Trisha Storms Out After Big Argument

17 okt 2020
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  • I’m sorry but I agree with her

    Dakota NeoDakota NeoTimme sedan
  • Sorry but anyone who hangs out with this crazy woman has no one to blame but themselves. There is enough content on the internet to prove how horrible of person she is.

    NissaDaBinksNissaDaBinks2 timmar sedan
  • This is the most toxic friendship I have ever witnessed

    Stacey MillsStacey Mills2 timmar sedan
  • This is a beautiful distillation of how women use aggression vs men.

    WoundrousMindTrickWoundrousMindTrick7 timmar sedan
  • She's not crazy.. she's batshit crazy !😂

    MikeMike7 timmar sedan
  • This chick is so defensive, so insecure lol

    MikeMike8 timmar sedan
  • You shouldn't have backed down buddy when she brings your marriage into it its over

    Toby PointerToby Pointer8 timmar sedan
  • You set yourself up for this, why have this psycho on?

    Toby PointerToby Pointer8 timmar sedan
  • Honestly Ethan came at her wrong as well in the beginning so trisha jus picking things to get on his lvl but trisha jus said too much I'm glad Ethan apologized

    sushi pewsushi pew10 timmar sedan
  • She’s saying Ethan has to settle for Hila and he can’t do better as if she didn’t throw a tantrum over a 50 year old vlogger that lives with 4 roommates lmfao

    Laura JimenezLaura Jimenez13 timmar sedan
  • She’s such a bad person to be around. Constantly destroying relationships cause of her insecurities. She’s so jealous of Ethan having a good life and calls him pathetic when that’s all she’s literally ever wanted

    Laura JimenezLaura Jimenez13 timmar sedan
  • She kinda unsmart

    Tate NelsonTate Nelson16 timmar sedan
  • Ethan don't feel at all!!!!!!

    HosnaaaHosnaaa18 timmar sedan
  • I would have told her to get the fuck out nah you got patience

    rkofu1rkofu118 timmar sedan
  • 15:02

    Yaboy DubzYaboy Dubz19 timmar sedan
  • Trisha is a hot garbage person , Ethan should never apologize, she literally calls herself crazy

    Daniel FajardoDaniel Fajardo22 timmar sedan
  • I'm coming out of almost 15 years of lurking on youtube without a single comment ever, to ask that you please not make more content with her. I've followed you guys since the very beginning, even before you made your first dunnies for fans, and she's making me consider unfollowing. She is the most toxic individual I've ever witnessed, worse than Keemstar, and it drives my anxiety through the roof watching you (who I know to have some of the same challenges I do) have to deal with her.

    Michael NeskiMichael Neski22 timmar sedan
  • They look and sound exactly the same to me

    LoL TomLoL Tom23 timmar sedan
  • Trisha n claire

    Marcanthony MartinezMarcanthony MartinezDag sedan
  • Lmao why does she think she’s right

    Kits 111Kits 111Dag sedan
  • God Trisha is so ducking annoying and toxic asf

    Abie FloresAbie FloresDag sedan
  • This is funny

  • Seeing nosferatu say are we gonna make tiktoks was hilarious

    Madison wMadison wDag sedan
  • Oh When in-laws fight

    Corbyn BelliveauCorbyn BelliveauDag sedan
  • Narcissist

    Prodigy RhymesProdigy RhymesDag sedan
  • Why she actin like she did somethin 7:38

    Lil_ BurtLil_ BurtDag sedan
  • She doesn’t know who Tom segura is?!!!!! What a fucking disgrace!!!

    Edward LeijaEdward LeijaDag sedan
  • FYI: Im a female on my boy friends account right now lol I had a friend exactly like her, we were friends for about 5 years and the reason I stayed her friend so long is because she would tell me she couldn't help it ,when she would do something really really fucked up to me (which was all the time) I would get mad or tell her im done with her she would cry and say its not her fault and the reason she was the way she was was because of a mental ilness or disorder she had that she couldnt help it and if i still went to leave she would instantly drop to the floor crying her eyes out saying she was about to have a heart attack ( she has a pace maker) and would literally fake passing out. I finally got away from that toxic friendship but just being in the same room with people like her and trisha is EXHAUSTING, it just completely drains all the good energy u have and puts u on edge and causes EXTREME anxiety. So i feel for him so much in this video cuz just the deja-vu from this stressed me out. But I have always asked how she isnt in the nut house cuz I really dont see how people like her live in society, I mean she goes to jail all the time and has multiple felonys because she isnt mentally stable but I think people who play that card take serious advantage of it.

    Chris MorganChris MorganDag sedan
  • This is me an my brother 😂 he says something knobheady i micdrop the fucker then he try’s to put me down the rest of the time. She owned him here 🤣 kept it classy well done girl! Family are family. Please reply as my know head brother is telling me no point u won’t reply 🤣 xxx

    Em HandleyEm HandleyDag sedan
  • Trisha never lets Ethan get any words in and even if he does she always tried to deny everything he’s said or not listen and she weaponized how he’s trying to have a baby and then Denies she doesn’t weaponize

    Bayleigh HolberryBayleigh HolberryDag sedan
  • I guess being with the same person is bad?

    zombies4life9234zombies4life9234Dag sedan
  • she is the most disgusting human i ever saw. i really can‘t believe how someone can be like that... i really can‘t. she tried to talk him into believing that his live is horrible and pathetic even though it isn‘t like who would do that?

    Angela AAngela ADag sedan
  • Trisha: Don’t call me crazy... Trisha 1 min later: You can call me crazy...

    Nina LoveNina LoveDag sedan
  • It’s funny how much smarter Ethan is than trish and how ignorant trish is

    Raw RamenRaw RamenDag sedan
  • The fact that after she did all this extra IM NEVER COMING BACK shit, she came back, & did like 16 videos with with you 🙃🤣

    Marijayne VelezMarijayne VelezDag sedan
  • this girl is a demon, holy fuck

    Greg_DeltaGreg_DeltaDag sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Matt MuenchMatt Muench2 dagar sedan
  • She really got her feelings hurt :( Trisha is an open book but that doesn’t mean she’s not sensitive.. He handled it very well. Loved this episode.

    Victoria GrahamVictoria Graham2 dagar sedan
  • 12:10 You're welcome

    JpJp2 dagar sedan
  • I like this guy

    Damien HaighDamien Haigh2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else started ironically saying "I'm so over it, I'm over it"

    KettleBlokeKettleBloke2 dagar sedan
  • Dude, Ethan dressed up as Jamie from Twiztid is lit.

    eyechit eenmahandeyechit eenmahand2 dagar sedan
  • They’re both pretty awful but Trish makes him seem less awful

    das it manedas it mane2 dagar sedan
  • Moses leave her now before she gathers more and more dirt on u for no damn reason

    mattshiznet smattshiznet s2 dagar sedan
  • I bet you that when she had the mirror backwards and seen herself

    Crystal CountrymanCrystal Countryman2 dagar sedan
  • I can’t take them seriously in those damn costumes 😂

    Dream VibezDream Vibez2 dagar sedan
  • Not her saying "CoNgRaTs oN hAvInG tHe sAmE tHe sAmE pArtNeR FoR 12 YeArS" yeah no shit he's married brenda

  • We were supposed to make tik toks.

    Casey LovellCasey Lovell2 dagar sedan
  • she said Eric Andre was uncomfortable …. when Eric's WHOLE ENTIRE CAREER IS BECAUSE HE MAKES PEOPLE UNCOMFTORABLE ON HIS SHOW... lmfao

    frenzyyfrenzyy2 dagar sedan
  • If anyone wants to know what mental illness looks like: this is it. She is throwing a tantrum full of toxicity and projection and hurt. This is the type of person that comes out that trisha always talks about when she says she has different personalities. It’s a coping mechanism. Anyone who uses this against her sucks because she obviously wasn’t in the right state of mind. Ethan picked up on it towards the end and realized that she’s mentally not okay. I’m glad they made up and trisha is getting help.

    bb2 dagar sedan
  • Does she ever hold herself accountable? It’s never about her or what she does, it’s always about who or what she “feels” put her there. This chick has been through way too much therapy to get that way I’m 10 seconds. Always on the defensive!

    Joell DaughertyJoell Daugherty2 dagar sedan
    • You should watch the next episode with the therapist. She breaks down and takes accountability

      bb2 dagar sedan
    • *in 10 seconds

      Joell DaughertyJoell Daugherty2 dagar sedan
  • She was soooo mad lmao 😂

    Sarah GloriaSarah Gloria2 dagar sedan
  • I was listening to this at the gym this shit was so funny

    Da Man LosDa Man Los3 dagar sedan
  • She just weaponized it by saying "eating room service, trying to get pregnant" and then turns around and says she doesnt weaponize it......thats how she's wrong

    Bella Immaculate Jackson aka young grannyBella Immaculate Jackson aka young granny3 dagar sedan
  • That got so unhealthy so fast.... Toxic!

    Bella Immaculate Jackson aka young grannyBella Immaculate Jackson aka young granny3 dagar sedan
  • She is toxic incarnate

    tubagoo domtubagoo dom3 dagar sedan
  • God she really is fucking crazy!

    Nic WiensonNic Wienson3 dagar sedan
  • she’s absolutely awful. what the hell.

    aa3 dagar sedan
  • Ok but Ethan was genuinely really sweet at the very end after she walked out

    Harley’s Inferno ♦️Harley’s Inferno ♦️3 dagar sedan
  • It's the producers laughing in the background whenever she says some dumb shit for me 💀

    Shanni Williams thomasShanni Williams thomas3 dagar sedan
  • Talk about a phat fucking ego

    Coast VanwyckCoast Vanwyck3 dagar sedan
  • Trisha is legit a danger to people

    Coast VanwyckCoast Vanwyck3 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes I listen to their conversations and I'm like "Oh trish made a good point there." And then the next sentence she immediately shoots her own shit down.

    Flood FlowerFlood Flower3 dagar sedan
  • He’s literally trying to get right with her at the end and she’s so petty😂

    Thomas MasonThomas Mason3 dagar sedan
  • Hahah Trish saying calling people crazy is offensive lmao what a hypocrite

    Chani 121Chani 1213 dagar sedan
  • Love you Ethan. Sorry this woman used your life against you. Especially about such a sensitive topic.

    Danny WolfDanny Wolf3 dagar sedan
  • She was such an ass when he was apologizing like wtf was her problem

    sherberto _sherberto _3 dagar sedan
  • Jacksfilms is great

    TurretedCat 21TurretedCat 213 dagar sedan
  • H3 has gone to shit

    ben whiyeben whiye3 dagar sedan
  • Why do women like this exist? Honestly

    RyMac 34RyMac 343 dagar sedan
  • Bro my heart literally dropped 13:20

    BONGOBONGO3 dagar sedan
  • 2:51

    ant cruzant cruz3 dagar sedan
  • Ethan looks great .... And it Starts so fast to getting ugly 🤢💀yes he gaslights her with the „crazy“ bye guys can’t take that shit 3:34 am out

    ArrowArrow3 dagar sedan
  • Trisha plays victim , she's a piece of shit for throwing his business out like that. I would never trust her with anything . She clearly unhappy and miserable . Ethan was 1000 percent right about her relationships I'm glad he went in on her

    Young Queen ColeYoung Queen Cole3 dagar sedan
  • Trisha speaking=Projection

    Jeremy CardonaJeremy Cardona3 dagar sedan
  • If my drug dealer told me all he had was Tramadol, I would say, no thanks man I'm good. They almost literally do nothing

    XxMedicatedChildxXXxMedicatedChildxX3 dagar sedan
  • First time looking at this video and he is right. She is a dangerous person because she did in fact public state something that was told to her in confidence. She deflected and brought out personal things because she was bothered with being called crazy. He didn't mention her being crazy because she was off her meds. Clearly something that SHE has issues with. Too many deflections and projecting. This is rough to see, if this is a duo. I'd say re-evaluate who you're working with.

    GoodTalksGoodTalks3 dagar sedan
  • I’ve never seen a human being like her.

    Morgan BeaboutMorgan Beabout4 dagar sedan
  • Not even 2 mins in & I wanna smack her for him. I thought I liked her too 😂😡

    Anna ColeAnna Cole4 dagar sedan
  • This is a perfect example of manipulation, gaslighting and weaponising

    Daneeka MekisicDaneeka Mekisic4 dagar sedan
  • I hate her. She's everything you don't want in a person

    Steve Irwin Is My DaddySteve Irwin Is My Daddy4 dagar sedan

    Bon BonBon Bon4 dagar sedan
  • Ethan looks like a a cross between Uncle Fester and Palpatine

    Aviator GamerAviator Gamer4 dagar sedan
  • So is this girl off her meds or no? I'm kinda lost lol

    Hunter TrevorrowHunter Trevorrow4 dagar sedan
  • lmao im not here to take sides, im just here for the drama with my popcorn 🤣

    Join thee ObamaTM’s cult and help it expand.Join thee ObamaTM’s cult and help it expand.4 dagar sedan
  • actually ... for the better that she is gonne... poor quality of content... in an h3h3 channel.. it says it all

    Agus BolchAgus Bolch4 dagar sedan
  • why did he weaponize it tho ? hahahaha

    Im MiltonIm Milton4 dagar sedan
  • 13:05 “amazing. Happy for you.” The sarcasm. Girl.

    Jazzy CakesJazzy Cakes4 dagar sedan
  • Ethan a does the same thing

    silent Jaysilent Jay4 dagar sedan
    • What do you mean?

      Uha HaUha Ha4 dagar sedan
  • I know it’s the bigger thing to do but I wish Ethan hadn’t taken the higher road because it does nothing but feed her ego

    DANGL3DANGL34 dagar sedan
  • bro she’s the worst pls don’t speak to her again

    Freddy GomezFreddy Gomez4 dagar sedan
    • He did lol

      KAI SOLO 2020KAI SOLO 20204 dagar sedan
  • Avoid this woman at all costs. She’s is sooooooo dangerous.

    JustinJustin4 dagar sedan
  • She keeps talking over him🤣🤣and she’s keeps saying stop trying to silence me

    Mr AppleJuiceツMr AppleJuiceツ5 dagar sedan
  • the fact that she said her costume is more iconic than Uncle Fester ....... What !!!!! 13:51

    Jaxxk MoniJaxxk Moni5 dagar sedan
  • Trisha was low key describing herself when she was describing him 😂

    JuJu321JuJu3215 dagar sedan
  • She goes "you called me crazy" right after she did some crazy shit. Ya Trisha you arent crazy at all. Its everyone else that is the problem. It's crazy how much she lies. Body language rats you out worse than a snitch glued to your side. She tried to say she didnt post that shit about the underage girls when she had issues with her s.o. but when Ethan brings it up she gives herself away. Lol pathetic.

    Ty ShredTy Shred5 dagar sedan
  • Is this Megan from Key Peele ? So toxic

    Keith XKeith X5 dagar sedan
  • Just get a room already.

    joe myersjoe myers5 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, She's so toxic, but they're pure comedy together, even though they are talking about serious shit

    One Broccoli Looking BoiOne Broccoli Looking Boi5 dagar sedan
  • he’s married and she say i can see why u been with the same person for 12 years this fucking girl 😂 man

    Stupid PringlesStupid Pringles5 dagar sedan