of pressure washers. You **do not want** to spray in direct direction - 90°. Never, ever but at a 45 or 30° so to "scrape" off dirt or here, barnacles. When spryaing direct, you push the contaminents even deeper into the surface. Otherwise, I love you kids ! Actually, I'm a bit jealous, being so young with such a huge venture ! From a silly old man in Montréal, Québec. 😍 PS Every human being should have a Fred in his/her life ! Friends like that are rare, very rare. 😉

    Marc René YvonMarc René Yvon13 dagar sedan
  • What do you mean replace your engine😱

    Andrew LoganAndrew Logan13 dagar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/h42n0bfJa5Wcm5c/video

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Is the house completely out of the picture?

    Wise guyWise guy13 dagar sedan
  • I blame covid for all those barnacles

    Nicholas RNicholas R13 dagar sedan
  • I wish I had a friend like Fred.

    Nicholas RNicholas R13 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Repaint the bottom with cayenne pepper in the paint. The barnacles don’t like it!

    Luke GravesLuke Graves13 dagar sedan
  • Have to agree with others. Never seen a boats hull with so many barnacles after 3 months. I use hempel in my boat and it’s fine for 8/9 months.

    Neil CampionNeil Campion13 dagar sedan