Testing VIRAL Redstone Machines to See If They Work

11 jan 2021
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    • I don’t knew because you did no show me

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    • I did not see how to do ANYTHING

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    • @mrelimenator100 a

      Neeta RamaniNeeta Ramani2 dagar sedan
    • I allready did months ago

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    • hey you dont know me :(

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  • Dont forget to lick that screen.... me at school on a school pc....

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  • zach: 'were coming away from fire and lava...' also zach: 'now were doing a lava fire cannon...'

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  • The tnt cannon is from Blendigi vid

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  • Q

    Ahmed ElsayedAhmed Elsayed13 timmar sedan
  • Hacker

    Jessica SolisJessica SolisDag sedan
  • I tryed it and it did not work

    Jessica SolisJessica SolisDag sedan
  • Did anyone notice that you could just break through the armor storage? Lol

    Sam OgdenSam OgdenDag sedan
  • 2:45 use harming arrows 2 and kills iron golem in three shots

    NotASketchyBananaNotASketchyBananaDag sedan
  • Just use a button instead of a lever in the nether portal

    free thinkerfree thinkerDag sedan
  • i've seen some of this build

    imsorandomimsorandomDag sedan
  • me a "pro" of redstone

    simon3v2 productionsimon3v2 production2 dagar sedan
  • The vending machine when you did way too fast and I tried to do that so next time can you please slow it down

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  • Rest in peace Zacks brain But it was worth it

    Maddy ??? CookieMaddy ??? Cookie2 dagar sedan
  • 2:41 There is an enchantment!!

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  • The youtuber who build the vending machine is magma

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  • does anybody remember the tnt launcher

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  • you dont know me?

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  • i love the shAder pack

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  • 8:14 _redstone spamming intensifies_

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  • ive been subscribed tot his channel seince 2018 and just yesterday YT tried to unsub me

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  • Make mumbos tunel maker🤣🤣🤣

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  • i can make a flying machine in my sleep

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  • I am watching this on 2x

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  • //stack 20 right

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  • Like sub

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  • 4:50 that happened to me when i was making a TNT launcher I was spamming it and launched the tnt in my machine and it broke the machine

    Johann Sebastian IntervaloJohann Sebastian Intervalo4 dagar sedan
  • I have done the second last one but i made a pasword door

    TNG • JOELTNG • JOEL4 dagar sedan
  • everyone saying hes smart but hes just watching a video

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  • Friend : I locked my Armour Me : breaks the block and takes it all

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  • minecraft meme : MnM &TnT

    MUIZ omg streemMUIZ omg streem4 dagar sedan
  • credit to SB737 for making the eye scanner

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  • Your music in starting IS AN INDIAN MOVIE NAME DILWALE

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  • Zach is the second Big Brain Mumbo Jumbo and he used 2% of his Brain his full power is 999999%

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  • 5:37 i like the cookie

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  • My brain die his fps is 30 and he had like 240 hz or something pls stop using shader or lower end (jus a tip)

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  • Zach should try playing terraria

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  • The thumbnail lmao

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  • hold on mumbo jumbo did the bridge first

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  • 5:27 im a fan of him. Magma that’s his SEworld make sure to check him out he makes cool builds!

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  • my minecraft its not minecraft pe

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  • Did anyone else see how much dislikes this video is right now currently? It's 666 for me right now.

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  • i can make the cookie machine and just throw all my dirt in there

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  • Noob

  • Wow

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  • Child's play

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  • 6:13 this is what it looks like

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  • Can you tell the texture pack PLS

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  • Hey dude you want subs make a vid if it works on mcpe

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  • Damm why is the music so loud

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  • hack

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  • i dont understand the amour one cant they just....break the glass?

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  • 𓂺

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  • wew

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  • This guy using shaders mod

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  • He’s the most intelligent minecraft player (like with red stone, not like dream)!

    Pavan MvPavan Mv7 dagar sedan
    • mumbo jumbo

      Zoul HZoul H6 dagar sedan
  • for the puffer fish you could just give it a name with a nametag as far as i know

    piqsnpiqsn7 dagar sedan
  • Did you see mumbo jumbo’s self build bridges vid?

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  • How is waiting for episode 6 of becoming richest player on server😁😂😁😂

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  • Im going to put dirt and i get a cookie hahaha

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  • Me: installs security mod

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  • I love how I built a better underground secret base on my realm

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  • I already watched this :/

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  • Your so cool sir so helpfull thankyou

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  • To avoid the pufferfish despawning you can simply name it

    William DowlingWilliam Dowling8 dagar sedan
  • wait then you can use the nether portal thing without the flint and steel

    IsaiahIsaiah8 dagar sedan
  • 3:31

    Rayyan FirasRayyan Firas8 dagar sedan
  • with most these security things you can just break the build

    AceAlwaysAceAlways8 dagar sedan
  • He sees videos of blendigi

  • I'm trying to do what you doing and you're doing it way too fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Xander RuizXander Ruiz8 dagar sedan
  • Baby can't work

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  • 9:43 : Im Genius So My Friend Cant Take My Armor, Later My Friend: He Is So Dumb, I Can Just Break Into The Glass

    Chilyasa GamingChilyasa Gaming8 dagar sedan
  • Did you know that you can put water in the nether!

    Erica RoseErica Rose8 dagar sedan
  • What shaderpacks is he using?

    Ginny RaneeGinny Ranee8 dagar sedan
  • Peeee

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  • Blendigi?? Your watching I know it's him

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  • Zach: Lemme Make Me A Redstone Big Brain System

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  • Is his sever on Java

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  • How can I get to your server?

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  • i love these videos also join my bedrock world please

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  • What is server ip

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  • Why was he speaking so fast????

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  • Has anyone noticed what the piston on the vid looks like or just me

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  • Fun fact: lover the nether portal video from wattels

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  • Loverfella Intro: good Ending: worst Hahahaha

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  • The armour protection is really bad because you can literally just MiNE TEh BLoCk

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  • Him struggling on the armory one is funny, I am good at Redstone and I can make a more complex one that will be harder to do. I'm not bragging it's called scaring.

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  • 1 million fps

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  • yeet

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  • Me a crafterectual:I’m 3 dimensions in front of you mortal *makes a tnt cannon* bow down or DIIIIEE

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  • You see megma

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  • Lover Fella: "Nobody uses Purpur blocks." People who built the end cities: :(

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  • The vending machine could be better, you could do the item sorter thing so people don’t throw in dirt and get a cookie.

    William WhitenerWilliam Whitener9 dagar sedan
  • no

    Mallikharjuna ReddyMallikharjuna Reddy9 dagar sedan
  • in the armor stand one anyone can break the glass and get the armor

    RohaanMaestroRohaanMaestro9 dagar sedan
  • 1:31 try this outside on your house

    Marc ConchalouiseMarc Conchalouise9 dagar sedan
  • how about to make a among us crewmate

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