Terraria with Technoblade!

13 feb 2021
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TommyInnit plays Terraria with Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and Philza!
Streamed live over on www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
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    • 1:58:07 the end

      The_Robotic_gamer6945The_Robotic_gamer6945Dag sedan
    • WOOOOO

      Literally NobodyLiterally Nobody13 dagar sedan
    • @Mr. Брок no

      MonkeMonke14 dagar sedan
    • @pofty thx

      Radiate RLRadiate RL15 dagar sedan
    • More tarreria?

      PaRaNOiDcAT0.Xx.PaRaNOiDcAT0.Xx.15 dagar sedan
  • is this a gameplay or just 1 hour of bullying tommy

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoTimme sedan
  • Tommy: eye of Cthulhu is the first boss King slime: am I a joke to you

    yahya mohommedyahya mohommedTimme sedan
  • I am starving for more technocontent

    Omar ????Omar ????3 timmar sedan
  • Tommy is usually the annoying one but he now knows the pain of others

    Mr.MurpBurpMr.MurpBurp4 timmar sedan
  • eyy

    DroneDrone4 timmar sedan
  • Them : plays terraria SEworld: mInEcRaFt

    Yukio FFYukio FF5 timmar sedan
  • yey Terraria 💓

    NyemasNyemas10 timmar sedan
  • tommyinnit : " i can do with some incredibly intense music right now chat" *POKER FACE STARTS PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND*

    Mister_ Steal12Mister_ Steal1210 timmar sedan
  • I'm sorry... I can''t help but Just laugh in this moment! 1:20:57 - to - 1:21:12.

    Justin KennedyJustin Kennedy10 timmar sedan
  • they need to do a part 2

    Simon GaudreaultSimon Gaudreault11 timmar sedan
  • The vods are just booming like crazy rn

    Mc CyrilMc Cyril11 timmar sedan
  • Over 700 hours? *Pathetic* How about *OVER 2000 HOURS* No, I don't have a problem.

    RazzleberryJamRazzleberryJam12 timmar sedan
  • 9:00:00

    SANS-sationalVIDSSANS-sationalVIDS12 timmar sedan
  • 37:40

    SnoovianSnoovian13 timmar sedan
  • Tommy: The snow chest is the best *Gold chest* : Lets see about that

    John Roland BinamiraJohn Roland Binamira13 timmar sedan
  • 10:33 what is that thing kill it with fire

    Christopher BomfordChristopher Bomford13 timmar sedan
  • Terraria rulez

    mikson rygulmikson rygul14 timmar sedan
  • best game ever

    Clément LE BOUCClément LE BOUC14 timmar sedan
  • Terraria 4 life

    Lukas LonerLukas Loner14 timmar sedan
  • Why at the beginning he is getting extremely annoyed at everyone and forgets to have a fun time like how friends in real life just get drunk and don't care about anyone's actions.

    Born_to_dieBorn_to_die15 timmar sedan

    Nicholas LaudanNicholas Laudan16 timmar sedan
  • i played terraria for 300 hours with one of my 20 characters

    TheBoys DickmanTheBoys Dickman17 timmar sedan
  • Terraria smp

    Carlos SotoCarlos Soto19 timmar sedan
  • Minecraft and Terraria are completely different games -Diamonds suck in Terraria -Digging straight down is a way to progress through the game in terraria -Doors can be placed only with a block on top of it -Wood blocks can be only destroyed by pickaxes -You have to kill multiple bosses to finish the game -Travelling Merchants are better compared to the annoying Wandering Traders -Trees explode when cut down 😂 -You can't swim unless you have the flippers -Coal doesn't exist in terraria -Gel is used to craft torches -Tombstones drop when you die Yup, completely different, Both games have their thing, and it's the complete opposite in the other 😂

    ValorXValorX20 timmar sedan
  • 29:45

    Obsidian WorkbenchObsidian Workbench20 timmar sedan
  • I love how to took them 2 hours to kill the eye of Cthulhu whenever 2 hours is the world record for beating the game 😂

    Sora-KunSora-Kun21 timme sedan
  • I love terrara

    Na FolkNa Folk22 timmar sedan
  • Pls Play Stardew valley

    Charl GamezCharl Gamez22 timmar sedan
  • 10:45 now we know that technoblade’s name is david :0

    Derp DudeDerp Dude22 timmar sedan
  • I have long awaited for this!

  • Alternative Title: Sleepy bois inc play some "2d minecraft ripoff" (i know a late message but meh, who cares)

    iN0tAzu1ExeiN0tAzu1ExeDag sedan
  • i never new tommy played terraria

    Mr CrocMr CrocDag sedan
  • It is becuase of this stream i started playing terraria. I have an addiction now

    The_Robotic_gamer6945The_Robotic_gamer6945Dag sedan
  • Ive played 192k hours and counting over willber

    fluffywolfplayz Hfluffywolfplayz HDag sedan

    fluffywolfplayz Hfluffywolfplayz HDag sedan
  • _Small World > Large World_ - _no one ever_

    sparx0ssparx0sDag sedan
  • I play Terraria too i love Terraria its One of my favorite game

    Simone BellSimone BellDag sedan
  • Personally, I have over 1,000 hours on Terraria, I wonder how many hours Tommy has..?

    -Avalon --Avalon -Dag sedan
  • It's my favourite

    slom slimeslom slimeDag sedan
  • why is this classified as minecraft yes it's simular but also is very different

    cheesecakw 404cheesecakw 404Dag sedan
  • The only person that is not a idiot is tommy

    Murchie RandomsMurchie RandomsDag sedan
  • Technobald

    emily robertsonemily robertsonDag sedan
  • imagine having 400 hours in this game and still thinking the Goblin Scout means the Goblin Army is coming

    palladianAltruistpalladianAltruistDag sedan
  • Wtf techno Hahahahah 30:12

    Fishing fo ComplimentsFishing fo ComplimentsDag sedan
  • People: playing terraria philza: doesn’t that make u.... *P O O R*

    Randomguy555 0Randomguy555 0Dag sedan
  • 17:30 Aim: I don't feel so good.

    DilucDilucDag sedan
  • 1

    NayNay HayesNayNay HayesDag sedan
  • normal terraria seems so easy after playing calamity revengence

    jooshjooshDag sedan
  • Can you play terraria more?

    JFresh FanJFresh FanDag sedan
  • Summon sans

    Daniel FukudaDaniel FukudaDag sedan

    Krsto HercKrsto HercDag sedan
  • In a few terraria streams techno will be running round with a meowmere

    Jesse BirchJesse BirchDag sedan
  • I want to see how they react when they try wall of flesh or the final one!

    Innocent AKA LageInnocent AKA LageDag sedan
  • I like how Technoblade is be like: Awesome

    GrayYTGrayYTDag sedan
  • terraira part2?

    Srijan BiswaSrijan BiswaDag sedan
  • Is there gonna be a part 2?

    ManicManicDag sedan
  • More terraria plz

    Chaz Cooper-hanlonChaz Cooper-hanlonDag sedan
  • You know that you missed an ice chest at 41:45 !

    Innocent AKA LageInnocent AKA LageDag sedan
  • technoblade the chaos elemental.

    menacemenaceDag sedan
  • you should do more terraria

    pandaGuru07pandaGuru07Dag sedan
  • POG

    Sebastian comahigSebastian comahigDag sedan
  • Tommy in Terraria is the Filza of Minecraft 😂

    Sarcastic•LuciSarcastic•LuciDag sedan
  • Bill bye the Russian spy aka npc

    Hyper FoxHyper FoxDag sedan
  • But why does it look like he has a big as nose and wired one at that 14:23

    Yes,hi.Yes,hi.Dag sedan
  • Philza terraria

    MaxAndCheeseMaxAndCheeseDag sedan
  • One of my characters has 500 hours on it

    Mr AntMr AntDag sedan
  • More...I need more!

    Messwit AjMesswit AjDag sedan
  • I’m about 1 hour in and my parents think I’m weird and crazy right now But i dont care

    Audrey_ CookieAudrey_ Cookie2 dagar sedan
  • Play terraria again plzz

    hawkterb78 gaminghawkterb78 gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I love terraria, it such a great game to play. It is one of the games where you can play for 10 hours straight and never get bored

    hawkterb78 gaminghawkterb78 gaming2 dagar sedan
  • This game seems back to boomin' again

    MonchMonch2 dagar sedan
  • 14:23 bruh why are his fingers so long wtf

    The_WeathrmanThe_Weathrman2 dagar sedan

    NGU JIA YI MoeNGU JIA YI Moe2 dagar sedan

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  • Technoblade is funny in any game

    Ayo WasupAyo Wasup2 dagar sedan
  • I can't stand terraria

    Ayo WasupAyo Wasup2 dagar sedan

    Not the Bees!Not the Bees!2 dagar sedan
  • "It lost connection" Maybe don't try to connect across the atlantic

    Yeet DewdYeet Dewd2 dagar sedan
  • imagine endgame with THEM...

    Nicholas GrycockNicholas Grycock2 dagar sedan
  • 1:23:00 again tommy didn't notice something i the top left corner

    brh1281brh12812 dagar sedan
  • 1:10:45 Even Tommy didn"t notice the other literal SPARKLING life crystal in the top left corner right under the ice

    brh1281brh12812 dagar sedan
  • 14:21 tommy talks about comunisum

    skizzers grahamskizzers graham2 dagar sedan
  • i bet ppl bout to get mad but uhh. (my opinion) terraria > minecraft :/

    Sir PuggoeSir Puggoe2 dagar sedan
  • Techno: hey kid are you an orphan Kid : no.... Techno: *Would you like to be?*

    StargazerStargazer2 dagar sedan
  • Can I just say people call terraria 2d Minecraft when it should be Minecraft is 3d terraria because terraria came out first

    demon of lifedemon of life2 dagar sedan
  • 21:44 "Slay queen, slay queen!" -Wilbur 2021

    Lindsay GreenLindsay Green2 dagar sedan
    • Oops, let me edit that real quick

      Lindsay GreenLindsay Green2 timmar sedan
    • That's Wilbur tho

      allanapwallanapwDag sedan
  • 1

    BA VenomBA Venom2 dagar sedan
  • I have 150hrs on one character

    random borgerrandom borger2 dagar sedan
  • this is yes

    DrucosDrucos2 dagar sedan
  • we need more

    pp pppp pp2 dagar sedan
  • Love this

    StarSnakeStarSnake2 dagar sedan
  • When even Tommy’s vod channel uses Technoblade for clickbait-

    ツImaginaryFriendツツImaginaryFriendツ2 dagar sedan
  • New idea for philza: terraria hardcore 5 years

    _AyanoOnPCP_AyanoOnPCP2 dagar sedan
  • Tommy: you cant speedrun this Francium: hold my beer

    _AyanoOnPCP_AyanoOnPCP2 dagar sedan
  • Play more please

    georgey_boy7 77georgey_boy7 772 dagar sedan
  • When technoblade realises there aren’t pigs in Terraria: 🤬😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

    InfernalInfernal2 dagar sedan
  • Best minecraft SEworld play terraria, LETS GOOOO! Talking about technoblade btw ;-;

    InfernalInfernal2 dagar sedan
  • Terraria is cool I completely them all

    Geo_terrariaGeo_terraria3 dagar sedan
  • Got 480+ days on terraria, good to see some new players 🙂

    MicroShark OfficialMicroShark Official3 dagar sedan