Holding a Wild Goliath Tarantula | Deadly 60 | Earth Unplugged

5 okt 2018
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Not only does the Goliath Tarantula have giant fangs, but also dangerous hair that can be used to deter predators.
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Deadly 60:
Steve Backshall and his team track down some of the world's deadliest animals. From lethal beauties to killer beasts, his journey will take him to some of the most hostile and remote places on Earth.
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  • wow

    play gamma. miencrafd 73play gamma. miencrafd 7314 timmar sedan
  • white people things hh😅

    caprisicaprisi7 dagar sedan
  • Scary.

    WasThat WrongWasThat Wrong7 dagar sedan
  • If I saw this in the bathroom then it's time to leave the earth

    John Daniel C. RosasJohn Daniel C. Rosas7 dagar sedan
  • For all the money in the world would I hold a giant tarantula for 5 minutes .... Naw

    James RJames R8 dagar sedan
  • What was I thinking? I just watched this video at 2 in the morning and I'm super tired. I know I'll end up dreaming about giant spiders now. Ugh! So stupid watching videos like this right before I crash. I just hope the one in my dream will be as gentle. lol

    Wendy MurrayWendy Murray8 dagar sedan
  • More like goliath balls you'v got sir .

    leonardo henriques dos santos ferreira arveololeonardo henriques dos santos ferreira arveolo9 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, would I love to hide one of these in my boss's office.

    Kes MyasKes Myas9 dagar sedan
  • "It's brain is absolutely tiny" Spider: Am I joke to you?

    Every Villain Is LemonsEvery Villain Is Lemons9 dagar sedan
  • got my anxiety fill for the night

    Bren DBren D9 dagar sedan
  • Oh hell no only contact that thing is making with me is my boot

    Michael HuntingMichael Hunting10 dagar sedan
  • Skin crawling experience.

    Loose UnitLoose Unit10 dagar sedan
  • Why....why..........why? It's big enough to put a leash on, get out the flame thrower

    KuuBluhKahnKuuBluhKahn11 dagar sedan
  • *Next video title : Running from a goliath human-eating spider*

    Jack FrostJack Frost11 dagar sedan
  • fangs but no fangs

    Daddy CoolDaddy Cool12 dagar sedan
  • So...it's get bit or take those spider ass pubes in the back of your throat and nose.

    MayDay GoingDown!!MayDay GoingDown!!12 dagar sedan
  • Beatiful animal

    Joker On AcidJoker On Acid13 dagar sedan
  • I could NEVER get so close to a spider that size! I'd literally freeze with fear 😂😂

    Star BwoyStar Bwoy13 dagar sedan
  • this man is an absolute bad ass omg

    Daniel ButtsDaniel Butts13 dagar sedan
  • Do this to the obt

    Anelle SavaresAnelle Savares13 dagar sedan
  • now i know why where itching powder came from

    KV0G097KV0G09713 dagar sedan
  • She's a beautiful wonderful creature

    MiKe MiDNiTeMiKe MiDNiTe14 dagar sedan
  • Rats are massive how can a spider eat a rat?

    supernova girlsupernova girl14 dagar sedan
  • Evil has never manifest itself in all its naked glory as it has in this torturous video. One might as well give up on life if creatures such as this exist and remain at large. It's eyes speak of its demented, rancid soul - wherein lies the basest, most perfidious perfector of terror. My procreative glands recoiled in horror as my eyes watched with unparalleled loathing as the beast lurched forward. It's unworldly gait sending waves of primal fear coursing through my beleaguered and trembling body.

    Michael GriffithsMichael Griffiths14 dagar sedan
  • Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope and nope!

    T RoyT Roy14 dagar sedan
  • Seriously!!!! Why do people do these things. What is the point. Ridiculous way to earn a living .

    luckygibbo1 Gibsonluckygibbo1 Gibson14 dagar sedan
  • NOPE

    west sidewest side14 dagar sedan
  • One question. Why?

    Kyle D'SilvaKyle D'Silva15 dagar sedan
  • Who’s this Tom Holland ??

    GcapGcap15 dagar sedan
  • That spider looks well programmed

    Jason PooleJason Poole15 dagar sedan
  • Just give it your wallet and car keys then leg it 😂

    Stevo OwensStevo Owens15 dagar sedan
  • I want to care for one of these so bad. I adore spiders

    Felicia AdamsFelicia Adams16 dagar sedan
  • your'e MAD

    jimmy rowhanjimmy rowhan16 dagar sedan
  • Hey coyote peterson..

    Giovanni GiorgioGiovanni Giorgio16 dagar sedan
  • "It's brain is absolutely tiny" I was waiting for that spider to prove him wrong like in land of the lost😂

    l3etrxyedl3etrxyed16 dagar sedan
  • Are you a christian

    julesbannisterjulesbannister16 dagar sedan
  • Such a beautiful tarantula! Spiders are beautiful creatures.

    Manther SManther S17 dagar sedan
  • ..................

    subaru impreza stisubaru impreza sti17 dagar sedan
  • Fortunately these spiders are pretty gentle

    Erik StensaasErik Stensaas17 dagar sedan
  • Never understood why people want to mess with animals that can seriously mess you up or kewl you. Study them, great. But hold and play with. NO

    Out BackOut Back17 dagar sedan
  • Thats a beautiful animal.

    Mark TraptMark Trapt18 dagar sedan
  • That's brilliant mate, envious 😃. Where did you see the beauty, which part of the world are you from?

    Robert GoldthorpeRobert Goldthorpe18 dagar sedan
  • I'm surprised that a lot of arachnophobic peeps are watching this!!!

    Peter JonesPeter Jones18 dagar sedan
  • Anyone wondering what those hairs feel like. I have a Salmon Birdeater, and got complacent and was cleaning the enclosure. The hairs on the ground got kicked up and I inhaled it. I will tell you now, I would rather be stabbed then to ever go through that again. A sever burning/itching in the back of my throat for a week, and there’s really nothing you can do about it but to let it run it’s course. I always wear a mask and goggles now when handling my bird eaters

    Staximus 09Staximus 0918 dagar sedan

    duppy623duppy62318 dagar sedan
  • No....no.....no....

    EL KAYEL KAY19 dagar sedan
  • surprised coyote peterson hasn't entered the bite zone with one of these

    Ki HeehyunKi Heehyun19 dagar sedan
  • I don't like spiders they creep me out

    Nico RobinNico Robin19 dagar sedan
  • Horrible creature

    Martin JonesMartin Jones19 dagar sedan
  • * You ran into a wild galvantula *

    Devin SandersDevin Sanders19 dagar sedan
  • this is a true love and respect to the nature shown by this guy I think...and also I found out that if a spider is getting to the size of a small pony, somehow I stop being unconfortable with it as with the medium sized arthropods :)

    Palo ŠúlekPalo Šúlek19 dagar sedan
  • It was either do this or join the S.A.S. Ever so careful would normally mean DONT pick it up!! PS Its big and so was Goliath. Just in case you didn't know

    Desmond BridleDesmond Bridle19 dagar sedan
  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Desmond BridleDesmond Bridle19 dagar sedan
  • "Every spider has their own personality" - oh hell yes. Everybody watching Exotics Liar knows that just to well.

    100black towers100black towers19 dagar sedan
  • How about NO!!!!

    Panos XatzipetridisPanos Xatzipetridis19 dagar sedan
  • No bite because the spider can sense fear and nervousness. One wrong move, a sneeze, cough, or loud noise and it's all over.

    You Know Crime Don't PayYou Know Crime Don't Pay20 dagar sedan
  • I'd pick up a tame one but for me to attempt to pick up a wild one like he did, then I'll do it for 1 million. Man they're scary

    Zac PantherZac Panther20 dagar sedan
  • No no no no no no no no no

    Joseph AbrahamJoseph Abraham20 dagar sedan
  • I hate spiders but at the same time they’re quite beautiful in their own way. One of the most misunderstood animals. ❤️

    MollanPollzanMollanPollzan20 dagar sedan
  • That's nothing compared to carrying those massive balls about every day!! Respect 💪💪

    Paul AnthonyPaul Anthony20 dagar sedan
  • Hes the next Steve Irwin!

    Isabelle MyzerIsabelle Myzer20 dagar sedan
  • He cray cray

    cjam67cjam6720 dagar sedan
  • Balls of steel, the spider i mean, to trust a human, luckily for the spider this human is a good guy.

    Neil LaycockNeil Laycock20 dagar sedan
  • This dude got balls..I ain't doing it

    Stevie PigfordStevie Pigford21 dag sedan
  • is it weird to be afraid of normal house spiders but be totally ok with tarantulas?

    Mid AirMid Air21 dag sedan
  • Why? Just, why?

    Simon FarreSimon Farre21 dag sedan
  • The balls on the guy to insult a horriffying nightmare creature to it's face and live to tell the tale.

    liberator48liberator4821 dag sedan
  • Pengepo kuya nang Tarantula nangmalaki 😆

    Ana RoqueAna Roque21 dag sedan
  • "Its brain is absolutely tiny" Spider: you're not so bright yourself handling and insulting something that has venom

    vince Mccarthyvince Mccarthy22 dagar sedan
  • Gordon Ramsey face with Tom Holland's voice :/

    Animal RuSHAnimal RuSH23 dagar sedan
  • The makes me squirm

    Anton GustafssonAnton Gustafsson24 dagar sedan
  • and that’s when you throw a giant rock onto of it

    Darrin RueckertDarrin Rueckert25 dagar sedan

    AkkretionAkkretion25 dagar sedan
  • Ohhh. So Goliath Is غول ? Christians always change the pronunciation of names.

    May KMay K25 dagar sedan
  • This is really a "Depends" commercial. This guy shit himself 3 times and no leaks!

    scrapplepigscrapplepig25 dagar sedan
  • she's a nice lady who likes gentlemen

    Anna R.Anna R.26 dagar sedan
  • So beautiful

    lizichell2lizichell227 dagar sedan
  • But why?

    Big BossBig Boss27 dagar sedan
  • Read It as "Helping a wild healthy tarantula" 💀

    Chel•LexaineChel•Lexaine27 dagar sedan
  • beautiful animal!

    André CoelhoAndré Coelho27 dagar sedan
  • Nick faldo?

    Sam HartnessSam Hartness27 dagar sedan
  • It's not a spider, it's a tarantula.

    Fernando CastroFernando Castro28 dagar sedan
  • It’s cute when she kicked her leg in the begging

    Adam Lewis Jon McBrydeAdam Lewis Jon McBryde29 dagar sedan
  • Nnnnnnnope!

    Paul HousePaul House29 dagar sedan
  • This guy is insanely brave.. Never thought anyone would top Steve Irwin but Backshall is in a league of his own. Beautiful spider.

    Jack WalshJack Walsh29 dagar sedan
  • ew, hate these celebrity biologists, always irritating animals, the spider was itching its butt to try to avoid the guy. How i wish he was bitten.

    arthur Benedettiarthur Benedetti29 dagar sedan
  • That a BBS a big bad spider!

    Tyler DonovanTyler Donovan29 dagar sedan
  • That was absolutely scary I am wondering how he tamed it

    Ange MutoniAnge Mutoni29 dagar sedan
  • "She could give me a really really nasty bite" Also him: Let me pick it up

    VjDoffeVjDoffeMånad sedan
  • I would do the same and nothing will happen... You only have to know how... Good Video!

    Metal WarriorMetal WarriorMånad sedan
  • A "wild goliath tarantula"? Is there a tame species?

    TomBonus USATomBonus USAMånad sedan
  • Going fullscreen wish me luck

    Xisloo ClipsXisloo ClipsMånad sedan
  • A video thumbnail that's actually not clickbait. Awesome.

    JR216JR216Månad sedan
  • Take that machete an chop it to pieces

    igor blinigor blinMånad sedan
  • I’m assuming this is found In Australia

    Sweet TeaSSweet TeaSMånad sedan
  • *spider kicks hairs 4x* guy: oh yeah I’m definitely still gonna hold u lolz

    addiemarieartaddiemarieartMånad sedan
  • You legend handling her you have my respect

    Peter GrundyPeter GrundyMånad sedan
  • Are you insane? ?

    Cristian CordosCristian CordosMånad sedan
  • Jesus Christ, how many testicles did God give to the average Australian male?

    dmeddmedMånad sedan
  • “It’s brain is absolutely tiny” “Wait... so you want me to bite you??”

    PoseidonKross2009PoseidonKross2009Månad sedan