Wilbur's Revival Dream SMP

1 maj 2021
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Wilbur's Revival Dream SMP
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  • Reply with your own timestamps! - Rudylmao (the titles grammar is what tommy wanted, its not a mistake :) )

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    • 42:58 recap of everything that just happened

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    • E

      Jυʂƚ HιƙαɾιJυʂƚ Hιƙαɾι10 dagar sedan
    • Yo

      imaniman10 dagar sedan
    • U could have killed him! U fucking could have swam to his prison cell like fuckng bruh!

      Susan RyrieSusan Ryrie10 dagar sedan
    • Commenting before its to late

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  • the fact that tommy didnt wait 5 seconds and blew his cover

    Buda XlllBuda XlllTimme sedan
  • So are we all waiting for that SAD-ist animation now?

    Irene ReyesIrene Reyes2 timmar sedan
  • Wtffffff

    Tianyi GuoTianyi Guo3 timmar sedan
  • poor friend

    Stab PersonStab Person3 timmar sedan
  • When ghostbur tells Ramboo he’s handsome Tobbo pulls out a sword and looks at ghostbur😂

    Alan VlogsAlan Vlogs4 timmar sedan
  • Alivebur more like Revivebur

    SkkrrrtsonSkkrrrtson6 timmar sedan
  • Tommy “you moron” also Tommy try’s to kill the only guy who can bring people back to life

    Thatguy SkywalkerThatguy Skywalker6 timmar sedan

    Happy Ramen noodlesHappy Ramen noodles7 timmar sedan
  • Tomy your so inappropriate

    Shana KlingShana Kling7 timmar sedan
  • poor Friend. rip

    I like turtlesI like turtles8 timmar sedan
  • I wish everyone posted the full stream on their channel 😩🤚🏻

    • ÇïãøBbÿś •• ÇïãøBbÿś •8 timmar sedan
  • Ghostbur is so pure ;-;

    GrimGaminYTGrimGaminYT9 timmar sedan
  • "I'm gonna kill you until you're dead" I mean, he's not wrong

    TshervloskyTshervlosky9 timmar sedan
  • tonnyinnit

    froggyfroggy10 timmar sedan
  • that "oh" without the ghost effect was really unsettling for some reason. I just heard it and instantly got goosebumps.

    Flamingo The mafia bossFlamingo The mafia boss10 timmar sedan
  • I mean, in my opinión i didn't like this stream because i see so many things wrong, Tommy ruining the plan at the last second, awesamdude not letting Tommy kill dream and leting ghostbur there alone even when dream say "im going to revive him", and finally not killing Wilbur again even when they know that he Is dangerous. Honestly i think that this stream was the worst in the narrative field. (I dont speak english perfectly, sorry if i write wrong)

    Hugo Soto CortésHugo Soto Cortés11 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Crafty FishCrafty Fish11 timmar sedan
  • 34:07 hurts a lot 😮‍💨

    vladlena gontavladlena gonta11 timmar sedan
  • you coud have waited for the lava and then pull out the axe and kill him why at that exact moment?

    HEROBRINE game masterHEROBRINE game master11 timmar sedan
  • Bro Tommy's intro with 0.25 playback speed sounds like the autotuned bee

    SKANSKAN12 timmar sedan

    נווה שושנינווה שושני12 timmar sedan
  • just water bucket in there, swim throught the one block gap, kill dream, even after ghostbur died, just drink a fire res, and u along with your totem, coulda gotten through

    JadeDragonFilmsJadeDragonFilms13 timmar sedan
  • Sam a real idiot lol

    Jacksword87Jacksword8714 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur is now handsome jack 1.white streak in hair 2.hero to villian 3.died then came back 4.snarky 5.kill a ruler 6.insane 7.they even talk similarly 8.brown overcoat and yellow shirt

    Fell kunFell kun14 timmar sedan
  • *Wilbur:* /sees L'Manberg crater/ *Wilbur:* /John Mulaney voice/ "So I had that thought- Did... Did I do that?"

    AkiraNAkiraN14 timmar sedan
  • 52:28 "I could scream for help. I screamed until my lungs were sore. Until my voice was hoarse. And nothing ever changes. Nothing ever comes. Nothing ever helps you." That's another for the I Can't Believe This Quote is From Minecraft Role-play quote book

    AkiraNAkiraN14 timmar sedan
  • I don’t like when tommy breaths heavily and squeals it makes him look like a marry

    Sonya NSonya N16 timmar sedan
  • 27:40 just broke my heart... 28:29 I really wished that tommy would have been able to kill dream

    Dark_ AlienDark_ Alien17 timmar sedan
  • I love the way that dream sometimes cut out in Germany we say Bambusleitung

    LuckyLucky19 timmar sedan
  • Tommy: fucking coughing Sam: WHat WaS tHAt nOiSE?

    Sum guy Guy someSum guy Guy some22 timmar sedan

    QuackBugQuackBug23 timmar sedan
  • Sam killed it with his absolutely dry attitude

    Acycle 212Acycle 212Dag sedan
  • 33:33 Tommy is the definition of stress.

    90DemonSoul90DemonSoulDag sedan
  • Poor Ghostbur. He did not deserve that. Edit: wow, Wilbur seems happy to be back. and he seems like a CHANGED MAN.

    WSD 781WSD 781Dag sedan
  • When everyone was just hanging out with friend those fuckers knew exactly what would happen this stream Those sons of bitches tearing our hearts out

    Eva KazooEva KazooDag sedan
  • For those frustrated at c!Tommy's rash axe-tions*, here's an interesting thought experiment: What was Tommy going to do after killing Dream? Sam would still notice Dream...y'know, gone. How was Tommy going to justify killing Dream when Sam doesn't understand his rationale in the first place? For me, the answer is simple. Tommy's plan was doomed to fail from the start because of his short sightedness. He's young, developing, and friends with a bunch of yes-men (Tubbo & Ranboo) because it suits him. He doesn't take responsibility for his actions and thus never learns from failure. He constantly goes through a vicious cycle of rash actions, failure/consequences, and trauma...leading to more rash actions. He's such an interesting, albeit frustrating (at times), character. *Sorry not sorry for the pun.

    TersinaTersinaDag sedan
  • this is just like that time in Infinity War when they were about to get the gauntlet of of thanos and star lord hit him. *EXCEPT STAR LORD IS TOMMY*

    OriginalNameOriginalNameDag sedan
  • I’m not crying you are

    Xavier FoxXavier FoxDag sedan
  • okay why is no one talking about how tommy immediately stopped yelling at sam to calm ghostbur so he wouldn’t feel scared anymore

    Nina EllerbeckNina EllerbeckDag sedan
  • will:did i do this:ad:he’s checking for termites

    AquaKatAquaKatDag sedan
  • when the assasination is failed just because tommy pulled out his axe.

    Generic NoobGeneric NoobDag sedan
  • im calling it if tommy becomes a ghost his name is tommyspirit

    Avatar KorraAvatar KorraDag sedan
  • Shoulda brought a bow

    zymxzymxDag sedan
  • o7

    Monica RazhdanovaMonica RazhdanovaDag sedan
  • 48:32 Oh Fu-

    RyioRyioDag sedan
  • tommy could of just used a water bucket to get in the cell smh

    SairasuSairasuDag sedan

      Jaylens29Jaylens2916 timmar sedan

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  • How scripted is this?

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  • Alright I checked and I’m still not subscribed

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  • Ghostbur: I’ve been thinking a lot about girls Ranboo: me to let’s go down here why didn’t you just use the pickaxe you brought with to break the netherit block and just kill dream

    Captain PacconCaptain PacconDag sedan
  • If I had youtube unblocked on my school computers I would be watching all day long in school

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  • literally had a panic attack watching this ٩(ˊᗜˋ)و

    ꕤstrawberry shakeꕤꕤstrawberry shakeꕤDag sedan
  • I liked ghostbur more

    Julian HoornJulian HoornDag sedan
  • 17:29 *and he's just a doormat*

    XeoneyXeoneyDag sedan
  • Wilbur: You're very handsome, Ranboo Tubbo: *pulls out his sword*

    XeoneyXeoneyDag sedan
  • *breathing noises

    josephene colemanjosephene colemanDag sedan
  • I may have things on me but TO BE FAIR.... i like women

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  • the first 3 secs of the video: **when I didn’t know that wilbur was revived** me: AHHHHHHHHHHRHEHSHAKAKDHDHDHEOEIDHDHEBRJFKFKKDKFKFKTJFJSJ

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  • Rip gost bur

    Braeden WilsonBraeden Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • 40:50 :(

    Red lavaRed lava2 dagar sedan
  • 🥵😶🤐

    Red lavaRed lava2 dagar sedan
  • This is my first time seeing ghost really and he is so innocent and sweet also SHIT WILL IS FUCKING BACK

    undertale gamerundertale gamer2 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I think we imprison sam, there were so many workarounds for what happened, like come on. a warden needs to be smart and react quick, sam is not that. Two people have died on sam's watch, and Tommy was right when he said sam was corrupt. He stood there while ghostbur died and did nothing despite being able to take the bridge across and keep dream back. If only tommy didn't pull out the axe of peace too early.

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  • i had a dream of dream dreaming

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  • Poggers yes poggers yes sub to tommy innit yes subscribe yes poggers

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  • 0:01

    KingJJKingJJ2 dagar sedan

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  • tommy: talking about killing dream and bringing justice to the server dream who has been being t0rtured by quackity:

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  • 1 week later and i am still disappointed

    TermedPolecat40 YtTermedPolecat40 Yt2 dagar sedan
  • I hate knowing that if he had just waited 5 seconds more to pull out the axe this would have never happened.

    Will The LoserWill The Loser2 dagar sedan
  • When Tommy and Ghostbur are in the room with the lava and Tommy doesn't have much invisibility left he's looking around like there's a robber in his house

    Sonia QuibodeauxSonia Quibodeaux2 dagar sedan
  • did anyone else see when Wilbur called Ranboo handsome Tubbo pulled out a sword 😂

    art of cadenceart of cadence2 dagar sedan
  • You had a pickaxe mine the netherite block

    Claire GilleeneyClaire Gilleeney2 dagar sedan
  • Never in a million years did i think i would CRY OVER MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY!

    Eleanor MathenyEleanor Matheny2 dagar sedan
  • I felt sad for FREIND

    JamesJames2 dagar sedan
  • hello tommy stans please just dont like this vid

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  • This show has fallen from grace. There's nothing exciting to see from this. it's predictability makes me genuinely sad. "Here we go into the prison" It goes wrong "here we go killing dream" Tommy fucks up as said on the script "Wilbur is getting revived," Dream said I'll revive him if you don't let me out. Waddya know. It's a storyline that's so obviously trying to last longer and longer as the series goes on.

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy2 dagar sedan
  • Bro tubbo really pulled out his sword when Wilbur called ranboo handsome XD

    Xochil RomeroXochil Romero2 dagar sedan
  • ayo ellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Moonlight InayaMoonlight Inaya2 dagar sedan
    • @Moonlight Inaya ikrrr

      Love._.urselfLove._.urself2 dagar sedan
    • @Love._.urself girlll this is so damn funn

      Moonlight InayaMoonlight Inaya2 dagar sedan
    • ayyy

      Love._.urselfLove._.urself2 dagar sedan
  • Hey cow have 4 stomach 😄

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  • now that's some damn bloodlust there

    TheGoodBoiTheGoodBoi2 dagar sedan
  • i just realised dream is like light yagami he has a book and he thinks he is a god

    EE2 dagar sedan
  • bro you could just place water above the netherite blocks and swim to him

    פועל בנייןפועל בניין2 dagar sedan
  • Sam is being an idiot. Why would Tommy help Dream?!! It sounds ridiculous. HE could kill dream if he tried- but he doesn't.

    Benji PixelBenji Pixel2 dagar sedan
  • Why he dont just swim trough the lava with fire resistance?

    Gon freaksGon freaks2 dagar sedan
  • yay wilbur

    Soma RanjanSoma Ranjan2 dagar sedan
  • I am sad bc. Ghostbur is die 😭😭😭😭 r.I.p Wilbur

    kageyama TobOkageyama TobO2 dagar sedan
  • I’m fine 👁💧👄💧👁

    Sierra YangSierra Yang2 dagar sedan
  • there goes one of my confort characters

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  • This should be in Netflix

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  • Its all fun and games until ranboo get mad

    I'm never gonna sleep.I'm never gonna sleep.3 dagar sedan
  • Gosh

    Sammy WatsonSammy Watson3 dagar sedan
  • IDK if tommy Dumb or what but at 28:29 he could just swim using water bucket then kill dream bruhhhh low elo moment

    Jalpa AupliaJalpa Auplia3 dagar sedan
  • Now I know why everyones crying

    N.A. :DN.A. :D3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like everyone is crying and I'm just eating chips not cyying like its a normal movie....

    xin huixin hui3 dagar sedan

    SideBySideSongsSideBySideSongs3 dagar sedan
  • sam yelling at tommy made me feel true fear. oh my god and now im crying

    addie saddie s3 dagar sedan