2 dec 2020
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First FIFA 21 tournament kicks off against some of the best players in the world.
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  • Now i know why you have legend beside your name ❤️

    john johnjohn john9 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been watching your videos for weeks and I didn’t know I wasn’t subbed 😂

    Ugonna UzoukwuUgonna Uzoukwu12 dagar sedan
  • Wow CAn you learn me so cool tricks

    Cristian KyrkCristian Kyrk16 dagar sedan
  • Hello Boras! Can you please help me out? What is that white kit, with blue shorts you were using? Thanks in advance if you answer it!

    # Varga Kristóf# Varga Kristóf17 dagar sedan
  • Kung

    Fortnite BrothersFortnite Brothers18 dagar sedan
  • Original defense ;-)

    Rybiz8 _Rybiz8 _18 dagar sedan
  • Legend 🙌 any idea how to beat Legacy Defending ? 😅

    Shanu CardozoShanu Cardozo19 dagar sedan
  • Seeing many easy goals scored in the last minutes shows that this game cannot be competitive

    yanis kubuntuyanis kubuntuMånad sedan
  • Unbelievable comeback

    Jordan SimaiJordan SimaiMånad sedan
  • Love to you! Very Good player! Great video!!!!!

    Adam NilssonAdam NilssonMånad sedan
  • How can someone bottle a 5 nil lead 😂😂

    kaza ahmedkaza ahmedMånad sedan
  • Keep up the grind man ! You and Kurt are by far my favorite FIFA players!

    Andrew LopesAndrew LopesMånad sedan
  • Greeeeeaaaat comeback

    Nate CassiemNate CassiemMånad sedan
  • Keep grinding competetive

    ????????????Månad sedan
  • Boras you're great!

    totti ballototti balloMånad sedan
  • Son Sbc is good ?? I want do it him!!!

    Tomasz KruczekTomasz KruczekMånad sedan
    • @BorasLegend thanks Broo...

      Tomasz KruczekTomasz KruczekMånad sedan
    • He is very good!

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • What a comeback. Wow

    dassebbedassebbeMånad sedan
  • I'm not into fifa alot so my question is what does he mean by im not signed by any team? For sure he isn't talking about Barca or Real Madrid

    Zia Ul Haq HamidiZia Ul Haq HamidiMånad sedan
  • Man if Boras had R9 and some better midfielder he would have destroyed the others

    AsdasPro7AsdasPro7Månad sedan
  • Who won this tournament?

    Salman TahirSalman TahirMånad sedan
  • The greatest comeback since Lazarus

    Astropanda TVAstropanda TVMånad sedan
  • Best FIFA content creator. One of the most amazing and consistent pro player. World Class.

    Dwight SchruteDwight SchruteMånad sedan
  • You needed the Lazarus song, kept waiting for it the whole game

    Ruben Gol527Ruben Gol527Månad sedan
  • You did so good, 64th is an achievement with all those tough players 👏

    LuffyLuffyMånad sedan
  • Boras, if you could only get one to play striker. Would you get CR7, Neymar or mbappe?

    Thibaut MaesThibaut MaesMånad sedan

    WZRD MODsWZRD MODsMånad sedan
  • Well done! Keep it going

    Danny Van der merweDanny Van der merweMånad sedan
  • Your team is so good 🤴🏻🎮

    Sami IsmailiSami IsmailiMånad sedan
  • That was amazing!! WoW!!

    11PM Gamer11PM GamerMånad sedan
  • Boras keep going. You did great mate. With experience you could be a potential winner of big competition.

    Kinglosecrowns 66Kinglosecrowns 66Månad sedan
  • Crazy Comeback 💪

    Panda BearPanda BearMånad sedan
  • Unreal scenes ! 🍀😄 Amazing !

    Slavomír MolnárSlavomír MolnárMånad sedan
  • Крутой чел шо сказать

    Stanny MannyStanny MannyMånad sedan
  • I really respect Boras’ modesty, he doesn’t overly hype himself when he wins and he respects his opponent when he loses. Great content. As far as I’m concerned he’s the benchmark for fifa content.

    barry lindsaybarry lindsayMånad sedan
  • Bro well done great perfomance

    Alex RodrigezAlex RodrigezMånad sedan
  • Im so happy for you, and proud of you. The best is yet to come. GG LEGEND!

    Muhamed AmmarMuhamed AmmarMånad sedan
  • from 6-1 down against a very high level player, nice one Boras, you're still insane

    Bar To Street To BookieBar To Street To BookieMånad sedan
  • I genuinely got so excited when you made that comeback. I was screaming!! You’re a legend boras

    Speed 80Speed 80Månad sedan
  • Which team has that kit???

    Carl SkjershedeCarl SkjershedeMånad sedan
  • How is Eusebio ?

    Vali VlsVali VlsMånad sedan

    Kristian WinklaarKristian WinklaarMånad sedan
  • this VIPRO Chunky was using ADAMA as a supersub this is comic

    Diego Mello MEDiego Mello MEMånad sedan
  • this VIPRO Chunky was using ADAMA as a supersub this is comic

    Diego Mello MEDiego Mello MEMånad sedan
  • Comeback of dreams! Nice

    snakeldasnakeldaMånad sedan
  • legend!

    SnowSnowMånad sedan
  • Plot twist: he made himself lose in the first round to make a comeback in the second

  • Great Comeback 🤘

    YT SkillahYT SkillahMånad sedan
  • Never give up ❤️💪🏽

    NimaNimaMånad sedan
  • Such a uniq defense

    TUFANetherlandsTUFANetherlandsMånad sedan
  • Bro what a come-back of that 1-6. Sometimes we’re much better when playing relaxed without the pressure.. awesome come-back!!

    Tarek ATarek AMånad sedan
  • Who is the winner? Nr7?

    Mithun dasMithun dasMånad sedan
  • Guys if i have 100 in team chemistry, how much player chemistry is needed. Is 7 enough for player chemistry for example? Sorry if my typing is bad!

    Capo di CapiCapo di CapiMånad sedan
  • What a comeback bro

    Pedro PachecoPedro PachecoMånad sedan
  • How can you cancel the fake shot

    carmelo 62carmelo 62Månad sedan
  • I just realised I beat that Pique Blinders with that exact same team and badge in weekend league toughest game of my life 5-4

    Anony MousAnony MousMånad sedan
  • The greatest comeback since lazarus....🎵🌌

    Daniel .ADaniel .AMånad sedan
  • king !!!!!

    טל שרוןטל שרוןMånad sedan
  • HELLLOOOOOOO MAJICO. love the way you play.

    simoh simosimoh simoMånad sedan
  • Was the 2nd opponent Nicolas Raseck?

    Salman JawedSalman JawedMånad sedan
    • @BorasLegend bro you play really good fifa man. Massive respect for the finish

      Salman JawedSalman JawedMånad sedan
    • Yes.

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • This is why boras is the 🐐

    Adair Resendiz JrAdair Resendiz JrMånad sedan
  • Amazing come back !!

    Simon MillsSimon MillsMånad sedan
  • WOW what a comeback what a legend, all the best Boras👏🏻

    3bdulaziz3bdulazizMånad sedan
  • Fucking amazing boras YTBE

    JoAnna PerezJoAnna PerezMånad sedan
  • give a silver gamer a R9 and he will get elite 3 at least

    Game AddictgonewildGame AddictgonewildMånad sedan
  • Great games!

    juantubeyjuantubeyMånad sedan
  • Love from iran❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    mahan rezaeimahan rezaeiMånad sedan
  • Bravo!! What a crazy comeback

    Jaffs XtcJaffs XtcMånad sedan
  • PLEASE upload the full comeback 8-7 game here so we can enjoy it with your reaction as well, like guys so he can listen :D

    Ahmed AnwerAhmed AnwerMånad sedan
    • I streamed the games without mic & cam. Otherwise I would ofc feature it!

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • Even with that shitty ping stil a smoother gameplay then me with a good ping.

    Dizzy DizzerDizzy DizzerMånad sedan
  • You are the best bro ! First of all you are the most entertaining Fifa player out there! Love your streams and the energy, keep on going, we believe in you

    mosoussmosoussMånad sedan
  • What a comeback brooo.. Respect !!!

    Marco MulyawanMarco MulyawanMånad sedan
  • Well done my man, keep up the good work! Love your content and what a come back too :)

    tony Griezmanntony GriezmannMånad sedan
  • look at boras man, so inspirational

    Derrick OmaiDerrick OmaiMånad sedan
  • Keep it up we have faith and we learn a lot with these videos

    Planet HadesPlanet HadesMånad sedan
  • GG Boras

    Zave DJZave DJMånad sedan
  • Well done Boras. Hope to see you do even better!

    vignesh devarajvignesh devarajMånad sedan
  • BEASTLegend!!

  • What is the celebration at 5:43 ?

    nathanial higgersnathanial higgersMånad sedan
  • you got your ass handed to you

    shiptari bossshiptari bossMånad sedan
  • ur a legend boras!! n proud of u 🙌🏽

    Amin ZakariaAmin ZakariaMånad sedan
  • You play on mostly defensive then sometimes attacking. But in my own i found out attacking works better cos i do concede goals when i go defensive... Any reason why?

    Mishael StevenMishael StevenMånad sedan
  • I always hear.. Heeeeellooooo friendly boras here

    1RouGhL11RouGhL1Månad sedan
  • Respect

    ehudehudMånad sedan
  • thanks Legend for this entertainment, I hope u can win more and achieve everything u want.

    Youssef SaadYoussef SaadMånad sedan
  • What is the white kit he's using?

    Jeff GreerJeff GreerMånad sedan
  • They need to stop nerfing skills, it’s the only thing that allows for an actual skill gap

  • Who won the tournament

    RPKRPKMånad sedan
  • Wellplayed mate ! Great come back too

    Ahmed OsamaAhmed OsamaMånad sedan
  • DDA works across multiple games I see 😄

    Jerry NeutronJerry NeutronMånad sedan
  • Boras in moroccan language means big head 😂

    DosanMusicDosanMusicMånad sedan
  • He really is a legend

  • How much I gotta pay for the live reaction to that comeback🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Max RobinsonMax RobinsonMånad sedan
    • Haha, I'd upload it for free if I had it!

      BorasLegendBorasLegendMånad sedan
  • I like these videos as soon as I click them. You’re a LEGEND boras idk how you do it 😂👌🏻

    MindsettlingMindsettlingMånad sedan
  • That comeback was honestly incredible man. I'm struggling to think of another pro in the scene who can remain as level headed as you in such a tense situation. Congrats LEGEND

    A MA MMånad sedan
  • Its would be very nice, if HiFi Klubben had a gaming team. :-) U are a perfect candidate for this great, great company!

    Jack JoeJack JoeMånad sedan
  • Who won both consoles?

    Marco HMarco HMånad sedan
  • Keep going Boras only player I follow

    King PenguinKing PenguinMånad sedan
  • That's a legendary comeback!!! LET'S GOOOOO!!

    Mario MorganMario MorganMånad sedan
  • Boras dude... 6-1 down, THAT comeback, mad respect bro! One word: Legend.

    GamersRevengeUKGamersRevengeUKMånad sedan
  • 9:40 This is nothing called a honor in a game boras ! It’s just a game ,, and you did well and your best , good luck all the time boras the true legend

    Suhaib 77Suhaib 77Månad sedan