Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15

10 jun 2020
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Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15. This world record is for versions 1.9+, with a random seed without glitches. This was crazy.
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I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of headaches when trying to beat this record. I almost stopped trying multiple times, but I had my friends to encourage me to keep going. Was an amazing moment that they got to be there for me.
MAJOR props to realbenex for his amazing time. I saw it midway through attempting this record, and almost gave up because it was such a great run.

Previous WR was 22:18 by realbenex @Benex
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.15.2
Seed: -8838743941849800027
Difficulty: Normal

  • This was on 1.15, but it’s the same category as 1.14. Played on 1.15 because I wasn’t doing villager trading and I prefer the new sprint settings. The category is 1.9+.

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    • Why are you not showing your face?

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    • GJJJJ

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    • @Sevenyard307 sad moment

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    • Rubius tenia razon

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    • @Zoreveth sorry he doesnt like you

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  • impossible that they beat minecraft that quickly : why? because i im scared af a cave with no mobs

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  • In 1.17 you can ignite the creeper hahahahahhahahaha

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  • Wow your so good at killing the golem i cant even do that only the mlg

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  • OMG wow

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  • the loading part thing was in da middle

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  • Onome da espada pros brasileiros😳😳😳

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    • minuto?

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  • Do homework ❌ watch green blob run around block game✅

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  • OGDreamOG

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  • You cheeted on your speed run

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  • I tak @TobiaszGaming pobije rekord xD

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  • The sword name...

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  • 17:05

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  • 10:50 why are you putting blocks above you?????????

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    • so he can get a boost and run faster

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  • dream your soooooooooo fast at speedruns yourrrrrrr sssooooo good

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  • This guy litteraly killed Ender Dragon without armour

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    AUDRIC LIMAUDRIC LIM20 timmar sedan

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  • I tried doing a speedrun, when played at 32 times speed it still was slower than dream's

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  • 22 minutes if you bet minecraft i played 2 hours

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  • 0p

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  • 3:38 That gave me a fright lmao

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  • Fix your audio problems. When you scream like girls it blows my eardrums considering the rest of the video you sound like your whispering

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    • ok

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  • Wow! Amazing world a record 😮😮😮😮

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  • hi dream

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  • Oi tudo bem como que estão?

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  • I have mincraft

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  • Why are you spinning while hitting the iron golem

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  • That was sooo loud in the end my ears are in pain 😂🤣 but yayyyyy

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  • 2:43 he should have kept the rose as good luck

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  • MY EARS 😭

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  • Epic

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  • You shouldn't have made a gold pick. 1st of all, gold things run out quick. 2nd of all, how will you be able to mine diamonds, redstone, lapiz lazuli or gold? You need an iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe to mine those things you know

    ayo.ayo.Dag sedan
    • And what should he have made instead with for gold. And why would he want to mine redstone lapis? Or gold.

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  • 22 minutes and 6 seconds .9

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  • Oh my god

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  • Bts: Run Bts Dream: Run dream

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  • go speedrun on Maincraft 1.0)

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  • How are you so good

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  • 𝔼

  • Bro the cactus 6 blocks long lol

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  • I put the video on 2x speed so I could speed run the video

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  • GG Dream greetings from Chile

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  • O cara é tipo o blakn444 do Minecraft kkkk

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  • Dang such a dang good speedrun

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  • My earphones rip at the end

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  • At the end: RIP headphone users.

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  • Still somehow I find this run more entertaining then the new wr runs lol

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  • Dream activating his ultra instinct in 4:20 Also a funny number

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  • How did he get 6 blaze roads 2 blazez

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  • DREAM!!!!!!!!!!

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  • From 6:45 to 7:24 does anybody know the name of the background music?

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  • What was that luck

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  • Night vision?

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  • Is simp for dweem

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  • Muito bom slk

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  • 1:36 synchronize...

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  • when your to lazy to mine iron... u blow it sky high baby!

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  • 11:40 dream speed run music starts

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  • 1:46 dream and george be like

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  • My ears..., but Congrats!

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  • dude why would you name your sword like thta

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  • 0:38 ??? ._.

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  • It’s funny he got everything he needed near his spawn

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    • @om a I think that the cobblestone is just supposed to be there in a stronghold as mobs spawn in the above adjacent room and they fall down in the area where the cobblestone is.

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    • Yeah and also at 18:16 did u see there was cobblestone there and dream wasnt even there yet

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  • 22 million subs you deserve an AWARD

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  • The others youtubers: focused ti beat Minecraft Dram: Oh it's a gigant cactus

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  • Everyone be like -4:00 this is not "random seed GLITCHLESS"

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  • This is epic

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  • 21:50

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  • LeTs gO dReAm *clap* *clap*

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  • Is that for real?? No one can beat minecraft that FAST!!! IT'S IMPOSSABLE!!!!!!!! FYI I am new to Dream.. I think I will like him.. He is funny and nice...

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  • When dream said OHHH I jumped so hard

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  • me thinking my 2 hour run is good

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  • George: OHH MAH GAWD Sapnap: SHUT UR MOUTH GEORGE 19:30

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  • Я один тут русский?

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  • For some reason I thought the “1.15” meant 1 minute and 15 seconds lol

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  • Dream I hope you dont speedrun your life like this. Cause we love you👌❤

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  • My parents explaining how they got to school:

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  • sure it was picked and praticed hmmm!!!

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  • Pro pro pro

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  • hey dream iam the biggest fan of urs can u invite me in ur smp please man.......pls i commented in ur every video to remind u p.s. i am a biggest fan of urs pls broooooooo

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  • speed run

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  • speedrun

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  • He don't make armour

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  • Who think dream complete speedrun in 1 minute 15 seconds after seeing the title😂😂😂😂

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  • you say 1 15 but you finish on 22 06.

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    • version 1.15 dummy

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  • I get it naw

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  • жованый крот

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  • Oh? Green and blue beds in your inventory? Nice/hj

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  • 6:17

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  • 14:32 i see a cross there creepy but lol dream did not see that

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  • 14:17 : skeleton does a 360°

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