The 10 Worst Martial Arts for MMA

18 feb 2021
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  • Can I just say you are a beautiful man

    Timothy LeeTimothy Lee17 timmar sedan
  • Roy Nelson does Kung Fu... He's the real life Kung Fu Panda

    The_Nuclear_WinterThe_Nuclear_Winter18 timmar sedan
  • Various mixed martial arts?.......Ya thats a oxymoron.

    t0radt0rad20 timmar sedan
  • I could see the pressure point thing potentially being a benefit in your arsenal against someone with a wrestling/bjj background

    Anthony NeitzkeAnthony NeitzkeDag sedan
  • If Jeet kwon do is not good for MMA ... then Bruce Lee was not the god father of MIxed Martial Arts then

    cheaptoonscheaptoonsDag sedan
  • I like how capoeira is only number 6 when I don't think anyone claims it's meant for actual fighting yet the rest does claim it would work in a fight.

    Kai SchreursKai SchreursDag sedan
  • So what I’m hearing is Krav Maga(which is one the combat systems Cia agents use) is too brutal and therefore awesome to be in the mma

    CrustzyCrustzyDag sedan
  • Seems like this list of martial arts is only effective against people who can't fight. Like most martial arts actually.

    Mehdi CeeMehdi Cee2 dagar sedan
  • So sad how that Chinese MMA fighter faced so much shit from people in China who flipped out because their fragile egos couldn't handle the idea that their "national martial art" was bullshit wish fulfillment magic. You'd think they would WANT to know if that shit didn't work so they could get better.

    FeebleAntelopeFeebleAntelope2 dagar sedan
  • Aikido might be great if all your opponents had an arm and a leg missing lol

    YpmuJYpmuJ3 dagar sedan
  • Dill-Hole is on this list. Mr "Can't Knock You Out If You're A Non-Believer." And people actually pay MONEY to learn from this man....

    Kage MaruKage Maru3 dagar sedan
  • Kung fu is not a fighting style it is the mastery of any one skill a great painter or a famous poet could also be said to have kung fu

    Benjamin LowryBenjamin Lowry3 dagar sedan
  • Would you became super Saiyan if U learn chi martial art?

    Otaku AkutOtaku Akut3 dagar sedan
  • Sumo isn't a martial art it's a sport and i don't think many top level rikishi would claim it to be a martial art. Akebono isn't exactly a great example of sumo in MMA since he was past his prime and only fighting for money and UFC 1 pre maturely stopped the fight even though the wrestler was almost completley fine while his opponent was more damaged from his kick than his opponent

    Trevin NormanTrevin Norman3 dagar sedan
  • Glad people don’t use these in MMA, don’t want a death on our hands

    jamiejoshjamiejosh3 dagar sedan
  • Bartitsu should’ve been on this list

    Danny HipolitoDanny Hipolito3 dagar sedan
  • Cute video, but my fireballs would still wreck the whole UFC

    StubenhockerEliteStubenhockerElite4 dagar sedan
  • Its more about the practitioner rather than the style.

    Poop SockPoop Sock4 dagar sedan
  • A lot of martial artists have excelled at MMA !

    Michael LaceyMichael Lacey4 dagar sedan
  • Sumo just martial arts for gluttons

    Eric HowesEric Howes5 dagar sedan
  • I use modified wing chun in my muay thai sparring and believe it or not I don't get hit and btw jkd literally is mma 😭

    KP HandmanKP Handman5 dagar sedan
  • 3. Jeet kune do in its core is what McGreggor on his peak was doing, proving the style works in its principles that even Muhhamaad Ali was once inspired by it. 1. Also "kung fu" is like saying "the skill"; I think you should correct the number one into "wu shu" for that is the stuff you are talking about.

    WeredraegonWeredraegon5 dagar sedan
  • *watching the video "Oh thank God, my art is not in the list!"

    Steffan WeberSteffan Weber6 dagar sedan
  • Chi Martial Art: A martial art that render people in a distance without touching them. AKA: a GUN!

    NormanNorman6 dagar sedan
  • That human punching thing looks like Brock Lesnar

    Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafo AmponsahYaw Boadu-Ayeboafo Amponsah7 dagar sedan
  • I think Erik Paulson and co would disagree with the verdict on JKD

    KenpohiKenpohi7 dagar sedan
  • Note they didn't list Dim Mak.

    ForTheHordeXIIIForTheHordeXIII7 dagar sedan
  • Love seeing those Xu Xiaodong clips

    Kack JellyKack Jelly9 dagar sedan
  • most krav maga schools suck. too much groin kick and eye gouge. not much else

    Adriano AguiareAdriano Aguiare11 dagar sedan
  • So this guy is a judge and decide what's good and bad? That's ridiculous opinion and ranking!

    Shakil ShaikhShakil Shaikh11 dagar sedan
    • Cope

      ArtairArtair6 dagar sedan
  • Worst martial art for MMA: bullshito

    IvanIvan13 dagar sedan
  • I always thought chi was just a martial artsy form of yoga like exercise, not a "legit" martial art

    Adolf Ilyich MarxAdolf Ilyich Marx13 dagar sedan
  • Kickboxing+wrestling+jiujitsu probably the best

    Brian TheTrollBrian TheTroll14 dagar sedan
  • I'm all in on the Chi wagon, I'm ready to unleash hidouken

    CayeysoldierCayeysoldier15 dagar sedan
  • I defeated a Sith Lord by throwing a bucket or water at him when he was unleashing Force Lightning chasing him to electrocute himself :)

    MisterTutor2010MisterTutor201015 dagar sedan
  • Poor Kali always gets ignored 😭 I think the arguments for Krav likely apply though.

    Samuel HoltSamuel Holt16 dagar sedan
  • I would disagree number 9 would work great but kinda throws the rules out the door

    Misty ShirksMisty Shirks16 dagar sedan
  • I’m a simple man, I see a video without Tom, Tommy, or Jason, I dislike.

    Brick JohnsonBrick Johnson16 dagar sedan
  • Bruce Lee is better than any mma fighter ever lol but ok

    Prince VegetaPrince Vegeta17 dagar sedan
  • I'd probably Would Na Kast out of the Chi dojo...

    Nicolai VelikiNicolai Veliki17 dagar sedan
  • How dare you. I knocked someone out with my rasengan.

    SunfyreSunfyre17 dagar sedan
  • 10:43 Remember the Fatter you are you're enemy wont be able to Incapacitated your pressure point, just like in Kung fu Panda.

    Afterfall81Afterfall8117 dagar sedan
  • 99% of traditional martial arts are bollocks anyway.

    Saint of KillersSaint of Killers18 dagar sedan
  • People act like MMA is a style or something

    KyTsunMan859KyTsunMan85918 dagar sedan
  • I will now rank the martial arts from most to least effective 1. Nukes 2. Bombs 3. Tanks 4. Gun 5. Parkour 6. Polearm 7. Sword 8. Tiny Sword (Knife) 9. MMA/ Krav Maga 10. Crying

    MiyyaniMiyyani18 dagar sedan
  • What is it that makes one think MMA is modern fighting? To me it is a cowardly way of fighting...This not saying that the people who fight in it are cowards. I am saying MMA as a whole is teaching people to be cowards. 1.If a man goes to the backyard and punches a tree everyday 100 times (with no skill) for 2 years...he can kill a man or mma fighter. (calcium build up on knuckles) 2.If a man does weird exercise for 2 years (with no skill) to turn all involuntary muscles of targeted areas voluntary (turning white muscle tissue red or pink). Then one will be stronger than most men...and mma fighter. 3.MMA is for sport (cowardly)..but you go to far to say it can be the best compared to other arts..because it is made on the premise that the OTHER guy will play fair. 4.Traditional Martial Arts is made on the premise that the OTHER person will fight with ANOTHER ART...and also play fair. 5. So the man who goes in his backyard (with no skill) will be more suited to SURVIVE in the streets than a MMA or martial artist. 6.I just saw a video where an MMA fighter could not contain a burglar who broke in his house and was a drug addict. (MMA is NOT for CANNOT be compared to survival arts) ...Geez Louise you MMA guys really like grabbing the ole' nutsack when bragging on your arts,lol.

    Michael WhippsMichael Whipps19 dagar sedan
  • Wanna see the "weird" stances and moves of various traditional styles in practice ? check out the youtube channel of ramsey dewey, mma coach and ex fighter. good examples of capoeira and kung fu forms in practice (grappling and ground work)

    borgshadow13borgshadow1319 dagar sedan
  • The puzzled denim suggestively extend because stew plausibly bat excluding a absurd professor. clammy, cooing fruit

    Alyce xavierpAlyce xavierp20 dagar sedan
  • MMA is what again? Only two main ingredients of mma fighter they are 1) wrestling aka grappling (bjj) that includes take down/defense and submissions. 2) striking aka kickboxing (muay thai) includes ground n' pound. Everything else just added flavor. The only issue really are rules and the word "sports"! If we have the ancient gladiator way it wouldn't be called sports...we'll run out volunteers 😆

    eStrange IbanezeStrange Ibanez20 dagar sedan
  • Number one would actually be amazing in MMA If it wasn’t bs

    Aidan GittingsAidan Gittings20 dagar sedan
  • Kung Fu like everything else made in China. Looks good but falls apart easily.

    Alphabet SoupAlphabet Soup20 dagar sedan
  • 0.25 i cant stop laughing

    raj gamerraj gamer20 dagar sedan
  • >And other pointy extremities lmao

    your momyour mom21 dag sedan
  • I shot my chi at a woman once..... I got arrested 🤷‍♂️

    Bear Bomber0Bear Bomber021 dag sedan
  • KungFu is a good learn, but only if you already know how to fight. KravMaga is effective not in sports, those who thinks it's useless just doesn't know how it actually works, and the psychology of being in a fight. When I heard of JeetKuneDo, what I get was that I need to learn as many martial arts I can, learn their strong and weak points, then do what I want with that info, it's not to mix them like MMA did but so that I could easily fight and defend against them. WingChun as said in the vid, is only good for very close range, but if you are fast enough, you could easily defend against anything that gets into that range... yeah, even takedowns... Capoiera, I only think it's useful for distraction and misderection, also to escape range and reorganize, the attacks may not be too useful. Aikido is only good against weaker people and people who don't know how to fight. May be useful for doing surprise attacks. Sumo is very good at balance, you won't be taken down easily if you learned that, unless the opponent could easily lift you up. Lighter and faster people could also learn just the balance aspect just to better defend against takedowns. idk... Systema, I don't know this, but the vid said it lacks defense, an example of the best defense is a good offence philosophy, only works if reaction time and decision making speed is very good/godlike... KyushoJitsu... I tried its concept before when I was bored but I didn't know it actually has a name, it rarely works, but it did work... rarely... I find it just paralyzing parts of the body, not as exagerated as easily paralyzing the whole body and the fight is over... ChiMartialArts... yeah... no...

    VerSuz ZeroVerSuz Zero21 dag sedan
    • Krav Maga sucks, 99.98% of its schools are wannabe commandos.

      ArtairArtair6 dagar sedan
  • This guys voice is so good and just resonates

    I, JupiterI, Jupiter22 dagar sedan
  • Conclusion- Made in Chins Sucks😂

    Garvit BishtGarvit Bisht22 dagar sedan
  • Watching chi masters is so damn funny!

    Dazza001Dazza00122 dagar sedan
  • Powerful is an understatement for the streght on Capoeira's kicks.

    Arthur RamosArthur Ramos23 dagar sedan
  • I've been practicing Aikido for 24 years (and teaching for 13) and I have to say this video is spot on. In reality a lot of the techniques won't work the way they are taught or practiced in most dojos. Anybody that is decent at striking or ground work will make short work of someone relying on just Aikido. It's just not what we've been trained to deal with. Training to fight in a ring is completely different from training to defend yourself from the average idiot in the street. There's also a mentality to fighting that many people (not just in aikido) just don't have.

    Rogue_budo gamingRogue_budo gaming23 dagar sedan
  • Dude, no homo, but damn you're hot!

    Google Is A Cruel MistressGoogle Is A Cruel Mistress23 dagar sedan
  • MMA... Mixed Martial Arts.. Keyword Mixed... No one form is perfect for MMA.. So your point is basically useless. Because noone practice just one discipline in Mma

    H reyesH reyes23 dagar sedan
    • Never said one martial art was better than any other. Simply listed some that wouldn’t really work at all. Cope.

      TheWhoaKageTheWhoaKageDag sedan
  • hahaha, more and more ridiculous

    刘hao刘hao23 dagar sedan
  • They should call him Steven Seagull... He looks likes he's been hanging out in parking lots eating the fries people throw to him.

    Dr. GonzoDr. Gonzo23 dagar sedan
  • Chi Martial Arts isn't even real. Your better off trying to get a hunter license then learn how to use Nen from a master.

    Afrika SmithAfrika Smith23 dagar sedan
  • I'm not certain about Sumo, they showed Akibono, after his sumo retirement and two dudes who were not in elite level sumo, there was a sumo fighter who had a boxing match in December in Japan, wonder how that went...

    Mr. DDMr. DD24 dagar sedan
  • How about Kudo(Daido Juku,kakuto Karate)?

    Rizki NurrahmanRizki Nurrahman24 dagar sedan
  • Goku warned us about this 8:39

    AenygmaAenygma24 dagar sedan
  • No Rex Kwon Do?

    Josh LavalleeJosh Lavallee24 dagar sedan
  • I never witnessed a MMA'er win a match. In Aikido ,boxing , college Wrestling , or TaekwonDo .

    Mike AndrewMike Andrew24 dagar sedan
    • Because they don’t compete in those specifically, dolt.

      TheWhoaKageTheWhoaKageDag sedan
  • Punches.. kicks,, are linked to the kinetic energy more or less if they are straight hits excluding hooks and round kicks in this formula kE= ½M.V². While true martial arts practitioners use the chi and the formula they depend on is: chiE= ½ I.S² I= imagination S= stupidity So chiE is proportional to the stupidity squared. I exclude young kids only from this cuz,,, i mean,, i do remember i used to shoot hadukins when i was 9...

    Kinan AttoKinan Atto24 dagar sedan
  • "Number 10: Kung Fu" Yeah, but that's only because you're not allowed to take a Dao and a quarterstaff into the octagon.

    Zaden HomunculusZaden Homunculus25 dagar sedan
  • Sensei Segal?!?! Credibility lost.

    Basil VinoBasil Vino25 dagar sedan
  • Ха-ха-ха! Система говорит, рассмешил

    Anatol GAnatol G25 dagar sedan
  • aikido not used because it is almost 100% fakey fake martial arts that is in effective when not used against people who are acting

    Dapper_ArmadilloDapper_Armadillo26 dagar sedan
  • The funniest thing about this video is I can find examples of almost all of these being used effectively in and outside the octogon

    Quincey StewardQuincey Steward26 dagar sedan
  • I was surprised and confused when I saw that Aikido isn't number one, until I saw number one

    Radioactive AssassinRadioactive Assassin26 dagar sedan
  • i honestly disagree with the likes of wing chun. its very useful when mixed is what you shouldve mentioned along with it if anything. i learned wing chun in its full in about a year and mixed with muay thai its absolutely legendary.

    Jetstream SamJetstream Sam26 dagar sedan
  • Me: ok lets see it This guy: number 10 kung Fu Me: wtf

    ARRON ASOKAARRON ASOKA26 dagar sedan
  • Ryan Parker was at UFC 7 not 2

    ShockShock26 dagar sedan
  • Aikido, because it's fake

    ShockShock26 dagar sedan
  • This is a special video. It's the only one I've seen where each aspect is treated with respect. Thank you for clarifying so well why even arts that aren't that great in context still add something to the context.

    dolly slavedolly slave27 dagar sedan
  • A compendium of bullshit styles

    Mark MullenMark Mullen27 dagar sedan
    • wing chun isnt bullshit. its treated me well while mixed with muay thai.

      Jetstream SamJetstream Sam26 dagar sedan
  • The wholesale holiday bodily step because patricia archaeologically blink unto a purring earthquake. quirky, jumbled room

    Asad MarjiAsad Marji27 dagar sedan
  • >Krav Maga: Teaches attacks to the eyes Jon Jones would like to know your location

    Will DeenyWill Deeny27 dagar sedan
  • Chi martial arts... insert coin... here comes a new challenger... HADDOOUKKEN!!

    Crazy DogCrazy Dog27 dagar sedan
  • But what about Rex Kwon Do?

    Mike TateMike Tate27 dagar sedan
  • Fussrhodahhh

    TheDark WhisperTheDark Whisper27 dagar sedan
  • First of all wing chun is kung fu, and straight punches are well known to be much more powerful than hooks. The hook just attacks the jaw and causes a knock out. Which makes SEworld educated idiots like you look like they don’t know what they’re talking about

    Wolfgang AmadeusWolfgang Amadeus27 dagar sedan
    • Hooks aren’t specifically use for jaws. Seems like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Cope.

      TheWhoaKageTheWhoaKageDag sedan
  • Ah, Bullshido!

    Itzi BitziItzi Bitzi27 dagar sedan
  • Bottom line is that you can immediately eliminate any art that isn't trained with a resisting opponent. It isn't a coincidence that every martial art that has seen any success in MMA are all practiced with a resisting opponent and have some kind of sport behind them: boxing, wrestling, BJJ, muay Thai, judo, etc. But that isn't the only criteria, because several that haven't worked in MMA are also resistive sports: sumo and taekwondo come to mind. Likely because their rules are just too far removed from MMA.

    dacypher22dacypher2228 dagar sedan
  • Isn't jeet kune do essentially "using what works"? Why wouldn't takedown defence become part of it? Did it stop evolving after Bruce died or what?

    B LambzB Lambz28 dagar sedan
  • That chick getting fucking bulldozed at the end made the day worth living lmfaoooo

    ChangabangChangabang28 dagar sedan
  • No need for the "for MMA" in the title.

    jlotus100jlotus10028 dagar sedan
  • Side kicks always works for me. 💪

    Prison 0Prison 028 dagar sedan
  • 2:35 wrong again. Krav maga was invented by a Checkoslovakian Jew in the 1940's before Isreal was even a country. Do some research you buster!

    Morgan Free Aim The Bounty HunterMorgan Free Aim The Bounty Hunter28 dagar sedan
  • At 4:50 the dreaded words "the complete system that MMA has become"... really? How is MMA a system? Where's the governing body that specified a MMA curriculum and syllabus? MMA is not a system it's actually an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts...yea big surprise! Meaning any and all martial arts can compete either as a pure martial art or a cross of several martial arts even plain street brawlers can compete. Entertaining video with a lot of valid points and information.👍

    Genesis Ju-JitsuGenesis Ju-Jitsu28 dagar sedan
  • 1:05 wrong. Kung fu is the spirit of human achievement not only just fighting. You're describing wushu you fewl.

    Morgan Free Aim The Bounty HunterMorgan Free Aim The Bounty Hunter28 dagar sedan
  • 10 martial arts which are too deadly to be used in the cage 😂

    Navraj MannNavraj Mann28 dagar sedan
  • SEworld: wing chun is not good for mma Tony furgeson: I took that personally

    Mighty SmurfMighty Smurf29 dagar sedan