13 mar 2021
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  • 1.2 million likes wow people we are done going downhill we’ve completely fell off the cliff

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  • Chicos no alas drogas

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  • Is this what tech support do with their spare time .

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  • This edit is so real i think im on the matrix

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  • lah anjing kereta nya kereta indo

  • Que porra é essa

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  • Bruh, what is this.

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  • The the alien there😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Adi Raducanu!!!!!😂😂😂😂

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  • Welcome to another day of wtf is in my recommended

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  • SEworldkids xd

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  • Apasih

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  • Wtf is this

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  • Lol go youtube money

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  • What wrong with people 1m likes seriously? Congrats to the creator with a bad edit but big success

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  • Wah,sngat kreatif skli kwan

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  • what

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  • i just wanna kill myself

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  • What the fuck is this

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  • Fake

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  • que ediçao merda cara

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  • My friends dream: I dreamed of becoming a god and dating zero two My dreams:

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  • what the f#@k I just watch

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  • ياخي فوتزشوب ااهندود😂

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  • Wait a minute is no one going to talk about that this video has 1 million likes

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  • Wtf is this supposed to be

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  • يالله تركيب الهنود 😂😂😂

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  • Oh nooooo 😩

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  • How in the world this got over a million like

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  • Чем я так нагрешил за такие рекомендации??

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  • 1200000 likes? wtf ppl doing with their lives 🤦

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  • omg the editting is so good ?!?!?!?!? :O

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  • Cv nncddscbjk

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  • You are beautiful! To everyone who sees this, you are beautiful! You do not need to be skinny, you do not need makeup, you do not need any abs, you do not need any thing to be beautiful! You are beautiful just the way you look! You are beautiful! I love you so much! Jesus loves you aswell! Beautiful!

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  • Are ise Academic Awards me bhej do re koi "Best Visual Effects" ke liye

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  • W H Y

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  • I just lost 1/3 of my brain sells while watching this

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  • Vfx lol

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  • Gen Z humor be like:

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  • The editing on this was so supreme. My eyes started bleeding and I started crying. I can't handle this masterpiece.

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  • WTF!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🌚

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  • Que xuxa? .__.

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  • Mobile edit programs be like:

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  • warga vrindapan klo ngedit memang gadak obat 😂

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  • My dream be like:

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  • Welcome to another episode of why tf is this on my yt shorts

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  • What in the actual fuck did I just watch

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  • Esa mamada que

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  • Dafuk

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  • What the absolute fuck

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  • What is this

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  • Oh wow alien 👽 this is so realistic (Btw girl he's sleeping don't disturb he'll play with you later)

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  • Wow!😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • I dont get it the train goes under them dude this sucks man

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  • Wtf

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  • G bisa basa engres

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  • Ehh why does this vid have 10k Comments

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  • What the fuck?

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  • Bro 8k ultra HD better than cgi

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  • For this shit 9.2 million views

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  • Thoo

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  • Why your video suck you need a physics for that it will fix it

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  • kon h ye log kaha se aate h ye

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  • Jadoo agaya yeh toh hrithik roshan ko bachane 🤣🤣

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  • Wats the point

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  • Dialike

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  • Indonesian train :)

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  • 1.2 milhões de like.... meu deus

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  • Wow, the editing is so good, it looks like fire

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  • This makes no sence I am losing my brain cells y is this in my reccommedations like what😂👁️👄👁️

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  • Editan po

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  • Ketahuan editing

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  • Did you guys even try?

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  • Wt-

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  • ._.XD

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  • Can u teach me how to edit like this , i think u learnt it from white hat juniours

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  • The editing is so outstanding that I lost all my brain cells.................

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  • A typical day

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  • أحلام العصر:

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  • Gg editanya

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  • Bc 1.5m like kese how😤😤

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  • So true bestie

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  • Poético 💪🗿

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  • It's okay you'll get through this it fake train

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  • I can't see my eyes woow such an excellent editing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • **When five year old me gets a green screen**

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  • 1M like 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤦🤦🤦

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  • people who believed that this is real means they dont have any brain cells

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  • Jajajajajajahajejeje 😂😂😂🤔😂

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  • Why they have 1.2 m likes and black screen gets 10 m views then I will become a millionaire epic (wierd) people

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  • ):

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