I was sent 9,000 cursed emails...

31 okt 2020
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I gave out my email address and sat down with my friends to see what I got back. This video is the result!
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I gave the internet my email address...

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    • Crap

      thezhenmako.thezhenmako.Dag sedan
    • Please do this again

      Parody5GamingParody5Gaming2 dagar sedan
    • Groomer

      bujidar nikolovbujidar nikolov5 dagar sedan
    • Your last sponsee😆

      spencer lorespencer lore10 dagar sedan
    • Rip Carson's career

      Lord DIOLord DIO11 dagar sedan
  • Ok so everyone. Hear me out. If you were reading this, you are probably just some random person on the Internet coming to see the famous SEworldr gone sexual predator. But since Carson’s vids won’t be around for much longer, I got a good idea. Two words: SELF. ADVERTISEMENT. Start spamming the comment section with your SEworld channel links, video links, etc. GO.

    UptxredUptxredTimme sedan
  • Ok so everyone. Hear me out. If you were reading this, you are probably just some random person on the Internet coming to see the famous SEworldr gone sexual predator. But since Carson’s vids won’t be around for much longer, I got a good idea. Two words: SELF. ADVERTISEMENT. Start spamming the comment section with your SEworld channel links, video links, etc. GO.

    UptxredUptxredTimme sedan
  • 1:27 Carson- If you are kidnapped- Blink twice

    KayJay _DasherGamingKayJay _DasherGaming2 timmar sedan

    KayJay _DasherGamingKayJay _DasherGaming3 timmar sedan
  • damnit. i cant get myself to unsubscribe, he's a fucking groomer but i just cant. it hurts

    classicly amazingclassicly amazing3 timmar sedan
  • Wow Carson is so wholesome. I’m happy there’s a youtuber who will never get cancelled.

    Joe MamaJoe Mama10 timmar sedan
    • I hope nothing bad happens to him

      I will eat ya cheeksI will eat ya cheeks8 timmar sedan
    • this is ironic... right xD?

      zank - Rustzank - Rust10 timmar sedan
  • And also a couple of cursed DMs and sexts, right?

    WiizlWiizlDag sedan
    • @Wiizl he's not a pedo and not a groomer

      TooSaucyForYouTooSaucyForYou14 timmar sedan
    • @Poop Pee Yeah... except that it doesn't

      WiizlWiizl15 timmar sedan
    • It kinda does tho

      Poop PeePoop Pee20 timmar sedan
    • @Minecraft That doesn't change the fact what he did was morally wrong and kinda predatory. He's sort of famous and she (and probably others) is his fangirl - of course she won't block or say "no"

      WiizlWiizlDag sedan
    • she was 17 he was 19. she couldve blocked him from the first dirty message he sent. age of consent is lower where Carson lives

      MinecraftMinecraftDag sedan
  • Pigstep be playing in the background in the beginning

    Turtle GodTurtle GodDag sedan
  • Why is there an age check

    Oliver Towler - CoppOliver Towler - Copp2 dagar sedan
  • This didnt age well

    tim Timtim Tim2 dagar sedan
  • Oh jeez now I feel kinda ashamed to be part of this video

    Tony BishopTony Bishop2 dagar sedan
  • Innocent

    DaQuavious' Nintendo DSi XLDaQuavious' Nintendo DSi XL2 dagar sedan
    • @basicallyit t you

      I will eat ya cheeksI will eat ya cheeks11 minuter sedan
    • @I will eat ya cheeks talking to me or the original comment?

      basicallyit tbasicallyit t3 timmar sedan
    • If I can correctly guess how much Time it took you to write that I get 3 dollars 6 minutes

      I will eat ya cheeksI will eat ya cheeks8 timmar sedan
    • @basicallyit t Agreed!

      JunoesqueJunoesqueDag sedan
    • Listen, Carson is for most certain not a pedophile. What is wrong is the fact that he abused his power and fame to get sexually explicit content from fans. No matter the age, it's wrong. If you watch jschlatt's or the narrator's video of him, you can find that he was an asshole. I would highly recommend watching those. Carson needs help. Cancelling him is just meh, but I think that lots of people, even his old friends, think he needs to get off social media. We don't know Carson. We only know his persona on the internet. We don't really have the place to stick up for him by saying that he was nice, and he doesn't deserve it. Carson was an asshole according to his old friends. Carson clearly didn't want the help he was getting from Schlatt as well as others. He got what was coming, he dug his own grave. Although what Carson has done is super shitty, it's clear he needs help. I'm sure lots of us, even his friends, hope he gets better and improves as a person. If you took the time to read all this, thanks lmao.

      basicallyit tbasicallyit t2 dagar sedan
  • Just emails?.. okay

    Eric SoysauceEric Soysauce4 dagar sedan

    TheRobloxKidTheRobloxKid4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah you send a lot of cursed emails too don’t you

    Skinny JeevesSkinny Jeeves5 dagar sedan
  • End of a era

    I suck FeetI suck Feet5 dagar sedan
  • 7:14 that didn’t age well

    MegamindMegamind5 dagar sedan
    • Ooooo yeah... that didn’t

      Fluffer PupperFluffer Pupper5 dagar sedan
  • 8:10 that joke did not age well

    Antifa_Punx161Antifa_Punx1616 dagar sedan
    • Yeah that didn’t either

      Fluffer PupperFluffer Pupper5 dagar sedan
  • how did they run out of fries

    Pumpkin LimePumpkin Lime6 dagar sedan
    • @Werblert yeah, exactly

      Pumpkin LimePumpkin Lime5 dagar sedan
    • I know right just go get a potato

      WerblertWerblert5 dagar sedan
  • I don’t care about the allegations

    _Z3g_Z3g6 dagar sedan
    • @NotAidenWood buddy sorry but I also support callmecarson, but that guy isn't a valid scource. Let's be honest here what he did was wrong, but if you look it up there are better defenses.

      ZamasuZamasu5 dagar sedan
    • @NotAidenWood but....he says he dosent care

      beach_doggobeach_doggo6 dagar sedan
    • Search up Its I jazzer, he shows the actual texts that carson and the girl sent, he proved carsons innocence

      NotAidenWoodNotAidenWood6 dagar sedan
  • I- Oop my Ubers here-

    AllisonAllison6 dagar sedan
  • callmecarsoj more like CALLMEGAYANDFAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!

    allan gianniallan gianni7 dagar sedan
    • @Machete Lee hmm, I might have to reschedule than. I might be able to meet with you as well

      ZamasuZamasu3 dagar sedan
    • @Zamasu I'm scheduling it prolly like 9:00 PM next monday

      Machete LeeMachete Lee3 dagar sedan
    • WOW VERY FUNNNY JOKE 😭😭😭🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😆😆, I'll schedule my laugh for 6:20 next week

      ZamasuZamasu5 dagar sedan
    • Shut

      beach_doggobeach_doggo6 dagar sedan
    • lol ya

      alex nunezalex nunez6 dagar sedan
  • I love how this video is age restricted but there's nothing about it that should make it this way. Maybe it was you showing your ass in the add segment?

    Hdjf EHdjf E7 dagar sedan
    • No it dosent

      beach_doggobeach_doggo6 dagar sedan
  • Wait i was just looking for funny comments related to the vídeo and i see pure drama of "he's going to jail bro" what just happend ._.

    JorEze SSJorEze SS8 dagar sedan
    • he’s canceled bc ppl think he’s a pedo (he isn’t lmfaoo)

      dreamwingdreamwing2 dagar sedan
    • @Machete Lee have u actually read the messages or are you just blindly defending him like a loyal sheep.

      Xx360rapidzXx360rapidz3 dagar sedan
    • @Xx360rapidz He didn't use his youtube status to do that lol I guess SEworldrs cant date anyone unless they're also a youtuber

      Machete LeeMachete Lee3 dagar sedan
    • @Zamasu look at the dms between him and the multiple fans that he got to send nudes to him, only one of them was underaged, but he got multiple people to do it.

      Xx360rapidzXx360rapidz5 dagar sedan
    • @Xx360rapidz No he fucking hasn't buddy, he got nudes from one girl, who was two years younger than him. And also consented, it was also illegal. Also he never used his power to get her I'd like to see where he used his power

      ZamasuZamasu5 dagar sedan
  • He clearly likes it

    JorEze SSJorEze SS8 dagar sedan
  • we called him carson our lord and savior in the dark times

    lilothy Doge I I ドージェ I Ililothy Doge I I ドージェ I I8 dagar sedan
  • your profile picture is like a 19 century school photo

    NoobladorNooblador8 dagar sedan
    • You mean 20th?

      torpid onYTtorpid onYT5 dagar sedan
    • Oh wait

      Císařovna JosefínaCísařovna Josefína7 dagar sedan
    • Idiot

      StarCraft SMPStarCraft SMP7 dagar sedan
    • 20th century

      Fen VictoriaFen Victoria7 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes we have to let go of the past to accept the future.

    Plebb frogePlebb froge8 dagar sedan
    • @Xx360rapidz but how is he defending pedophiles?

      Upside DoggoUpside Doggo6 dagar sedan
    • @Tiny person when in a quote did i say that he said "carson was innocent"

      Xx360rapidzXx360rapidz7 dagar sedan
    • @Xx360rapidz when in a quote about letting go did this person say "Carson is innocent"?

      Tiny personTiny person7 dagar sedan
    • @Websauce 47 yeah well if people like Carson kept to himself we wouldn't have a pervert or pedo problem would we?

      Xx360rapidzXx360rapidz7 dagar sedan
    • @Xx360rapidz This is why I stay away from the SEworld comments section, but here I am doing the thing I swore I would never do just to tell you to keep your shit to yourself please.

      Websauce 47Websauce 477 dagar sedan
  • You certainly did send some not ok things...

    Micah PowchMicah Powch8 dagar sedan
  • You certainly did send some things...

    Micah PowchMicah Powch8 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      Hiro-traひろちゃんHiro-traひろちゃん7 dagar sedan
    • Stop you’re making his situation worse

      Loopazeer AntonínLoopazeer Antonín7 dagar sedan
  • there was one a man. a man of funny. we called him carson, per his own request

    Keaten88Keaten888 dagar sedan
  • There was funny man once. We called him..... Carson.....

    JackJack8 dagar sedan
  • Funny! Haha!

  • I love your videos man so funny!

    Gucci GangGucci Gang9 dagar sedan
    • @•̵.̴ ̶ • he may be being cancelled but that doesn't mean that you had to bring it up

      CupCup8 dagar sedan
    • @•̵.̴ ̶ • doesn't mean he's not funny

      Soft Serve Ice CreamSoft Serve Ice Cream9 dagar sedan
    • Lmao

      Vibe With CryptoVibe With Crypto9 dagar sedan
    • He is getting canceled

      •̵.̴ ̶ ••̵.̴ ̶ •9 dagar sedan
  • o7

    Delayed CrabDelayed Crab9 dagar sedan
  • Yo the ridge wallet sure did A nice move sponsoring this guy am I right?

    NNNN9 dagar sedan
    • Lol ofc 😂

      StarCraft SMPStarCraft SMP7 dagar sedan

    Cthuloso [Pedro H.]Cthuloso [Pedro H.]9 dagar sedan
    • How sad

      StarCraft SMPStarCraft SMP7 dagar sedan
    • @Avery Minton what a tragic moment

      Brice RayBrice Ray9 dagar sedan
    • He doesn’t know

      Avery MintonAvery Minton9 dagar sedan
  • 0:13 - 0:27 carson's career

    The Rat KingThe Rat King10 dagar sedan
    • That dog’s off the chains dude

      LazarBlade ツLazarBlade ツ9 dagar sedan
    • Yo! Whose dog is that!?

      skitwodoskitwodo9 dagar sedan
    • Yes very slippery

  • Bonk

    BonkBonk10 dagar sedan
  • 16:03 WHAT THE FUCK IS 3RoTom

    Eljar Dahl BlekkenEljar Dahl Blekken10 dagar sedan
  • "I used to rule the world"

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar10 dagar sedan
    • President

      StarCraft SMPStarCraft SMP7 dagar sedan
    • Stolen comment

      CupCup8 dagar sedan
    • nice stolen comment

      SorazureSorazure8 dagar sedan
  • If hes a perv why you guys watching his videos

    Google meetsGoogle meets10 dagar sedan
    • @Sorazure he didn’t use his power look at the new screenshots that came out it shows she said outright that she wanted it, wanted to and didn’t regret it, whether she lied is her fault, she should have been honest, and frankly a one year and 2 month age gap is not uncommon especially in American school systems with the 17-19 year old classes. People are making a big deal because he is a widely known SEworldr. If the ages were reversed and Carson said soemtbing no one would care less. It’s just a case of Carson getting the help he needs, apologising for continuing the behaviour. And the girl being honest as to whether she wanted to or not, because saying one thing then the other doesnt bode well. No I’m not saying Carson is all in the right, I just find it hard to believe a man like him would use force, especially so with an age gap of a hair over a year and the fact the age of consent is 16 in the state they were both in at the time, and the fact that they were both over 16 and she was nearer to 18 at the time.

      Harvey idk whatHarvey idk what4 dagar sedan
    • @Xx360rapidz pedo? first of all hes 19 and shes 17, any normal person does this and you dont give a shit. Why? cause it’s normal thing. And if you actually bother to keep youreself updated you couldve seen the dms where she literally gave consent

      Meme ReviewMeme Review7 dagar sedan
    • @Meme Review stop defending pedophiles, he shouldn't get an exception just because you find him funny.

      Xx360rapidzXx360rapidz7 dagar sedan
    • 17 and 19 is why

      Super Sayian GodSuper Sayian God8 dagar sedan
    • @Jack what lol

      SorazureSorazure8 dagar sedan
  • I'll still be here allegations or not am true to my youtubers ☺️

    Elijah AtkinsElijah Atkins10 dagar sedan
    • @HSC C0rp stfu

      Mika SamaMika Sama6 dagar sedan
    • @Forever Andever silence

      SuicidalDemonSuicidalDemon8 dagar sedan
    • @Forever Andever stfu boi

      Jason HowJason How8 dagar sedan
    • @Google meets stfu

      DeemsDeems10 dagar sedan
    • @HSC C0rp stfu

      DeemsDeems10 dagar sedan

    VEXVEX10 dagar sedan
  • Every of this message is so fucking funny that i could've wrote a comment to almost every message

    mrlolenomrloleno11 dagar sedan
    • @TimBroKaz Wanna 1v1?

      Mr. yesMr. yes9 dagar sedan
    • @Mr. yes *perhaps*

      TimBroKazTimBroKaz9 dagar sedan
    • @TimBroKaz Ok, do you play Minecraft on hypixel?

      Mr. yesMr. yes9 dagar sedan
    • @Mr. yes Maximum a warning from a Judge, if a warning at all. He should fear the Twitter, not the law.

      TimBroKazTimBroKaz9 dagar sedan
    • @mrloleno Somebody decided to have an arguement.

      The Holy BoinkThe Holy Boink10 dagar sedan
  • I actually watched an ad, this was my first time in 3 months

    mrlolenomrloleno11 dagar sedan
    • @Mr. yes he probably had an ad blocker and disabled it?

      Upside DoggoUpside Doggo6 dagar sedan
    • @Sometimes Blue liar

      Mr. yesMr. yes9 dagar sedan
    • Why are you liar

      Sometimes BlueSometimes Blue9 dagar sedan
    • Weird because some add are un skippable

      Mr. yesMr. yes10 dagar sedan
  • Cursed discord messages?

    ItsukiItsuki11 dagar sedan
    • @Paweł Łukasz usus

      Mr. yesMr. yes10 dagar sedan

      Paweł ŁukaszPaweł Łukasz11 dagar sedan
  • 😔

    RukuRuku11 dagar sedan
  • Did you send any cursed emails to little girls?

    spencer lorespencer lore11 dagar sedan
    • @Storr Hoek the problem is just that, its that he uses his status to get it, its disgusting. he shouldn't be defended just because the girl is almost legal, no one seems to want to look at the other problems.

      Xx360rapidzXx360rapidz7 dagar sedan
    • The things he said would be highly inappropriate at best. But it would fit better to call it sexual intimidation. It wouldn't be okay even if she was 27.

      Storr HoekStorr Hoek8 dagar sedan
    • @Bunny Bunz no she was 17

      KrazyKrazy9 dagar sedan
    • @lolz No. i meant the girl tiktoker got away after almost getting pregnanted by a 13 year old. While carson was 19 and the girl who he texted was 15. that means the tiktoker got away.

      Bunny BunzBunny Bunz10 dagar sedan
    • @Bunny Bunz you mean he got away?

      lolzlolz10 dagar sedan
  • Who else is rewatching all of Carson’s vids because you don’t know if he’ll ever upload again?

    Sibren DutoitSibren Dutoit11 dagar sedan
  • 3:10

    Dwayne The Rock Johnson Official YouTube ChannelDwayne The Rock Johnson Official YouTube Channel11 dagar sedan
    • Josh

      Payton LawhonPayton Lawhon10 dagar sedan
  • Been a ride Carson *set comments to new*

    ArmemerArmemer11 dagar sedan
  • Sigh...

    Just A brank broJust A brank bro11 dagar sedan
  • Goodbye old friend

    2045204511 dagar sedan
  • comments to newest

    2045204511 dagar sedan

    Orion WolfieOrion Wolfie11 dagar sedan
  • Why

    hell ñohell ño11 dagar sedan
  • The joke at 8:11 didn’t end well

    Michael RoeverMichael Roever11 dagar sedan
    • oh my god brooo come on

      Redpops0105Redpops010511 dagar sedan
    • :0

      Devin MartinDevin Martin11 dagar sedan

      Quaking PigletQuaking Piglet11 dagar sedan
  • It’s been nice knowing you Carson :(

    Craazy NoodlesCraazy Noodles11 dagar sedan
    • @Raymond Emsworth That's not gonna hold up in court

      Sometimes BlueSometimes Blue9 dagar sedan
    • He’s not dead lol

      TimBroKazTimBroKaz9 dagar sedan
    • @austin how did he use his fame

      Hunter ParkerHunter Parker10 dagar sedan
    • @Raymond Emsworth what made u wanna bring my parents into this 😐 and no they don’t

      Craazy NoodlesCraazy Noodles10 dagar sedan
    • @austin you can't groom a 17 year old as a 19 year, that's not what grooming is. Also has anyone who makes the power imbalance claim ever actually given proof of where he apparently did it?

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
  • change your password

    nightlight.nightlight.11 dagar sedan
  • Sort the comments by the newest -thank me later

    DJ Akademiks Supreme HoodieDJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie11 dagar sedan
  • Oh no

    Gabriel HicksGabriel Hicks11 dagar sedan
  • I was kind of forgetting him already because of his upload schedule...

    binso binsobinso binso11 dagar sedan
    • There will not be any more videos for a while

      fRiTeRaDe HjÄrN cElLeRfRiTeRaDe HjÄrN cElLeR11 dagar sedan
  • Well probably never gonna have shit like this again, fuck man

    Vito LeskurVito Leskur11 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Oakley BladeOakley Blade11 dagar sedan
  • "Notice Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)"

    CitharaCithara12 dagar sedan
  • 8:11 well... schlatt was not lying

    De VidtsDe Vidts12 dagar sedan
    • no

      binso binsobinso binso11 dagar sedan
  • Suddenly he feels like gypsy crusader... bad person i shouldn't be watching but can't help myself cause its funny

    poopleypoopley12 dagar sedan
    • innocent fam

      Meme ReviewMeme Review10 dagar sedan
    • He didn't even do anything wrong?

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
  • Fucking pervert bruh going to jail 4L

    brandon thecreatorbrandon thecreator12 dagar sedan
    • She gave her consent so he is not guilty

      le ninja arc-en-cielle ninja arc-en-ciel8 dagar sedan
    • @william fullana its kinda crazy tho how everyone is freaking out on him abt it but zoe laverne is 19 and might be pregnant with a 13 year old

    • @william fullana but who actually cares? Like actually. Who gives a shit?

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • @Cole Patton no it's not actually. The illegal part was the nudes. It's still fucking retarded though that someone can be considered a child grooming pedophile just because they have nudes from somebody who's only 2 years younger than they are.

      Phonk EquinoxPhonk Equinox11 dagar sedan
    • @binso binso why are u everywhere

      Speckled cephalopodSpeckled cephalopod11 dagar sedan
  • bro i cant believe carson would do that he seems such a nice guy to be grooming

    Tersudo RNGTersudo RNG12 dagar sedan
  • Carson in 2021: I was sent 1 cursed picture...

    Somebody Likes BaconSomebody Likes Bacon12 dagar sedan
  • C’mon guys, all he did was make a MINOR mistake... heh... see what I did there..?

    WardenWarden12 dagar sedan
    • M̷͔̻͎̜̬̥̩̺͚̻͎̲͕͛̀͐̊̾̆̇̎̊̍͒̇͆̆̈́͑̄̿̌̍̐̓̊̍̆̽̈́̕͘͘à̸̢̨̛͈̞̦͈̫͖̹̾̉̆̑̎̊̈́̒̿̊̔̍͛͘g̸̨̨̘̯͉͕͖̹̻̰̥͇̻̮̲̦̫̼̝̩͉͔̟͈̺̐̈́̐̉̂͆̀̑͛̑̈́̊͜͝ͅn̸̦̻̮͇̞͙̤̝̤̲̉̎͑ṳ̵̢̡̡̢̨̢̢̡̢̫̱̰̞̗̺͍̥͖̩͈͕̫̫̺͇̜̈́͌̏̈͜m̴̡̙̯̞̯̜̯͈̜̼̳̖̓͐̀̑̽̇͌͒̌͋̾̒̇͜͝ ̸̡̛͇̼̙̲̤͍̮̼͍͈̞̃̀̐̋̾̅͋̇̾̍̿͆͐̂͋͜͠͝͝C̸̡̡̛̣̺̪̦̼͎͙̭̲̺̭̟̮̻̖͛̔̈́̍̽̆͑̓͒̏͋́̾́̊͋͋͋̔̒̓́͑̅͘͘͘͜͠r̷̡̡̨̨̻̟̲̥͚͖̩̲̱̟͔̳̫̣̜̫̘̣͈̱͍͉̈́̍̃̀͊̉̆͜͜͠i̵̡̖̞̜̭̣̻̋͜n̵̢̛̰͖̐̔̈́͋̅͌̌̈́̾̾͆̊͝͠͝g̶̛̛̯̰̩̲̤̐̽͐́͆̾̽̏̓̆̽̉̂̔́͗͒̾̔̚͝͝͝e̶̦̱̝̙͔̮̖̮͒͘͜

      Upside DoggoUpside Doggo6 dagar sedan
    • oof

      DominusxDominusx10 dagar sedan
    • @binso binso Dude...

      Speckled cephalopodSpeckled cephalopod11 dagar sedan
    • @binso binso i’m going to complete your comment the fuck up

      JazzquatchJazzquatch11 dagar sedan
    • shut

      binso binsobinso binso11 dagar sedan
  • “The average callmecarson fan” the fatal last words

    applicationsapplications12 dagar sedan
  • Damn I can't even enjoy Carson's videos anymore after knowing what he did anyways ty for entertaining me for 2 years

    drink waterdrink water12 dagar sedan
    • @AlexaViolet ya

      TheTechnocratTheTechnocrat10 dagar sedan
    • He didn't even do anything wrong?

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • He’s done nothing wrong it’s just been blown way oughta context

      Ricardo CansinoRicardo Cansino11 dagar sedan
    • He did nothing wrong

      TheTechnocratTheTechnocrat12 dagar sedan
    • Your problem lol

      Swanky_SklaxtikSwanky_Sklaxtik12 dagar sedan
  • Damn the fact that the dog went down that hill at Mach 5 makes me think damn what is he drinking

    spacboi i like spacspacboi i like spac12 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Stark I don't feel so good

    Luke OdexLuke Odex12 dagar sedan
  • 5:41 Carson’s actual email

    John AbbotJohn Abbot12 dagar sedan
  • Poob

    WarpareWarpare12 dagar sedan
  • Well this is awkward...

    Philip AndersenPhilip Andersen12 dagar sedan
  • Now, listen, I get this sounds bad, but I don't want anyone accusing me of "dEfEnDinG a cHiLd PrEdAtOr" or saying invalid responses like "I don't care, Carson is big bad guy, you are a big dumb idiot man, AbsoluteR" in the replies etc, this is my opinion. What Carson did is bad yes, using his power to gain explicit images from someone who is underage and behave in a sexual manner (that is what I have been told), but in the actual age part of this, it isn't too bad, there are tons of couples that are 17 and 18 or 17 and 19, thousands even, but since Carson is this big, famous idol we all looked up to, it for some reason became unacceptable, this example isn't in the same context as this problem, but if a guy received nudes from his 17 year old girlfriend on his 18th birthday, it would be the same thing as this, receiving nudes from a minor while you are of legal age, but without the abuse of power. As I stated before, there are many couples in the world that are between the ages of 17 and 19, and some of those couples will share nudes with each other, there are even couples that do it between the ages of 14 and 16, as well as taking part in sexual intercourse (Over here in the UK at least, where the legal age of consent is 16), and every time I ask someone about their thoughts on these age groups doing sexual things, they didn't care, as they saw it as being okay and normal, as a lot more people do it around the world. The age gap between Carson and the girl was 2 years at the time it happened, if I remember correctly, and according to google: "The UK reporting the difference to be on average about three years and the US, two and a half." - Age disparity in sexual relationships - wikipedia While, I guess, yes, the wikipedia article is talking about relationships, it generally could also go for the age between sexual interactions as well. What Carson did was wrong, I agree, but do we really need to be this angry at someone for doing something that, quite possibly, thousands of people are doing throughout the year in many states and countries? I will probably be posting what I wrote here to various other Carson videos so more people can see my opinion, and as I said, I don't want to be accused of defending him, this is just my view on the situation, if you want to reply to this with your own view on this, or if you want to talk about one of the things that I said and make me sound like an idiot, feel free, I'm open to reading what you have to say. I hope that you at least understand my view on this situation and understand the argument I have given. And if you agree with what I have said, then please, share this as well.

    AbsoluteRAbsoluteR12 dagar sedan
    • @B. M so what? He can't date anyone outside of the internet because he had 94k subs at the time? Because he has subs he's only allowed to date youtubers with similar sub counts? Also there's more evidence she manipulated him than he manipulater her sooo

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • I honestly don't see what the fuss is about she was the legal age of constent where he lived and from what I've gathered she never said she was underage where she lived so Carson had no way of knowing she was a minor so I really don't know why this is a problem as Carson to his knowledge was exchanging nudes with someone of legal age where he lives as for the power thing just because you're big on a platform doesn't mean you're a manipulater

      Neithan CabánNeithan Cabán11 dagar sedan
    • I agree

      DiamondComodoDiamondComodo12 dagar sedan
    • @B. M just because he has followers doesnt make him a manipulator

      strawbystrawby12 dagar sedan
    • @HGPBM Exactly. But I just kind of think that the girls the victim here because Carson has a lot of fame and a lot of followers that will do whatever he says, which means he can easily manipulate them, especially the younger ones. I do agree with you though, that in situations there’s usually two victims, but this case I think theres just one. Im pretty sure this isn’t the only girl he’s done it to, just the only girl that came out. I don’t think he should die, but if he continues to do this he should be thrown in jail.

      B. MB. M12 dagar sedan
  • 9:07

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  • Can we just forget the drama and watch this amazing content?

    moistbananananabreadmoistbananananabread12 dagar sedan
    • @Cozmicz YT then why you here

      Google meetsGoogle meets10 dagar sedan
    • @AlexaViolet yes i know i was just saying that he would support a predator is wrong but i know Carson isn't a predator

      ted daleted dale10 dagar sedan
    • @Retselomdlihc he isn't anyways, so you're fine.

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • @ted dale he's not a predator. So yeah, noone is getting hurt by him.

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • @Retselomdlihc what

      binso binsobinso binso11 dagar sedan
  • Chuck??? 🤣

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  • Skips to the end “And that, is destiny fulfilled”

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  • He is ded

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  • I don’t support what he did but the Carson I will remember is the funny one from this channel and I think this is how we should all remember but we should still at least for now talk about what he did

    Christy CoffeyChristy Coffey12 dagar sedan
    • He didn't do anything wrong tho lmao

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • I dont care lol

      Fat DragoniteFat Dragonite12 dagar sedan
  • Pos

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  • Mr.stark

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  • I'm gonna miss carson. I really am.

    Bookem DanoBookem Dano12 dagar sedan
    • @AlexaViolet i agree

      twat2021twat202110 dagar sedan
    • He didn't do anything wrong.

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • :c

      twat2021twat202112 dagar sedan
    • @EpicCoolPlayerTRS they were the same age group. it's perfectly fine and no police department is gonna actually go and try and arrest them.

      strawbystrawby12 dagar sedan
    • @Hoodini-Brawl Stars yeah, an adult can legally date a minor, but if it gets sexual in any way, then that’s a problem

      EpicCoolPlayerTRSEpicCoolPlayerTRS12 dagar sedan
  • I guess these emails weren't the only cursed things carson sent

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    • Fuck thats a good one

      Joshua WalmsleyJoshua Walmsley10 dagar sedan
    • Jesus Christ it's Jesus Christ

      Batteriees XDBatteriees XD12 dagar sedan
    • @Casually Dimetio no

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ12 dagar sedan
    • @Jesus Christ no Jesus I think it was an eggplant lol

      Casually DimetioCasually Dimetio12 dagar sedan
    • Burger

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  • gg's

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  • Bro he in jail lol

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    • Theres multiple things to use in court (if he even goes there)

      binso binsobinso binso11 dagar sedan
    • No and he's not going to

      Just GamesJust Games12 dagar sedan
    • ...no?

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  • well.

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  • Well everyone, it was a great journey with all of you.

    AJFromTargetAJFromTarget12 dagar sedan
    • @كتاب BookI’m not mad at Carson, just disappointed

      AJFromTargetAJFromTarget9 dagar sedan
    • Bruh this hole thing is just a drama

      كتاب Bookكتاب Book10 dagar sedan
    • @AlexaViolet how

      Katsuhoe BakubitchKatsuhoe Bakubitch10 dagar sedan
    • Carson didn't do anything wrong lol

      AlexaVioletAlexaViolet10 dagar sedan
    • E

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  • And 9000 cursed messages

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  • damn I know he likes kids and all, but I just posted the worst beat ever made

    lil bread crumblil bread crumb13 dagar sedan
    • @Just Games well ita not an adult so it must be that people act like theyre a newborn who cant fucking walk or think or do literally anything

      weird kidweird kid11 dagar sedan
    • And since when is 17 years old a kid?

      Just GamesJust Games12 dagar sedan
    • Nice 2nd and 3d account

      Ra the sandwingRa the sandwing12 dagar sedan
    • @Camio yeah, the beats are pure garbage ass poop

      lil bread crumblil bread crumb12 dagar sedan
    • @lil bread crumb dropping some more shit huh?

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  • The dog died

    Stupid Saiyan BrolyStupid Saiyan Broly13 dagar sedan
    • So did carson's career

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    • yea idk how thats funny-bashar

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  • Here's a controversial opinion; What I think Carson did was wrong, but don't give him any hate. The pressuring of female fans through the use of his fame, was fucked up. The fact that he told Schlatt and Jawsh he would stop and didnt, was fucked up. However bad it is, it's still redeemable. He didn't do anything with underaged women(as far as we know). You can make the argument "Well you cant just say 'at least he didnt do xyz,' and say what he did do was ok." And my response to that is I agree, what he did was wrong, and the victims deserve justice. But he still deserves a second chance. His whole life should not be ruined over this. Imagine if your boss found out you pressured one of your customers for nudes, a forgiving boss would give you a strike, cut your salary down, and lose your respect. An unforgiving boss would fire you, and you may get sued by the victim of your pressuring. Notice how neither boss tried to take things away from you that they didnt have control over. Carson may lose his fans, his channels, and his career as a content creator, but he shouldn't lose his life. His fans and others should not endlessly witch hunt him. He is most definitely in an awful mental state, so do YOU really want to be the cause of him killing himself? Do you think he deserves to take his own life for pressuring those girls? No. What he deserves is what the police will decide, not what you will decide.

    MiT9MiT913 dagar sedan
    • @Average Dutch Guy and they never had sex, so what?

      Just GamesJust Games12 dagar sedan
    • You know what's more fucked up? At the same time as Carson drama happened, a 19 years old Tiktoker named Zoe raped and got impregnated by a 13 yo fan. Nobody gave a fuck because 'oh no, Carson was sexting with almost adult girl'

      Just GamesJust Games12 dagar sedan
    • @Bright Vision Im not saying he shouldnt be punished, I'm just saying I don't want him to kill himself.

      MiT9MiT912 dagar sedan
    • ok I feel like people are giving him to much slack because people like Carson but he still did what he did and was fully aware of it he should deserve as much punishment as other who have done the same thing with much severe punishments its still just as disgusting

      Bright VisionBright Vision12 dagar sedan
    • @nine_ferret Its your choice to keep watching him, all I'm saying is dont hate on him and witch hunt him

      MiT9MiT912 dagar sedan