Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15

10 jun 2020
22 166 673 visningar

Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15. This world record is for versions 1.9+, with a random seed without glitches. This was crazy.
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I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of headaches when trying to beat this record. I almost stopped trying multiple times, but I had my friends to encourage me to keep going. Was an amazing moment that they got to be there for me.
MAJOR props to realbenex for his amazing time. I saw it midway through attempting this record, and almost gave up because it was such a great run.

Previous WR was 22:18 by realbenex @Benex
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.15.2
Seed: -8838743941849800027
Difficulty: Normal

  • This was on 1.15, but it’s the same category as 1.14. Played on 1.15 because I wasn’t doing villager trading and I prefer the new sprint settings. The category is 1.9+.

    DreamDream9 månader sedan
    • @Awesomeness 11 Oh god...

      Freddy DellFreddy Dell18 dagar sedan
    • language please

      Rosa De La RosaRosa De La RosaMånad sedan
    • Wow dream you are the best speedrunner I you teach me a lot

      whitty combo25whitty combo25Månad sedan
    • F

      maubamaubaMånad sedan
    • From India 🇮🇳

      anita raturianita raturi2 månader sedan

    SHIROSHIROMinut sedan
  • is it hardcore ?

    Mantedredalm66 . hv. vvccna PanchulidzeMantedredalm66 . hv. vvccna Panchulidze18 minuter sedan
  • dream finishing this in 22 minutes while me at 22 minutes i finally find a sheep

    HyunjinHyunjin24 minuter sedan
  • We : lets kill the iron golem! Dream : doing 360s while killing the iron golem

  • 11:04

    Shweta ShrivastavaShweta ShrivastavaTimme sedan
  • my record is 21:02.16

    PIGGO The pigPIGGO The pig3 timmar sedan
  • повезло повезло

    LEMERGOLEMERGO4 timmar sedan
  • 2:29 is it just me or is Dream making me dizzy?

    Itz_me PhoenixItz_me Phoenix7 timmar sedan

  • Brasileiro oiii

    Alex ThiagoAlex Thiago7 timmar sedan

    Madison Mayfield - CVMS 2027Madison Mayfield - CVMS 20277 timmar sedan
  • Me defeating the dragon: Ahh I need netherite armour and all the enchants and 1 stack of God apple Dream defeating the dragon: Nahh I dont need armour just sword

    Keizer Syen MagdadaroKeizer Syen Magdadaro8 timmar sedan
  • That’s great 😁

  • Alternative title: dream beats Minecraft while George and sapnap yell at him

    Randall CloakRandall Cloak9 timmar sedan
  • Dream at 22 minutes: *beats game* Me at 22 minutes: *Monster hunter achievement*

    Lenorr ComerLenorr Comer10 timmar sedan
  • The video is 22 minutes long and and it has 22 million views

    Zingy KhanZingy Khan12 timmar sedan
  • Me in 22mins: oh I can finally make crafting table Dream: I already finished the game and made world reck

    Kisu&DinaMSPKisu&DinaMSP14 timmar sedan
  • Ebic

    Dolly S. KonzDolly S. Konz15 timmar sedan
  • ооо повезло повезло

    Akira ReiAkira Rei15 timmar sedan
  • ye dream im din,k you gona mess withe the best 2 minecraft player im are the 2 player who killying 1000 ppl if you win vs me gona i give you 800 doller are you accpet that

    Meblamblam rebexMeblamblam rebex16 timmar sedan
  • 14:17 Seriously the name of your sword dream...

    Brynn PlayzBrynn Playz17 timmar sedan
  • My is the blocks breaking sound on beat with the music at 2:21

    Chasidy BoatnerChasidy Boatner17 timmar sedan
    • - 21:00

      Chasidy BoatnerChasidy Boatner17 timmar sedan
  • Speed runs is kind good and this song that u use dream I know it I took 5000 days to find it

    Ahmed ProAhmed Pro17 timmar sedan
  • Dream at 20 min: gets to end Me at 20: achivement: the end Aki has been slain by the dragon

    aki - senpaiaki - senpai18 timmar sedan
  • I beat you finding the ender portal go to my channel dream

    Team YeoTeam Yeo19 timmar sedan
  • -8838743941849800027

    Anas SadkiAnas Sadki19 timmar sedan
  • Dream, I am a speed runner and could I please join your team as a speed runner with you? I also have a channel(Tobias Price) and I have no videos because I don't know how to post my videos.

    T. Adam PriceT. Adam Price20 timmar sedan
  • There was a cross right next to the desert temple!

    star :3star :320 timmar sedan
  • Dream: *finishes the game in 22 minutes* Me in 22 minutes: *walking into trees because my game hasnt loaded*

    Jay The FerretJay The Ferret22 timmar sedan
  • Axes do much more damage than swords

    MASTER MMASTER M23 timmar sedan
  • 22:19 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black NightBlack NightDag sedan
  • Sapnap and george so supportive

    Josaphat SarilJosaphat SarilDag sedan
  • the name of the sword is something fantastic.

    AllosauroAllosauroDag sedan
  • YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hozan AhmadHozan AhmadDag sedan
  • Dream: intensely speed running Also dream: I was a girl in a village doing all right

    Angus DaleAngus DaleDag sedan
  • Nobody really realized what he named his sword-

    PeachyBearシPeachyBearシDag sedan
  • Dream: finishing the game in 22 minutes Me at 22 minutes: now, time to go get iron

    TheAlmostDailyGamerTheAlmostDailyGamerDag sedan
  • I nearly had a heart attack from the 2 main screams, it's so unexpected so I just keep flinching like an idiot every after a minute LMAO

    namjjamsnamjjamsDag sedan
  • pretty epic

    Jesse D'AprileJesse D'AprileDag sedan
  • MOM : you have half hours to play Me :

    Storytime HnStorytime HnDag sedan
  • 20:30 ahem BAHAHAHAHAHA

    Maderey 24Maderey 24Dag sedan
  • never judge a cave by its entrance guys

    MrSwoompyMrSwoompyDag sedan
  • Dream is just 360ing the iron golem

    Courtney KingstonCourtney KingstonDag sedan
  • Intense music kicked in at the right time there were mobsupand down

    Frank SessaFrank SessaDag sedan
  • tysm!!!! this helped alot i did exactly what u did :D

    Kamado TanjiroKamado TanjiroDag sedan
  • Me be starting to get diamonds at the time he finishes the speed run lol

    Zxne ZXZxne ZXDag sedan
  • 3:42 gets dimonds me 10 week to get a single dimond

    Nabil MussaNabil MussaDag sedan
  • "Shut up George shut ur mouth"

    JraciJraciDag sedan
  • Dream is a Minecraft mega super pro

    alirizakeseralirizakeserDag sedan
    • No but yess

      thors gaming channelthors gaming channel23 timmar sedan
  • Liee

    alpi123alpi123Dag sedan
  • ооо, повезло повезло

    Иван ЧарушинИван ЧарушинDag sedan
  • The chemical judo fifthly roll because squirrel diagnostically mug alongside a rural porch. flimsy, stingy size

    asss sassasss sassDag sedan
  • How is it that he can see in the dark and dig so fast?

    BrightbeinBrightbeinDag sedan
  • Write THAT DOWN

    TarsalAgate GamingTarsalAgate GamingDag sedan
  • I screamed at the end when you beat it great job! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    BloxeosBloxeosDag sedan
  • 3:39 A mini heart attack for headphone/earphone users

    Bhavya AgarwalBhavya AgarwalDag sedan

    Umme sanjidaUmme sanjidaDag sedan
  • U SO PRO

    Артемий БалахоновАртемий БалахоновDag sedan
    • @Butta Dawg lol you calm down to 4year olds

      thors gaming channelthors gaming channel23 timmar sedan
    • Calm down 3 year old Illumina is even better.

      Butta DawgButta DawgDag sedan
  • OMG

    Артемий БалахоновАртемий БалахоновDag sedan
  • 22 min n 22M views that's insane

    neel chatterjeeneel chatterjeeDag sedan
  • deram a cruz do lick

    MiguelTuberMiguelTuberDag sedan
  • Dream complete game in 22 min I just get killed by a zombie in 22 min

    neel chatterjeeneel chatterjeeDag sedan
  • Dream should make a mincraft series

    Evan RosenblattEvan RosenblattDag sedan
    • @Evan Rosenblatt he did why dit you answer your own comment lol

      thors gaming channelthors gaming channel23 timmar sedan
    • He should

      Evan RosenblattEvan RosenblattDag sedan
  • My litte brother likes speedruns and urs is the best!

    ImNotSamImNotSamDag sedan
    • Cool man

      thors gaming channelthors gaming channel23 timmar sedan
  • Me trying to speedrun: *22 Minutes Later* WHERE IS THE LAVA POOL?!?!

    Yhosef jesseYhosef jesseDag sedan
  • OPPPPPP!!!!!!!

    Shlok EditsShlok EditsDag sedan
  • The ready powder pragmatically heap because criminal metabolically melt midst a whimsical quiver. disastrous, level stone

    Pamela AngelPamela AngelDag sedan
    • I find it funny that you think you are funny.

      Butta DawgButta DawgDag sedan
  • Hi

    Lei Uriel TorresLei Uriel TorresDag sedan
  • idol Dream

    Val Zymon AbenidoVal Zymon AbenidoDag sedan
  • 360

    Val Zymon AbenidoVal Zymon AbenidoDag sedan
  • Dream literally beat Minecraft with no armor... bruh, BIG BRUH!

    Blast- ZillaBlast- ZillaDag sedan
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Русский_ГеймерРусский_ГеймерDag sedan
  • every day we creep closer to a minecraft WR that's shorter than a Spongebob episode

  • he is so fast my pc is lagging

    Jacey BoiJacey Boi2 dagar sedan
  • bruh your getting iron at 2:30 and I'm mining tree at 4:00 ;-;

    HotDawgGangHotDawgGang2 dagar sedan
  • I can speedrun too but not that Fast My Record is 43 minutes

    ROMEOROMEO2 dagar sedan
  • loser loser

    Zosie De GuzmanZosie De Guzman2 dagar sedan
  • i kinda wanna see him speedrun the trial version of minecraft

    KnightChessKnightChess2 dagar sedan
  • Thumbnail misleading

    RAT ToeRAT Toe2 dagar sedan
  • ACEForceASMR defeated u dream 3.33 minutes

    UrTypicalGamerUrTypicalGamer2 dagar sedan
  • Me taking items from creative Dream be like- I don't have that much time 😂😂

    Kadak InsaanKadak Insaan2 dagar sedan
  • when you named your sword was awesome

    KaiKai2 dagar sedan
  • 22 minutes 22mil views noice

    Manuel VieraManuel Viera2 dagar sedan
  • Facked

  • Dream fracked it

  • Dreamer like drusmsee lol

    Mr Crazy SinghMr Crazy Singh2 dagar sedan
  • Sweetly we are going in 22 min Dream: let me beat Minecraft real quick

    Huss Fingers SHuss Fingers S2 dagar sedan
  • DrEAm RUn. I love this channel

    Matthew FreundMatthew Freund2 dagar sedan

    Matthew FreundMatthew Freund2 dagar sedan
  • Salut je suis français

    titistitis2 dagar sedan
  • ✋ wait why does the square start in the middle?

    video game5938video game59382 dagar sedan
  • Dream abi seni seviyorum ve kanalına abone oldum ❣️❣️❣️

    kerempro XDkerempro XD2 dagar sedan
  • Не знаю, каким чертом меня сюда занесло... Но я, пожалуй, останусь. Это выглядит интересно)

    Димон ИвановДимон Иванов2 dagar sedan
  • Dream holds the record of dancing when he killed that golem

    Thunderluigi32Thunderluigi322 dagar sedan
  • Please notify me, what’s the seed number of this world

    Manha Play'sManha Play's2 dagar sedan
    • Check desc

      LankyW-AnkStain _LankyW-AnkStain _2 dagar sedan
  • they beat in in 22.45 i was looking

    Dj SoawesomeDj Soawesome2 dagar sedan
  • I did I finished mincraft in 8 mins I no dream up your game

    Mr soy XMr soy X2 dagar sedan
    • Sure

      LankyW-AnkStain _LankyW-AnkStain _2 dagar sedan
  • Dream is best

    Daniel VisnakovsDaniel Visnakovs2 dagar sedan
  • 12:49 i think dream is gay haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (dream it's a joke)

    Miguel PereiraMiguel Pereira2 dagar sedan