Martinelli was in tears - It doesn’t look good | Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle | Mikel Arteta

9 jan 2021
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00:00 Intro
00:05 Thanks god the referees check VAR for the Red Card
00:40 On Smith Rowe Well that means we believe in him. He's becoming more and more important in the team.
1:15 on Martinelli I am gutted. I was in my office before the game and one of the medical staff came in and said he twisted his ankle. He was in tears and in a lot of pain.
1:40 on Willian
I think he was improving and improving. He's been out as well because he was ill. He missed two weeks of training and football.
2:15 Trusting young players?
3:45 When the team is winning everything is easy
4:15 Partney still a little bit short to be part of the group
Mikel Arteta reacts to Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Newcastle in the FA Cup.
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  • Absolutely gutting for Gabriel Martinelli, as Mikel Arteta fears the worst after the Brazilian is injured in the warm-up before Arsenal’s victory over Newcastle 😫

    HaytersTVHaytersTV18 dagar sedan
    • Yeah obviously because he arteta is the reason why willian is in arsenal so he doesn't want it to like he made the wrong decision hence he had to force him to display shambolic performances week in and out....

      Nesto RocksNesto Rocks17 dagar sedan
    • Can u ask artate how important for ESR not to get injured or red card this season? Basically did he have a plan to find someone in tranfer window if anything happen to esr..

      TheMalaysiaTheMalaysia17 dagar sedan
    • @Sean Lee why???????????

      Amesy20Amesy2017 dagar sedan
    • He over come it

    • Mate you miss spelled partey

      Abdulatif MohammedAbdulatif Mohammed17 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal really a mess up. Arteta has a players yet injured, Players not injured can't played up to the standard. Good players are not welcome. Car crash manager.

    Kassim BorhanKassim Borhan16 dagar sedan
  • Love Charles watt for putting pressure on Arteta about Willian😁

    FootballHolic TvFootballHolic Tv16 dagar sedan
  • True, willan is not worthy being in an Arsenal shirt

    obucche fredrickobucche fredrick17 dagar sedan
    • Why did they sign him?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Haha, when mustafi started remember last time, those matches we don't loose and not conceded goal. Everyone's love him and now he's hated by mostly fans. Hopefully Mari not getting same thing bcoz of the management faults.

    Jebatio HangJebatio Hang17 dagar sedan
  • A bus pulled up outside the Emirates and I asked the driver who it was for. “For all the passengers, Willock, Pepe, Willian, El Neny, Mustafi, Nelson and Nketiah.”

    Tarquin45Tarquin4517 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal fans, please stop the abuse. Let’s support

    Khairulmuzzamir Mat KassimKhairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim17 dagar sedan
    • Exactly

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • We are wasting our time with Willian get rid of him or put him on the bench get the young boys on saka. Willock. Smith Rowe. Tierney. Balogun. Nelson. martinelli they want to play for the club they want to make arsenal back to how we was

    Dean BrownDean Brown17 dagar sedan
  • Willian is improving and improving? How can Arteta say that with a straight face??

    Ben HamBen Ham17 dagar sedan
  • I think Martinelli was more in shock, his injury against City looked pretty serious and only kept him out for one game fingers crossed

    Mr. AMr. A17 dagar sedan
    • hope so 🙏🏻

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Funny how Arsenal fans were calling for Laca to leave and yet he seems to make a difference now. Have u realised Smith Rowe is on the move as soon as the ball goes to Laca.....

    Joe AlanJoe Alan17 dagar sedan
    • Interesting point

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • As someone who has suffered ankle injuries all their life i feel for Martinelli. But as long as he didn't feel something tear he wont be out for long, the ankles tend to heal pretty quickly and usually feel alot worse than they are. Fingers crossed it isnt serious

    nosleep09nosleep0917 dagar sedan
    • yes 🙏🏻

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • It was an awful game until around 60 minutes. At times I felt like we were gonna lose it but we kept growing into it. As soon as we made subs we looked much better. A job well done in the end. 4 games on the bounce 3 cleans sheets, 1 goal conceded. Let’s keep it going #afc #coyg

    illmaticillmatic17 dagar sedan
    • Positivity 👏

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • I’d rather have read - I was in my office and they said “Boss, a player has hurt himself, it looks bad... and I replied excitedly, Willian!?!? They told me it was Martinelli and I was gutted”

    Aloise MwaiAloise Mwai17 dagar sedan
  • Dear Fans : Willian is playing shit, Willock is not a midfielder runs with the ball too much, Should be a winger, On that note we should be saying Bench because it is wrong to say players should leave the club when under performing because I don't hear any of you saying Auba should leave🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Mfanyana SitholeMfanyana Sithole17 dagar sedan
  • Big up @HaytersTV responding to everyone's comments👏

    Dupe TDupe T17 dagar sedan
    • Much love bro!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • I prayed Martinelli come back stronger in less than 2weeks oooo because his present is helping us

    Wilson DezoWilson Dezo17 dagar sedan
  • I hope Mikel Arteta now knows what so many people have known for months; Willian is not good enough to play for this club, he doesn’t have the quality, desire or the love for the club. Let’s count our losses and let him go. We have at least 3 other players who need more playing time on the right wing, so we won’t even miss Willian.

    Emmanuel OlawoyeEmmanuel Olawoye17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV this brings tears to my eyes 😭

      Emmanuel OlawoyeEmmanuel Olawoye17 dagar sedan
    • he is just joined on a massive deal - will not be going anywhere

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Arteta is backing William every time,William should be on the bench not in the starting lineup period.

    Emmanul LeamanEmmanul Leaman17 dagar sedan
    • well he was one of the best creative attacking players in the prem last year and had a blinder opening day of the season, the old saying form is temporary class is permanent is what Arteta is looking at. Also we need veterans to be happy or the lockeroom will be toxic. William should be the CAM backup IMO opinion, not got the legs and vibrance needed for the wings anymore was much better at CAM last year

      C FC F17 dagar sedan
    • let's see on Thursday

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Thought it was a bit harsh the scoreline. Didn't deserve to lose to those two lucky late goals. Unfortunately it undermines all the effort that we had put in and at the end of the day the result is very flattering to Arteta's boys.

    Steve BruceSteve Bruce17 dagar sedan
    • Absolutely

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Hayters the goat of press confrence thanks for giving us the press confrence

    Alexander LacazetteAlexander Lacazette17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV no problem i will add more as well

      Alexander LacazetteAlexander Lacazette16 dagar sedan
    • thanks for the goals, Alex

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Great to see arteta smile! You know what to do to keep winning keep Willian on the bench and buy Buendia! ESR will not be able to play every game same with Saka. They will need a break and we need a great cover

    david Arsenaldavid Arsenal17 dagar sedan
    • We shall see

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Eye test never fails. Willick's not good enough. Sell him. It's almost as if the club are tryna make him get to 100 appearances as some sort og merit. Come on, his ain't a raffle competition ffs!!

    DEE DUBZDEE DUBZ17 dagar sedan
    • he has slipped back a bit

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willian is a problem it was cleqr for everyone to see when he came off we we became a different threat

    Joshua HeuvelJoshua Heuvel17 dagar sedan
    • amazing transformation

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willian is not ready yet the club made a huge mistake by signing willian he should be frozen just like Ozil

    foday david mansarayfoday david mansaray17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV may be he'll improve or may be not to me he seems like a tired leg that should retire

      foday david mansarayfoday david mansaray17 dagar sedan
    • he has only just arrived - Arteta will give him more time

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • This thumbnail 'Martinelli was in tears - It doesn’t look good 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃'

    JoeJoe17 dagar sedan
    • bit of a breakdown in communication there!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • I believe arsenal have many issues to fix which are : - arteta man- management is poor - trainings are making hardworking players injured - youngsters are relied as saviours - buying poor mentality players This has to stop, the owner must start acting and do all of this which are : - bring a man - management to help arteta - install trainings that avoid hard working players from getting injured - buy suitable players to help the youngsters learn - buy winning mentality players starting from this window . If they are not ready to do that, then it is time to sell the club and give it to an ambitious owner who is ready to do all of that . In a nutshell, the likes of messi, Cristiano Ronaldo haven't become suddenly one of the best players of all time due to their ability but because they learned from ronaldinho & gigs and under the guidance of both pep guardiola and sir Alex Ferguson . likes of martinelli, saka, smith Rowe needs to have someone similar to grow . They can't be burned out .

    Karim 1997Karim 199717 dagar sedan
    • interesting comment - don't agree with it all but thanks so much

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Scoring goals is easier for Arsenal without Pepe

    Wild RainWild Rain17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV I dont know, but thats the observation.

      Wild RainWild Rain17 dagar sedan
    • why is that?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • "He wants to play the next game, he can handle pain" OMG this lad!!!

    Andrew WejlahAndrew Wejlah17 dagar sedan
    • player

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willian is 100% following to instructions which the coach likes but and he is not shrewd enough to improvise his talents to bring value to himself. He is a slow to adapt tells me he is not used to playing the game different than he was used to in Brazil team.

    Colin WongColin Wong17 dagar sedan
    • unlikely with his experience?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The journalist who asked if we need to sign another CAM is an idiot. We have lacked creative players and can't depend to ESR to perform like this for whole season. We need to sign creative midfielder.

    AyushAyush17 dagar sedan
    • he was trying to get Arteta to reveal his transfer plans!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • think hes lying bout gabi tbh. maybe to force edu to make a fucking attacking signing.

    Slam DunkSlam Dunk17 dagar sedan
  • Ask him next time Directly if willian is his relative in some ways or not, Baffling.

    Aditya VenkateshAditya Venkatesh17 dagar sedan
    • not sure that will work

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • A rolled ankle usually takes a few days to fully heal, even a day (speaking from experience and I'm no athlete) I really hope it's just that, a minor roll.

    Ebiegberi AdonkieEbiegberi Adonkie17 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for sharing!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • If you put rotten eggs with fresh ones eventually good eggs will go bad. All our out of form players have to be benched they are taking the confidence out of the team..out of form players :willian,Pepe,willock,auba..laccazet has to play one else plays that position better than him than at the moment.. Nelson started the match with confidence

    vivek abvivek ab17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV with amount of effort you are putting in your channel reach new heights very soon

      vivek abvivek ab17 dagar sedan
    • profound

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • We need Martinelli.. really like to see that kind of players on the field..😔 Like Willian Auba also becoming shit.. we have been blaming only midfield so long for not creating chances.. with those chances we should have score 2-3 within 90min, otherwise we are not going anywhere.. Auba should come as sub to push him

    Soumyadipta DasSoumyadipta Das17 dagar sedan
    • Auba is a problem that needs solving

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willian can't be improving... He' s doing nothing !!!! Having his experience Willian has simply not adapted the team or not willing too...

    thumb manthumb man17 dagar sedan
    • which one?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Very Poor ( to be sold but cant be😥): Willian( never be an arsenal player) , Pepe( he is very bad in some basic stuff like passing ), Willock ( not premier league level) Stars : KT , Saka,Laca and My Fav Croydon De Bruyne

    Manoj NayakManoj Nayak17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV the difference maker.

      Manoj NayakManoj Nayak17 dagar sedan
    • CDB!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Hayters with the gold content as always. Big Up 💪

    Prakash PawarPrakash Pawar17 dagar sedan
    • that's the aim Prakash

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • What is happening this can't be true How they are wining 😭😭😭 North London is white ❤️

    01 Abhirup Dey 090501 Abhirup Dey 090517 dagar sedan
    • I am talking about arsenal how they are winning?

      01 Abhirup Dey 090501 Abhirup Dey 090517 dagar sedan
    • Tottenham?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • We need ozil brudda this guys dumb fam where’s my man ozil

    baran bulutbaran bulut17 dagar sedan
    • on his way

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Having wilam 4 3 years id worse than havin ozil on the wage bill if it was the case you could have just kept mikityran

    Cairo RCairo R17 dagar sedan
    • he is doing well in Italy now

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The same thing wenger done with the massive ozil deal is nothing compared to what arteta done by bringing in willam absolutely useless

    Cairo RCairo R17 dagar sedan
    • must be so disappointed

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willian doesnt want .... that is it, face says it all

    Jakub TichýJakub Tichý17 dagar sedan
    • not trying?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The title and the thumbnail make Arteta look like a very sick man...

    Wayne MarshallWayne Marshall17 dagar sedan
    • we all make mistakes

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Bin this clown and hand the job to someone trustworthy, someone who is apt and capable of the rebuild job, somebody like Rafa Benitez. But much more important than that, bin the vampire kroenke, just like Villa binned lerner, Liverpool binned hicks and gillette and sunderland binned short.

    Rude BoyRude Boy17 dagar sedan
    • amazing

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The fact he's going to keep trying willian shows me this guy is not what we need.

    mistamista17 dagar sedan
    • trying to play him into form?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Martinelli is giving me van Persie vibes....

    KostasKostas17 dagar sedan
    • injuries or leaving?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Funny to see so many comments slating Willian when Willian wasn't even the worst player on the pitch. Nelson and Willock performed so poorly, but so little comments on them. Willock was not able to link up defence to attack. Despite Auba scoring a goal, he was shocking for almost 90minutes. The game changed not when Willian came off, the big change came when Lacazette came on. Lacazette playing up front completely changed the way Arsenal plays football. Laca is able to hold up the ball and set up runners such as Saka, Smith-rowe or Pepe. Has no one noticed, Laca is so important in Arteta's new tactics. If Saka, Pepe, Smith-rowe played from the start with Auba upfront, I am pretty sure Arsenal would not be able to break Newcastle down. Smith-rowe and Laca are so important for the link up play. When Willian was playing, Auba was not able to hold up the ball to play off him. Willock in centre midfield was dreadful today. The bias towards Willian is incredible. p.s Tierney Man of the Match for me.

    sp csp c17 dagar sedan
    • some people get a fixed view and can not see anything else!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Simon from the standard. What standard is that lol

    Conan84 CowenConan84 Cowen17 dagar sedan
    • a high standard!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan

    Conan84 CowenConan84 Cowen17 dagar sedan
    • it is his favourite look

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan

    Andrew MalachiAndrew Malachi17 dagar sedan
  • Leno did great too

    The One Above AllThe One Above All17 dagar sedan
    • saved them from getting knocked out

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Can I get a reply? Hayters?

    Jason AlmeidaJason Almeida17 dagar sedan
    • no x

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • It’s been almost a year and you guys still haven’t figured out how to use zoom properly. Mute the thing until it’s your turn... not rocket science.

    TwistedSouLTwistedSouL17 dagar sedan
    • maybe, one day

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The only cheer i gave William was when he came off for ESR, who was excellent. I admit when we signed William I didn’t think that at halfway through the season he would still not have a goal, he makes Arsenal look a weaker side with him in it And I didn’t think Arteta’s would still believe in any player with so many games without scoring, he now makes Arteta look weak in keeping him in the starting line up.

    Michael SMichael S17 dagar sedan
    • maybe he only started cos it was the Cup?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • How does Willian and Elneny see the pitch? If Elneny was a time traveler he would only travel backwards in time and Willian is obviously only an MLS player now at best. Do they know this is mainly for entertainment?

    Cal DepenCal Depen17 dagar sedan
    • brutal!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Did man just say willian is improving he wouldn't even be in my pres season team

    Gaverio ReidGaverio Reid17 dagar sedan
    • oh dear

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Media ask the worst questions.. absolute shocking these frauds have jobs ... all of you are a joke every week !

    Captain cringe CptCaptain cringe Cpt17 dagar sedan
  • Martineli 😤🦵

    • what a man

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Stop making excuses for Willian, he kills and slows the game so much, kills the progression and doesn't look like he even wants to play with any urgency for the team....

    Mansimran SinghMansimran Singh17 dagar sedan
    • they will be having different chats away from the cameras

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Tierney was magnificent But we're very light at left back . we seem light in goals and he still Wants to play Willian What's Will I am from the Black eyed peas doing these days, maybe we could get him in for the rest of the season couldn't be any worse than the Chelsea reject

    SwayNoSwayNo17 dagar sedan
    • not very good in the air, apparently

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Clickbait “it dosent look good” when actually he said “ he didn’t look good” 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

    Dean ThomasDean Thomas17 dagar sedan
    • don't agree - said he didn't look good when he saw him in the dressing room and he is not expecting good news

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • How is Willian this bad? His demeanor in 2nd half was unprofessional - just didn’t care with zero effort. Terrible. Is he injured or just sleepwalking?

    Scott HanfordScott Hanford17 dagar sedan
    • or struggling?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • IF IF Arsenal kept performing good and the players show great responsibility and kept the fighting mentality and spirit they PROBABLY play in Europe next year. BUT still the club needs URGENTLY to 1- find a buyer to get rid of the freakin KROENKES. 2- get world class ready players 3 or 4 ( until their enthusiastic young players become more n more mature ) . Still the squad not that GREAT to beat the top teams. they suffered enough today against a team from the 2ed half of the table while playing at their home stadium!!

    cihat soultancihat soultan17 dagar sedan
    • how wealthy are you?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal plays like championships team, such a disgrace, smith rowe shd be send off, martelleni shdnt even play

    Hong Ee NgHong Ee Ng17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV we didnt play that good that's why we no score until extra time, we only score because smith rowe is here, if normal fa cup schedule, it will be scheduled to another time, we might still lose🤣

      Hong Ee NgHong Ee Ng17 dagar sedan
    • you a) didn't watch the game and b) not an Arsenal fan?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal have a decent b team pepe ozil aubameyang Willian ceballos gabriel

    20 2120 2117 dagar sedan
    • good names

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Tierney ten 10 10 10. Best player on the pitch and biggest heart.

    Scott HanfordScott Hanford17 dagar sedan
    • brilliant

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe Willian is from the same country as Ronaldinho,Ronaldo and Martinelli. He must be Ghanian im sure

    The Invincible'sThe Invincible's17 dagar sedan
    • having a bad run

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • I had a feeling, Martinelli is Arsenal's Gareth Bale or Arjen Robben..... Good player with glass legs😅

    Rainer WenRainer Wen17 dagar sedan
    • oh no

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willians best position?! Really? It’s at freaking Chelsea!

    Colin YoungColin Young17 dagar sedan
    • ouch

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The title alongside the thumbnail makes Arteta look pretty darn evil. Just saying.

    DylanDylan17 dagar sedan
    • fair point

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • This channel is mental they fuckin reply to every comment omg 👍

    Tmony ProductionsTmony Productions17 dagar sedan
  • Happy for a next win. Pablo Mari as been good sense back from injury. That's one goal conceded in four games for him. That's very good🔴💯

    mayton millermayton miller17 dagar sedan
    • excellent

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Charles always asks the questions we want to know. 👊🏻

    Frankie StewartFrankie Stewart17 dagar sedan
    • yep

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Loving the young boys coming good again!

    Talk to ShaneTalk to Shane17 dagar sedan
    • yes

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Did Mikel say Willian is improving? I almost smashed my tv because of him. Man can barely run now, gives away possession and can’t even cross. I can’t stand him at my club anymore, I CANT!

    Ed ManEd Man17 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV Trying to, man, trying to. Just don’t know why Mikel can’t see that playing Willian might cost him his job.

      Ed ManEd Man17 dagar sedan
    • chill!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Our fitness team has been a joke for years now

    TheParlay33TheParlay3317 dagar sedan
    • did you see what he did?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Wow, so loooks like Martinelli would have 2 serious injuries, and both of them was during training. I think someone needs speak to him to reduce his level of intensity during training.

    Kwesi AckonKwesi Ackon17 dagar sedan
    • hope so Ebie!

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
    • maybe just play matches Kwesi?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
    • It's just a twisted ankle. It's usually very painful at first but a few days 2-4 days usually fixes it. He was just emotional out of fear of the worst😄 I hope I'm right that it's just a rolled ankle

      Ebiegberi AdonkieEbiegberi Adonkie17 dagar sedan
  • My manager! 🐐

    Afdeling SkillzAfdeling Skillz17 dagar sedan
    • sweet

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • ESR the height of maturity and professionilsm! He didn't shout at the Ref he didn't agree with the decision but he he stood firm. Fantastic player for years to come, lets hope he continues to prove himself!

    Natster JamNatster Jam17 dagar sedan
    • handled it so well - no wonder he has never been sent off

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Arteta must surely want to avoid the Willian questions going forward. Massive problem he has for the next 2 1/2 years! Out of all the wingers he is at the bottom of the pecking order and no way can he play 10

    Nathan MNathan M17 dagar sedan
    • not looking good

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Pepe and willian please find a club for them before end of January

    PETER PANtvPETER PANtv17 dagar sedan
    • @C F am sure you are believing pepe is gonna grow beyond this stage? Bro trust me pepe is another Walcott he won't go beyond where he's now selling him best option

      PETER PANtvPETER PANtv17 dagar sedan
    • the fk has pepe done wrong? he hasn't played consistently for a bit so factoring that in her was pretty decent tonight and has been great in the Europa when played. Willian sure but Pepe is young and has enormous talent. Arteta doesn't like him though so I'd leave if I was him and go somewhere where I'd get game time. Admittedly atm Saka, ESR and Laca are locks for 3/4 attacking positions, Pepe comes in for me if Martinelli is out for a while

      C FC F17 dagar sedan
    • Can't see it

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Pepe played good

    NoMoreTwistedNoMoreTwisted18 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV I'm sure If he keeps it up he will be able to get a chance

      NoMoreTwistedNoMoreTwisted17 dagar sedan
    • Worked hard

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Are injuries going to mess up martinellis career

    20 2120 2118 dagar sedan
    • 🌚

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • The only reason he started willian because its a cup game and a big player

    20 2120 2118 dagar sedan
    • 🤔

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal finally looking good like they should with some ballers in their team...saka, Tierney, ESR and of course the soon return of Thomas 4 eh?

    I AM EVIL EVILI AM EVIL EVIL18 dagar sedan
    • Not this season

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely criminal Willian is playing for this football club, also we have established Willock is not good enough.

    Reece RReece R18 dagar sedan
    • @HaytersTV clean sheet

      Reece RReece R17 dagar sedan
    • Emile Smith Rowe

      Munni RazaMunni Raza17 dagar sedan
    • Any positives?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • I feel so sorry for him because he has only came back from his injury but now he may be injured for a while again but I hope when he comes back he comes back stronger than ever and I don’t get why Cabbage head is getting given way to many chances but Ainsley isn’t and Smith Rowe is such a baller and Arsenal should not get rid of him at all

    anonymous nameanonymous name18 dagar sedan
    • 🤞

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Martinelli could have been rested,Arteta fucked up there,big style,no need to play him,whole point of squad rotation.

    peter redpathpeter redpath18 dagar sedan
    • He rested him for the last match

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
    • He was rested last match and didn’t even get injured playing!

      Amesy20Amesy2017 dagar sedan
  • the thumbnail and title don’t go together too well..

    Lewis Joseph CranstonLewis Joseph Cranston18 dagar sedan
    • 😬

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • If arsenal do sell snacks, please include willian with it as a free gift

    Naquib MahsirNaquib Mahsir18 dagar sedan
    • No sacks for sale tonight

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • This game shows Arsenal have a decent first team but that's it . Clear out an back up needed. Looks like Pepe has been massive waste of money.

    Mikey KMikey K18 dagar sedan
    • Not worked out yet

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Willian will prove worthy... in game he was in right spot... even though he ha no vibe, poor shots, not attacking enough...

    zameel manolyzameel manoly18 dagar sedan
    • Struggling

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Laca,Saka, Smith Rowe,KT Attacking quartets & Aubabloodclaty Boooom💣💥

    collins mungombacollins mungomba18 dagar sedan
    • 🥂

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Wenger - "If you have a group of talented U20s, you can never predict how they will develop. At 20, the good players separate from the average players." Nelson, Willock & Nketiah ain't making it here

    Uncs kwamsUncs kwams18 dagar sedan
    • @Uncs kwams I’m not saying every hale end boy will make the cut but your going on like Nelson is shit when he clearly isn’t. Like I said just have faith in the hale end boys that’s all. I know my football mate you don’t need to tell me nothing lol. I’m just passionate about arsenal

      Fish FingersFish Fingers15 dagar sedan
    • @Fish Fingers No I have my own opinion how ignorant & self centred must you be to assume this because I don’t agree with you, your a kid who doesn’t understand football properly not every hale end youngster will make the cut!

      Uncs kwamsUncs kwams15 dagar sedan
    • @Uncs kwams No your just one of them arsenal fans that watch AFTV and listen to them lol like I said before just get behind the hale end boys and stop being negative it’s not a good look either support the team or go follow rugby.

      Fish FingersFish Fingers15 dagar sedan
    • @Fish Fingers or Auba will just play LW & Laca will play CF, I just have common sense which you clearly lack

      Uncs kwamsUncs kwams16 dagar sedan
    • @Uncs kwams Well this comment really aged well hasn’t it? Did you watch the game on Saturday? Martinelli is now injured so this could be the break through reiss needs. You gotta stay positive with the youngsters I can’t stand fans Like you. I guarantee you sit there and watch AFTV and listen to all the negative bullshit that comes from them. Pratttttt

      Fish FingersFish Fingers16 dagar sedan
  • If arteta covers for willian and pepe give him the sack.

    Andy FernandesAndy Fernandes18 dagar sedan
    • Wow

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Artete cant be normal saying willian is improving and improving

    Aman MahalAman Mahal18 dagar sedan
    • I feel like he has to because willian can be more demoralized if arteta slates him more

      darwisdarwis17 dagar sedan
    • Like what has he got to improve the dons 32 he’s about to retire

      baran bulutbaran bulut17 dagar sedan
    • Thats ridiculous alie arteta delusional it wont long b4 were out of all comps still no faith in this man

      Cairo RCairo R17 dagar sedan
    • He's trying to boost his confidence

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal should start deducting Willian's weekly wage every game he doesn't perform to the standard and distribute it to younger players who cover for his lack of contribution.

    selgeausselgeaus18 dagar sedan
    • Nice idea, but this type of wage distribution in the epl will happen when unicorns exist.

      JohnnyBoy 1299JohnnyBoy 129917 dagar sedan
    • Good solution

      tshegofatso letlapetshegofatso letlape17 dagar sedan
    • Bro I don't think this is Football Manager

      Archisman ChakrabortyArchisman Chakraborty17 dagar sedan
    • Not trying ?

      HaytersTVHaytersTV17 dagar sedan
  • Mikal is very impressive .... I bet he knows exactly whats going on at the club from bottom to top

    Tony CelestinoTony Celestino18 dagar sedan
    • well said, elrazor

      HaytersTVHaytersTV18 dagar sedan
    • has immersed himself in the club, Tony

      HaytersTVHaytersTV18 dagar sedan
    • Totally agree, you can see it on his face. His intelligent

      elrazorelrazor18 dagar sedan