Streamers react to Toast getting cancelled and defends him

2 maj 2021
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Toast recently got cancelled, and his friends, Valkyrae, Hafu, Leslie, etc came out and defended him.
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  • As a joke, why don't OTV just do a full on uncensored round of good old Cards Against Humanity. Bring in all the offensive shit, gloves off, no holding back. Do it similar to 2016 Sidemen where every round would have been cancelled to oblivion in 2021. It's not like they can cancel 10 people at once and honestly, it'd be pretty pathetic to even try.

    A Tiny HorseA Tiny Horse3 timmar sedan
  • Guys guys using the n word is not enough anymore to trigger us we need something else to fill our meaningless existence so we can feel oppressed again OH RIGHT THE R SLUR less go

    When I'm DepressedWhen I'm Depressed20 timmar sedan
  • Lily really came out with solid facts. 1:40

    Moviesman8Moviesman823 timmar sedan
  • What "past actions" did he do to get cancelled? I bet a million bucks it had nothing to do with his job as a streamer and entertainer.

    JustPickAlreadyJustPickAlreadyDag sedan
  • Don’t apologise to the Cancel Culture mob

    Mark KnightMark Knight2 dagar sedan
  • This is stupid. Can we go back to cancelling XQC

    Taylor NTaylor N2 dagar sedan
  • Kinda Poetic that someone who Wars with "cancel culture" , would try hard to defend their friends when they are accused of it. Eh? Poki? It's almost like .. things you do to others can come back to bite you in the ass sometime later :)

    SprunkersSprunkers2 dagar sedan
  • Why do people on twitter act like they're perfect and never say or do anything wrong? How are they the authority on who should be cancelled?

    lm _ Slayerlm _ Slayer2 dagar sedan
  • I mean Twitter needs to stop bringing up the past. But I know, they can’t. Cause they are some clout chasers tho

    Da RussianDa Russian2 dagar sedan
  • I just came from YT 😱😱

    Fahad Abdullah[300]Титаны خداوندFahad Abdullah[300]Титаны خداوند3 dagar sedan
  • What is the R slur? Is it Retard?

    Gundam BarbatosGundam Barbatos3 dagar sedan
  • To be honest, its like people never heard of Tumblr where there are tones of edgy jokes. Like edgy jokes have been around so get over it

    InsideSeptiplierEditsInsideSeptiplierEdits3 dagar sedan
  • LET'S CANCEL TOAST FOR HIS FUCKING JOKES - said by the idiots who don't understand absolutely anything and are obviously little 8 year olds who believe that all police kill blacks and/or are elementary school dropouts

    InsideSeptiplierEditsInsideSeptiplierEdits3 dagar sedan
  • The main issue i have with this, is that it feeds into the "cancel culture" myth. It doesn't seem like he's being cancelled.... Still has his platform. Pissing off some people is part of comedy, u ignore it and roll on. Blaming "cancel culture" only gives credit to the HORRIBLE RACIST people who get fired for their actions and blame media and "cancel culture" (aka accountability). All love to toast tho, and i like that he put out a statement, just wish it didn't play off of "cancel culture".

    frick offfrick off3 dagar sedan
  • Cancel culture is a disgrace. It's the covid among the digital space.

    Giovanni Lima ♪Giovanni Lima ♪4 dagar sedan
  • If I was ever "cancelled," I wouldn't apologize or explain myself. I'd just keep doing my own Schmidt. If people had a problem, that's literally their problem and they should grow up. People of the world will always be foolish until they make the choice to mature. If you attack my friends with words, well let's just say we're not children. We don't cry over Bolshevik. Humble yourself or you will be humbled.

    Jeshie WafflezJeshie Wafflez4 dagar sedan
  • The more famous you are, the less funny you can be

    Rosieana LyRosieana Ly5 dagar sedan
  • i just realized a lot of people don't know what sarcasm is (i'm looking at you twitter)

  • Why are people worried about toast at all when there are multiple pedophiles running around the internet, on tiktok and on SEworld, that are using their platforms, money, and power, to avoid jail time?

    Adachi SelasAdachi Selas5 dagar sedan
  • In the UK someone says retard no one batters an eye lid but in America someone says retard they get cancelled! Why are the younger generation so soft In America? grow some back bone seriously because when you get into the real world you won’t have trigger warnings or you won’t get people who care about your feelings and what has offended you just grow up get some back bone and stop crying over everything. If someone said a joke that was too dark for you then just leave it be ignore it! Just because you didn’t find it funny doesn’t mean other people won’t

    Seth RhysSeth Rhys5 dagar sedan
  • You can't pick and choose what aspect of someone you, you like about them. It doesn't work like that, and forcing someone to fit or change, to fit into the box that you have set for them is toxic and basically against every law/ right we have as human beings. I live is South Africa where rights are a BIG part of our constitution and we learn about them in school. This literally reminds me about my classes; talking about the 'Right to Freedom of Speech' but with that comes the responsibility to be respectful of other people's views or opinions( the responsibilityto not talk Hate Speech which you can literally go to jail for in my country if it can be proven that you said something like that), you dont have to like them or agree with them, just be respectful. I really wish the rest of the world (the toxic people) would learn this and that schools all over the world would teach their kids and future generations about our right and RESPONSIBLITIES as humans, I think it would really change the world and make it a better place :) btw I support Toast even though i haven't been a watcher of his streams/ YT videos for long. I think people should just try to understand that this isnt their life/ they arent involved in this person's life they watch, they have been given the opportunity to look into an aspect of someone's life, but that doesn't give them the right to judge that person's entire life.

    Rach LauraRach Laura5 dagar sedan
  • Why would u even feel the need to address these losers ur good homie

    C TripC Trip5 dagar sedan
  • I can't imagine any of those Twitter stans being able to survive in the UK if this little sarcasm affects them...

    ChestnutChestnut5 dagar sedan
  • This is such Bull honestly. First Rae gets attack and then Toast. Leave the streamers alone. Like you don't like what they say or their jokes then don't watch it. Leave them alone and stop acting like they should conform to what your opinions of right or wrong is. It's not fair. Toast keep doing you and don't let people get you down it's beyond B's. It's not right, I love yours and the groups videos and the fun on Among us. Please keep it up and do your best you and don't let anyone get you down.

    RitsukaLunamRitsukaLunam5 dagar sedan
  • Who the f*ck are those people cancelling Toast?! Are there so many crazy people, without a bit of brain?!

    Beny DavidBeny David5 dagar sedan
  • If Toasts humour is considered edgy, my sense of humour must be considered downright evil. 😂

    Brad PattenBrad Patten5 dagar sedan
    • i bet ur jokes r about butt stuff..ya u should be canceled u evil

      DcapNslapahoDcapNslapaho2 dagar sedan
  • there’s so many actually horrendously prejudiced people out there and they picked toast 😐

    garglesgargles6 dagar sedan
  • Can we all just get cancelled together and watch what we want to watch in peace? I genuinely think people who try and shit on other people's lives by dragging other people into it would just end up ostracizing themselves.

    ozone20rulezozone20rulez6 dagar sedan
  • more than half of this “cancel culture” community bases their personality off of someone in The Office

    1nism1nism6 dagar sedan
  • its genuinely hurts me and makes me hate certain aspects of the internet bc of cancel culture. People, all they want to do is complain, hurt, and destroy lives. Its rly sad. People get offended over the smallest things. Toast has to be one of the most hilarious streamers. He’s a good person, who has good content. Cancel culture is so fucking toxic. Why do people feel the need to be so hateful? Granted a lot of things DO need to be addressed and people need to be held accountable but Toast didnt do anything wrong.

    taylor_nevaehtaylor_nevaeh6 dagar sedan
  • Cant see sykunno :(

    Azlan IbrahimAzlan Ibrahim6 dagar sedan
  • People suck

    Mikkel BredesenMikkel Bredesen6 dagar sedan
  • so wtf is that last part?

    ZeroZero6 dagar sedan
  • None of this is edgy. It's middle school humor. Plus toast sucks as a gamer anyway so twitch just lost another basic gamer

  • At this point it feels like twitter would try to cancel Arnold Schwarzenegger for his last name

    SnailureSnailure6 dagar sedan
    • **sigh** I can actually see it happening too... Some twat with dyslexia gets 'offended' at Arnold's last name because it has too many letters. What even is this world anymore?

      dragon lorddragon lordDag sedan
  • I'm just pissed that people would even try to cancel toast.

    Jin Woo SungJin Woo Sung6 dagar sedan
  • As someone who’s been through the harder side of life I love toasts sense of humor it’s so annoying when people tip toe around the topics like they never happen at least he’s addressing them it’s not his fault you can’t understand sarcasm or him being facetious. And I get that not everyone reacts to things the same way but if toasts cynical side triggers you why watch are you watching it hun?

    hotshot104hotshot1046 dagar sedan
  • just stop the hate really toast is an amazing caring person and he does not deserve any of this.

    MirandaMiranda6 dagar sedan
  • I love how everyone just said something nice to speak up for Toast and Lily just goes: 👍

    AmoKAmoK6 dagar sedan
  • This is real? Fuck me the world is fucked... Cancel culture .. more like Cancer culture fuck sake dude.

    NeoUzzyNeoUzzy6 dagar sedan
  • We probably all would be cancelled for past actions

    KeanuuKeanuu6 dagar sedan
  • People who are offended by Toast should watch Daniel Sloss on Netflix. HE has some dark humor and even calls one of his shows "Dark", but he also stops at times and turns to his audience to question them WHY they're offended and if they actually have any right to be (and they don't). Go watch it, I'll wait. This hole thing is just ridiculous!

    BobMerlinxBobMerlinx6 dagar sedan
  • Being substantially older than most of y'all and most of y'all's fans and most of this community, y'all's fucking crazy. This entire community talking about don't cancel Toast. STOP FUCKING CANCELLING PEOPLE PERIOD. Stop giving these people this power. It's all because you give it to them. If you treat them like the screaming children that they are, and take them just as seriously, you'll see an instant end to the entire thing. All it takes is everyone ignoring them. Who gives a shit about their personal drama? It's really their fucking problems. We've spent the last decade trying to warn you that this behavior is going to bite you in the ass, and now it's you've started to eat your own, suddenly it's a bad idea?

    Atheist BiologistAtheist Biologist7 dagar sedan
  • king shit but also, i think Leslie said it best. If this dude is being cancelled, we all fuckin cancelled. he's not even... you know what i can't. none of the ppl trying to cancel him are actually offended by any of this, they're just virtue signaling and looking for ppl to cancel

    No Thank YouNo Thank You7 dagar sedan
  • Its 2021 y’all are now noticing you want to cancel toast for being his comedic self i get his jokes can be a bit offensive but he always finds a way to make it more funny than rude. Multiple people use jokes like toasts before maybe even worse. But the fact that the drama is happening NOW is most likely showing all of us on the internet that you guys are cancelling him because your bored. Literally Toast hasn’t been using offensive words these days so why are people suddenly upset NOW.? I’m getting tired of cancel culture like poki said it’s honestly just to make someone feel better about themselves by canceling someone else.

    Nezuko’s FlowerNezuko’s Flower7 dagar sedan
  • Please add credits to the description for Toast, Poki, and Hafu.

    ThatOneCactusThatOneCactus7 dagar sedan
  • Love how he handled it, to many people succumb to the pressure and beg for forgiveness (which you aren’t going to get, cancel culture people are ruthless)

    RZGRZG7 dagar sedan
  • "If you're not a child throwing a tantrum on Twitter" To be fair, I've seen a LOT of "adults" throwing tantrums on Twitter 😂

    KrashKrash7 dagar sedan
  • Me and Hafu had the same first reaction 😂😂😂 “lol, I’ll click this and it will be a sound byte of Toast telling me to go f myself.” Nope. It was real.

    David McKenzieDavid McKenzie7 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think I can live without toast 😭😢

    bagel brobagel bro7 dagar sedan
  • Never give the haters a platform to succeed... Fuck 'em! We all make mistakes and we all can improve but losers are losers and when they succeed at losing they are encouraged to do more. Fuck 'em!

    Pime TheManPime TheMan7 dagar sedan
  • I’m relatively new to Toast’s channel but I love his content and humor if you don’t like it you’re a snowflake and that’s on you don’t watch it then like no one cares about your opinion cause he’s still gonna have a loyal fan base

    Angi AthleteAngi Athlete7 dagar sedan
  • Let's call canceled cultural what it used to be, and that is consequences for your actions

    Donny P.Donny P.7 dagar sedan
  • Every fans be like: APE TOGETHER STRONG. and adds some salt on the wound (shakes faster)

    Dexter AmoresDexter Amores7 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of a Daniel Sloss stand-up where he tells his audience not to get offended on behalf of someone else when they haven't been asked to

    CinrysCinrys7 dagar sedan
  • People are soft as fuck. Damn. Love you toast! You and other streamers have made difficult days into better ones for me. I know I’m not alone when I say that! Fuck the haters!

    Brent RobinsonBrent Robinson7 dagar sedan
  • I love how the streaming community is so positive due to their very close and great relationships with each other, it's like when one of them gets cancelled they always have each-others back no matter how bad the situation. Unlike the tik tok community, when someone is cancelled everyone immediately distances themselves from themselves, shows that they care more about image, than friendship : v/

    LaviniaLuseane PuluLaviniaLuseane Pulu7 dagar sedan
  • I love how people somehow want to involve their life in a popular person life and act like they knew the person in person through a screen and how some people are so dumb these days they will waste their time like. GoOGLe:RaCiSt ThInGs StReAmErS HaVe SaId YeArS AgO ThAt I cAn CrY aBoUt On TwItTeR

    Original SylpheedOriginal Sylpheed7 dagar sedan
  • I honestly believe that Toast’s friends would have agreed with them if he really stepped out of line. The fact though that Toast is generally such a nice person and they’re sticking up for him just says it all and that it’s not fair to cherry pick all the time. Everyone has a part of their personality that a majority of people may not like, and as long as they’re not going out their way to make someone else’s life miserable then there shouldn’t be any issues because we all have one life, and we should live it to others expectations because then that would just make us miserable. With offensive jokes it should be ok to make them, if you don’t like them then you don’t have to listen, as a lot of people like that sense of humour, but just as long as they mean it in a humorous way

    oumiyamyorkieoumiyamyorkie7 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe some people are sensitive but like even me saying that I'm pretty sure I would get canceled I was popular like everyone likes to nitpick on people because they're on high standards and society we all have to have a mask on and toast doesn't have a mask on he's telling you straight up some people are not comfortable with it straightforward people apparently🤔💬

    Adilson CortezAdilson Cortez7 dagar sedan
  • “Cancelling“ is getting out of hands imo. We Should cancel cancelling.

    uggaugga7 dagar sedan
  • Why are haters making noise 🙄

    Adilson CortezAdilson Cortez7 dagar sedan
  • He shouldn’t have apologized at all. These people who don’t like this humor should go somewhere else. I understand the whole friend catching some heat reasoning, but that’s just life. People will come and go, and those who stand by you are the ones you want near you. I think he should have told them to go jump off a cliff

    Angel GilAngel Gil7 dagar sedan
  • Watching poki speak out against cancel culture has to be the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen. I agree with everything she said but I’m not sure she does LOL

    EliteGhostEliteGhost7 dagar sedan
  • We need to cancel the cancel culture

    Dan Z3tDan Z3t7 dagar sedan
  • We need to cancel Twitter

    Jiff PopJiff Pop7 dagar sedan
  • People are too sensitive these days

    S1AYER GamingS1AYER Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • 3:54 Imagine being the guy blocked for profanity, being completely ignored like a child in time-out LMFAO

    Royally ChallengedRoyally Challenged7 dagar sedan
  • You know you've got a friendship of level 50 when you have friends having their own reputation possibly ruined just to vouch for you.

    Autumn SwiftAutumn Swift7 dagar sedan
  • I saw an article about how boredom is one of the most dangerous things a person can go through. People are so bored that they go looking for problems, starting drama, and spreading hate just so they have some excitement in their lives

    IllusionIllusion7 dagar sedan
  • This is why we do not deserve to live because we can't accept others that are living in it. Why degrade someone who did something you thought was awful in the past? If people just want to be angry at someone to blame them for whats happening now or to themselves? What the fuck is wrong with people? Making actions without knowing whats below the surface? Judging based on performance not as a human being at all? If you do not know this person really well you can judge him but you cant take actions based on judgement. People always have sides deny me if you dont have one more living inside you? This is what this person makes him unique and stand among different people. You MISJUDGED MISCONCEPTED MISUNDERSTOOD JUST WANT TO DO WITH THEIR LIFE BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT OTHERS ARE THE ONLY PROBLEM.

    Hernan John Rafael M. AbillaHernan John Rafael M. Abilla7 dagar sedan
  • god the world right now is so dog sh@t, remember the early days where humour can blossom around without some snowflakes saying it not funny it just racist or somewhere along the line, I literally used to have good memes/jokes or whatever you call em almost every day now I nearly find sh@t its bland ass hell, JUST STOP CANCELING if that happens like more then 1 year jesus, don't take life to seriously know what is a joke and isn't

    Yonatan :DYonatan :D7 dagar sedan
  • I hate my generation so much, millennial s need to be cancelled

    Nathan ManchaNathan Mancha7 dagar sedan
  • Twitter: haha drama go brrrr

    Mega LucarioMega Lucario7 dagar sedan
  • If people defend you you’re not getting cancelled

    Alex WeisshaarAlex Weisshaar7 dagar sedan
  • Not cancel culture again, pls no

    mystic fox2002mystic fox20027 dagar sedan
  • Cancel culture is the worst thing to ever happen. Nobody can have the freedom to do or say what they want anymore without worrying about being canceled. When did we all become thin skinned and so soft about everything? Wanna know what I do if someone or something offends me? I keep scrolling or block that thing or person, it’s literally that easy

  • I feel like being the target of racism gives the victim an increased chance to be a racist themself, which kind of sucks (note this is NOT me saying toast is racist)

    Ayames apostle [1st Apostle of the Twelve]Ayames apostle [1st Apostle of the Twelve]7 dagar sedan
  • People trying to cancel toast have never actually watched his content, saw something on SEworld and decided to get upset about it. Absolute snowflakes that need to take a break from the internet.

    Damien MDamien M7 dagar sedan
  • I feel like this day in age with all this cancel culture is so bad and is just trash so bad 👎

    MeltdownkillerMeltdownkiller7 dagar sedan
  • holy fucking shit. these people are so dumb that they go around LOOKING for shit to be offended by and even just completely imagining something and then be offended by it.

    Bsheepdestroyer makes stuffBsheepdestroyer makes stuff7 dagar sedan
  • Cancel culture complaining why humor isnt a thing: Literally cancel culture cancelling humor:

    KIᒪO.ᑕᗴOKIᒪO.ᑕᗴO7 dagar sedan
  • The fact that Toast is catching crap and everybody just forgot about edp in a week is baffling

    SpartnfishSpartnfish7 dagar sedan
  • I thought cancel culture was soooo 2018.. some people do be empty FeelsSadgeMan

  • I’m not sure if I said this already, but it doesn’t matter what happened in the past. We know Toast is a good person and whoever is doing this to him isn’t human and is evil. Everyone has done something fucked up in the past which is why we call it learning from your mistakes or in cases of bully, becoming the better person. Live and learn people

    Dom ShadyDom Shady7 dagar sedan
  • If people find this offensive, wait until they find out about Jiimmy Carr^^

    Weird BritWeird Brit7 dagar sedan
  • People are always just looking for someone to target.

    Oliver LockhartOliver Lockhart7 dagar sedan
  • Honestly he should've included somewhere along the lines of 'fuck your feelings, and go fuck yourself' , these self-righteous shitbags deserve no sympathy.

    phaserraphaserra7 dagar sedan
  • You're telling edgy jokes on the internet, *publicly*. Of course some people will misunderstand. That's just expected. He probably should have said nothing about it. The people who cry because of what he's saying are concerned about their own little being more than anything, and probably just want attention. It's so stupid. Why would you watch someone you don't like? Roll your eyes, and look away... It's that simple.

    Plads ElskerPlads Elsker7 dagar sedan
  • Bruh poor guy, ignorant regards trying to cancel him.

    Cameron CashenCameron Cashen7 dagar sedan
  • It's okay for people to be offended by a joke. It's okay to not like a joke. What some people don't get is that not everything revolves around them. You're allowed to tell someone, "hey, I usually like your stuff, but this or that bothered me because of stuff that happened in my past or for other reasons," and that's totally fine. What's not okay is exaggerating/outright lying about the problems you have with someone in order to gather people so you can use them to pressure that person's friends. The world doesn't need to bend to you just because you happened to be offended.

    RanmaYagamiRanmaYagami7 dagar sedan
  • So his friends are making excuses as well…big fuckin deal

    PsychPsych7 dagar sedan
  • ppl who need apologies shud grow up. life is rough and most apologies are lies to shut u up because its easiest road.

    Gage WencikerGage Wenciker7 dagar sedan
  • I'm just tired of this cancel culture bullshit. People need to understand that no one is perfect. As Jordan Peterson said (In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive) and people cant recognizes that.

    Johnny MadrockJohnny Madrock7 dagar sedan
  • Twitter sucks arse...

    Marc HodgsonMarc Hodgson7 dagar sedan
  • sad toast cant defend himself against teenagers on twitter.

    Elmer BudElmer Bud7 dagar sedan
  • This generation is a snowflake generation to way to soft people really need to reflect on themselves we've all crossed the line once and at some point we will do it again no ones perfect and to attack toast try and be little him you also have crossed that line

    The Crusty PantzThe Crusty Pantz7 dagar sedan
  • People these days expects everyone around them to behave like normal Spongebob.

    yjrasfsxyjrasfsx7 dagar sedan
  • Why what happened to toast?!

    Zàck ŠcŔeemZàck ŠcŔeem7 dagar sedan
  • People are trying create a world in which that if this person did something bad (when it clearly is not bad) we should cancel them or if u don’t agree with there opinion then ur the bad person and ur opinion means nothing and if this keeps up it’s going to end being an utopia, just like “the giver”or “Fahrenheit 451” those world r just so bland and shows u a society of people always following these “rules”

    JackyboyJackyboy7 dagar sedan
    • The point of that post to point out that people r (what it seems like at least) trying form a utopia

      JackyboyJackyboy7 dagar sedan