CallMeCarson VODS: UNO (Part Three)

20 jul 2019
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Streamed on 7/19/19
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  • Bro fucken Josh broke the rule at 22:53

    bro why am i herebro why am i here13 dagar sedan
  • pot of greed

    james D.james D.Månad sedan
  • For anyone wondering a Yerb has 380mg of caffeine,, a Bang only has 300.

    Noah RenneNoah Renne3 månader sedan
  • 1:15:15 although there are various mentions of rocks and apes and vermin and rats and plague previously, this is where we see the shift of FULL CAVE MAN APE MAN ROCK EAT ROCK MAN EAT ROCK mode

    andrew liandrew li4 månader sedan
  • Yerba matte makes most people just shit uncontrollably.

    Mallie EggetttMallie Eggettt4 månader sedan
  • 16:09 1:15:40 1:41:30

    Idk what I’m DoingIdk what I’m Doing4 månader sedan
  • commenting 10 months late so i stand out more

    Caleb MoriniCaleb Morini5 månader sedan
  • :TF:

    Me? Adam.Me? Adam.5 månader sedan
  • the difference in humor between travis and noah is just. huge

    hqntashqntas5 månader sedan
  • there are 69 dislikes... *noice*

    CinnamonrollCinnamonroll5 månader sedan
  • 1:05:20 you know true man. i... am integrity.

    Applesauce MortonApplesauce Morton6 månader sedan
  • ok but Yerba is not strong

    Megan HurleyMegan Hurley6 månader sedan
  • carson is high af look at him dance

    xdd xdxdd xd6 månader sedan
  • !ape

    What?! A Ghost!What?! A Ghost!6 månader sedan
  • 15:59 Ted calls Carson's bluff

    Hunter C.Hunter C.6 månader sedan
  • 1:06:58 That timing

    ¡Pika!¡Pika!6 månader sedan
  • Hello? What happend?

    Jaden debeerJaden debeer7 månader sedan
  • Is Carson overweight or underweight?

    • Hes neither hes Carson

      Little BirdieLittle Birdie7 månader sedan
  • What's the energy drink

    Anobody66Anobody667 månader sedan
  • 57:49 😂

    Elijah WoodardElijah Woodard7 månader sedan
  • This bit ROCKs

    Mahogany MouseMahogany Mouse7 månader sedan
  • 50:51 Makes me laugh every time

    Mr. FusionMr. Fusion7 månader sedan
  • "WE EVOLVED FOR A REASON" is by far my favorite travis joke

    Fridrihs OlšteinsFridrihs Olšteins7 månader sedan
  • Haha funny because pot of greed is from yugio haha

    NoScope 360SnipedNoScope 360Sniped8 månader sedan
  • I first watched this video last year and I immediately set out to find the exact brand of Yerba Mate that they have. I fucking FOUND IT this week. They did not overhype it or exaggerate it. This shit has had me CRACKED TF OUT for, like, 12 hours straight. Dude, I got so much shit done. My entire basement is now spotless. I'd give my thanks to these boys, but I'd be an enabler to my enablers. This shit has adderall written all over it. Shit's crazy. TL;DR: Yerba Mate make me go fast yum yum zoom zoom

    Rhiannon ReinhardRhiannon Reinhard8 månader sedan
  • girl's locker room: omg i love your shirt where'd you get it? boy's locker room: 1:15:35

    EmeraldEmerald8 månader sedan
    • That's so funny and random haha laugh laugh hee

      SammySalmonSammySalmon8 månader sedan
  • Uh

    Elijah PreisElijah Preis8 månader sedan
  • They play the game at 17:53

    TrxvestyTrxvesty9 månader sedan
  • Yellow eight

    PappyCorn7PappyCorn79 månader sedan
  • What happened what happened what happened what happened what happened hello what happened

    noya-noodlesnoya-noodles9 månader sedan
  • 1:01:37 1:15:36

    Matthew SchrammMatthew Schramm9 månader sedan
  • 50:24

    its hermitits hermit10 månader sedan
    • Rigatoni!

      its hermitits hermit10 månader sedan
  • Why do they sound high this stream?

    ExodusExodus10 månader sedan
    • Exodus the Yerba

      IzzadoodleIzzadoodle6 månader sedan
  • sex!

    edwad wiosedwad wios10 månader sedan
  • Elderberry is good for you. Immune booster

    Mac PovlishMac Povlish10 månader sedan
  • Horses in the back

    based doomguybased doomguy10 månader sedan
  • i really need help finding a clip of carson and ted taling in italian accents

    Lizsmito 72Lizsmito 7210 månader sedan
  • Me read Aristartle

    SpongySpongy10 månader sedan
  • 1:41:32 grindin

    Lizsmito 72Lizsmito 7210 månader sedan
  • Time stamp: 14:15

    Acorn SwirlAcorn Swirl10 månader sedan
  • how did most of the stream turn into caveman talk.

    TheGoldenKingTheGoldenKing10 månader sedan
  • What does vod(s) mean i have seen it everywhere but i cant tell what it means

    Hollow CryHollow Cry11 månader sedan
  • 47:10 is honestly favorite spot IM ANGER

    Steamy SulixxSteamy Sulixx11 månader sedan
  • bruh whi else just does 200 mg caffeine pills regularly ,hell i double em during some allnighters before exams

    Charlie BakerCharlie Baker11 månader sedan
  • 1:21:15 *rockchain*

    Milo SzecketMilo SzecketÅr sedan
  • yerba (pronounced share-ba) is the wimp's coffee

    Milo SzecketMilo SzecketÅr sedan
    • and typically served in a dried gourd as loose leaf tea with a metal filter straw. the drink is probably made cocida.

      Milo SzecketMilo SzecketÅr sedan
    • it's also fucking delicious

      Milo SzecketMilo SzecketÅr sedan
    • and most of the buzz is actually mateine

      Milo SzecketMilo SzecketÅr sedan
  • Dude there’s Arabic at the bottom of my screen! What a gem of a man

    Melissa WestMelissa WestÅr sedan
  • ,TF,

    Sockman 92Sockman 92År sedan
  • 1:28:46 when travis thinks you are stupid you stupid

    BodhiBodhiÅr sedan
  • I probably drink 3 Yerba mates a day like calm down

    alexis44748alexis44748År sedan
  • me invest in rockstock

    FluxitFluxitÅr sedan
  • 1:11:49

    Parker PowellParker PowellÅr sedan
  • 1:04:16

    Parker PowellParker PowellÅr sedan
  • Ogaa pogaa arms

    Laraoui 95Laraoui 95År sedan
  • 1:18:24 starts rocks

    Hannah MendilloHannah MendilloÅr sedan
  • Yerba mate increases ur chances of getting oesophagus cancer btw

    RynastyRynastyÅr sedan
  • Clicks on vide just to watch uno. All they talk about is this drink is like meth

    Tayce MillerTayce MillerÅr sedan
  • :TF:

    Sadie LayneSadie LayneÅr sedan
  • petition for the boys in the house to livestream playing uno irl..

    alexisalexisÅr sedan
    • Get twitch

      Kitteh FauxKitteh Faux8 månader sedan
  • Yerba Mate has as much caffeine as like a regular coffee, but the tea taste helps soothe the mind. I don't understand how they're exaggerating how much caffeine it has. There are people who drink 2 liters of it everyday.

    CampioneDi17CampioneDi17År sedan

    JackLox123JackLox123År sedan
  • Carson acting like we didn’t play Yu-Gi-Oh in School

    Saul WilsonSaul WilsonÅr sedan
  • 0:00 you can thank me.later

    Log FLog FÅr sedan
  • 1:15:35 APE MAN

    Hunter C.Hunter C.År sedan
  • The fact that they live in the same house makes this ten times funnier

    necro nerdnecro nerdÅr sedan
  • 42:45 “chat say And i oop-“

    unknown lmaounknown lmaoÅr sedan
  • i really just watched four sorta grown men make roasts and jokes about rocks for 30 minutes straight.

    SunnyAGDollsSunnyAGDollsÅr sedan
  • 1:15:00

    iheartkiecatsiheartkiecatsÅr sedan
  • “That is a false. You no true, man. I am integrity.”

    iheartkiecatsiheartkiecatsÅr sedan
  • I'd drink it

    SamSamÅr sedan
  • Yerbamate is holy water

    Notoriously StupidNotoriously StupidÅr sedan
  • Find this kinda sad cause idk why you all hang out in person and play uno

    Kaleb SmithKaleb SmithÅr sedan
    • okay kaleb

      CamelliaCamelliaÅr sedan
    • What

      Kaleb SmithKaleb SmithÅr sedan
    • okay kaleb

      literal agonyliteral agonyÅr sedan
  • Rock

    Ewa ?Ewa ?År sedan
  • wasd

    The True NordThe True NordÅr sedan
  • My head hurts help

    Flippin’ FingerboardingFlippin’ FingerboardingÅr sedan
  • OH lOok AT mE i uSe ClOB On Dog

    Callmekevin The__lord_of_nothingCallmekevin The__lord_of_nothingÅr sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    sophie phillipssophie phillipsÅr sedan
  • 17:52 your are welcome

    The Bear-ier BM74The Bear-ier BM74År sedan
  • whats the drink

    Sir Alek TodSir Alek TodÅr sedan
  • Can I please have the link to that light in the background

    Buffed FrogBuffed FrogÅr sedan
    • If you still care im pretty sure those are from nanoleaf

      Adel FaruqueAdel Faruque5 månader sedan
  • 4:02 “Back In Black by AC/DC plays in the background”

    SonnetSonnetÅr sedan
  • !ape lelelel

    kermit the bannedkermit the bannedÅr sedan
  • Haha funny pot of greed

    flowerbabyflowerbabyÅr sedan
  • 1:41:30

    kliwwykliwwyÅr sedan
  • 21:55 Adoption Center 47:20 Yellow Eight 48:32 The Muppets 1:15:35 CaveMan

    xDehstxDehstÅr sedan
    • Omg cthe cave man shit killed me

      Jules HereJules Here5 månader sedan
    • Thanks

      L AL A6 månader sedan
    • Vexiuz XD thank you

      ScooterScooterÅr sedan
  • It’s vinegar pusssy

    BMO !BMO !År sedan
  • 17:50 wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg StEp BrO

    Josh BelknapJosh BelknapÅr sedan

  • you are a godsend now I do not have to deal with the hell that is twitch mobile vods that I've had to for the past 7-8 months

    gutterghoulgutterghoulÅr sedan
  • Please don't upload the minecraft Mondays one. Feel so bad for him, technos fans were so fucking rude.

    TwatTwatÅr sedan
  • You know, studies are being conducted that show some link between drinking hot mate and oral and throat cancers. More studies need to be done though, since so far it seems to be linked to the temperature of the mate, so who knows if it’s the Yerba plant or the hot water that increases the chance of oral cancer. So, you know, maybe the Yerba mate is rat poison. Or maybe it’s laced with amphetamines. Either way we should all drink more.

    Blue 2003 Toyota EchoBlue 2003 Toyota EchoÅr sedan
  • ahh the uno

    rayrayÅr sedan
  • I love this channel with Carson and the boi’s because whenever I’m feeling down and lonely it’s nice to feel like you have something to cheer you up here and there you lnow

    Dat GuyGageDat GuyGageÅr sedan
  • *U N G A B U N G A*

    Jon SpaldingJon SpaldingÅr sedan
  • its weird without all the editing

    アダムアダムÅr sedan
    • Mai-san

      xquel lampsxquel lamps9 månader sedan
  • 1:24:13 I was really hoping they would have said " ITS ROCK MONTH "

    Paprika BeautyPaprika BeautyÅr sedan
  • 1:41:31 jawsh's line is my new notification sound

    steve_grylls_51 axbsteve_grylls_51 axbÅr sedan
    • How do please tell

      Idk what I’m DoingIdk what I’m Doing4 månader sedan
  • Pot of greed

    Teresa STeresa SÅr sedan
  • Ya like deals and business’

    celerystickcelerystickÅr sedan
  • It’s 4am and I can’t sleep because I’m hooked on Carson videos please send help

    celerystickcelerystickÅr sedan
  • I hope he does more of these

    tomatoflighttomatoflightÅr sedan