CallMeCarson VODS: SMP Live (Part Fifty Two)

16 jul 2019
290 919 visningar

Streamed on 7/5/19
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  • this stream made me wildly uncomfy but i still watched the whole thing

    SaladSalad14 dagar sedan
  • cant believe i just watched a grown man (a whole foot taller than me too) eat his steak with sounds effects on. i

    anna demeteranna demeterMånad sedan
  • Just woke up to 1:48:50 or so..... wtf did I get myself into??

    Cami YeeCami YeeMånad sedan
  • No clue what was happening

    Jonathan BuhrJonathan BuhrMånad sedan
  • That's actually just how he eats his meals

    Ricardo RossRicardo RossMånad sedan
  • Please just read the donation here 1:44:58

    Sophie MorSophie MorMånad sedan
  • Me watching Carson eat meet: 👁👄👁

    alex, o.oalex, o.o2 månader sedan
  • I don't know how I got here... I fall asleep watching SEworld and suddenly woke up around 1:45:07, I am a tough man but I was scared af... I didn't want to turn around

    Erik KostelanskýErik Kostelanský2 månader sedan
  • Love Carson but damn that eating made me physically irritated lol my skin is crawling

    FishGuyJer *FishGuyJer *2 månader sedan
  • 1:58:09 hits different in 2020

    Alex JärvinenAlex Järvinen2 månader sedan
  • 1:33:42 this is when i left this is where ill come back

    Jacob HeltonJacob Helton3 månader sedan
  • If smp live ever comes back it needs to have RLCraft, because I want to see them all suffer

    KillerKinkstarKillerKinkstar3 månader sedan
  • rip to that plate

    sarahsarah4 månader sedan
  • Watching Carson try to get up the roller coaster at 1 hour gave me autism.

    Toasty_Sam_WitchToasty_Sam_Witch4 månader sedan
  • Rip

    Mom UrmomMom Urmom4 månader sedan
  • Who else was getting annoyed about how he cooked his steak

    OutkastNoxOutkastNox4 månader sedan
  • Meat

    Jaybecause jayJaybecause jay4 månader sedan
  • Carson should have used an axe instead of a sword. Since the attack cooldown is removed, axes is definitely the better choice as it deals more damage than a sword

    Familien JakobsenFamilien Jakobsen4 månader sedan
    • Uhh i thinks like uh the server is kinda close you know

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista3 månader sedan
  • 1:29:13 makes me so hungry...

    JaxsterminatorJaxsterminator5 månader sedan
  • Why is this on my recommended ?

    animanatoleanimanatole5 månader sedan
  • im threatened

    ashash5 månader sedan
    • un comentario comunista - beg.

      ashash3 månader sedan
    • @ash kiss me

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista3 månader sedan
    • this is fucking horrifying

      ashash5 månader sedan
    • every time i watch this the fear never ceases

      ashash5 månader sedan
  • Carson and Schlatt are like two nervous kids awkwardly flirting, and being too nervous to just ask eachother out

    no bodyno body5 månader sedan
  • I like watching VODS before I goto bed to help calm me down, but I chose the wrong one tonight. That whole meat thing really stressed me out and put me on edge. I don't think Carson was ok during this stream

    Grace SGrace S5 månader sedan
    • Huh i dont ask i guess

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista3 månader sedan
  • I love the " *fruitsnack* "

    smol bunssmol buns5 månader sedan
  • Watching Carson eat makes my Jaw hurt , I-

    Cudgy MercyCudgy Mercy6 månader sedan
  • I just woke up to call me Carson eating steak

    W0lf4lphaW0lf4lpha6 månader sedan
  • Flesh for the Flesh God

    Jules Z.Jules Z.7 månader sedan
  • 1:24:51 "Italy is popping off really hard" RIP.

    GungywampGungywamp8 månader sedan
  • 2:22:26

    FaebFaeb9 månader sedan
  • Member

    clevermarionette -SCPFclevermarionette -SCPF9 månader sedan
  • Oh my god the meal goes on for so long, please God help I'm projectile sweating in fear

    anticksssanticksss10 månader sedan
  • I literally woke up ti this

    Looside DreamerLooside Dreamer10 månader sedan
  • M E A T

    MT ADOMT ADO11 månader sedan
  • Since when does traves only have one death?

    The Shrimpy TomatoThe Shrimpy Tomato11 månader sedan
  • Category: Science and Technology

    a suspicious lolia suspicious loliÅr sedan
  • I fell asleep and woke up extremely uncomfortable during the meat bit. I heard that shit in my dreams.

    Hibiscus PancakeHibiscus PancakeÅr sedan
  • this might actually be the hardest i've ever laughed

    Luke GustafsonLuke GustafsonÅr sedan
  • i made a poor decision to watch this with headphones

    Luke GustafsonLuke GustafsonÅr sedan
  • oh this is THAT vod

    litlgoblinlitlgoblinÅr sedan
  • 1:09:59

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
  • why is carson sitting there chewing meat while fnaf ambiance music plays in the background extremely unsettling

    maymayÅr sedan
  • no one: not a damn soul: Carson, the final boss in little nightmares:

    tsuki-tenshitsuki-tenshiÅr sedan
  • 1:35:09 is where the echo begins

    Jerry’s Garden Tractors & Engine RepairJerry’s Garden Tractors & Engine RepairÅr sedan
  • 1:35:09 is where the echo begins

    Jerry’s Garden Tractors & Engine RepairJerry’s Garden Tractors & Engine RepairÅr sedan
  • I fell asleep with this on in the background and I had a terrifying, vivid nightmare... I woke up thinking it had changed to a horror movie but nope it was this.

    Margie BakerMargie BakerÅr sedan
  • I'm gonna die I'm at 2:43:27 that is sex

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • I woke up from my food coma to Carson eating meat .____.

    []Shin*Goose[][]Shin*Goose[]År sedan
  • IMAGINE being in a team with captain Sparklez and casually calling him by his real name

    emily emilyemily emilyÅr sedan
  • 1:28:04 Personal Bookmark

    Jared McNairJared McNairÅr sedan
  • i've just watched a man eat meat for fifteen minutes

    Elaina WarnerElaina WarnerÅr sedan
  • Carson, cut the meat

    TheDoctorHmmmTheDoctorHmmmÅr sedan
  • Y'all I need to stop watching Carson before bed because I had a dream that he came over and was jumping on the bed with my stepdad and mom. we also went to the state Fair with the gang like Jschlatt Cooper Traves and Poke. The weirdest part was that we gave a chinchilla a bath at one of the little booths... You're not supposed to give them baths because they can die... Y'all I'm hella shook and just woke up and didn't know where else to share this.

    KonoDioDaKonoDioDaÅr sedan
    • KonoDioDa - I fell asleep with a random vod going and the shit they were saying in the vod ended up in my dream. Like some random dude in my dream was talking about Judy Hopp’s feet and I was so frightened because I had no clue how that could have possibly ended up in there until I looked back at the vod lmao.

      Jordan BakerJordan Baker11 månader sedan
  • 2:41:19

    KonoDioDaKonoDioDaÅr sedan
  • During the meat part I just realized how pretty Carson's eyes are like wow

    KonoDioDaKonoDioDaÅr sedan
    • lord

      ashash5 månader sedan
  • 1:54:34 "flesh for the flesh god"

    Theodorus RexTheodorus RexÅr sedan
  • I watch to 1:42:28

    Fishing LifeFishing LifeÅr sedan
  • 1:48:27 *god i wish that were me*

    CornicaphobiaCornicaphobiaÅr sedan
  • (Proceeds to cut the meat) Carson: *C U T* Jordan: cut, wow that’s a really good steak house Carson: *HMMMM?*

    30Dreads30DreadsÅr sedan
  • 1:57:38 demon starts to leave him

    Ethan OwensEthan OwensÅr sedan
  • When Carson said "carnivorous" and stared directly at the camera, I said out loud, "I am threatened"

    parkerlikestacosparkerlikestacosÅr sedan
    • @ASTHR LEXY sex nobueno :(

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista3 månader sedan
    • @Штаны Маякоськи cursed

      ASTHR LEXYASTHR LEXY4 månader sedan
    • if you shuffle the letters, it says "coronavirus"... just wanted to note that x)

      Штаны МаякоськиШтаны Маякоськи5 månader sedan
  • 1:54:50 look at the FUCKING FORK, im dead ahahahaha

    JustJackoJustJackoÅr sedan
  • If that's actually what he does every time he eats, I'm concerned for him *J e s u s*

    DarkiKunDarkiKunÅr sedan
  • eat legwear connear

    WeeHenWeeHenÅr sedan
  • Not my proudest fap

    Señor RavioliSeñor RavioliÅr sedan
  • funy stamp 2:09:24

    Fucking TwatFucking TwatÅr sedan
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy steak

    Landfill O’DemosLandfill O’DemosÅr sedan
  • The tempting demons of Twitch Prime have gotten to him

    Andii The YandereAndii The YandereÅr sedan
  • Bruh Edit: Bruh Edit 1: Bruh Edit 2: Bruh Edit 3: Bruh

    led danled danÅr sedan
    • Bruh

      Siyah davisSiyah davisÅr sedan
  • Should’ve made wii sports resort

    Jacob McfallJacob McfallÅr sedan
  • This makes me want m ξ Λ t and I'm here for an inspection

    I.Eat.HandsoapI.Eat.HandsoapÅr sedan
  • how does travis have one death that's insane

  • *hahahahaha...m e a t*

    KingWolfyKingWolfyÅr sedan
  • I skipped like 20 minutes because of Carson's fucking food anticts. Like I was so furious with his actions

    Triston HawkinTriston HawkinÅr sedan
  • This was one of the most disturbing Vods I’ve ever watched

    IAreGrafIAreGrafÅr sedan
  • Satan gave me an experience

    Fargat ReduxFargat ReduxÅr sedan
  • Watching this with food poisoning was sooo fun wow loved the bit about Carson eating flesh of the fallen in the void

    Swuboo BooSwuboo BooÅr sedan
    • Ye xd

      Gabriel ForsanGabriel ForsanÅr sedan
  • Sometimes I listen to the smp and pretend I’m schizophrenic and that Carson and his friends are in my head

    Geccy PooGeccy PooÅr sedan
    • @ashomavaba

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube Channel3 månader sedan
    • The Official Barack Obama SEworld Channel obama

      ashash3 månader sedan
    • @ash obama

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube Channel3 månader sedan
    • Ok Sammy

      shadowshadow4 månader sedan
    • huh

      ashash5 månader sedan
  • i hope they ban weest at some point, i dont like rape accusers lmfao

    emilyemilyÅr sedan
  • I eat Jon, it's what I do. You are next after I consume Odie, Jon.

    Roo lolRoo lolÅr sedan
  • The last half of this stream was a fucking fever dream.

    Abraxis729Abraxis729År sedan
  • carson literally had a fucking breakdown oh my god

    GabeGabeÅr sedan
  • You know I was enjoying this until he started slapping the meat and talking to it😂😂😂

    ShidderOf BedsShidderOf BedsÅr sedan
  • t h e f l e s h o f t h e i n n o c e n t

    RoadsofarRoadsofarÅr sedan
  • Yeah girl I bet you like that DEALS yeah BUSINESS TOO

    Joseph CarrollJoseph CarrollÅr sedan
  • 1:37:10

    evaevaÅr sedan
  • That Steak eating ASMR tho

    FinalFantasy7Freak6FinalFantasy7Freak6År sedan
  • Meat

    Oh MeikaOh MeikaÅr sedan
    • Meat

      ScrungusScrungusÅr sedan
  • holy sweet jesus a fuckin plastic spoon would work better than that butter knife

    Skippy DCSkippy DCÅr sedan
  • oooOOOoOohh carson no big brain. don't no how to work rail haha funny

    Skippy DCSkippy DCÅr sedan
  • They should’ve called the roller coaster the Spawn-O-Rail

    Funny NameFunny NameÅr sedan
  • Jschlatt and Carson have such a bromance to the point of sexual tension If only he was there for the meat meal 😂

    NinaNinaÅr sedan
  • It puts the knife in the steak

  • That meat eating scene was not ok

    Hot PocketHot PocketÅr sedan
  • *Father, I hunger*

    ominoussandominoussandÅr sedan
  • "I was just watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with altrive" Huzzah, a man of culture

    Sufficiently SaucedSufficiently SaucedÅr sedan

      KonoDioDaKonoDioDaÅr sedan

      dowellzdowellzÅr sedan
  • where's the new sub sound effect from?

    neroneroÅr sedan
  • m e a t

    Mikl da PikleMikl da PikleÅr sedan
  • So we just gonna forget his whole mental breakdown with the meat

    yellow snowyellow snowÅr sedan
    • yellow snow and he was using a butter knife. The steak must’ve been so rare.

      TributeTributeÅr sedan
  • You know everybody gangsta when Carson brings the new minecrafters with the legendary Minecrafters. Pewdiepie, YOU’RE NEXT Edit:Bruh

    THE The The The The TheTHE The The The The TheÅr sedan
    • Ten months late, but...

      Katie WestKatie West5 månader sedan
    • Pewdiepie more like gay

      Katie WestKatie West5 månader sedan
    • Pewdiepie more like gay

      Siyah davisSiyah davisÅr sedan
    • Pewdiepie more like gay

      Angel VergaraAngel VergaraÅr sedan
  • How do they do the voice loop meme, i know its a mixer but whats the name of it?

    CakeCakeÅr sedan
    • Cargle GoXLR

      Shabbi2Shabbi2År sedan