I got a 1400HP Engine for the Police Car

19 feb 2021
887 138 visningar

I got a 1400hp Hemi Engine for the police car.
Engine builder: www.modernmusclextreme.com/
Holly intake www.holley.com/
Instagram: instagram.com/westengw​

  • The intro. Spot on. That's the best freakin intro ever

    Daniel ChavezDaniel Chavez9 dagar sedan
    • Ikr

      B711-HDB711-HD6 dagar sedan
    • Sure is. anyone else notice the army truck right after that

      Dalton LeonardDalton Leonard7 dagar sedan
    • That’s the perfect car for the Cannon ball run 👍👍😎😎

      Jay CameronJay Cameron8 dagar sedan
    • Pi Prince Albert - 54

      Luis PalaciosLuis Palacios9 dagar sedan
    • Undoubtably!😆

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  • You got me subscribing at That is rednick for more power

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  • i have never seen a man that happy in my life

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  • I swear I saw you on tik tok

    itz skullzitz skullz8 timmar sedan
  • Can I please have the 5.7 motor cause have have a police charger as well and blew a head gasket and want to just go ahead and change the whole motor

    Trevor RushingTrevor Rushing8 timmar sedan
  • Sickest build idea

    Jon HinesJon Hines9 timmar sedan
  • asif i see u on tictok then see u on here

    Daniel ParkinDaniel Parkin9 timmar sedan
  • You guys should try to get this on hoonigan vs the world once it’s done

    Isaac LeBlancIsaac LeBlanc9 timmar sedan
  • 🙏🏽wish I had this for my 2006 lx Vic 🦾

    Kim MadisonKim Madison11 timmar sedan
  • “Holes” hahaha

    jakeandrewg1935jakeandrewg193512 timmar sedan
  • POV: You’re here from tik tok

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  • Hey Weston blow up the old motor

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  • this is my first video I've watched of your channel, and about 1 minute in, I'm already subbed

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  • In southern Minnesota we have a thing called blended fuel. I know you guys don’t see cold that often, but it don’t cost that much extra. Can’t wait to see this build!

    Brandon SBrandon S16 timmar sedan
  • hahahah he was saying how cold it was so i thought it was cold but then he said the temp lol it’s been -40 and -50 with wind chill the past week

    Ashton DagenaisAshton Dagenais16 timmar sedan
  • That peterbuilt sounds good. Thats a sexy looking hemi

    Adrian NewmanAdrian Newman17 timmar sedan
  • Hey are you doing a giveaway of money on Facebook right now

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  • This vs. Neighbor. Pls.

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  • Don't these motors eat cams for breakfast?.

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  • How long do you think it will take?

    The Race KidThe Race Kid20 timmar sedan
  • Yes we Canadians are currently a special breed

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  • “French”😂

    DatBoi EntertainmentDatBoi Entertainment21 timme sedan
  • Better order another tcase. You might want to check the transmission outgear betweenthe trans and the tcase. I've had a bunch (mainly cop cars) were the 30mm 12pt nut comes loose from the gear!

    Donald ShetterDonald Shetter22 timmar sedan
  • Dident I see you on tic tok? Or was that someone else?

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    • I have been post on there more recently

      Westen ChamplinWesten Champlin21 timme sedan

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  • I love seeing how happy Weston is about his projects like at 12:46 with the intake, and he is speechless!

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  • This man is the meatcanyon of cars.

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  • is that a former kansas hwp car?

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  • here from tiktok 😁

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  • “Go fast speed parts”

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  • Put a mini diesel in the forklift

    gagago gaminggagago gamingDag sedan
  • Should of blureed out the JHON DEER truck cuz NOW I LNOW WERE U LIVE LEL

    OneOceanThree Respond Code 3OneOceanThree Respond Code 3Dag sedan
  • Rip front and rear diff

    Owens DillOwens DillDag sedan
  • Funny i didn't know peterbilts had cooled seats 😆

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  • 0:31 lol

    Gagey BoyGagey BoyDag sedan
  • I wanna do this to my Crown Vic now 😂😂

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  • Sirously a 1400HP hemi uhhh and orange.

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  • Really happy to see fatso Sam -el- Tarley drive .. Nice🤟

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  • I love the peterbuilt

    Azim HagarthsonAzim HagarthsonDag sedan
  • And to this day u still don't have a chrome Intake lol its pollsished aluminum

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  • As a Canadian I say how are you cold i could lay in snow and be perfectly warm

    sky boisky boiDag sedan
    • Right lol

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  • Your the fuckin man keep it up 💯

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  • I can not wait to see this video of that 1500 HP engine put in that charger, I am so stoked to see the finished project and That’s a beautiful chrome intake from Holly!! Even I got excited with you when you pulled it out of the box

    William MooreWilliam MooreDag sedan
  • HVe you ever met a real canaidian

    VoaqesVoaqes2 dagar sedan
    • We don’t sound like that

      VoaqesVoaqes2 dagar sedan
  • Impressive Weston. Everyone is going to be jealous...

    reno flamesreno flames2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Westen your Rover is the SUV of the year for 2021 via Mortor Trend mag really cool bud have a good time this year with that "toy" engine yu got later Rev

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  • saw this on tiktok i had to check it out

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  • Hello from TikTok😁

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  • Wait what state does he live in????

    curtiss lemieuxcurtiss lemieux2 dagar sedan
  • Westen I just found out in the back of a cop or state trooper in the seat buckle there should be a master key for hand cuffs

    Illya KovalevychIllya Kovalevych2 dagar sedan
  • I feel dumb asking but what is the car model and brand?

    world at war veteranworld at war veteran2 dagar sedan
  • Westen man we've been living this peaceful hot ((-16°c) average where i live) winter for almost 430 years now.

    Z.F.RZ.F.R2 dagar sedan
  • So you're shop has no source of heat?

    AngeliqueKagaAngeliqueKaga2 dagar sedan
  • Your place isn’t hard to find. I found it on google maps in like 30mins lol

    colby currycolby curry2 dagar sedan
  • I'd love it if cops announced like this during a chase

    shadow thedeadlyshadow thedeadly2 dagar sedan
  • "Do Not Stack" would be an excellent decal for the hood right next to the pipes. Just sayin.

  • You are so funny, I'm a big fan of your work, love your videos! Oh & by the way, are you giving away $5000 on Facebook, by any chance? There's someone saying that is you, I just want to make sure, it is you, & not a scam.

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  • Gymkayna who??

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  • Who else saw this on tik tok

  • You should cummins swap the police cer

    Michelle HaywardMichelle Hayward2 dagar sedan
  • It was the forklift for me

    Will BrewWill Brew2 dagar sedan
  • I may be the only one, but I'm just sayin, cummins swapped 3rd gen camaro

    I Spent Way Too Much Money on War ThunderI Spent Way Too Much Money on War Thunder2 dagar sedan
  • FYI, don’t need to use brakes on rear wheel drive vehicles, just stomp on he gas!...

    Rick KRick K2 dagar sedan
    • @Hank Clingingsmith were did we meet in Kirskville at the airport Hank?

      Rick KRick KDag sedan
    • It is all wheel drive

      Hank ClingingsmithHank Clingingsmith2 dagar sedan
  • I like how he broke that window for one skit lmfao

    JacobJacob2 dagar sedan
  • The better version of whistling diesel..love this guy!

    guy_with_a_4.6guy_with_a_4.62 dagar sedan
  • Hood...you mean, restrictor plate .

    Jesse BoagJesse Boag2 dagar sedan
  • is it 1500hp straight from the box? or will it handle up to 1500hp with boost?

    Cameron swanCameron swan2 dagar sedan
  • Bro it’s the mechanical Seth Rogan

    Gman 1224Gman 12242 dagar sedan

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  • If that AWD system breaks you may want to consider switching to a track hawks drivetrain, there’s some videos around of people running 1100hp through them, I don’t know if they are built or not but regardless there would be some more options for you

    Manisandjr8Manisandjr82 dagar sedan
  • This thing is going to the next hoonycorn

    Charles HauerCharles Hauer2 dagar sedan
  • i was wondering where the peterbilt was

    Gabriel Caudill26Gabriel Caudill263 dagar sedan
  • The truck is longer than the trailer attached to it 😂😂

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  • i been looking for a charger for so long and now that i see westen doing this it made me click off the video yesterday in a rage 😂

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  • Lol don't kill me with the canadain and yes we built different 🤣 killer vid

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  • as a canadian.... id strongly recommend a surplus parachute and a tiger torch.

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  • Sweet.

    Weslee MillerWeslee Miller3 dagar sedan
  • Cool.

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  • Let me keep that 5.7 so I can throw it in my 18 challenger sxt plus 🤣

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  • You still don't have a chrome intake... She's billet baby!

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  • This guy is low key funny 😆

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  • Why did is see this on tic tok first

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  • Alright you crazy SOB you won me over with this video! Subscribed!

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  • Have you seen the 2016 challenger we are building at Austin's Metal Mafia 426 hemi with twin pecision 64mm

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  • Great video. funny shit

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  • ... French. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I foresee many many destroyed drivetrain and chassis components in the future

    Chuck's StuffChuck's Stuff3 dagar sedan
  • That is a sexy looking charger though, im suprised the police department would retire such a new car so early

    William GrimesWilliam Grimes3 dagar sedan
  • Great video.

    Weslee MillerWeslee Miller3 dagar sedan
  • Walmart whistlin Diesel

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  • Can I have that 8 speed? I need one in my 2014 sos

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  • Heyyyy! The Pete 379 is back!

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  • Hi post and your other Chanel

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  • Bruh my friend that moved last year sounds and looks like you but he in middle school 6 grade name Gabe/Gabriel

  • Will this be Neighbor's new Dodge brother?

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  • I follow you on tiktok

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