Is The KSI vs Ricegum Beef FAKE?

23 maj 2020
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Background track: "Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"
"You Let Go" by Thyra
"Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod
#KSI #Ricegum #KSIvsRicegum

  • Bad Sponsor for a vid about Bad Drama

    Taco No-Last-NameTaco No-Last-Name7 timmar sedan
  • Even if they did fake the beef I wouldn’t care it’s still good content

    Marwa MohamadMarwa Mohamad12 timmar sedan
  • KSI!!!!!!!!

    Filipe MouraoFilipe Mourao15 timmar sedan
  • Little kid gets his first sub raid shadow legends: SPONSOR HIM HE HAS A LOT OF SUBS

    big chungusbig chungusDag sedan
  • :( not even him can not be sellout raid suck do not downloads the game don’t It’s Pay to win game

    Pokeemon_145 Roblox, Nintendo, Pokémon, game freakPokeemon_145 Roblox, Nintendo, Pokémon, game freakDag sedan
  • Ksi

  • How do I make my own animation like this ,this is sick, someone please tell me I want to use this for my SEworld videos, I want to learn how to animate like this

    Darshan bhagwanparsadDarshan bhagwanparsadDag sedan

    carlos ruizcarlos ruizDag sedan
  • i like how ksi"s drawing is better than rice gum's

  • *Yes it’s fake*

    Soviet Potato GamingSoviet Potato GamingDag sedan
  • Wait before you scroll through the comments I just want to say that this comment is sponsored by Raid Shadows legends

    TayTheking16TayTheking162 dagar sedan
  • Were just not gonna talk about how he didn’t mention Vick and Harry Never mind😂

    Leapzey.Leapzey.2 dagar sedan
  • for people who are wondering why there are weird speed-ups and audio distortion throughout the video, it's in an attempt to stop youtube to flag his content as stolen. It's like in an essay when you are quoting someone, but the teacher (SEworld) is so strict you have to rephrase the quotes.

    The Game ChallengerThe Game Challenger3 dagar sedan
  • 2:21 click here if you are not interested in raid shadow legends

    garotokaslotgamer • há 15 anosgarotokaslotgamer • há 15 anos3 dagar sedan
  • Ive seen less drama from middle school girls :P

    Justin ThomasJustin Thomas3 dagar sedan
  • Kai

    Rick and MortyRick and Morty4 dagar sedan
  • why... andre why did you accept thr raid contract you made the worst ad ive seen in my life :(

    Wemerson LopesWemerson Lopes4 dagar sedan
  • Another Soldier has fallen to Raid Shadow Legends

    M BekhanM Bekhan4 dagar sedan
  • It is time raid has gotten him too

    Jm RogadorJm Rogador5 dagar sedan
  • I really want andrei to make a vid of how ricegum fucked up

    BrunomoreBrunomore5 dagar sedan
  • these days ksi is far better

    AaQiL PmAaQiL Pm5 dagar sedan
  • This comment is sponsored by.....RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    Basim IcemanBasim Iceman6 dagar sedan
  • Raid is like the spreading corruption

    jappenesecurry Gunterjappenesecurry Gunter6 dagar sedan
  • Didn't he make fun of advertising Raid shadow legends

    Stephen HuntonStephen Hunton6 dagar sedan
  • 09:58

    U10RAU10RA6 dagar sedan
  • Why raid

    Why is life so badWhy is life so bad7 dagar sedan
  • ksi

    YourClappedYourClapped7 dagar sedan
  • 2:24

    Jeby BahrJeby Bahr7 dagar sedan
  • Also is Kim kardashian's buuu fake

    Aruhant MehtaAruhant Mehta7 dagar sedan
  • Ricescum clearly breaks the stereotypes that all Asians are smart

    MrBejMrBej7 dagar sedan
  • Idk why, but “ricegum” sounds like “ricecum” to me

    SlowBro08 KloggerSlowBro08 Klogger9 dagar sedan
  • were tf is w2s in the sidemen'

    kolbeinn_capalotkolbeinn_capalot9 dagar sedan
  • Raid shadow legends the classic videogame sponsor

    CremdemCremdem9 dagar sedan
  • 3:55 Where the Fk is vick

    GOD ZrOGOD ZrO10 dagar sedan
  • all of them together probably got 200m or 20050m plus views

    Itz Aahan YogiItz Aahan Yogi10 dagar sedan
  • Before we start world war 3 we need to thank our sponsor raid shadow legends

    Temo - M8Temo - M810 dagar sedan
  • rip harry and vik

    Rebekka Ruby ØstergårdRebekka Ruby Østergård10 dagar sedan
  • Is The KSI vs Ricegum Beef FAKE?

    Shron446Shron44610 dagar sedan
    • @Herobrine_234 5 I was making suspense

      Shron446Shron4465 dagar sedan
    • Well, yes....... that's the title

      Herobrine_234 5Herobrine_234 56 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one who thinks this drama jus disappeared imediantly

    She Lix Delix YTShe Lix Delix YT11 dagar sedan
  • before we play minecraft, we'll thank our sponsor, raid shadow legends.

    Mark Jayzee OrtegaMark Jayzee Ortega12 dagar sedan
  • If raid shadow legends are this rich why ask people to advertise

    GG GamingGG Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • you forgot vikstar

    C GamesC Games12 dagar sedan
  • ricegum looks like brad from Kick Buttowski

    claraclara13 dagar sedan
  • Raid shadow legends raided SEworld

    Bilal RashidBilal Rashid14 dagar sedan
  • Hmm interesting

    Mel PantanoMel Pantano15 dagar sedan
    • ksi is the best

      Sharadha IsaacSharadha Isaac12 dagar sedan
  • before we start the funeral lets talk about our sponser raid shadow legends

    Michael LeosMichael Leos16 dagar sedan
    • lol

      madrexer the boredTMmadrexer the boredTM10 dagar sedan
  • It was fake cause ksi admitted it on camera

    Tom A W BTom A W B16 dagar sedan
  • 5:10 why won’t wilfur eat his popcorn

    Dy2aDy2a16 dagar sedan
  • Poor vik didn’t get mentioned 3:53

    LukesterrulesLukesterrules17 dagar sedan
  • biggest youtuber in uk waaaaaat now . you guys know pewds is in the uk wright he might no be british but he lives there and has been for several year

    sujay cjsujay cj17 dagar sedan
  • Ksi

    MCGod GamingMCGod Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • GrimKing21 got a shoutout and he prob never knew.

    Dona NasolDona Nasol19 dagar sedan
  • I hate raid i once thought oh let's play this game but the graphics and controls seem like a 1990 video game

    Mookan KandiahMookan Kandiah21 dag sedan
  • I think ricegum is weird. Who would even eat rice gum ? Thats a weird flavour for a gum.

    Daniel BartošDaniel Bartoš22 dagar sedan
  • “Behzinga is one of the founding members of the group called the sidemen along with Zerka Miniminter TBJZl and Ksi” Vikk: *sad noises*

    Vxnom FuryVxnom Fury22 dagar sedan
  • bruh raid shadow legends that shit is evrywhere

    7rar7rar22 dagar sedan
  • Ksi

    Jonas HdgtyJonas Hdgty22 dagar sedan
  • That one raid character looks like proxima midnight

    spoike dainja leslayspoike dainja leslay22 dagar sedan
  • I do not care about ksi or ricegum but since ksi defeated logan paul or jake paul i have a tiny little smudge of respect for him so i am taking ksi's side

    Tusk Act 4 ArtinTusk Act 4 Artin22 dagar sedan
  • Ok in this video we have two people Both of them had viral videos in 2017 Both of them are known to make music Both of them are youtubers One ended up ignoring a proposed boxing match to him, still relied on ghostwriters, and disappeared into nothing. While the other accepted a lot of boxing matches, continued to write music that charts, and managed to make a video with Pewdiepie, and is the biggest youtuber in the UK.

    Christian Niccolo Felipe ValenciaChristian Niccolo Felipe Valencia22 dagar sedan
  • I can’t understand why people get personally involved in all that bs. I get that it’s for entertainment but the fans don’t have to act toxic towards others just because they support one party.

    Colin-kun :3Colin-kun :323 dagar sedan
  • Why does Behzinga remind me of James Corden when animated?

    Gamez 6Gamez 623 dagar sedan
  • ksi cause rice gum i have never heard of and ksi would had beat logan so they staged it so yeah ksi

    Noah FirthNoah Firth23 dagar sedan
  • I love raid

    Jaymie WestfallJaymie Westfall23 dagar sedan
  • so much BEEF!!!!!!!

    Meagan NavaMeagan Nava23 dagar sedan
  • wow that’s a lot of beef i’m going to meet a big Butcher knife to cut this Beef that’s a lot

    Meagan NavaMeagan Nava23 dagar sedan
  • 2021

    Peely #1Peely #123 dagar sedan

    Brother MusicianBrother Musician23 dagar sedan
  • woah

    NoName2207NoName220724 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact! Hearing Ricegum speak makes me die inside.

    Eitan SchecterEitan Schecter24 dagar sedan
  • Fucking raid shadow legends

    Amanda OtisAmanda Otis24 dagar sedan
  • I am disturbed

    Amanda OtisAmanda Otis24 dagar sedan
  • Bass

    heber cuevaheber cueva24 dagar sedan
  • Ksi

    Cat Savage2008Cat Savage200824 dagar sedan
  • if you escaped raid shadow legends u are a legend.

    Hexit45Hexit4524 dagar sedan
  • I won't forget raid shadow legends lol

    lethalshed22lethalshed2225 dagar sedan
  • Bezhinga is forever a god

    Captain RexCaptain Rex25 dagar sedan
  • team ksi all the way

    JU8 _JU8 _26 dagar sedan
  • Ksi Oh

    orangejuice 2021orangejuice 202126 dagar sedan
  • RiceGum: Aisian White Kid KSI: British Black Man

    Oleck AquinoOleck Aquino27 dagar sedan
  • I found the vid that ksi made on ricecum lol

    meme cat crowmeme cat crow27 dagar sedan
  • Nooooooooo raid hot him

    totaly a humantotaly a human27 dagar sedan
  • 11:04 i dont like either of them

    Ma'arij MuhammadMa'arij Muhammad27 dagar sedan
  • 3:55 You missed W2S and Vikkstat123

    TRGTRG28 dagar sedan
  • Common folk: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history Me, an intellectual: 5:58

    Shadow StrikeShadow Strike28 dagar sedan
  • Raid got him:(

    Bleep ManBleep Man29 dagar sedan

    Josh O'NeillJosh O'Neill29 dagar sedan
  • Mans forgot about harry

    Aman PunAman Pun29 dagar sedan
  • Tbh iv never whtached ricegum but I whtach ksi so it's ha sto be ksi

    ircle YTircle YT29 dagar sedan
  • Honestly i hate ricegum. Idk about KSI but if he was a friend of ricegum he sucks

    Dev NoobDev Noob29 dagar sedan
  • lol he forgot vikkstar

    ved shettyved shettyMånad sedan
  • ricegum is a child.

    gopal thirugopal thiruMånad sedan
  • one cares if your in rewind

    BoxHead doodlesBoxHead doodlesMånad sedan
  • Can we add Raid to the “We get it, you exist” starter pack beside Grammarly?

    RxksRxksMånad sedan
  • I feel that it's fake. If you had a problem with someone that you "hung out with"and you met on this platform or any other, theres to primer reason to to say, "hey f**k this guy btw he hates me to" for no real reason rather than making it up, getting noticed, and having more followers then you did before. My point is no one likes bring up personal stuff unless they faked it for more followers or views, or that they are prepared to tell there fans. (Btw I think ksi and ricegum are cool people and I dont hate them at all)

    Bendy StudiosBendy StudiosMånad sedan
  • why did i thought the raid ad was sarcastic lol

    ViraViraMånad sedan
  • I am Israeli, and at 2010 an Israeli singer named Rona Kinan wrote a song called earthquake and I feel very strange about the fact that 7 years after some stupid SEworldrs (yes, kill me I called them stupid, one of them did fortnite p0rn videos and the other is a SEworldr that like the Paul brothers just squeezing everything from his viewers for money) did a diss track with the same name

    Ron AgranovRon AgranovMånad sedan
  • rice paper

    Sleepy EvaSleepy EvaMånad sedan
  • When you're on an online class Hey class so the class is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

    TCM ProductionsTCM ProductionsMånad sedan
  • baldski

    bruh burnsbruh burnsMånad sedan