Wilbur hijacks Minx's Love or Host with Niki (stream highlights)

27 okt 2020
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*Disclaimer: I do not ship any people in this video, and I don't think we should unless the creators are fine with it. Also, the Love or Host show is mostly for content, the winners of this show do not always end up in a relationship.
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Schlatt, Niki, Eret and Wilbur on a Minx Love or Host? IM SHAKING

  • Btw the girl at the back is Rhianna from SootHouse, she and Niki got Zuko the cat together :)

    PurrpawzPurrpawz2 månader sedan

      Kiara FergusonKiara Ferguson13 timmar sedan
    • @Midñight Phøenix yes lmao that's where Wilbur's career kinda started

      brickgoopbrickgoop4 dagar sedan
    • Im srry ZUKO??????

      kim notfoundkim notfound16 dagar sedan
    • @Purrpawz what is the, "soot house."

      mr.awesomegamer 342mr.awesomegamer 34219 dagar sedan
    • @Pandega W zukos is nikis and toff ( im not sure how you spell it) is rihanna’s cat if i’m correct

      Itzel PerezItzel Perez20 dagar sedan
  • 1:59 why does Wilbur look like a dad monitoring what their child is watching on SEworld

    GigiGigi2 timmar sedan
  • Why does esfand and shlatt both have a blue thing and and a baby in the bottom right corner

    BLAZEBLAZE4 timmar sedan
  • Why was this so intense lmfao?? I've never even watched this show! Man, Wilbur was so annoying here lolol T^T

    sakura heartfiliasakura heartfilia6 timmar sedan
  • When bob said “do we get them both ? Because he’s hot” THAT WAS FUNTN

    Radioactive orange Tea cupRadioactive orange Tea cup10 timmar sedan
  • Do you have the clip where wilbur said "mind your own fking business"????

  • I just LOVE how Austin made the perfect love or host for a bi streamer

    Samuel Esteban Forero SanabriaSamuel Esteban Forero Sanabria19 timmar sedan
  • wilbers listening very close

    TheGamingBoiTheGamingBoi22 timmar sedan
  • like how wilbur fucking laughs at minx it soo evil and i just love it

    AirThe OxygenAirThe Oxygen23 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur: There can be only ONE

    GCDubs CalGCDubs Cal23 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur in the back is like a father constantly checking in and making sure their child isn't doing anything inappropriate on the new PC they just got.

    Pieck KarmaPieck KarmaDag sedan
  • Poor minx looks like she gonna cry

    Devilin GachawolfDevilin GachawolfDag sedan
  • Why did schlatt win-

    ꧁ TrulyYuiko ꧂꧁ TrulyYuiko ꧂Dag sedan
  • At the last part all I was thinking was oh no no no no no no no no

    The Blood GodThe Blood GodDag sedan
  • I'm not gay but I'm gay for Wilbur.

    C1ayC1ayDag sedan
  • shlatt is just a mood

    Liam VenaLiam VenaDag sedan
  • Im still confused about their relationship honestly

    6Hunter6HunterDag sedan
  • Hey minx what about quantity HUH

    Finlay WalkerFinlay Walker2 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 the guy says we can be chat look at willbur reaction

    Atrahasis AbelleraAtrahasis Abellera2 dagar sedan
  • Damn wilbur is super tall and lanky bruh

    WolfiePlayZ YTWolfiePlayZ YT2 dagar sedan
  • Is wilbur and niki still together?

    ReiRei2 dagar sedan
    • wdym together

      nihachusnihachus2 dagar sedan
  • schlatts ded faced

    TaxRelief DemonTaxRelief Demon2 dagar sedan
  • The description says you don’t ship anyone but I ship niki and Wilbur... mostly because they’re dating but...

    Tame FireTame Fire2 dagar sedan
  • Life isn't quite what I thought I'd be When I was a kid on VoIP I thought when I get older I'd marry her, I told her Now I'm 26, and I work in an office Nine 'til five's not the best, I'll be honest If I could change a single thing I'd make it me and not him He's in your bed, I'm in your Twitch chat I've got the key and he's just a doormat And even though he's got social skills That doesn't mean I can't pay the bills Anyway, make the most of him 'Cause she moves on pretty bloody quick, oh-oh Your new boyfriend's an arsehole (woo!) Yeah, I've met Jared (of course, I've met Jared) The one who took you away from me You hit it off instantly I know, 'cause you won't stop telling me I've seen his jawline, shoulders, and muscles Push against his fashion sense I've thought about what he looks like nude I'm not gay, though 'Cause she's living the dream (living the dream, living the dream) Oh, she's living the dream From back when we were 17 She's living the dream (living the dream, living the dream) Oh, she's living the dream From back when we were 17 How on earth could I be saved? When I'm one click away from insane I just think that I deserve A little bit of what I earned I'm not gonna make another scene The one I made when I was 23 Means I'm not allowed in Disney World But he's in your bed, and I'm in your Twitch chat I've got the key and he's just a doormat 'Cause even though he's got social skills That doesn't mean I can't pay the bills Anyway, make the most of him 'Cause she moves on pretty bloody quick, oh-oh Your new boyfriend's an arsehole I think about you every day (every day) So how on earth can I be saved? (Can I be saved?) I think about him a lot as well (I think about him) Maybe if he wasn't fine as hell (he's really fine as hell) 'Cause you're beauty And you're grace (and you're grace) Your telephone calls are my favourite place And I want you to notice me With no restraining order, please (Jason Derulo) I want you to care I want to smell your hair

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  • 9:30 wilbur went insane

    JamJamilJamJamil3 dagar sedan
  • *"So Schlatt if you're out there..."*

    Frostee InnitFrostee Innit3 dagar sedan

    Lily WoodsLily Woods3 dagar sedan
  • I like how bob7 simps over Wilbur

    AngelicAngelic3 dagar sedan
  • Niki's laugh: hihihi. Eret's laugh: HEHEHEHEHEHEH HEEEEEE *cought*

  • I was so busy watching Wilbur stand there menacingly I didn’t notice eret

    Spoon SpoonSpoon Spoon3 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: wilbursoot gives psychological damage to Nihachu and Minx at the same time

    A Mysterious Gamer ApproachesA Mysterious Gamer Approaches4 dagar sedan
  • My man just stands there... wilbur resonates big dick energy

    Fate zkizzorzFate zkizzorz4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur compared to Nikki looks like an enderman

    CammieCammie4 dagar sedan

    Jenna PearsonJenna Pearson4 dagar sedan
  • Wilburs laugh is the most "ahahaha" laugh i have ever heard

    ChillyChilly4 dagar sedan
  • To anyone who ships Wilbur and niki: NIKI IS 18 AND WILBUR IS 25 THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL Niki said they are just freinds.

    Lyla the Coffee addict 2.0Lyla the Coffee addict 2.04 dagar sedan
  • 4:07 what did that read?

  • Schlatt, wilbur, niki and minx is just like one big love square

    Alicia ReymusAlicia Reymus5 dagar sedan
  • Wilby a nd Tommy's objective: *annoy every woman in sight* ,Eat 10 bananas infront of Minxs,and sing blitz and mega walls with techno, Tubbo,and Phil while giving everyone sesures

    Nick SalvadorNick Salvador5 dagar sedan
  • Wait but huu wilbur and niki are a couple right? Or am i dumb?

    Indy DroppertIndy Droppert5 dagar sedan
    • @nihachus ok ok

      Indy DroppertIndy DroppertDag sedan
    • @Indy Droppert they are not dating, no

      nihachusnihachus2 dagar sedan
    • @Nick Salvador so they are a couple? Or not?

      Indy DroppertIndy Droppert5 dagar sedan
    • Well yes but actually no

      Nick SalvadorNick Salvador5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur roasting Minx is my favorite thing 😂

    Sean KellySean Kelly5 dagar sedan
  • she bad at acting

    Sarah VasquezSarah Vasquez5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is that kid who walks in on his dad business phone call

    petit choupetit chou6 dagar sedan
  • I love how everyone is laughing while Schlatt is just not having it.

    A SatterfieldA Satterfield6 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur seems genuinely concerned for Niki

    Wolfi PlazzWolfi Plazz6 dagar sedan
  • 9:23

    Anonymous PersonAnonymous Person6 dagar sedan
  • I thought i'd never see Rhianna again.

    Yoshi Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus INSIDEYoshi Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus INSIDE7 dagar sedan
  • Wow those Americans cringe

    Josh.ispengJosh.ispeng7 dagar sedan
  • 1:49 jshlatt be eating cereal LOL

    AnthlotAnthlot7 dagar sedan
  • When will joined niki looked sooooooo pissed off

    Anna olsenAnna olsen7 dagar sedan
  • quick question is Niki bisexual?

    finn walshfinn walsh7 dagar sedan
    • yep!!

      nono4 dagar sedan
  • 2:08 t a l l

    tolerant_addictiontolerant_addiction7 dagar sedan
  • Willburs manipulation was top notch.

    Jhonzet ZetJhonzet Zet7 dagar sedan
  • stand user: nihachu srand name:wilbur soot the power of watching its user by being behind of nihachu can make large soundwaves that can make you deaf and be paralyzed for a short moment of time for excact 10hrs

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  • Wilbur is the best

    Modocrisma2Modocrisma28 dagar sedan

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  • Eret be like at this time 1:30 : I shippppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    JustaKuincyJustaKuincy8 dagar sedan
  • Lol, little do they all know, he came over to her house and can't go home cuz of covid

    Tickles_is_Cute_ -Tickles_is_Cute_ -8 dagar sedan
  • I love that through the entire video, schalt is eating in silence

    DJSommerTimeDJSommerTime9 dagar sedan
  • minx is just a fucking gold digger fuck minx she's ugly she's like a grandma and she didn't even brush her teeth she has green leaves on her teeth fuck minx

    SMA gamingSMA gaming9 dagar sedan
  • wth wilbur

    yebotronyebotron9 dagar sedan
  • The premium zebra conservatively own because mandolin intriguingly tire down a noisy drum. embarrassed, complex jump

    Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomas9 dagar sedan
  • “He doesn’t need to say more when his voice is so deep” wait till you hear Corpse

    Sovjet PickleSovjet Pickle10 dagar sedan
  • Jschlatt face lighting up id thr best thing ever

    Leah WattLeah Watt10 dagar sedan
  • But what did schlatt choose

    sans the vampiresans the vampire10 dagar sedan
  • Poor Minx. I felt so bad at the end.

    Kirianna McNerneyKirianna McNerney10 dagar sedan
  • schlats a demon i like it

    Deeja BarnettDeeja Barnett11 dagar sedan
  • Kitty

    Australian TechnobladeAustralian Technoblade11 dagar sedan
  • I cant take Schlatt seriously

    cool I guess -_-cool I guess -_-11 dagar sedan
  • I just want a friendship like Wilbur’s and Niki’s (I’m not shipping them), I just want to get thrown onto a bed and fall of then we’d just laugh about it, then have to make cookies twice because the first attempt didn’t work out... lol

    LeiyaLeiya11 dagar sedan
  • Eret, Schlatt, Minx, and Nikki all on a dating show together is pure chaos

    ItsIsabelItsIsabel11 dagar sedan
  • I know this video is about Will and Niki, But... I just love how as soon as Eret started speaking, Minx's attention just snapped towards him,

    Jay Hornets PlaysJay Hornets Plays12 dagar sedan
  • Looking at the comments made me realize most Dream SMP fans are cringe

    KekyKeky12 dagar sedan
  • Wilburs jealousy 😭🤚

    keita cookkeita cook12 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt just casually eating while he got a girlfriend

    SlyzoSlyzo13 dagar sedan

    SortakindacosplaysSortakindacosplays13 dagar sedan
  • Nik changed alot She Was so nice now she is like idk

    BillyBilly13 dagar sedan
  • Oh my God I felt so bad cuz I actually thought niki chose host... poor niki

    ToursiToursi14 dagar sedan
  • k

    Ines MiklavcicInes Miklavcic14 dagar sedan
  • When will was talking about money Schlatts little salute as funny as fuck

    ApolloApollo14 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur gave me “step away from my daughter” vibes-

    BiancaLouBiancaLou14 dagar sedan
  • i knew niki chose love because wilbur would never say what she choose lol

    AxelAxel14 dagar sedan
  • “I’d just quit twitch” - Wilbur 😬 that joke did not age well

    anya goulemanya goulem14 dagar sedan
  • I want techno in love or host lol

    AP RammusAP Rammus14 dagar sedan
  • This is shit we don't got Tommyinnit

    PLATINUMPLATINUM15 dagar sedan
  • ooooh

    __Questionable____Questionable__15 dagar sedan
  • i keep thinking nikki and wilbur are siblings n getting shocked when i remember they arent

    biblically accurate angelbiblically accurate angel15 dagar sedan
  • That was Rhianna with the sign not Wilbur

    kyzel TSNkyzel TSN15 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is ruthless

    nekrubbobbynekrubbobby15 dagar sedan
  • Imagine love or host but the whole SBI invades

    Sirius KSirius K15 dagar sedan
  • Niki is too innocent to choose host for minx

    Sherley VanessaSherley Vanessa16 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur really has that dad watching you play stance

    GoldmythGoldmyth17 dagar sedan
  • I feel like every time Wilbur comes into frame at least one person says sum like "God, he's so hot"

    MayMayRocksTheRoMayMayRocksTheRo17 dagar sedan
  • Hes just standing There, MENACINGLY.

    A1VoidA1Void18 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is being very epic

    N0seless _N0seless _18 dagar sedan
  • Is nobody gonna talk about the fact Will was looking sus as heck in the background

    Violet SchmidViolet Schmid18 dagar sedan
  • i was just staring at schlatt and eret-

    《Bubble_Gum_Ice_Cream》《Bubble_Gum_Ice_Cream》19 dagar sedan
  • The thing I'm angry about is that Niki has love right in front of her eyes but it's her chose either to date will or not

    GabbyGabby19 dagar sedan
  • I love how everyone was laughing at minx at she was just sitting there lmao

    Ariya ChariAriya Chari19 dagar sedan