Cyberpunk 2077 Angry Review

12 jan 2021
1 657 287 visningar

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AngryJoe takes on Cyberpunk, can this Futuristic RPG from the makers of Witcher 3 live up to the Massive Hype? Find out in our Final Word Angry Review!
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Videos Used:
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Secret Ending:
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@maple_moomin Why do you Keanu?

  • “Fuck man...this one hurt” you could feel the pain in his voice

    Jarrett McCarverJarrett McCarver3 minuter sedan
  • never make other Joe angry cuz he will kick you in the nuts with those legs

    Luis GarzaLuis Garza9 minuter sedan
  • I want that jacket

    Ty ETy E9 minuter sedan
  • Dont ever dance agin!

    elektron Zerelektron Zer11 minuter sedan
  • 28:42 “anddd it killed itself”🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DevianceDeviance13 minuter sedan
  • -10/10

    beRAImebeRAIme16 minuter sedan
  • I quit not even halfway thru and deleted it ........this game is broken to its core and no patches will make it right

    Zzzz ZzzzZzzz Zzzz18 minuter sedan
  • Damage is done,i got refunded from sony and will never buy any game from this crap company ever again

    tzkrotzkro18 minuter sedan
  • anyone else notice the office at 1:39 was malorys office from archer?

    I did this for redditI did this for reddit19 minuter sedan
  • Damn !Disco ball:-))

    MrAsathorxMrAsathorx19 minuter sedan
  • fuck ps4 and xbox one this comment was made by new generation gang

    JellyJelly20 minuter sedan
  • CDPR could have copied the melee from The Chronicles of Riddick games instead of the mess they released...Honestly, that game came out in 2009 and it was a blast.

    Stefan TothStefan Toth21 minut sedan
  • All that work and you couldn't put a power cord and video cable into the monitor? lol

    South Shore AdventuresSouth Shore Adventures26 minuter sedan
  • 14:40 Geralt sent the IRA after PS gamers

    asdlkadfguihajladsfasdlkadfguihajladsf26 minuter sedan
  • For me all music from radio car and clubs are sh*t, there are only some fine songs that are tight to story mode. Choices matters but only for THAT mission, not later, so it doesn't matter mutch. Which is dissapointing. There is only doing right answering to SIlverHand to get secret ending.

    Ifrit of DoomIfrit of Doom32 minuter sedan
  • It’s because everyone said in different words “the release date is too long >:(“ or “release it now it will be fine” but now people are making drama about it

    Tyler JacksonTyler Jackson36 minuter sedan
  • that was epic intro :D :D

    BIG_TOMBIG_TOM38 minuter sedan
  • I bought Yakuza 0 on Christmas day instead of this and fell in love with what is now one of my favorite game series. Cyberpunk can wait until 2022.

    Isaac SorrelsIsaac Sorrels40 minuter sedan
  • So I’m not missing anything I see.

    Scott GossScott Goss43 minuter sedan
  • I love it. A PC exclusive with buggy teaser releases for old consoles. I hear console players all the time saying how, "I like this console or that console for the exclusives that PC's don't have". Course all I hear is I am a marketing sucker that PT Barnum referred to long ago in his famous quote. But now a game is essentially a PC exclusive as the PC glitches are minor at best and being patched quickly. Hey consoles, maybe it is time to upgrade to a PC?

    NeoRocket001NeoRocket00145 minuter sedan
  • I absolutely lost it at “you wanna try some dlc?”

    J MaultsberryJ Maultsberry45 minuter sedan
  • 12:58

    Mara MariMara Mari45 minuter sedan
  • I've been playing since day 1 on PC using Stadia and honestly I haven't encountered any game-breaking bugs. There are of course some minor bugs but no crashes and nothing game-breaking.

    Lillith AsylumLillith Asylum48 minuter sedan
  • "There's no second first impressions"

    SantiagoSantiago48 minuter sedan
  • i dont care about glitches.its an rpg and there no ai in it.that is the main problem here.can they add some alive elements?sure they can but that cant fulfill their promise.sorry Joe but 6 is a lot for this game

    Gökhan YILMAMGökhan YILMAM49 minuter sedan
  • I can’t remember coming across one bug on GTA San Andreas.

    Kem-Grevy HenryKem-Grevy Henry55 minuter sedan
  • We Need More Principal angry joe

    RHINAVAUHT GamingRHINAVAUHT Gaming58 minuter sedan
  • I got a refund from playstation they're in the clear but cdpr can fuck right off not only does the game suck but it sucks and it wasn't playable without 10 hotfixes and did I say the game sucks i mean it really sucks

    Incognito PicogramIncognito Picogram58 minuter sedan
  • 3.28m subscribers yet only 126k likes? Yall are slacken! Them disco balls xD

    James RossJames RossTimme sedan
  • incredible opening

    jooseboxjooseboxTimme sedan
  • The big bosses in companies wanted money and they wanted it NOW. Shame that's what games are now..

    palmeristopalmeristoTimme sedan
  • Cyber punk the Best game guaranteed

    David AndersonDavid AndersonTimme sedan
  • OK visual stuff and bugs aside, no one can deny the soundtrack for this game is banging

    Zane eXZane eXTimme sedan
  • joe, have you heard about this little thing called workout?

    LaninLaninTimme sedan
  • i wana see u get more angry!

    G RG RTimme sedan
  • One of the rare moments where it is worth waiting for the PS5/Series X version we will get around the start of summer. Bet that version will be much better with all the stuff fixed that was fucked up here.

    SkittlesForTheColorblindPeopleSkittlesForTheColorblindPeopleTimme sedan
  • Does anyone know the song he used for the cutaway at 31:30 ?

    ThePurvenator !ThePurvenator !Timme sedan
  • What's the song during the cloud scene

    WhiskeyJKiloWhiskeyJKiloTimme sedan
  • I agree it's a shitshow. Sorry you got 4k dislikes on this. Even without a single bug, it's like a shitty combination of an empty GTA 5, and a boring borderlands 3 gameplay combined together, and done worse than both games as standalones.

    MandusMandusTimme sedan
  • So....come back after a year of bugfixes, price drops and maybe a DLC-packaged version being released?

    Paul GibbonPaul GibbonTimme sedan
  • Damn, I'm playing on ps4 slim and I thought I had bugs but other Joe must've really been hard at work on this review

    Zane eXZane eXTimme sedan

    kosta1605kosta1605Timme sedan
  • "It could've been finished by March." Me: "Nope!" not with the amount of stuff cut because they decided "hey, instead of ragst to riches in Night City, this is all about Johnny S taking over your brain now!" Like Mafia II it feels to me as if the game, in the state it is and with the story set up it has now from a Storytelling PoV was "meant" to be a rather linear game with maybe smaller hub areas for some side stuff, like Deus Ex Human Revolution, rather than Open World wannabe RPG... The way the game feels to me is a WINDOW into Night City, rather than a door... you can look, you can watch... but you can't actually can get "into" Night City. "Everybody and their mother want to sell you a car!" And What's worse: YOU CAN'T FUCKING CUSTOMIZE IT! Don't like the colour? Tough luck. Want V to change the haircut or beard? Tough luck. Want V to get more tattoos? Tough Luck. Want V to get a piercing? Tough Luck...

    undertakernumberone1undertakernumberone1Timme sedan
  • Other Joe does not miss leg day does he :)

    YouboremeYouboremeTimme sedan
  • The glitches in this game get me every time🤣🤣 Edit: motorcycle commits suicide

    Blue botBlue botTimme sedan
  • I truly this game is a masterpeice, and people who worked on it should be very proud, and shouldn't be blamed for decisions made by their higher-ups. Hope they make a game better, and that CDPR gets up

    Serbian BroSerbian BroTimme sedan
  • Bro i quit this garbage after 14 hours of play.. I didn't hype myself up and had no expectations, yet i was still disappointed .. Stealth play isn't even rewarded and the builds make no sense! Fuck this game lmao xD

    lawlestestlawlestestTimme sedan
  • that beginning was fucking hilarious i need a part 2😭😭😭💀💀

    Sahil KamalSahil KamalTimme sedan
  • Cyberpunk development was about 4 years. This is Anthem 2.0

    Conrrado TorresConrrado TorresTimme sedan
  • I want that jacket, but I don't know any place I could ever wear it at...

    Legend RonkLegend RonkTimme sedan
  • Definitely was a let down but I'm enjoying the game.. wish it had more to the game...

    Legend RonkLegend Ronk2 timmar sedan
  • Hahahha Intro is a masterpiece

    michal wmichal w2 timmar sedan
  • never forget cdr developed cyberpunk with 500 ppl while gta 5 had 1000 people working on it. is cyberpunk very ambitious? ya! did they had the manpower to do it in that timeframe for so many platforms? NO. should they just do it for pc and ps/xboxseriesx? Definetly!!!!

    John KonJohn Kon2 timmar sedan
  • I played it and finished it on next gen. I ran into maybe 2 bugs the whole game. And they weren’t bugs that interrupted my experience .

    Jesus Eduardo Carrasco RodriguezJesus Eduardo Carrasco Rodriguez2 timmar sedan
  • You know despite its flaws I thought the game was pretty fun

    Super Saiyan MichaelSuper Saiyan Michael2 timmar sedan
  • Principal Joe Show

    Barricaded PurifierBarricaded Purifier2 timmar sedan
  • Speaking of drugs my ad before the video was for weed lmao (btw it’s legal here)

    deathdealer036deathdealer0362 timmar sedan
  • I'll give it another go in six months. Played it on xbox one x, and i guess i was lucky not to experience most of those bugs, but instead the game was crashing like crazy, up until the first update. The issue i have with the game is that it's totally not the game it was advertised.

    Tomek KrukTomek Kruk2 timmar sedan
  • First there was "Bioware magic". Now there's "CD Projekt Red magic."

    TheADziobaTheADzioba2 timmar sedan
  • Cyberpunk 2077 makes sense as a bug simulation game.

    Bruno LeãoBruno Leão2 timmar sedan
  • i have no idea why idiots love CDPR like they aren’t your friends and they don’t care about you they are like EA and Bethesda and Activision and Sledgehammer they are a company they care about your money and they care about what makes you spend more money on them so idk why people try to love CDPR they aren’t different they just took longer to show those true colors

    pp officerpp officer2 timmar sedan
  • They had to get Keanu to save this game. they knew it was shite

    Taylor PetersonTaylor Peterson2 timmar sedan
  • @8:38 Such a cool jacket! I must know where did you get from? I want one with my channel name on it 🎮

    Reali TVReali TV2 timmar sedan
  • This is why you should never pre order games.

    spooky1234561spooky12345612 timmar sedan
  • WOWOWOWOWAOWOAWOA WOAH! do not mention gta5. its bad .

    Six pestSix pest2 timmar sedan
  • We need to stop blaming game developers and start blaming the community for demanding a faster product and the publisher for the same reason.

    Romile WestraRomile Westra2 timmar sedan
  • Angry shill more like it

    Megadollardog 2Megadollardog 22 timmar sedan
  • I don't think I've ever seen a game as fucked as the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 ever since I tried to play San Andreas with 10+ mods back in 2007 on a Windows XP.

    Supreme KingSupreme King2 timmar sedan
  • The fact that I have to say this game WILL be a 10/10... in like another YEAR makes it hurt that much more that this is what was put out. I wish they'd just given us a demo, bugs and all so this one could sit in the oven for a little longer because it's nowhere NEAR done. Even playing it on the PC it's still a buggy mess. It's a great game beneath all the rust and shit but there's so much to dig through it's hard to recommend it to anyone short of at LEAST a year from now.

    Intrinsically LastIntrinsically Last2 timmar sedan

    Reptile DisfunctionReptile Disfunction2 timmar sedan
    • Fucking dead ringer Angry Joe line brings me back to 2014 with the legendary destiny review

      Reptile DisfunctionReptile Disfunction2 timmar sedan
  • Where's Spoony to scream betrayal?

    Joe The Amazing CamelJoe The Amazing Camel2 timmar sedan
  • Made me happy when you clarified PC was just as buggy. So many PC dicks telling console players to just get it on there. As if that validates the massive fuck up this game was. Just mad I wasted money on yet another game that needs tons of work before it's playable. Anyone have good coop game recommendations on ps4?

    LionSin FazeLionSin Faze2 timmar sedan
    • @lawlestest I played it on release. Kept kicking my friend and I offline. I assume it has gotten better since? Will def play if it has

      LionSin FazeLionSin Faze33 minuter sedan
    • warhammer vermintide 2

      lawlestestlawlestestTimme sedan
  • I must be the only person that never had a single issue with this game. I never encountered any glitches or anything. Worked perfect for me since day one lol.

    Atypical AssassinAtypical Assassin2 timmar sedan
  • fuck the gfuel, where'd you cop that jacket?

    OkamixOniOkamixOni2 timmar sedan
  • Havnt even watched this yet and I know it’s gona be a banger

    Reptile DisfunctionReptile Disfunction2 timmar sedan
  • I without a lie dont have any of these bugs. So I think Joe is just doing this for good content. The game it self is a boring mess 6/10.

    nkossunkossu2 timmar sedan
  • its early access game basically

    QUAN CHIQUAN CHI2 timmar sedan
  • when I think my day is going pretty horrible I just remember I'm not a CD project red employee

    BactaC4TBactaC4T2 timmar sedan
  • ahh how i feel betrayed. i've only ever pre-ordered 3 games in my life. Gta V Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077 gta v was a huge success and i loved it fallout 76 ruined me, i promised myself never to pre-order ever again. cyberpunk 2077 intrigued me. I loved the witcher 3, CDPR had a great track record of not wanting to be like the other guys. i pre-ordered it. And well, this time i made an oath never to pre-order anything no matter who makes it. Fuck triple A companies. They clearly dont care about their fans anymore. its all about how much money they can rake in nowadays. i loved when the video game industry was about making complete awesome games. nowadays video games are released annually, has less and less real content, and more and more microtransactions and for some reason everything must be online/multiplayer. i loved cod up till mw2. Then it went downhill. i loved Counter-strike then they released csgo. i loved TF-2 but it became all about catering to the casuals. im only 25, so i've grown up with gaming, from its babysteps till its current step. Boy it is strange. Seeing how destructive it has became. The passion is gone.

    ViolaViola2 timmar sedan
  • Game is so fucked up that SEworld glitched out twice while I tried to watch that

    ricomock2ricomock22 timmar sedan
  • Shining shoes... I'll remember that xD

    Ralesid TParrotRalesid TParrot2 timmar sedan
  • Holy shitsnacks, is that Malory's office from Archer?!

    Mackie LunkeyMackie Lunkey2 timmar sedan
  • Well at least now we can be sure that it's not a problem of some developers, but a problem of the gaming industry as a whole.

    Wolfram SteindlWolfram Steindl2 timmar sedan
  • I used to make tin foil bowls alot when i was younger and still a stoner, lmaoo glad to see i wasnt alone.

    Boricua WarriorBoricua Warrior2 timmar sedan

    Harrison PowellHarrison Powell2 timmar sedan
  • Damn, Other Joe. Care to share your secret for those thicc-ass thighs?

    RAMbunctious BoYoRAMbunctious BoYo2 timmar sedan
    • ass to grass my friend. Ass to grass.

      lawlestestlawlestestTimme sedan
  • 25:59 😂

    Ice NoteIce Note2 timmar sedan
  • I think the guy in the promo should done Johnny s voice yeah “sit stay”would have worked

    Ott OneOtt One2 timmar sedan
  • Other Joe didn't skip leg day.

    Lonewolf ViciousLonewolf Vicious3 timmar sedan
  • The game has so many issues that I don't think that they can fix it. Fuck CDPR and fuck this trash game

    FairmonkeyFairmonkey3 timmar sedan
  • They. Should have called it cyber punk the guitar hero who wouldn’t die not 2077

    Ott OneOtt One3 timmar sedan
    • Or the cyber demon with middieyoker voice acting able

      Ott OneOtt One3 timmar sedan
  • That opening was perfect, sums up the game perfectly, kudos to you joe

    Леонид ЗагровЛеонид Загров3 timmar sedan
  • The problem is cyberpunk was made by women

    Peter OswaldPeter Oswald3 timmar sedan
  • I don't have a next gen console nor do i need one right now. My PC that i built 4 years ago still plays other newer games just fine. If Cyberpunk cant run properly on either of my systems then i don't need to support it. We shouldn't have to upgrade jack sh*t to play this game. My systems are just fine. The issue lies with these companies releasing broken games, not because we didn't upgrade our platforms. Make games stable or don't release them. It really is that simple.

    Scythe Dragon XScythe Dragon X3 timmar sedan
  • Know what has 7+ years of development to it? A free fucking mod called The Frontier for new vegas, and that runs better and plays better than this shit.

    Agent ShepardAgent Shepard3 timmar sedan
  • Oh my lord

    DeitusDeitus3 timmar sedan
  • This is one of the best reviews Angry Joe has done so far. I still can't stop laughing about disco "balls"....🤣😂🤣

    W CW C3 timmar sedan
  • At the first few words I died of laughter haha that's too much

    Zip UupZip Uup3 timmar sedan
  • Consider the irony that corporate management bungled a game about a dystopian corpo-future....

    BedevereBedevere3 timmar sedan
  • Kinda sad to see Bethesda at that table.

    Whiterun GuardWhiterun Guard3 timmar sedan