Skyblock: Potato War 3 (FINALE)

13 jul 2020
15 945 132 visningar

why did i spend 600 hours on this war. this was a terrible idea
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squid kid:
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"Wandering Nomad"
Cody Francis
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  • i tried my best

    im a squid kidim a squid kid10 månader sedan
    • Nice ✨ t o e s ✨


      YoshiPlays1637YoshiPlays16373 månader sedan
    • @unrelenting awesomeness he did go to the store though

      QyasarQyasar3 månader sedan
    • nic hair ::)

      T_0K0T_0K03 månader sedan
    • Ya nooooob

      Indigo on IOSIndigo on IOS3 månader sedan
  • That "I'm free" with the fade out gave me chills

    InsomniaInsomniaTimme sedan
  • Can I get you to teach me your ways, I want to learn your psychological power. I need this power!

    Garion SpeerGarion SpeerTimme sedan
  • When techno said “ I’m free” and played the guitar music I almost cried...

    Glitched OutGlitched Out3 timmar sedan
  • Tommy out here callin Techno out, "I remember, my favourite point where it just- it was absolutely crazy. we were in a call with Will and Philza, and Techno just- entirely serious- says 'I've tracked him down to 4 colleges,' like, wtf" I have no words. your work ethic and dedication is jaw dropping.

  • ...There is just- so much math. Thank God Techno is a Minecraft SEworldr and not Government official. the entire world would either be greatly benefited from him, or we would all fear him.

  • The dedication this man has... is sexy. I was just sayin what y’all are thinkin

    ThatCoolCatThatCoolCat9 timmar sedan
  • haha u should used farm set

    matthew makowskimatthew makowski9 timmar sedan
  • This gives me life

    Sleep NowSleep Now9 timmar sedan
  • My birthday is June 6

    Yule PanYule Pan10 timmar sedan
  • I see a lot of myself in technoblade and it scares me

    Supa_SkillzSupa_Skillz10 timmar sedan
  • techno you did it 👑

    LunarMationsLunarMations11 timmar sedan
  • You should attempt to do another series like thing. You got a lot of views and probably gained a lot of subscribers. You should do a challenge like beating Minecraft in a flat world.

    The PookstersThe Pooksters11 timmar sedan
  • How did it take me four months to realize the intro is a parody of the intro from CW’s hit TV show The Flash

    101Degrees101Degrees11 timmar sedan
  • how your computer is not laggig

    Pepper_ Blob_TwTPepper_ Blob_TwT12 timmar sedan
  • were techno why you no upload

    Debbie RhoadesDebbie Rhoades12 timmar sedan
  • wait, did he stop skyblock, :O why i think this, he hasnt been uploading new vids, but at the end, vary wise, so wise you dont need wise armour XD

    Manosnap YTManosnap YT14 timmar sedan
  • All warfare is based

    RossadinhoRossadinho14 timmar sedan
  • Techno is so smart

    Donia GreenDonia Green15 timmar sedan
  • ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

    OOFF OOFFOOFF OOFF16 timmar sedan
  • If god send you to hell, it will be reflected and you will become god

    Christian InglisChristian Inglis20 timmar sedan
  • Techno explaining things I already know but forgot: Techno: “Hey if you afk, you can’t afk all day” Me: “HEH??”

    DopoDopoDag sedan
  • Potato

    Tom HumphriesTom HumphriesDag sedan
  • When I realize that I was watching that stream when techno danced on squid kid and that was before techno had 1mill subs… does this make me an og fan???

    Abigail WattAbigail WattDag sedan
  • 8:04 my personal favorite

    Amicable _angkAmicable _angkDag sedan
  • 8:10 lol

    Loo LooLoo LooDag sedan
  • Techno Blade is a good potato.

    MappaMappaDag sedan
  • 00:53 top secret sus

    Nitin WilliamNitin WilliamDag sedan
  • Technoblade is to smart for this

    XxxgamergirlzXxxgamergirlzDag sedan
  • Stop sabotaging bro - Sun Tzu

    S AdS AdDag sedan
  • Carrots is better

    Thord SolheimThord SolheimDag sedan
  • 👏 well done

    Rogue WarriorRogue WarriorDag sedan
  • That was hillarious: BOZO Bozo get out of here bozo your a fricking bozo bozo

    Piggington The greatPiggington The greatDag sedan
  • u got so many like tho to and u went agenst tecno bruh

    Evangeline SkinnerEvangeline SkinnerDag sedan
  • at least ur bing a good sport kid

    Evangeline SkinnerEvangeline SkinnerDag sedan
  • I like how he quotes sun tzu

    Silver the Grand KaijuSilver the Grand KaijuDag sedan
  • you scaring me man .... i really do not want to be you enemy

    Regele GamerRegele GamerDag sedan
  • 4:47 MEME

    PE Player 33PE Player 33Dag sedan
  • Let's patato minecraft

    NemanjaGamer BalkanNemanjaGamer BalkanDag sedan
  • just realized that the intro is the same as the flash

    Glitch Craft8Glitch Craft8Dag sedan
  • 7:15 that made me lol

    Lucas MartinLucas MartinDag sedan
  • squid kid=cringe????????????

    DavidtheduckyyDavidtheduckyyDag sedan
  • wait what? you have the death note?

    Charles WangCharles WangDag sedan
  • i am the fastest skyblocker alive😄😄😄😄😄

    dream face revealdream face revealDag sedan
  • Techno is way to good at playing Death Note...

    Josh CJosh C2 dagar sedan
  • P o t a t o

    Blacklight PruductionsBlacklight Pruductions2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine the terror this man would instill upon any who might cross him...

    Yellow LeafYellow Leaf2 dagar sedan
  • He... he... he’s unhinged

    StrupesStrupes2 dagar sedan
  • Lol Techno keeps changing thumb nails why

    8-BIT8-BIT2 dagar sedan
  • 6:14 😂

    Shipmaster2410Shipmaster24102 dagar sedan
  • I am better

    Gavin WaldronGavin Waldron2 dagar sedan
  • How come all your famous quotes are from the potato war

    Gacha WolfGacha Wolf2 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t you simple just have more potatoes than him at all times

    Anthony BarajasAnthony Barajas2 dagar sedan
  • bro techno is actually very smart

    ben shepherdben shepherd2 dagar sedan

    Yuuko- simpYuuko- simp2 dagar sedan
  • this is why i respect technoblade anyone who is not subscribed to him after watching this video has no respect for this man a man who farmed potatoes for a year this man is no potato farmer he is a potato god

    james denhamjames denham2 dagar sedan
  • technoblade is the smartest guy ever... i SWEAR

    Death BuggieDeath Buggie2 dagar sedan
  • Techno is too big brain For you squid!

    Itz Flying TigerItz Flying Tiger2 dagar sedan
  • technoblade is mentALLY INSANE

    Its KakuIts Kaku2 dagar sedan
  • perhaps squid should've studied the art of war more

    Derek WangDerek Wang2 dagar sedan
  • The lesson from this never fight techno in anything ANYTHING if you beat him in spelling bee he would read every dictionary for 24 hours a day drinking bang and not sleeping

    sam bainessam baines2 dagar sedan
  • You are the master mind

    Sithu PaingTunSithu PaingTun2 dagar sedan
  • Ima try to nab first place, but it will take a really long time, ur safe 4 now tech

    Jakob VeinotteJakob Veinotte2 dagar sedan
  • i visited you're island and i seen the afk guard saying that leg rabbits that are lower then lvl 100 are sabotage. You should have seen how fast i changed my fricken pet.

    Soul StealerSoul Stealer2 dagar sedan
  • because it was me...

    legitiscutelegitiscute2 dagar sedan
  • Did you find out who’s house it was 8:29

    JamezJamez2 dagar sedan
  • If it has seeds then it is a fruit

    lei yanglei yang2 dagar sedan
  • When you realise that two people started an entire war just because of potatoes Your Technoblade stan friend: ITS NOT A WAR, ITS A REVOLUTION!!!!

    GamingBeast OfficialGamingBeast Official2 dagar sedan
  • Love the flash parody intro😃

    FaceDidNotLoadFaceDidNotLoad2 dagar sedan
  • Sadness Real afSadness Real af2 dagar sedan
  • Power is control # me

    Aadi SindhaAadi Sindha2 dagar sedan
  • pog

    saffsaff2 dagar sedan
  • No june 6 is my birthday ooohhh no

    Erdi Pro10Erdi Pro102 dagar sedan
  • Bruh....

    Little MouseLittle Mouse2 dagar sedan
  • death note music would fit so well at some moments

    DarktitisDarktitis2 dagar sedan
  • The King Of Potatoes

    D1MSUM5 _WasTakenD1MSUM5 _WasTaken2 dagar sedan
  • It vid just randomly auto played I this is my first time seeing this channel and I am confused like just confused about what was going on

    Jitin ReddyJitin Reddy3 dagar sedan
  • 16:11 He should be entering REM sleep just about now, it would be a real shame if someone woke him, I didn't actually wake him up cause I wasn't sure if intentional sleep deprivation was legally considered torture or not - Technoblade, The Great Potato Wars, 2020

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper3 dagar sedan
  • 7:40 Squid : *joins Techno's island as an alt account with a lvl 1 legendary pet rabbit* Technoblade : "you dare use my own spells against me, [orphan kid] ?"

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper3 dagar sedan
  • 4:47 I found the meme template

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper3 dagar sedan
  • Potato Wars #1 : Knock Out ! Potato Wars #2 : Finish Him ! Potato Wars #3 : Fatality !

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper3 dagar sedan
  • this man is a menace to society

    maya schmielaumaya schmielau3 dagar sedan
  • 7:13 IS SO FUNNY

    grugru3 dagar sedan
  • HOLY SHI- Y'all, I was looking for one more book to go on my bookshelf in my parents room, and y'all know what book I found!?!?? Sun Tzu on The Art Of War PERFECT

    Kiera M.Kiera M.3 dagar sedan
    • Have you started reading it?

      Benjamin AlexanderBenjamin Alexander2 timmar sedan
  • I never knew that the SEworldr i loved was insane

    Vibe SquadVibe Squad3 dagar sedan
  • 8:29 Did we find out who’s house it is

    NinjaPixieLily HiNinjaPixieLily Hi3 dagar sedan
  • the fact that a minor 2% could be *considered* as a ginormous lead scares me as to how concentrated these two are on being #1 potato

    Noel MendozaNoel Mendoza3 dagar sedan
  • savage. true mad lad.

    MasterPickleMasterPickle3 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade never dies ig

    L SmithL Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Aw Techno Im sorry that your spend so much time on farming potato but still YOUR THE BEST PLAYER EVER IN MINECRAFT YOUR THE GOD OF MINECRAFT! YAY🥳

    Mc Donald's EaterMc Donald's Eater3 dagar sedan
  • TECHNO YOUR THE BEST MINECRAFT PLAYER EVER AND IM YOUR #1 FAN also im_a_squid_kid has cool hairstyle LOL

    Mc Donald's EaterMc Donald's Eater3 dagar sedan
  • Squid kid just got clapped by techno blade techno blade is the god of potatoes not squid kid

    Jessicca JusticeJessicca Justice3 dagar sedan
  • 19:35 probably my favorite part

    Anak_smaAnak_sma3 dagar sedan
  • "He's playing sky block while I'm playing death note"

    Marlon HernandezMarlon Hernandez3 dagar sedan
  • 4:47 da meme

  • Technoblade never dies!!!

    oisin feigheryoisin feighery3 dagar sedan
  • im late but he did it finally

    Xd-On-DripツXd-On-Dripツ3 dagar sedan
  • Techno's teacher: how u gonna survive without electricity Technoblade: *POTATOES*

    Gab and Benz ඞGab and Benz ඞ3 dagar sedan
  • how to be the best at everything: buy a sun tzu book ~sun tzu~

    Netherite IngotNetherite Ingot3 dagar sedan
  • Techno is dark af

    Nick MarloweNick Marlowe3 dagar sedan