18 okt 2020
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
In this video I open 47TH IN THE WORLD! TOP 200 SQUAD BATTLES REWARDS! FIFA 21 and show rewards from Squad Battles from Top 200 rewards and Elite 1 rewards.
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  • Another week another shite 15k walkout for me let’s go

    Hugh JedieHugh JedieMånad sedan
  • How do you crack top 200? Im on elite 1 and it doesn’t let me advance, I play games and get my points but it doesn’t add up on the bar, it just stays in the same spot and wont move.

    joseph roserojoseph roseroMånad sedan
  • 10 mil from BPM!? I mean i know its possible but idk man he had to spend atleast some FP

    yayo4nasalyayo4nasalMånad sedan
  • Best prem team for 100k on switch?

    Official DoveOfficial DoveMånad sedan
  • i got lewa from gold 2 squad battles. easy 120k when i sold him

    kiankianMånad sedan
  • Unreal how much you sound like Ricky Gervais lol

    Sven FransenSven FransenMånad sedan
  • I packed diego carlos and joe gomez from elite 1 this week, I know people hate on squad battles but it's easy coins and tradeable packs.

    Evan DipasqualeEvan DipasqualeMånad sedan
  • traders are ruining the game. Ea SHOULD limit the amount of players you can buy per day to help curb trading. fix it so that you can only buy 3 players every 6 hours and 1 of the same player every 24 hours. give us back the game traders.. copy and paste if you agree

    ben Sirben SirMånad sedan
  • How i can get to top 200 in squad battles?

    אלעד טויטואלעד טויטוMånad sedan
  • jeez you are one miserable spunk trumpet!!!!

    Tom CrippsTom CrippsMånad sedan
  • i made a video on how to make millions of free coins! no clickbait!

    C7LC7LMånad sedan
  • "Pre-order packs were as pre-order packs are" Hey i packed son from mine, thats pretty nice :(

    kingzetsykingzetsyMånad sedan
  • I packed mid r9 on early access (pre order pack) sold him for 15mil (I’m on pc) then today packed Ronaldo in two player upgrade my TikTok is Rab.666 it’s on there! I havnt had to buy any fifa points this year🤣

    R_R_Månad sedan
  • Just packed bale but I don’t know whether to sell

    Nnamdi Vincent-OtionoNnamdi Vincent-OtionoMånad sedan
  • ive never laughed as much in the foreign account

    Soul Kennys11Soul Kennys11Månad sedan
  • Got kante elite 1 happy

    Jack KennedyJack KennedyMånad sedan
  • Scripted game scripted packs it’s laughable

    David HurstDavid HurstMånad sedan
  • Hey hep any chance of uploading ur streams to YT.

    martin o neillmartin o neillMånad sedan
  • Packed mane and otw havertz from pre orders

    Shush.Shush.Månad sedan
  • i got a icon from silver 2 rewards

    Harun OmerovicHarun OmerovicMånad sedan
  • Why does nepo sugar coat every pack now

    Kaiser349Kaiser349Månad sedan
  • His name is pronounced DEE-BALA!!

    Jonathan PachecoJonathan PachecoMånad sedan
  • I packed icon Larsson

    Ali FaourAli FaourMånad sedan
  • How do u tell if it is a board

    Daniel TannerDaniel TannerMånad sedan
  • Pack pulls are so weird/random this year I think the whole game is backwards

    SparkySparkyMånad sedan
  • romagnoli there we goli

    ConnorConnorMånad sedan
  • I got de jong in my pre Oder pack

    YouTube CrystalYouTube CrystalMånad sedan
  • I got messi out of gold 3

    Kin ShasaKin ShasaMånad sedan
  • Is the crossing objective still bugged?

    Tommy TTommy TMånad sedan
  • A got semedo otw in a 5k pack

    aydan brownleeaydan brownleeMånad sedan
  • I've used up all my luck this fifa. Opened a pack from division rivals and got a libertadores player that was hiding cr7 😂

    Simon CastleSimon CastleMånad sedan
  • I got Hazard and Laporte in my pre order pack than rubish in my squad battles rewards

    Broken Matt HardyBroken Matt HardyMånad sedan
  • whats the bronze pack method?

    Ian BonillaIan BonillaMånad sedan
  • After watching this packed ba bay keane

    The Beasty boyThe Beasty boyMånad sedan
  • how dare you talk about silva like that

    1AliMurphy1AliMurphyMånad sedan
  • Hey Nep I’d love to see a FIFA 21 video on BPM as I’m struggling to make a profit on it this year. I’m breaking even or making a small profit (around 2k an hour) but not making any good money. Am I doing something wrong perhaps? A video would be great. Thanks man!

    J LingzJ LingzMånad sedan
  • Can you do a bpm method

    Pattern 58Pattern 58Månad sedan
  • I packed son from a 25k pack in my gold 1 rewards RIP

    Marc ThomsonMarc ThomsonMånad sedan
  • cool

    Bendik Bakke WebergBendik Bakke WebergMånad sedan
  • Elite 1 - depay ...

    Florin ZFlorin ZMånad sedan
  • I got 88 fernando torres from elite 3

    ruairi donaghyruairi donaghyMånad sedan
  • Can someone tell me what is the brozepack method 6:58 ?

    MrGoOgMrGoOgMånad sedan
    • Mego Gouda i see . Thanks bro ❤️❤️

      MrGoOgMrGoOgMånad sedan
    • Open bronze packs and when you keep getting bronzes worth 1k 2k 3k 4K 5k sell them and repeat the process

      Mego GoudaMego GoudaMånad sedan
  • You all deserve shit rewards for cheating records on squad battles

    Harry WardHarry WardMånad sedan
  • Nep i've played with adama rogrido jesus inaki..all the expensive players and i was loosing every game.. i bought talisca alex teixeira and hulk and i m chillin

    k1NeNuTzzk1NeNuTzzMånad sedan
  • I love Nep's reaction whenever he sees the Spain or Italy flag

    The RedeemerThe RedeemerMånad sedan
  • I got mbappe from gold 2 squad battles 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Got that boi sold for 1.350.000 coins.

    Jon O'NeillJon O'NeillMånad sedan
  • I Got son from pre order pack 😊😊😊😊

    Ninth OriginNinth OriginMånad sedan
  • Sneaking Xhaka in there like we wouldn’t notice Nep 😂😂

    HarryyyyHDHarryyyyHDMånad sedan
  • No walkout, no board

    Ben HardcastleBen HardcastleMånad sedan
  • I got Bruno Fernandes for getting gold 2😂

    Montage ManMontage ManMånad sedan
  • I didn't get any pre order packs this week, do I not get them since I haven't opened my packs from last week? I'm saving packs

    RandallRandallMånad sedan
  • That low cross glitch fixed yet?

    Kaelon DKaelon DMånad sedan
  • I got ones to watch semedo!

    AngeloAngeloMånad sedan
  • Hey nep you should try 4-3-2-1 I’ve been using it with an attacking cm

    Neel HaricheNeel HaricheMånad sedan
  • Sounds stupid but can someone explain what BPM is

    Adzz WeedonAdzz WeedonMånad sedan
  • How many points is it for elite 1?

    Taylor DavidsonTaylor DavidsonMånad sedan
  • Got elite 1, along with my pre order packs. Banega 3 out of the 4 packs. :|

    weedeemorrisonweedeemorrisonMånad sedan
  • Ffs I best player in my rewards was trapp

    MPEMPEMånad sedan
  • Y u never on your own account

    Gamer Joe 44Gamer Joe 44Månad sedan
  • Is the bpm the cheap ones or the more expensive ish packs

    Harrison DarbyHarrison DarbyMånad sedan
  • grinded for elite 3, got nothing

    Adam BachurekAdam BachurekMånad sedan
  • Romagnoli there we goalie 😂

    Keiran FordKeiran FordMånad sedan
  • i didn’t play much squad battles this week and so i got silver 1, opened my packs and got Mane😁🤣

    HipHopRatesHipHopRatesMånad sedan
  • I got gold 1 and got nothing lol

    FO FusionZzFO FusionZzMånad sedan
  • i got kante from my packs, couldnt be happier

    Luka RadakovicLuka RadakovicMånad sedan
    • Same here👋

      Alexander BanseAlexander BanseMånad sedan
  • why don’t you stream twitch?

    Taylor MorrisTaylor MorrisMånad sedan
  • I got Mbappé from gold1

    Ali KhanAli KhanMånad sedan
  • Squad battle rewards aren’t worth the grind

    Balraj MarwahaBalraj MarwahaMånad sedan
  • I keep packing players worth 200 coins in the bpm how do I make profit??

    RobsonGamesRobsonGamesMånad sedan
  • 15:27 ayyy a South African

    King NinjaKing NinjaMånad sedan
  • I packed baby Owen for gold 1 and played only half my gsmes ahahah

    Joshua McDonaghJoshua McDonaghMånad sedan
  • In dutch when you say multiple pakket, we say pakketten, not pakkets😂 thought you were cultured🤪

    Bart AjaxBart AjaxMånad sedan
  • I packed rashford and firmino in a 50k pAck

    Benmc206Benmc206Månad sedan
  • I feel bad when I get elite 2 and get a icon sol

    Austistic minecraft lets playAustistic minecraft lets playMånad sedan
  • I just packed Mbappe!!

    NotOften ToldNotOften ToldMånad sedan
  • I completed those 500 goals and assists for 2 100k packs and my best players were oscar and adama from both packs man.. I am so frustrated right now, not a single player worth 20k+

    Seby LemnaruSeby LemnaruMånad sedan
    • Same

      dennis Mourillondennis MourillonMånad sedan
  • How many points you mees doe elite 1? Can someone help me

    Thomas den HollanderThomas den HollanderMånad sedan
  • I got banaga, yeahhh 😕

    karloslxxixkarloslxxixMånad sedan
  • I got to E3 en fucking 82 paulista as best.... still total of 50 k for e3

    Lorenzo MoneyLorenzo MoneyMånad sedan
  • In my squad battle rewards I got gold 2 and packed varane and totw firmino in the same pack altogether 450k

    Sherbtoe 00Sherbtoe 00Månad sedan
  • Cheers for opening my rewards nep, pretty whack for 47th in the world but at least I got in a vid😂 dreams do come true boys 😂

    Liam WadeLiam WadeMånad sedan
    • @Hshaha Usbebajz what about it.

      Injustice PLAYZInjustice PLAYZ18 dagar sedan
    • @Injustice PLAYZ his money

      Hshaha UsbebajzHshaha Usbebajz18 dagar sedan
    • @Hshaha Usbebajz ?

      Injustice PLAYZInjustice PLAYZ19 dagar sedan
    • How did you get the money?

      Hshaha UsbebajzHshaha UsbebajzMånad sedan
    • @Liam Wade hurt him!

      SparkeyyyyySparkeyyyyyMånad sedan
  • I got elite 1, and got 2 rare mega packs, and carvajal and son. So I am happy.

    h bh bMånad sedan
  • 41212 narrow is my fav formation this year

    Patrick FesslerPatrick FesslerMånad sedan
  • Squad battles this year is pretty easy imo, last year I.could only do rubbish chem teams on Legendary then the rest would likely be professional however, this year im finding myself completing 100 chem teams on world class and smashing low chem teams on Legendary. Anyone else finding Ai on Fifa 21 rather easy?

    eel617eel617Månad sedan
  • Ea need to lower the amout of div rivals points you get for champs and just make it so fut champs dont count towards your div rival game limit

    Tom EllisTom EllisMånad sedan
  • I got visca in elite3

    Dan MasonDan MasonMånad sedan
  • You have some shit luck

    Billy LyonsBilly LyonsMånad sedan
  • I packed griezman as soon as you did and I was so annoyed it wasn’t mbappe

    HR7 Games!HR7 Games!Månad sedan
  • Anyone else's squad battles rewards missing?

    Gary McKinnonGary McKinnonMånad sedan
  • The walkouts 😂😂😂

    Sharky MeldrewSharky MeldrewMånad sedan
  • I got Alisson from silver 1 rewards

    Konsta NykänenKonsta NykänenMånad sedan
  • 6:55 I've made 150k today from BPM if you do that for a week thats like 1.5 million coins!

    The Gaming BoiThe Gaming BoiMånad sedan
    • Yes, if a week was 10 days long

      Steven WhitelawSteven WhitelawMånad sedan
    • lmao

      connor thompsonconnor thompsonMånad sedan
  • I packed base Figo😳

    Panda Savage HWDPanda Savage HWDMånad sedan
  • Packed Koulibaly should I sell or wait?

    David MoralesDavid MoralesMånad sedan
  • Was gonna buy sissoko, packed him outa my sb packs then sold him on and bought Allan instead...so it worked out I guess.

    Randolph MorganRandolph MorganMånad sedan
    • How is he? I am planning to get him aswell but i am waiting to drop in price a bit

      Seby LemnaruSeby LemnaruMånad sedan
  • I don’t know how people play squad battles. I get bored and want to leave literally 10 minutes into a game.

    Pick 6 PetermanPick 6 PetermanMånad sedan
    • Play on beginner and just put something on the controller so it keeps moving. Gets you some packs

  • Elite 1 got Kostic

    FriedMonkey2580FriedMonkey2580Månad sedan
  • I got the French striker griezemann troll as well, heart sank when I saw the Barca badge

    Jake BoyleJake BoyleMånad sedan
  • I got papu gomez from the pre order pack

    Tim WaltersTim WaltersMånad sedan
  • Elite 2 and I got 87 zola😂

    Harry Bowker-JonesHarry Bowker-JonesMånad sedan