TommyInnit Plays Among Us And Is ALWAYS The Imposter

28 sep 2020
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TommyInnit Plays Among Us And Is ALWAYS The Imposter
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  • Reply with your own timestamps!!!! - Rudy POG among us

    TommyVODSTommyVODS3 månader sedan
    • rudy pog among us

      Forrest SellmannForrest SellmannDag sedan
    • 2:19 pog

      TheBestNoobHDTheBestNoobHD5 dagar sedan
    • 34:58 I don’t know

      Ninja Nate GamingNinja Nate Gaming13 dagar sedan
    • 1:16:17 wilbur ends stream

      tobio chantobio chan13 dagar sedan
    • 0:00 - Nerd Starts 1:34:41 - The best time

      Exsistence YTExsistence YT16 dagar sedan
  • tommy: aye me as well me: wait WHAT

    UndeckedFoxUndeckedFoxDag sedan
  • thes is fucking why i wache you guys you all are fucking funney

    Forrest SellmannForrest SellmannDag sedan
  • 19:52 Bruh XDDD you could clearly see Tubbo vent in admin XDD

    Mintaj _Mintaj _2 dagar sedan
  • Every one complaining about Wilbur chat.. dudes an adult who let's someone pixel words force him to quit streaming.. what a pussy

    gofuck yourselfgofuck yourself2 dagar sedan
  • clickbate

    sarahbutler studiossarahbutler studios3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur's accent isn't actually that bad

    Quinn WilsonQuinn Wilson3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like I have such a love hate relationship with twitch, like I enjoy watching people like tommy, tubbo, wilbur, etc but seriously the chats are so toxic sometimes and I feel terrible for the creators who think all of their fans are against them when in reality there are some genuine people who don't take things like that seriously. plus when bots come and they have to make it sub only it really annoys me cause then subs just talk sh!t about the other viewers in chat cause they can

    Ellie CochranEllie Cochran4 dagar sedan
  • i cringe so much when tommy speaks spanish

    Sarfraaz AliSarfraaz Ali4 dagar sedan
    • I’m learning Spanish, and even I know that half of that wasn’t real words

      Nerdy GerlyNerdy Gerly4 dagar sedan

    Ali TAli T5 dagar sedan
  • 2:20

    CraftZe_RoCraftZe_Ro6 dagar sedan
  • 1:17:20

    Lilly-Anne WilsonLilly-Anne Wilson6 dagar sedan
  • Me: one thing I like is potatoes Tommy: one thing I like are rules And also women

    Adam RignallAdam Rignall6 dagar sedan
  • 19:29

    Lilly-Anne WilsonLilly-Anne Wilson6 dagar sedan
  • wilbur: *talks in aussie bogan accent* tommy: *votes him off* you sound so shit... me who is australian: :'D

    ZayzelsZayzels7 dagar sedan
  • Mans realy said how are you please?

    516 xddefaultxdxd516 xddefaultxdxd10 dagar sedan
  • schlatt: where was everybody when the button was called? wilbur: navigation Smajor: trash shoot philzaaaa: i was in navigation with wilbur tommy: *cam-eR-a* 49:53

    elmoes noseelmoes nose10 dagar sedan
  • Tommy should play among us more

    Jake AsquithJake Asquith10 dagar sedan
  • he really used that Worship and Prayer.

    Kamryn 5002278Kamryn 500227813 dagar sedan
  • man Tommy is just to funny Thanks Tommy always making my day that little bit better

    Nova OfficialNova Official13 dagar sedan
  • Tommy speaks: Get's voted off Shclatt kills in front of everybody: Everybody skips

    ZoeyZoey13 dagar sedan
  • I like how tommy just underhandedly told willbur's chat that they fucked up, because they did, the color issue was an inside joke and they acted so rude. And i also love how tommy was worried about tubbo so he called him in another room to talk.

    eurica A. G.eurica A. G.14 dagar sedan
  • when tommy killed phil in front of scott i actually thought it was not too bad of a play. they voted against tommy even though scott and tommy literally had the exact same argument except fit for them. i think it’s really unfair that they never believe tommy

    kooghiikooghii14 dagar sedan
  • 2:19 What are we doing? We're going to play fortnite. YEEEEAAASSS

    lilith longstreetlilith longstreet15 dagar sedan
  • Fortnight

    pokemon fanpokemon fan15 dagar sedan
  • 2:19 "were going to play fortnite" - tommy

    KelseyKelsey16 dagar sedan
  • did he say i like scottsmajor in spanish omg i knew he was gay the whole time lmao

    BuggyCanGameBuggyCanGame16 dagar sedan
  • camera

    Alison BolingerAlison Bolinger17 dagar sedan
  • I like how the title says Tommyinit is ALWAYS the impostor, but literally just gets crewmate 5 games in a row

    CadaverCadaver17 dagar sedan
  • i was not expecting to see scott in this group

    iamagirlinrediamagirlinred17 dagar sedan
  • "How are you, please?" - Tommyinnit Spanish translation 2020.

    Bûrnt CøughdrøpBûrnt Cøughdrøp18 dagar sedan
  • Ive started to like your youtube channel and your videos since my brother told me about you and i wish i watched you longer ago because you are so good even though you swear i dont care because i dont say swear words because im nine years old btw POGCHAMP

    Sienna HennessySienna Hennessy19 dagar sedan
  • 49:12 when it all goes downhill

    chloe 1234chloe 123420 dagar sedan
  • 1:16:16 makes me so sad :( I can’t believe Wilbur’s chat bullied him into ending stream over a COLOUR.

    Nerdy GerlyNerdy Gerly20 dagar sedan
  • Alternate Title: a group of teens and adults in their twenties being complete idiots in a murder mystery game

    Violet EvergardenViolet Evergarden21 dag sedan

    Gavin ChatelGavin Chatel21 dag sedan
  • You’re the entire circus you little idiot nor only was he mot always the impostor but you morons spelled it wrong wth

    JackGamingTV 123712JackGamingTV 12371221 dag sedan
  • So soooooooooooooooooooooo funny and i almost died lol

    Majihkawn JarsoiMajihkawn Jarsoi22 dagar sedan
  • We're going to play Fortnite

    Cringey DingusCringey Dingus22 dagar sedan
  • What does pog mean🙃

    Crystal Lynne #2Crystal Lynne #223 dagar sedan
    • Play if the game

      Katame_ KrizuKatame_ Krizu5 dagar sedan
  • Tommy is bad at being imposter

    _Orphan_Killer__Orphan_Killer_23 dagar sedan
  • 41:50 for imp round

    Malayah TurnerMalayah Turner25 dagar sedan
  • The left death archaeologically fear because diamond simplistically thank up a wild outrigger. previous, synonymous wrecker

    Jason ChuiJason Chui25 dagar sedan
  • #tubbosuckasanimposter

    LexAgastLexAgast25 dagar sedan
  • Tubbo:Whats Going on? Tommy:We're going to play... *F O R T N I T E* Tubbo: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 2:19

    JamesPlayz GachaJamesPlayz Gacha25 dagar sedan
  • Tommy isn't a bad player His friends just have high IQs

    KipsKips26 dagar sedan
  • In 2:20 is the best part of my life :) I mean 2:19 xd

    Doggo AnimationsDoggo Animations26 dagar sedan
  • notice the code: 69769 30:28

    chicken nuggetschicken nuggets27 dagar sedan
    • 69420

      Rhett MuellerRhett Mueller17 dagar sedan
  • Bro wilbur didn’t deserve his toxic chat :(

    Bronte Oliver-WattsBronte Oliver-Watts27 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes. ALWAYS the imposter.

    Lil Sharty GamezLil Sharty Gamez28 dagar sedan
  • Peggerz

    CharilePlayzCharilePlayz28 dagar sedan
  • 2:19

    Wooden StoolWooden StoolMånad sedan
  • scam scam but i still am a fan

    Light StrikesLight StrikesMånad sedan
  • 45:45 no.

    GraceGraceMånad sedan
  • dam

    Cooper CurrinCooper CurrinMånad sedan

    destinydestinyMånad sedan

    Blue _Blue _Månad sedan
  • Tommy: I won’t get many views Me: Why I don’t want to watch is because your so loud

    Creeper ExplosionCreeper ExplosionMånad sedan
  • 2:19 (Y E E E E S)

    Luck Luccas motaLuck Luccas motaMånad sedan
  • 6:48- start 11:37- second 19:35- third 32:23- fourth 42:10- fifth 48:12- sixth 56:10- seventh 1:12:49 - eighth 1:26:29- ninth Your welcome :)

    PiscesPiscesMånad sedan
  • 2:18 for anyone who saw that animation

    Lucas ThomasLucas ThomasMånad sedan
  • 28:22 tommy tells tubbo to mute

    ediblesediblesMånad sedan
  • So I am Australian and British half n half

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • Also my ma is british

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • All my friends love you so U are a fav in australia

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • I am top of my class in Spanish straight A's for 2 years

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • And Como estas means how are you

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • It means hello what is Ur name

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • Hola Como te llamas mi llamo shrill

    shrillpikachu aka shrillshrillpikachu aka shrillMånad sedan
  • Lmao

    EpikMurkEpikMurkMånad sedan
  • Tommy needs to be more like pikmin4

    Joshua WhitehallJoshua WhitehallMånad sedan
  • Title tommyinnit always get imposter me: why you always lying

    Light NightLight NightMånad sedan
  • 2:18

    『 F R z a p h 』『 F R z a p h 』Månad sedan
  • 2:17 turbo says yeah at fortnite

    CraftyWasTakenCraftyWasTakenMånad sedan
  • wilbur's chat was so toxic like wtf

    thekakagirlthekakagirlMånad sedan
  • i don’t even think tommy is bad at the game they just target him

    ExoExoMånad sedan
  • 2:19 "What's going on?" "We're going to play fortnite." "YESSS!"

    IronicIronicMånad sedan
  • The first part of the steam when tommy talks Spanish he said," how are you how are you more please"

    Lupe EsparzaLupe EsparzaMånad sedan
  • it's not even that your bad it's just that they're idiots and always find a way to incriminate you, no offence to them of course.

    fell sans a shadow Of Fearfell sans a shadow Of FearMånad sedan
  • the vod is 30 minutes in and tommy hasnt gotten impostor, clickbait

    Zach OgdenZach OgdenMånad sedan
  • tommy sucks at imposter- LEARN THE VENTS GOSH TOMMY /j (/joking, its a tone tag)

    5apli35apli3Månad sedan

    Sahana RinkerSahana RinkerMånad sedan
  • Anything for the highlights man

    ¿Gacha_ group?¿Gacha_ group?Månad sedan
  • Same old tommy joking about drugs

    ¿Gacha_ group?¿Gacha_ group?Månad sedan
  • i felt so bad for tubbo in the third round when he got exposed right away LMAOHDKFH

    Eva SerinskyEva SerinskyMånad sedan
  • "What's goin on?" "We're goin to play Fortnite" "YEAAA-"

    StickmanStickmanMånad sedan
  • Corpes: This son of a b..

    Walter PerryWalter PerryMånad sedan
  • 39:21 LMAOOO

    Maliha Noor HalimMaliha Noor HalimMånad sedan
  • 43:05 bookmark :p

    jared uwujared uwuMånad sedan
  • oh tommy

    Christina MChristina MMånad sedan
  • 34:20 Name Of Song?

    Toxic AlanToxic Alan2 månader sedan
  • 13:40 What Is The Song Name? Can Anyone Tell The Name

    Toxic AlanToxic Alan2 månader sedan
  • His poster doe😐

    Susie DeaverSusie Deaver2 månader sedan
  • how are you schlatt? okay.. how are you david? ......

    katelyn bkatelyn b2 månader sedan

    katelyn bkatelyn b2 månader sedan
  • It’s hard hearing my idol talk down on the Australian ascent

    Hokage_ TadashiHokage_ Tadashi2 månader sedan
  • 1:09:23

    ShaylinShaylin2 månader sedan

    Goodguy 252Goodguy 2522 månader sedan
  • 2:18 “What’s going on?” “We’re gonna play *F O R T N I T E* *”YEEEEEEEA”*

    Elevated 1Elevated 12 månader sedan
  • "I'm sorry I've got a serious donation but just send some pogchamps" we love tommy being supportive with pogchamps ♥️

    GraceGrace2 månader sedan