Holding a Wild Goliath Tarantula | Deadly 60 | Earth Unplugged

5 okt 2018
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Not only does the Goliath Tarantula have giant fangs, but also dangerous hair that can be used to deter predators.
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Deadly 60:
Steve Backshall and his team track down some of the world's deadliest animals. From lethal beauties to killer beasts, his journey will take him to some of the most hostile and remote places on Earth.
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  • Forget brains! If you haven't seen that Octopus Teacher bit would say watch it! Cuddling an octopus is much easier than a giant spider.

    LiquidLiquid3 timmar sedan
  • “Its brain is absolutely tiny” Spider: " nuniiii?"

    Sandro GagnidzeSandro GagnidzeDag sedan
  • Great time to sneak up on him with an airhorn.

    ThrillcekrThrillcekrDag sedan
  • You couldn't pay me to hold that spider. I would have nightmares for nights afterwards. To each their own...

    F.M.R. 143F.M.R. 143Dag sedan
  • She’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Angelfyre BayouGirlAngelfyre BayouGirl2 dagar sedan
  • "...spider's sense.. tingling" - sandking

    reza levireza levi2 dagar sedan
  • Naaaaa that Girl do be wandering toowoomba quickly

    James RoyleJames Royle2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks but no thanks..

    Nancy PetersNancy Peters3 dagar sedan
  • These aren't aggressive. They'll only bite if physically threatened.

    atomicsnowflakeatomicsnowflake4 dagar sedan
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Astar SheranAstar Sheran4 dagar sedan
  • Sir, please avoid sting rays. I enjoy you.

    Metalface OfficialMetalface Official4 dagar sedan
  • she's a pretty young lady. pure class.

    Paul FrancisPaul Francis4 dagar sedan
  • I own 3 of these girls.. although there all beautiful the one is hell.. I can handle the two and there like my best friend but the other she is like a puppy.. plays but when she bites my god

    joey Raha rahajoey Raha raha4 dagar sedan
  • By the way cheetahs has no claws

    Mehmet Can DurmusMehmet Can Durmus5 dagar sedan
  • Gordon Ramsey🤣

    Alejandro JonesAlejandro Jones6 dagar sedan
  • Nope!!

    Leviathan 77Leviathan 777 dagar sedan
  • This comment section made my day

    t o x i c c o st o x i c c o s8 dagar sedan
  • Are their brains really tiny? Or is it just tiny cause were not their size?

    Neon LightzNeon Lightz9 dagar sedan
  • В жизни бы такого монстра в руки не взяла!

    Elena RyzhckovaElena Ryzhckova10 dagar sedan
  • I honestly don't understand why people fear spiders so much :/ don't @ me

    ArgentFoxArt 04ArgentFoxArt 0410 dagar sedan
  • there once was a bear who lived on a stair and combed Steve Backshall’s hair (Not my poem btw)

    Sam JohnsonSam Johnson11 dagar sedan
  • Should we let Coyote Peterson know about these ?

    Akaya BoiAkaya Boi11 dagar sedan
  • "it's brain is absolutely tiny" Spider: *I'm gonna ruin this man's whole career*

    Just JDJust JD11 dagar sedan
    • @Riley Master Does Not Like To Post SEworld Videos. You seem like a rad dude.

      D ND N8 dagar sedan
    • It's okay

      Just JDJust JD8 dagar sedan
    • These comments are old and not funny

      Riley Master Does Not Like To Post YouTube Videos.Riley Master Does Not Like To Post YouTube Videos.9 dagar sedan
  • This is such a bad idea. Tarantulas are not deadly 99.9% of the time. Their bites can hurt and make you feel sick, but they are *extremely* unlikely to kill. This is a New World tarantula, meaning it has urticating hairs on its abdomen (it was flicking hairs when it was scratching its stomach). This tarantula was obviously telling him to leave it the hell alone. They're not dangerous creatures as long as you don't provoke them, and this one was warning him. It's already risky enough to handle a captive T, handling a wild one is even worse. Please don't handle tarantulas unless you REALLY have to. It's not worth stressing yourself out or the T, and both of you have the risk of hurting yourselves.

    TC_EHGLTC_EHGL12 dagar sedan
  • I swear to god i read the title as "winged goliath spider" not wild

    SiggySiggy13 dagar sedan
  • Deadly?

    Manuel CaprettaManuel Capretta14 dagar sedan
  • Leave that poor animal alone... or wait, just go die.. I don't care. I'm a wolf that found someone's phone in the woods, anyway

    truewolftruewolf14 dagar sedan
  • I would rather die than see this creature

    L HL H14 dagar sedan
    • Thank god I love In Europe

      L HL H14 dagar sedan
  • As someone who's lucky enough to have one of this species as a pet, I couldn't imagine holding it, mine is pretty grumpy though

    Pokemon GuidlinesPokemon Guidlines14 dagar sedan
  • Deadly 60

    Lachlan MillerLachlan Miller14 dagar sedan
  • Female voice

    Gerssom PastranaGerssom Pastrana14 dagar sedan
  • Spider: Alright, I guess you can hold me Him: It's brain is really tiny Spider: Yo put me back down before I bite

    MrTurtleTailMrTurtleTail15 dagar sedan
  • Nope.

    SulleSulle16 dagar sedan
  • Guy: it's brain is tiny Spider : * haha fangs go poke *

    harambeharambe16 dagar sedan
  • Then why are you messing with her. Some things need to be left alone.

    Roxanne SielerRoxanne Sieler16 dagar sedan
  • Is that Gordan Ramsay

    EpicTinglesASMREpicTinglesASMR16 dagar sedan
  • My Heart ... Stoped 😨

    Yzyzhukiu PenitrioYzyzhukiu Penitrio16 dagar sedan
  • My cat came and sniffed my arm and shit, i almost dislocated my arm thought it was a spider

    papi Franciscopapi Francisco16 dagar sedan
    • this made my fucking day

      TayTenacityTayTenacity3 dagar sedan
    • lmfaaaaaaooooooo

      TayTenacityTayTenacity3 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      mrt27mrt277 dagar sedan
  • Mine grew huge, 11inch turned out male so went off to my mate with a female for breeding

    Scotts inverts shortsScotts inverts shorts16 dagar sedan
  • "She could give me a really, REALLY nasty bite" *proceeds to pick it up*

    07lilchink07lilchink16 dagar sedan
  • How STUPID 😲 😒 to pick up a thing like that !!.... you're VERY lucky as hell not have been bit !!....

    Jesse HernandezJesse Hernandez16 dagar sedan
  • Me throughout the whole video: “This dude’s going to die.”

    Jam LymJam Lym16 dagar sedan
  • If I picked one up gently like he did the spider would still bite me anyways

    Praise2Jesus Shout2TheLordPraise2Jesus Shout2TheLord17 dagar sedan
  • if the brain is so tiny then i assume it relies heavily on instinct. if so, i’m surprised it didn’t bite you on site

    IssyIssy17 dagar sedan
  • this guy. how he does it i just dont know.

    Roxanne HawkinRoxanne Hawkin17 dagar sedan
  • SEworld: “I recommend this, it’ll be fun!” My head: “watch it, you know you want to...” Me now: CHECKING EVERY WALL IN MY HOUSE TO MAKE SURE ITS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR ME!

    x1Millzx1Millz17 dagar sedan
  • its brain is really tiny spider - have u even met my wife ?

    Richard HallRichard Hall17 dagar sedan
  • Yes his brain is very tiny I think that's why the spider didn't bite him.

    david turtondavid turton17 dagar sedan
  • What a show off! Taking it in his hands was absolutely unnecessary lol

    Kev MusicluvaKev Musicluva17 dagar sedan
  • Oh HELL no I would never pick up that Thing 😳😭

    Banana BanaBanana Bana18 dagar sedan
  • This is not tarantula. This is birdeater.

    M SM S18 dagar sedan
  • And here I was actually hoping to see him get bit LOL

    Charles PearsonCharles Pearson18 dagar sedan
  • You can build trust with spider. How about human? Its like a hidden boss

    7017- Rizki Aprilian7017- Rizki Aprilian18 dagar sedan
  • Brain is tiny but the Spider itself is...

    Anna MarfaAnna Marfa18 dagar sedan
  • Arachnaphobics "kill it with fire." Guy "they are beautiful " Arachnaphobics "the hell you talking about fool it has 8 legs its the size of a dinner plate and it has giant fangs."

    Stephen BachmanStephen Bachman18 dagar sedan
  • May somebody inform that man picking it up was not necessary to make me understand it's not a good idea to pick it up. I got nervous only watching and I'm not generally nervous about spiders but I don't want to imagine the pain a bit could cause.

    herzglassherzglass18 dagar sedan
  • I’m going to be sick. I hate spiders.

    Barry JacobsBarry Jacobs18 dagar sedan

    ContactContact18 dagar sedan
  • Eeeek

    ***VIXEN ******VIXEN ***19 dagar sedan
  • No amount of money in the world would get me that close to that thing.

    BlackSh1rtandJeansBlackSh1rtandJeans19 dagar sedan
  • If this thing showed up on my apartment ceiling, I'd have a heart attack!

    Game OverGame Over19 dagar sedan
  • They're so sweet and gentle and cute I love them

    Jai EvansJai Evans19 dagar sedan
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    RuthRuth19 dagar sedan
  • Evan this spider won't ever vote for trump she believes in climate change

    Aperture فتحةAperture فتحة19 dagar sedan
  • at 0.42 after the spider flicked his hairs at him a second time looked like he went for his knife and then thought better of it, I bet it took all his self control not to get up and stamp on it, after it flicked him the third time, I would have possible broken after the first flick.

    DoodlesDoodles19 dagar sedan
  • "its brain is absolutely tiny" Everybody else who sees someone make a "funny" about what he said: "Shut up"

    Meticulous BroadcastMeticulous Broadcast19 dagar sedan
    • @Drako Wulf Ikr, like there's so many of the same bloody comment and people just keep doing it. Like it wasn't even funny the first time xD

      Meticulous BroadcastMeticulous Broadcast14 dagar sedan
    • Originality barely exists in the SEworld comment section. It's worse than almost any other social media I know in that regard.

      Drako WulfDrako Wulf14 dagar sedan
  • Who else got this guy petting giant spider on yt recommendation?

    Mark Kenneth MendozaMark Kenneth Mendoza19 dagar sedan
  • Why does this guy remind me of Jason Brody from Far Cry 3

    Renee HatcherRenee Hatcher19 dagar sedan
  • What if decides to suck on your hands?

    Majestic77Majestic7719 dagar sedan
  • What are you doing man?... I'm not there and still I don't feel safe! 😑

    Red SpiritRed Spirit19 dagar sedan
  • This giant tarantula looks small in this dudes big ass hands

    dimmuborgir6nik6dimmuborgir6nik620 dagar sedan
  • Burn it

    Kobe CresseyKobe Cressey20 dagar sedan
  • It’s not as big as I thought it was...I thought this were too big to fit in a guy’s palm

    King DribsKing Dribs20 dagar sedan
  • Hans.. Get ze flammenwerfer!

    Surya RajendranSurya Rajendran20 dagar sedan
  • Byeeeee....

    Nika HopeNika Hope20 dagar sedan
  • big spider yes. but dangerous to people, no.

    ScaniaDronningaScaniaDronninga20 dagar sedan
  • Still better than any horror movies out there *(Is now)*

    KHAN KHANKHAN KHAN20 dagar sedan
  • The spider doesnt have a backbone, the who is holding it sure does..

    R KR K20 dagar sedan
  • Its soooo dangerous bu im gonna mess with it anyway

    TED SHOT THATTED SHOT THAT20 dagar sedan
  • That's just a guy in a spider suit. Fake and lame

    JugJug20 dagar sedan
  • I’d rather fold my testicles over my toes and wear them as footed pajamas to walk across a field of broken glass then even be within eyesight of that abominable creature.

    ___ koch_____ koch__20 dagar sedan
  • I wouldn't mind getting bit by her gigantic fangs just as long as it's not on the testicles

    Chris JamesChris James20 dagar sedan
  • I get hairs in my throat i punch that bitch in the face

    Brian KaneBrian Kane20 dagar sedan
  • That bitch dont want none

    Brian KaneBrian Kane20 dagar sedan
  • 0:42 mans got a machete jus in case

    Emmanuel Kebede hEmmanuel Kebede h20 dagar sedan
  • huge balls.....that spider looks really amazing, but i dont know if i can handle it, probably not

    NekoticoNekotico20 dagar sedan
  • *gets bit as soon as the camera turns off*

    Zack LunaZack Luna21 dag sedan
  • That spider would go from 0 to pancake in 0.2 seconds.

    John DyerJohn Dyer21 dag sedan
  • I love tarantulas. I kept new and old world both. The species he is handling gets a good-deal bigger. I've seen them grab snakes and overpower them. It is creepy I'll give you that. I've seen them as big as a large dinner plate. They don't bother me as much as the humongous centapedes. They can get a foot long. A good deal more venomous too. Xanax alert: I actually have a big nasty colorful one from Vietnam, - running loose in my apartment ☠ No worries; except I sleep on the floor.

    Greg edgertonGreg edgerton21 dag sedan
  • Please don’t insult my brain!. You remember i have fangs as big as a cheetahs claws and they are sharper too.. lol 😂😂😂

    მႩRklႮႶႩR RႩiႶმႩRklႮႶႩR RႩiႶ21 dag sedan
  • that spider absolutely amazes me I love these spiders! I love the way they crawl! perfect a hairy creature loving guy like me

    theodore scotttheodore scott21 dag sedan
  • deadly 60, my dog would do more damage

    seba nierobusseba nierobus21 dag sedan
  • brave dude...

    Chris MartinChris Martin21 dag sedan
  • Wait what? There's something even bigger than a regular sized tarantula? 😖😨

    fruitpunch samuraifruitpunch samurai21 dag sedan
  • I remember watching this in my nan and pops room when I was young (not this episode but the show) this and Figaro pho lmaoo

    bing bongbing bong21 dag sedan
  • Imagine if that spider will just fly away

    Hello ThereHello There21 dag sedan
  • 😖

    Rissol de carneRissol de carne21 dag sedan
  • Imagine sneezing on that thing while holding it up for the camera. :P

    kickyouinhalfkickyouinhalf21 dag sedan
  • Spider: Why am I not getting anywhere?

    amir qwertyamir qwerty21 dag sedan
  • bit rude to say that its brain is tiny in front of the tarantula :(

    isabella َisabella َ21 dag sedan