Skyblock: Potato War 3 (FINALE)

13 jul 2020
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why did i spend 600 hours on this war. this was a terrible idea
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"Wandering Nomad"
Cody Francis
from epidemic sounds

  • i tried my best

    im a squid kidim a squid kid4 månader sedan
    • we

      simber on catnipsimber on catnip20 dagar sedan
    • 18:32

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  • Day 4 of commenting this video until Technoblade gift me one of his alts accounts

    Just BenJust BenTimme sedan
  • This man could win wars with this level of strategy. He could save lives and end suffering from human to human. But instead he uses it to waste a year of his life harvesting 1 dimensional potatoes. What a legend

    Golden GriffinGolden GriffinTimme sedan
  • Squid Kid: I have the high ground Techno: you underestimate my power *wins potato war*

    Grant William NiemyerGrant William NiemyerTimme sedan
  • I love IT how they have a war for fricking POTATOES

    Spoopy ViperSpoopy ViperTimme sedan
  • 19:47 "Im free." Dude. The music. You can rest now, The Blade.

    ShadowShadow2 timmar sedan
  • Aw man why haven't i known this war this is humiliating the fact i love potatoes for real

    Fubuki COPZFubuki COPZ2 timmar sedan
  • why you be stinky squid kid XD

    Straw NuggetsStraw Nuggets3 timmar sedan
  • With The amount of sabotage you could be an actual spy

    Thomas ForbesThomas Forbes3 timmar sedan
  • War isn't over.. Yet until you died or you give up

    The UserThe User3 timmar sedan
  • The size of his brain is scaring me

    Icy PlaZIcy PlaZ5 timmar sedan
  • p o g

    charlie hancockcharlie hancock5 timmar sedan
  • i just realized this was posted on my birthday

    Zackary HudsonZackary Hudson5 timmar sedan
  • Congratulations mighty warrior, for you have won an almost never-ending war of torture, and now you may rest.

    Robo RampageRobo Rampage5 timmar sedan
  • 8:06 insert "Low Of Solipsism" Music here

    ДжоринДжорин6 timmar sedan
  • I watched dream but he doesn’t upload a lot so I’m starting to watch you

    Gidi MeltzerGidi Meltzer7 timmar sedan
  • Potatoes for the potato god!!!!!!!

    timmyrich75timmyrich757 timmar sedan
  • I am convinced that Sun Tzu is the ancestor of techno

    selim faggalselim faggal7 timmar sedan
  • This sounds like it was made by Edgar Allen Poe

    SavageBoy 93SavageBoy 937 timmar sedan
  • This sounds like it was made by Edgar Allen Poe

    SavageBoy 93SavageBoy 937 timmar sedan
  • Ive heard another person say bozo... *lick* ugh stupid bozos

    LeokalanLeokalan7 timmar sedan
  • it’s become tradition to rewatch this every week

    What NoWhat No8 timmar sedan
  • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll

    Laima WolfLaima Wolf8 timmar sedan
  • What if he didn’t actually stop and continued in secret even tho the war is over?

    Hanson KoayHanson Koay9 timmar sedan
  • I’ve watched this series at least 5 times at this point, and after watching L’manburg’s death in the Dream SMP a while ago, I just don’t get how much free time Techno has, sucks he didn’t do it blindfolded or anything, which is REALLY lame of him, but he did ok, I guess

    Hermes PerezHermes Perez9 timmar sedan
  • this guy is just insane and is insanly smart he is the literal light yagami of potatoes

    Eshaal BariEshaal Bari10 timmar sedan
  • Plz make more skyblock

    spidersushi69spidersushi6911 timmar sedan
  • No

    GmorGmor11 timmar sedan
  • I love the song in the end

    MysticcMysticc12 timmar sedan
  • You did Idaho proud

    Logan TidwellLogan Tidwell13 timmar sedan
  • The Potato war trilogy is better than the Star Wars Sequel trilogy

    Shourya VishnuShourya Vishnu13 timmar sedan
  • He will "fit" well in 2b2t!

    Dj Gamer's CrewDj Gamer's Crew14 timmar sedan
  • You, sir, are a freaking MADLAD

    Keiden SilexKeiden Silex15 timmar sedan
  • 4:47 the classic

    RudaRuda16 timmar sedan
  • It feels like I'm watching death note

    Cool SaladCool Salad16 timmar sedan
  • wtf man

    A Random GuyA Random Guy16 timmar sedan
  • God I just rewatched this video and have realized that techno blade is more focused on potatoes than astronauts piloting ships.

    Random GamerRandom Gamer16 timmar sedan
  • How do you have so much free time bro are you ok

    Gacha WolfiGacha Wolfi17 timmar sedan
  • what an epic saga

    Jake SellJake Sell17 timmar sedan
  • 16:13 lol

    Radek MolchanRadek Molchan19 timmar sedan
    • ah yes, Its a good thing tho cause im pretty sure it is :(

      Darkstalker 877Darkstalker 87717 timmar sedan

    Darren MorrisDarren Morris19 timmar sedan
  • Technoblade: *so anyways*

    Wolfs 4 Lif3Wolfs 4 Lif319 timmar sedan
  • I don't even know what to say after watching all 3 of these in a row

    Joel ChiddixJoel Chiddix19 timmar sedan
  • 💜💜💜

    Azul PalomaAzul Paloma19 timmar sedan
  • Idk why this Is so entertaining

    Joel ChiddixJoel Chiddix19 timmar sedan
  • But now, with the war finally over. I'm free...

    LPPixiLPPixi21 timme sedan
  • Technoblade: I’m an atheist... Also technoblade: proceeds to say that god should hesitate before sending him to hell (What I mean is that he says he’s an atheist while also proceeding in believing in god)

    Paul BrownPaul Brown21 timme sedan
  • “How hard can it be?” So mr. Technoblade how hard was it?

    Dark CrusaderDark Crusader22 timmar sedan
  • What did it cost

    CubyCubyDag sedan
  • I gave my pet pig named Technopig his own private potato farm behind his house (big enough to sustain several players). Squidkid's potato farm is 1 tile.

    epic sword mewzepic sword mewzDag sedan
    • looool good one

      Brote McABrote McADag sedan
  • TechnoBlade: It’s over squid kid I have the high ground. Squid kid: Don’t underestimate my power. *technoblade is now #1 potato farmer*

    UwUUwUDag sedan
  • how have i watched this 3 times already and only just realized that the intro is based off The Flash series? i am severely disappointed in myself

    RawRRawRDag sedan
  • when is the next skyblock video?

    ProGamerMXProGamerMXDag sedan
  • This is awesome! Now make another video saying your farm makes 123456789M potatoes an hour and go like "So they added a new pet that no one knows about that gives you a 420% speed boost to nearby farm minions 69% of the time when you harvest a crop." Lol

    Dean SzeflerDean SzeflerDag sedan
  • I bet this could be used as a study of technological development during conflict.

    crusader 2113crusader 2113Dag sedan
  • This man has no sanity

    Dean SzeflerDean SzeflerDag sedan
  • I am trying to be #1 in melon farming help

    Luke StevensLuke StevensDag sedan
  • So i droped out of Minecraft to farm potatos

    NoxNoxDag sedan
  • do more skyblock please

    survivor of the endsurvivor of the endDag sedan
  • I can't tell who has a higher IQ. Dream, or Techno

    Lemon BoiLemon BoiDag sedan
  • Day 3 of commenting this video until Technoblade gift me one of his alts accounts

    Just BenJust BenDag sedan
    • @Brote McA Thx

      Just BenJust BenTimme sedan
    • good luck with that one mate

      Brote McABrote McADag sedan
  • Yup good try squid kid

    Rowyn WhyRowyn WhyDag sedan
  • 9:28 Techno: makes a pumpkin farm Lazarbeam fans:WHy DInN’t You MAkE a WatErMelON FaRm.

    Aryan RashidAryan RashidDag sedan
  • How much math did it take. That is my only question.

    James LacadieJames LacadieDag sedan
  • The thumbnail *Pig demon vs squid*

    Mario MirandaMario MirandaDag sedan
  • Technoblade in the potato war be like: *you* *fool* *I* *have* *70* *alternative* *accounts*

    美しさSnowfox_exe美しさSnowfox_exeDag sedan
  • Technoblade is Sun Tzu recarnated.

    KineticKineticDag sedan
  • I can watch this potato heresy everyday

    szczecinszczecinDag sedan


    The gaming channel With louisThe gaming channel With louisDag sedan
  • And people wonder why some people no-life cookie clicker.

    hdckighfkvhvgmkhdckighfkvhvgmkDag sedan
  • this man loves chinese cuture

    Yuming WangYuming WangDag sedan
  • Hey guys if you have a war use -sun tzu the art or war XD

    MR SQUAD 101MR SQUAD 101Dag sedan
  • There is a question I want to ask this man and because I don't have Paypal or a credit card, I cannot donate money to ask him. So in an effort to get his attention, I'm going to try my damndest to get his attention through farming potatoes. And in hindsight, I'll probably have a credit card by the time I even get there.

    Renmen _Renmen _Dag sedan
  • oh hi, Im new in technoblade

    cesar vedgecesar vedgeDag sedan
  • 2021: Potato war 4

    E KE KDag sedan
  • 19:43 where real men cried

    AlexCunningham5AlexCunningham5Dag sedan
  • I never knew that a pumpkin was a fruit

    Dream amp 4 lifeDream amp 4 lifeDag sedan
  • in the next 15 years techno will have such a lead it will take 69248 YEARS TO GET a third of his patatos

    Killua GonKillua GonDag sedan

    vanessa Arrigovanessa ArrigoDag sedan
  • When techno finally beat him he literally just danced on him and got a hub character

    Alexander SolomonAlexander SolomonDag sedan
  • 19:49 what’s the song called at the end?

    xd_ironnxd_ironnDag sedan

    Shahriar BhuiyanShahriar BhuiyanDag sedan
  • I know I’m late, but such a wholesome ending.

    CalvinCalvinDag sedan
  • And this is why you shouldn't start a rivalry with someone good at the game

    Tristan RamirezTristan RamirezDag sedan
  • Eat, sleep, and farm potatoes. What happened to drinking lol

    Jayro DeloyaJayro DeloyaDag sedan
  • Technoblade scares me. Holy shit- he is a mad man oml

    Script _0Script _02 dagar sedan
  • technoblade you good?

    Kristian AriasKristian Arias2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else watched this whole thing multiple times? XD

    RageRam kebabRageRam kebab2 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t techno say he realized first place is a prison since you’re always fighting to keep that spot

    Alexander SolomonAlexander Solomon2 dagar sedan
  • Real life wars: Everyone loses Potato war: Everyone won

    George K.George K.2 dagar sedan
  • Day 2 of commenting this video until Technoblade gift me one of his alts accounts

    Just BenJust Ben2 dagar sedan
  • ) :

    RobertWasHereRobertWasHere2 dagar sedan
  • i like how this all started was because technoblade wanted to upgrade his armor with hot potato books

    scootref 58scootref 582 dagar sedan
  • When he said "I'm free," I felt that.

    Lauri Mäki-KojolaLauri Mäki-Kojola2 dagar sedan
  • ............ Are u?.....are u free?

    the DOOMthe DOOM2 dagar sedan
  • Everybody Subscribe To Technoblade!

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • Light Yagami vs L colorized

    Pizza SharkPizza Shark2 dagar sedan
  • I love the Flash parody! Lol

    Da Fearsome TyranodonDa Fearsome Tyranodon2 dagar sedan
  • “it’s only level 99, I’m screaming” *aaaaaaaa*

    Thure Raaskou MadsenThure Raaskou Madsen2 dagar sedan