"We have to change the decisive moments" | Jurgen Klopp reacts to Liverpool's defeat to Everton

20 feb 2021
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Jurgen Klopp gives his thoughts on Liverpool's 2-0 defeat to Everton at Anfield - the first defeat the Reds have suffered at home to Everton since 1999. Klopp also gives an update on the injury suffered by Jordan Henderson.
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  • I feel sorry for Liverpool this year... Van Dijk injured Klopp’s mum dead, can’t go to funeral Alisson’s Dad dead, can’t go to funeral Manager given little to no money to spend And on top of that people are calling for Klopp to go? I’m not being funny, if he was made of weaker stuff he’d have topped himself by now, never mind the sack. How fickle are fans?

    Zak ArcherZak Archer3 dagar sedan
  • It's just an opinion. Nat philips did a good job wen he played in the last match at Everton. Coz he got the height n is reliable to me. Have believe in our juniors.

    Colin Thaddeus JansenColin Thaddeus Jansen4 dagar sedan
  • Very obviously klopp is a very sore loser.

    scip1114scip11145 dagar sedan
  • The referee and VAR can only do so much.

    Thomas ShelbyThomas Shelby5 dagar sedan
  • People ridiculing Klopp are a disgrace to football. This bad patch he's going through happened to Arsenal and Wenger as well. Wenger and Klopp are two of the best managers and you should respect that if you love football.

    General KappoGeneral Kappo6 dagar sedan
  • KLOPP OUT (with many thanks fot the past trophies to be fair!). He is ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for Liverpool's collapse this season. It's he who has changed the defense duo 14 times since Van Djik's injury in autumn, it's he who was experimenting in crucial games with low-class R. Williams, Minamino, Origi, Chamberlain, it is he who has chosen too late two ambivalent class players for the defense patchwork, he who has deprived Liverpool of Hendo's capacities in the center with no player left to pass the ball along the axe, it is he who has relegated the great Liverpool to a team with zero psychology and self-esteem. Better go Herr Jürgen and make room for Steven Gerrard or Brendan Rodgers!

    Stathis LivadasStathis Livadas6 dagar sedan
    • 100%. Unfortunately, I see rarely such healthy voices. Most refer to the Klopp's merits which is wrong approach to evaluate the state. Problem us not team and injures but Klopp's system and low level of flexibility. His system is not working and he does not wish to accept it and change.

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • Mark Clattenburg: ‘’"Kavanagh spent mere seconds at his monitor. It wasn't to check whether it was a penalty - he and VAR Andre Marriner accepted it was - but whether Alexander-Arnold should be red-carded.’’

    Chin Yen TayChin Yen Tay6 dagar sedan
  • Nearly got slapped too💩

    MedicalMick420 MickMedicalMick420 Mick6 dagar sedan
  • -SELL Firmino and Gini.... replace them with Jota and Jones. -Stop playing Salah at the sideline as a winger. He is useless and horrible there. He is a selfish striker and should be in the box AT ALL TIMES. -STOP making substitutions "to change the game" in the 87th minute. Even GOD couldnt make a difference. Make changes at soon as needed. In the 60-70th minute at the latest. Geeeez is this so hard to see and understand???? COME ON!!!! PS: Kabak will be a MAJOR FLOPP. Mark my words... first goal against Everton is almost an owngoal by Kabak. He almost made an effort not to defend that goal... go watch it again. He gets yellow cards then os too afraid to make the challenge and the striker gets gifts left and right. He goes back to Germany!! Give Phillips the chance... and lets see what Ben can do.

    specthegodspecthegod6 dagar sedan
  • Sack him and get who? Klopp is the only manager who can win them Prem again, not this year but he can

    NatetokyoNatetokyo6 dagar sedan
    • He will destroy team further sticking on fans, emotions and belief. The energy is vital but will lead to chaotic move when strategy and tactics are loosing

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • I didn't see much of the game as the camera was mostly on VVD sat on the side lines. Lets face it he was only there to give it the big un if they won.

    Cameron AshworthCameron Ashworth7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp's problem is that he needs fresh legs Firmino is no more useful as he was last season, liverpool can work hard. They beat Barcelona without salah and firmino in 2019. IDK wats going on this season klopp used so much confidence in playing the team. I feel like the fans might have contributed to liverpool's confidence. Liverpool can do without jota and van dijk man city is doing well without their key players. Or else the danger is the fact that liverpool might face a scarier team in champions league such as Psg or even Munich.

    Joshua Ikechukwu ChindaJoshua Ikechukwu Chinda7 dagar sedan
  • Greatest manager in modern era. Hmm everton went last time you won league or even win any silver ware hmm varn ref help Everton

    ash unknownash unknown7 dagar sedan
  • It’s unreal how many people come to the comments to mock liverpool. It’s just a shame that there’s no respect in the football community now. It’ll be great when they’re back on form and all these jokers sliver back into their mums basement to top off their UV of monster energy and cry because their team has never tasted success, or they’re a Man City fan

    Joe LucasJoe Lucas7 dagar sedan
  • Jurgen: When you effectively tell the players it's not worth turning up for the remaining games of the season, guess what? They don't "turn up"...

    Reginald JacksonReginald Jackson7 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool are going down 💙💙

    Sandesh MishraSandesh Mishra7 dagar sedan
  • He needs to stop talking shite and giving stupid interviews and sort his team out. Right now they are the worst team in the Premier League by a country mile

    Tommy GunnTommy Gunn7 dagar sedan
  • Blah blah blah, just Leicester in disguise

    Alex EdgeAlex Edge7 dagar sedan
  • "We don't have to talk about that too much...." I feel Jurgen still have a position in Anfield. Thanks God Liverpool isn't Chelsea. Jurgen could be chilling out somewhere in streets of Germany.

    Denis RutoDenis Ruto7 dagar sedan
  • - We literally have no one on the bench to challenge front 3 & yet we loaned Minmino & Wilson out. - We were short on CB position and yet we sold Lovren to Zenit & never replaced him.. - Instead we broke our established midfield & put Fab & Hedo in CB.. - And now we are broke from back to front..

    Rahul KadamRahul Kadam7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp will get the sack!

    Rufus BurneRufus Burne7 dagar sedan
    • Only sucking will save Liverpool

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • Wow how strange How Kloop now talks as things are going against him.... talking more calmer and also not being the Mr. Know all and most of all stammering like he'll.... smh

    Saikou SanyangSaikou Sanyang7 dagar sedan
  • dont worry guys we are slowly going back to the days of skrtel and jose enrique and 8th place finishes aha

    Alex WalkerAlex Walker7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp's job will certainly be on the line if they don't finish top 4.

    Secret GuySecret Guy7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp leave please. You have done your best...

    Richard JuniorRichard Junior7 dagar sedan
    • 100%

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • Just look at Bayern Munich.. They have A few players injured and they start to lose points, nothing to compare to Liverpool injuries problems!

    Fabio LuisiFabio Luisi7 dagar sedan
  • Start with Origi gibpve him time you give to so hopeless players .ATA two free kicks, I did similar two today o our salaries are just bit different. The need Roy Keane to shout them and slap to their faces.

    Jukka O. ParviainenJukka O. Parviainen7 dagar sedan

    Megadollardog 2Megadollardog 27 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you change things, Jurgen? This is disgraceful to watch. At this rate Liverpool could finish outside the top 10. They will then be fucked as star players will leave and no stars will be coming in. Klopp should be let go at the end of the season. His tactics are one dimensional. Thank you for the Champions league and for the league, but your time is up herr Klopp. Tsuss!

    Morrie's worldMorrie's world7 dagar sedan
    • 234% agree. Very happy to hear the healthy voice.

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • Life is circle. Things get better and then worse and then again better and so on 🙏

    Joker ReturnsJoker Returns7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp the flop

    M DM D7 dagar sedan
  • german bobsleigh team asked Klopp "how dow you make ur team go downhill so fast"

    Rik Ver MarRik Ver Mar7 dagar sedan
  • devoted 30+ years waiting for us to win the league and this is how were thanked - duped into buying (another) shirt after winning the league and now to ashamed to wear it - never seen such a bunch of slackers - its clear we dont have the fight for the prem 1 bit since winning it - but CL its a different matter

    Rik Ver MarRik Ver Mar7 dagar sedan
  • Anfield without fans is just bramall lane

    Logesh NarayananLogesh Narayanan7 dagar sedan
  • It meant more to everton to get that stat

    J MJ M7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp out

    jamie flittonjamie flitton7 dagar sedan
  • i hate to say this, but poor liverpool. i feel sorry for them. from a west ham fan.

    raul moatraul moat7 dagar sedan
  • ohhh dear this man is looking older by the week!!

    sMartysMarty7 dagar sedan
  • Come on jurgen klopp l am Liverpool fan

    Sam MoojgSam Moojg7 dagar sedan
  • your luck has ran out floppy you 1 season wonder bitch

    johny ditchjohny ditch7 dagar sedan
  • Jurgen Excuses Klopp is at it again

    MarkKizerMarkKizer7 dagar sedan
  • He's probably the most liked manager in the PL by all fans (speaking as a United fan). Anyone who wants him out is clueless.

    NothingWorseThanACrunchyBananaNothingWorseThanACrunchyBanana7 dagar sedan
    • As a Liverpool fan I have to say that these defeats have been good for revealing all the plastics who started glory hunting the past 2 years

      Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake7 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry, in 30 years time Liverpool will win another PL title.

    John MitchellJohn Mitchell7 dagar sedan
  • Question is why? It was inevitible no genuine quality up top even last season. Last season was fluke Remember coutinho who?

    Muhammad SoburMuhammad Sobur7 dagar sedan
  • I back Liverpool to finish top 4

    Craig van der MerweCraig van der Merwe7 dagar sedan
  • It shines through, both Klopp and his players are just laughing all the way to the bank. No passion, just greed.

    StenbergskijStenbergskij7 dagar sedan
  • I miss Brendan Rodgers

    Craig van der MerweCraig van der Merwe7 dagar sedan
  • We lost van dijk, Joe Gomez,matip we don't have fabinho in midfield... don't blame him. We are behind him 10000%

    Liverpool fc FunLiverpool fc Fun7 dagar sedan
  • End Field ,Klopp,PLEASE GET LOST, GET LOST. .

    Sofia SofiaSofia Sofia7 dagar sedan
  • Let’s hear the excuses kloppy boy

    Joe HiltonJoe Hilton7 dagar sedan
  • Is here anyone who believes liverpool will go back in the top four this season??

    maia maiamaia maia7 dagar sedan
    • With Klopp no

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • lets not forget what this man did and achive so far during his work at the club. nothing can be alwalys perfect and people need to accept periods like that specialy after a memorables 4 years under this manager.i do believe that when liverpool will return on the way of winning it's will be like a rocket. that's life.

    Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin7 dagar sedan
  • We won 4 cups under klopp and still I believe he is the best we had in the last 3 decades!!

    Johann TaboneJohann Tabone7 dagar sedan
    • @Chris Cummins Club world among the list

      Johann TaboneJohann Tabone6 dagar sedan
    • champs lg and prem lg =2 dont dare count them micky mouse club cups

      Chris CumminsChris Cummins7 dagar sedan
  • So if they win champions League will they get an automatic spot on next year's champions League

    SrijithSrijith7 dagar sedan
    • Yeah

      Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake7 dagar sedan
  • My life is more pleasant with liverpool losing

    Lebogang TookaLebogang Tooka7 dagar sedan
  • Klopp is just a bitter loser can’t take the L always refuse to give credit to other team the victims mentality I used to rate klopp so highly but the excuses that he comes out with.... the wind and saying that Everton first goal was uncery and that if they did get a penalty it would have on been 1-0 is seriously embarrassing and it must be getting to the players now because if I was playing for a team who manager can only use excuses of the weather and other conditions when both teams play in the same condition I would be embarrassed to have him as a manager and judge by it he got poor man management skills this is coming from someone who studying to be a football manager and I looked up to klopp now I seriously wonder if he believes everything he says

    cameron dempsey MCFC 1894cameron dempsey MCFC 18948 dagar sedan
  • Firmino overrated

    Irish KidIrish Kid8 dagar sedan
    • @ThePradec Klopp Trent and Thiago arent overrated lol. U clearly dont know what "overrated" means

      Irish KidIrish Kid5 dagar sedan
    • Thiago, Trent, Firmino and Klopp as well

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • Has Klopp lost the team, something is going on.

    David BallDavid Ball8 dagar sedan
  • Klopp can't find solutions to the problems caused by himself ie It's clear as day, Klopp needs to sack his mainly one trick pony formation of 433, this formation only works when Klopp has his best 11 players available and on the pitch Klopp trying to shoe horn his 433, force it up a goats arse to make it work for 90min, when after 65/70min it has failed ..and klopp team, players where crying out for a clever formation change to turn the game in klopp favour ie a simple 2143 would turned the game in klopp favour If klopp wants to finish top 4, start winning games , kloppp needs to sack his 433 and go 4141,4411, this formation is more suited to the players that are available to klopp Klopp needs to learn from his mistakes, he continues to make the same mistakes again and again and learns fcuk all Klopp needs to learn from the opposition managers game plans they play against his team and needs to have a better formation , tactics set up to over come this when he faces these managers again Even stevie wonder could see playing 433 against Everton 451/352 system was not going to work .....but again Klopp only tactic for his 433 to work is if the fab 3 individual brilliance wins the game for klopp...again .... Klopp need to sack that FRAUD Lijinders and that 🤡 of a goal keeping coach !!!! Klopp needs a strong no2 wingman, that has the bllx to stand up to klopp and tell him formation needs to change, 433 is not working Klopp assistants are all yes men, who just blow smoke up Klopp arse , even when things are not going well ... Klopp is a WC coach 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Klopp is learning on the job how to be a manager, and he's learning very very slowly and making same mistakes again and again Klopp lack of tactic knowledge, game management is shocking!!!!

    Steve Y-NWA SSteve Y-NWA S8 dagar sedan
    • 243% agree. Healthy voice

      ThePradecThePradec5 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    B DB D8 dagar sedan

    ThewTubeThewTube8 dagar sedan
  • Haha! Wheels on the bus have fallen off!

    Rudy ReimerRudy Reimer8 dagar sedan
  • This really shows how much impact Liverpool's 12th man has on the games at home. Let's be honest, Liverpool would have never lost 4 home matches in a row with the fans present.

    PixlPixl8 dagar sedan
  • If that was a penalty I'm Jesus Christ.

    james hamiltonjames hamilton8 dagar sedan
  • We need a new way of playing

    Say GoodbyeSay Goodbye8 dagar sedan
  • Klopp : we lost coz Manu scored penalties

    ShubhamShubham8 dagar sedan
  • So many people crying about injuries. Good teams overcome such things, Liverpool are declining because of personal and moral issues.

    ClarkeyClarkey8 dagar sedan
  • Champions league liverpool=atm top, league flop😔

    B. OB. O8 dagar sedan
  • I think at this stage we’re in contention for the worst prem champions in history, hopefully we just don’t get as bad as Chelsea

    Anthony BarnesAnthony Barnes8 dagar sedan
  • Jurgen smurgen haaaaaaaa

    Ay UpAy Up8 dagar sedan
  • I love seeing loserpool suffer I LOVE IT 😂😂😂

    Karam ZidanKaram Zidan8 dagar sedan
  • Ok if I lost at home 4 times in a row in fifa I wouldn’t be that positive

    George MillGeorge Mill8 dagar sedan
  • Salah is a diving cheat

    Karl TKarl T8 dagar sedan
  • I'm a united fan but this guy is class!

    Mark GreerMark Greer8 dagar sedan
  • Jurgen obviously Salah is diving 3 times a game would u like that to go up

    Kalash SharmaKalash Sharma8 dagar sedan
  • I’m a Liverpool fan and this is too quality from Klopp, forcing our team to go to the conference league so we can get an easy trophy 👏 good thinking boss!

    Flight CrewFlight Crew8 dagar sedan
  • Stop with all your lame excuses till now, LFC fans had enough..time to go 😅😅🤘🤘🤘

    Christian WAGChristian WAG8 dagar sedan
  • Klopp may have to start playing at this rate😀

    Steve McCannSteve McCann8 dagar sedan
  • Then make the changes Kloppo

    Mario MieraMario Miera8 dagar sedan
  • Bring in mbappe or Harland

    Keelan DavidsonKeelan Davidson8 dagar sedan
  • As a lfc fan its gettin anoyying now i think klopp myt jus hav to go

    YY8 dagar sedan
  • Geoff is so happy at the start of this interview, unlucky Jurgen you bitter little melt

    efcdom1878efcdom18788 dagar sedan
  • Arteta didn’t do this bad at home and he got way more stick from the press

    manlikebranmanlikebran8 dagar sedan
  • I believe theres something more to it than the injuries. Maybe klopp needs to go all out on the team!!! YNWA

    Forbidden-scripts-official Street orphanForbidden-scripts-official Street orphan8 dagar sedan
  • He must of run out of things to make excuses about now. Every game they normally lose he moans and makes excuses. If he was like this all the time I would still like him

    Russ BurgessRuss Burgess8 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool fan here. Some Liverpool fans are soooo Plastic!!!! Get lost. If you can’t support when we lose, don’t support us when we win.

    Saleem HaulkhorySaleem Haulkhory8 dagar sedan
  • ...and just like that the Liverpool ‘era’ is over.

    gagletgaglet8 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool have never lost five in a row at home. I wonder if that's about to change? I personally don't think so. I don't think even defending champions have ever lost four home games in a row. Everton and Liverpool were the last two defending champions to lose four home games in a row and that was in the 1920s. So I think losing five may be pushing it a bit too far but it could happen. Leicester lost 18 games 4 seasons ago as defending champions and even they didn't lose four home games in a row

    Mohammed FaisalMohammed Faisal8 dagar sedan
  • Best pl team of all time 😭😭😭😭

    Bruno FernandesBruno Fernandes8 dagar sedan
  • We mustn’t forget it’s been windy

    gamercal30000gamercal300008 dagar sedan
  • Jurgen Flopp 😭😂

    Ngurah JanuarNgurah Januar8 dagar sedan
  • 🥺🥺🥺😓😓😓😭😭😭😭

    IMDADIMDAD8 dagar sedan
  • Vile victims

    Kevin SmallKevin Small8 dagar sedan
  • Plz subscribe this channel 👏

    Mix Tube OfficialMix Tube Official8 dagar sedan
  • Jurgen looks like a Turkey perfomance

    • I no go skool

    • Jurgen✍looks✍like✍a✍Turkey✍perfomance✍ English Teacher: F✍

      Wayne DonoghueWayne Donoghue8 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool are shite because of that shite kit with the blue trim🤣🤣

    Jude SNJude SN8 dagar sedan
  • You’re finished Juergen

    Adrian HarithAdrian Harith8 dagar sedan
  • I think if they had jota back from injury he would me a difference? 🤔

    Jake WorlandJake Worland8 dagar sedan
  • I for one am enjoying Liverpool‘s free fall.Jürgen Klopp was so full of himself and arrogant last season. I can’t forget how he verbally assaulted a journalist in Austria during a press conference, who was merely doing his job by asking a question - or how disrespectful he was in many a press conference in England. I don’t care if people blindly worshipped him and let him get away with it because he appeared to be the best and people want to be associated with the best at all costs. Let him now learn humility. That’s why I will always respect Pep Guardiola who has achieved much more than Klopp. Despite not being a perfect person, he’s always gracious as a winner.

    Miranda AlMiranda Al8 dagar sedan
  • YNWA 💪

    Sayyed Bashar AliSayyed Bashar Ali8 dagar sedan