Sky High - But We Are Not High I Swear

13 jan 2021
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Love you guys. Thanks for watching.
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  • thanks for all the support recently guys

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    • You guys should do frenemies i would love it if you guys reacted to it, Its on Disney plus.

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    • tysm for helping me discover dancegavindance :) literally my fav band rn ☆

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    • congrats on 200k🎉

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    • Awh Im really happy for you guys! xx will continue to support all the way

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    • Love you guys

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  • Both dudes wearing Deftones merch! Nice

    Rakel MyhreRakel Myhre2 timmar sedan
  • Am i just high or does jos voice sound autotuned here and there

    Rhiannon KarnasRhiannon Karnas4 timmar sedan
  • He looks like if david dobrik and cody ko had a child

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  • Literally could not think of Aaron’s name for 5 mins. I searched “Alex and Jo” only to give up and just type Sky High. My god my brain is shot

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  • Lol y’all gotta be from like Jersey 😂😭

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  • aaron needs a haircut lol

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  • omg y'all should watch scott pilgrim vs the world... edgar wright directed it andddd the girl who played gwen was in it 👀 also! it's getting rlly popular rn sooo thank me later 🥰

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  • I studied color theory through this movie

    Camila LinsCamila LinsDag sedan
  • Their 19 year old energy is so strong it hurts

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  • I really just wanna see them do Scott pilgrim vs the world aLrEaDy!

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  • If you guys chilled any harder the aliens might wait another year to destroy the earth.

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  • reality*

    Daylor Like SailorDaylor Like Sailor2 dagar sedan
  • Bruce Campbell is the best thing about this movie

    Stalwart ShinobiStalwart Shinobi2 dagar sedan
  • But what did you think of the film?

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  • man, how long have i been gone, when did aaron's hair grow-

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  • guys pls let me be ur friend

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  • React to Fate: the winx saga

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  • im sure high

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  • Edgar Allan JOE Aaron it was right there!

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  • And they were roommates

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  • Aaron not knowing realty was a word was what made me subscribe

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  • Thanks reccomendations, this was great

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  • I just noticed the Perfect Blue poster in the background. I love that movie.

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  • First thing I thought this video was on Cody Ko LOL

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  • I find it weird now that Gwen was like an adult and Will was like.....15 Okay disney that’s kinda not okay and pedo-y but ok

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  • i literally saw the big headed teacher and thought, omg megamind! and then aaron said it so....

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  • Yall made me see the similarity and now I can't unsee it. Female Shaggy, male Velma was the kid with glasses in orange, and the main character is dressed like Fred. Even the prez could be considered Daphne.

    Xaria I'MariXaria I'Mari4 dagar sedan
  • At first I thought this was a different type of movie because of what “real estate” with a wink almost always means.

    MeliyaMeliya4 dagar sedan
  • *Everyone bouncing and humming mid video*

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  • "we should've used the Pacifier on Hitler and raised him to be a better kid"- Aaron "Or we could've just shot him"- Jo

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  • Aaron is hilarious "not high"-- he's trying to go galaxy brain but it's just not working out how he thinks 🤣

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  • Out of context but is that perfect blue poster in the back🥺😳💕 I love u guys more now

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  • aaron with the wise one liners

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  • Sanctum now

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  • danielle panabaker's on the flash

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  • i only saw this once

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  • You guys should watch behaving badly

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  • I really want them to read Killing Stalking and making a reaction type off video

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  • se

    ling lingling ling5 dagar sedan
  • Can you guys watch The Duff movie !

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  • Warren Peace is basically Zuko

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  • 2:15 broo lmaoooo

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  • Hello I am a Russian mail order bride and I am seeking Jo to marry, thank you.

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  • You guys need to watch the Descendants movies

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  • Plz watch scott pilgrim vs the world next!!!

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  • You know what, I feel like these movies are really similar to the ones you watch, specifically the Barbie movies, y’all should watch thumbelina or the princess swan, pure nostalgia.

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  • I'm new here. So question, is Aaron high?😂 is he ok?

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  • Y’all should watch Surf’s Up (2007) next!

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  • guys i actually need you to watch some korean drama together PLEASE that would be hillarious to watch

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  • If you want me to believe you aren't high, you should get your lighter out of frame. lol

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  • That LMFAO joke was really good.

    Mara BruyereMara Bruyere5 dagar sedan
  • Aaron is on some other level in this video hahaha

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  • Here's a suggestion on a Netflix show that you could watch: Bling Empire. It's about crazy rich Asians

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  • I love your guys stupid humour like thats my jam.but I never once questioned weather you were high until you said your not high :P

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  • Could you watch Barbie and the diamond castle, it’s a classic

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  • Yall like a hundred percent sure yall arent high?? 😳

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  • And they were roommates

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  • watch the kfc movie with Mario lopez plz

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  • my wife and i absolutely love you guys! please please please watch twilight!

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  • I subscribed just for the spontaneous freestyle song breaks

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  • These guys def aren’t zooted

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  • You guys should watch 9 the movie!!! That movie is crazy!!!

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  • 15:55 Rainforest Cafe

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  • I don’t know much about LMFAO but I do know that Aaron is 100% right they would totally make an album out of that

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  • And they were ROOMMATES

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  • Happy for you guys! 🥳

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  • im in love with aaron

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  • Aaron where do you get your tshirts i really like the style

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  • This is what they mean when they say boys will be boys

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  • the perfect blue poster in the back eye- i swear every vid just proves why i subbed to yall

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  • You should watch Midsomar and Hereditary :D

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  • Plot Twist: They weren't roommates

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  • not your guys lying in your title

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  • Edgar Allan Jo

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  • You guys should watch zombeavers!

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  • Dw Aaron, I appreciate your lmfao joke

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  • You guys should watch Penelope!!!

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  • s̵̙̲̺̣̩̙͙̖̺̻̼̐́͂̀̀̉͗ͅơ̶̥̟̰͓̱͔̪͐͛͑̍̈́̽̌̏̉͛̚ ̶̡̢̡̺͈̲̠̱̮̖̳̝̠͙̊ͅf̴̧͇͉̭͖̜̪̘̙̖̜̲͔͐ͅỉ̴̢̛̱̠͈̰̙̠̞͍̲̮͗̿̐̑̋̓̈́̃͘͠n̷̨̡̞̥͓̗̜͆̓̋͆͋̃̈́̈́̈͜͝a̷̝̝̹̲͍͑̎̓̑̉͐̏̕ĺ̵̡̪̣͇̻̹͉͍͌̄̈ ̸̢̨͖͎͔̭̰͈̬̰̘͔̜͗͆̂̓̇͑́͑̔j̵̛̰͈͕̫̰̠̼͚͍̹̝̈͊͗͘ḁ̸̘͈͕̥̗͉̹͌̉͆̌̆̍̈̆̿͛̅ͅm̷̡̧̰͎̩̥͓̣̬̾̇̕ͅs̵̮͎̪̈́̀͑͝ ̴̡̨̢̠̠̫̩̭̞̥̞̫̫̠̈́̇͆͝ͅc̷̡̧̧̧͇̺̫̘̊̈́̇̀͗̈ǫ̵̧̛̩͎̠̞̰͙̯͛͗̈́͜ͅḿ̵̢̛̛̙͙͖̖̞̜͈͔̮̦͉̓̐̓͊͒̕̚̚͜͠į̵͖͔͕̲͓̹̅̐͑̔͠ͅņ̶̘̟͙̥̘̯̟̭̅̌̎͂͑̍̃̿̎̕͝ģ̸̡̫̘̬͕̭̼̩̟͇̩͇͙̏̆͒͒̎̚͝ ̶̢̨͓̺̯͚͚̥̱̭̬͇͎͙͋u̷̡̨̢̨̢̡̮̬͎͈̺͛p̶̨̐̈́̔

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  • Is that Elliot? Jack's son from Will and Grace?

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  • oh my god, theyre now roommates

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  • Congrats boys

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  • *And they were roommates*

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  • When your nickname is ainus rectum😤😤

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  • You guys should each find the weirdest movie you guys watched growing up and watch it together. Weird movies like the Dark Crystal, Witches or The Labyrinth..

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  • Congrats on 200k!!!

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    • ty :)

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  • It’s the matching deftones shirts for me 😂

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  • Tattoo and house tour 🥺😢

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  • I've been saving this video since it came out so i can sit down and really watch it cus i knew this was gonna be a good one but this was even funnier than i thought it would be.

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    • 😄

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    • ty :)

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  • 200k let’s get it

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    • :D

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  • "we are not high I swear" meanwhile lighter in frame

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  • Homie on the you have a tattoo of a cupcake? I’m trying to figure out what it is 🤔

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    • I'm impressed no one has pointed it out-

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