21 feb 2021
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    emma chamberlainemma chamberlain3 dagar sedan
    • as an australian - current confuses me. you guys are really living in the dark ages arnt you ... lol

      lauren broadlauren broad9 timmar sedan

      Rman NayrRman Nayr9 timmar sedan
    • You can just deposit checks online with the chase app too 😂😂😂 love ya though!!!

    • Checking it out now. Seems to be working.

      Miller LouieMiller Louie18 timmar sedan
    • Not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling :)

      Morgan LiamMorgan Liam18 timmar sedan
  • bro why are u funny

    lilianaliliana27 minuter sedan
  • Starbucks breakfast is SUPERIOR

    Valerie LopezValerie Lopez51 minut sedan
  • Can I just say Americas maccas looks disgusting please Emma just come to Australia

    Sophie O'BrienSophie O'BrienTimme sedan
  • Why do I feel greasy every time I see Emma’s video. And also feel like she is very lonely :(

    SSpitz16SSpitz16Timme sedan
  • Me in the first 15 sec "Emma isnt swearing!!!!! Something HAS to be wrong"

    Nargis TunesNargis TunesTimme sedan
  • Try Jollibee if you have in your town!👌🏻 The meals there👌🏻❤️

    GailyGaily2 timmar sedan
  • PLEaaasse try to taste danish candy, the most people think its so funny when they taste lakrids

    Vigga Sofie Holm TiemrothVigga Sofie Holm Tiemroth2 timmar sedan
  • Who else saw the hair on her sandwich from jack in the box

    Savanna LawsonSavanna Lawson2 timmar sedan
  • The cheerful violet adventitiously calculate because danger chronically fasten amid a adhesive withdrawal. horrible, political shell

    Marcus DanchisionMarcus Danchision2 timmar sedan
  • I am so obsessed with you! AHHHH, all your videos just bring me life

    Watch GringaWatch Gringa2 timmar sedan
  • 1:13

    Pep CatoPep Cato2 timmar sedan
  • Emma has ran out of content lol

    fatema abdullafatema abdulla2 timmar sedan
  • why didn’t you just ask for it without bacon?

    Jasmin wrightJasmin wright3 timmar sedan
  • Ill try the bacon even though im vegetarian... for you.. not because i like bacon and stuff its your fault.. best excuse ever

    Joseph BanksJoseph Banks3 timmar sedan
  • I had to say this I live in a pretty small town and I heard that you said it was pretty lonely and we don’t even get that many people around in the middle of the day

    Mini MakeupMini Makeup3 timmar sedan
  • Great my favorite fast food 🥘

    Jimmy LeeJimmy Lee3 timmar sedan
  • Did no one else notice the hair in her jack in the box sandwich

    Taylor WaddellTaylor Waddell4 timmar sedan
  • Carl"s Jr has breakfast and Burgerville.

    Susan Melero-TrippSusan Melero-Tripp4 timmar sedan
  • the way i just watched a pacsun ad with emma in it before this vid OMG

    kat zkat z4 timmar sedan
  • Fast Food = Fast Death

    Firstchoice LastchoiceFirstchoice Lastchoice4 timmar sedan
  • um let me just say...THE MCGRIDDLE IS GOOD! 🙂

    Diana HarringtonDiana Harrington4 timmar sedan
  • Did anybody see the hair hanging from the Swiss cheese on her Jack-in-the-box sandwich or just me?

    Jenna LehmanJenna Lehman5 timmar sedan
  • when you’re vegetarian and have a choice whether to eat meat or not, why would you eat meat?????? just order it without the meat????? you can’t really call yourself a vegetarian then.

    Jade FreemanJade Freeman5 timmar sedan
  • your pacsun ad was the ad on your video!!!! ahah

    lauryn taylorlauryn taylor5 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or does Emma give off Michael Scott vibes?

    AthziriAthziri5 timmar sedan
  • you should try milkshakes/ ice cream next !!

    nathan dnathan d5 timmar sedan
  • You can order the egg McMuffin with just egg and cheese. It’s def way better than the McGriddles if you don’t like the syrup on the two breads

    Vanessa NegreteVanessa Negrete5 timmar sedan
  • the wendys bisket thing is the same as australias maccas breaky muffin

    Matilda TownsMatilda Towns5 timmar sedan
  • I'm confused why she didn't just order without bacon

    JessicaJessica6 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks McDonald’s hashbrowns are GROSS !? Lol

    Samm.moralessSamm.moraless6 timmar sedan
  • It is my FAVORITE thing to watch an ad of Emma before watching a video of Emma. I couldn’t want anything more.

    Nora HessNora Hess6 timmar sedan
  • “You’re only as good as how quickly you find the Chick-fil-a”

    Casi MCasi M6 timmar sedan
  • That Crescent Heights life looks niice.

    S MorrisS Morris6 timmar sedan
  • You have no idea how hungry this video made me

    Grace PetzoldtGrace Petzoldt6 timmar sedan
  • lol i'm watching this rn then i remembered that there was a 50% discount going on at mcdonald's I called my brother then we ordered on the app (we were new to this whole online ordering thing so we were finding where we should type in the promo code on) i told him to give me his phone so that i would look for it but then he wouldn't let me,, he told me to search where the promo code was so i went to my computer to search it not even 20 seconds later he was panicking bc he accidentally clicked the 'place order' bc he thought the promo code would show and for some reason we couldn't cancel the order and now he's really panicking and looking constipated,, he contacted the delivery guy if he could cancel the order but unfortunately he has no power to do so,, i told him we couldn't do anything about it since the order is now being processed so I and my other brother contributed money and he also spent all of his money to pay for the remaining :') now, my parent's are coming back home and he's begging me not to tell my parents about it

    Jehaziel ZagadaJehaziel Zagada7 timmar sedan
  • I pulled away from the forehead kiss too fast and missed a couple :'(

    Dan DanDan Dan7 timmar sedan
  • i liked mcdonald’s old egg they used to use better in the bacon egg and cheese biscuit because it literally wasn’t just an egg yolk blob and it was round

    Amanda CrossAmanda Cross7 timmar sedan
  • Emma: yow dobbie!

    Tan JoelleTan Joelle7 timmar sedan
  • i aspire to be emma chamberlain when i grow up

    akshara jayakshara jay7 timmar sedan
  • Emma literally burps a million times in her videos

    Tan JoelleTan Joelle7 timmar sedan
  • i forget youtube comments are a thing, but ily emma i resonate with you and your personality is like a pretty orange and white cat wearing colorful socks in a cat hammock in a local bookstore.

    emily correllemily correll8 timmar sedan
  • I got a pacsun ad with emma in it before this video!

    Tamyra WilcherTamyra Wilcher8 timmar sedan

    sammy r.sammy r.8 timmar sedan
  • you need to come to australia and try our fast food breakfasts

    Izzy MajIzzy Maj8 timmar sedan
  • i personally love chick fil a breakfast. & MCGRIDDLES SLAP

    Annie H.Annie H.8 timmar sedan
  • Ily emma

    Claire BeattyClaire Beatty8 timmar sedan
  • Did anyone else seee the add of Emma of pacsun before the video

    Natalia SandovalNatalia Sandoval9 timmar sedan
  • Which we had that we only have McDonalds and subway in a morning.subway isnt breakfast.we did have burger king but they dont do it anymore near me and theres not a lot of burger kings anymore.which we had more in the uk.

    Chloe WillettsChloe Willetts9 timmar sedan

    Qhairun HaziqQhairun Haziq9 timmar sedan

    Rman NayrRman Nayr9 timmar sedan
  • I love u Emma I love everything about u and I wish I could be your friend 🥺

    Samantha DixonSamantha Dixon9 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else hear breast breakfast sandwich?

    Savannah MaxwellSavannah Maxwell9 timmar sedan
  • a pacsun add popped up before this video

    ashlyn goodwinashlyn goodwin10 timmar sedan
  • wendys only has veggie burgers in 3 states

    sarah nicholesarah nichole10 timmar sedan
  • I like how bacon is okay but chicken isn't 😭😭😭😭 that's interesting and most people are opposite lool

    Kattie CrowderKattie Crowder10 timmar sedan
  • “So for the second place I’m going to Burger King” “Number two: Wendy’s!” Hahaha 😂 okok got a lil confused there for a sec

    Nadean TrueloveNadean Truelove10 timmar sedan
  • 1:13 ok but why did me and Emma burp at the same time lol

    Izabella MendezIzabella Mendez10 timmar sedan
  • did you get evicted ???

    Kate Witherington19Kate Witherington1910 timmar sedan
  • I got 2 emma chamberlain pacsun ads watching this 🙃

    Abby HAbby H10 timmar sedan
  • Oo I hope ur tummy’s ok after this lol 😳

    ms Stephie Amandams Stephie Amanda10 timmar sedan
  • no CFA?

    John LivingstonJohn Livingston10 timmar sedan
  • Ps your nails really do b lasting Emma!

    ms Stephie Amandams Stephie Amanda10 timmar sedan
  • Jesus is our savior

    Isabel PetersonIsabel Peterson11 timmar sedan
  • back to ur roots

    Loren AshleyLoren Ashley11 timmar sedan
  • I used current and it sucks you get declined almost Everytime

    Payten'sPayten's11 timmar sedan
  • “Lets try their coffee , ok pretty horrible “ 😂😂

    Dabster SamDabster Sam11 timmar sedan
  • 16:44 was that a hair hanging from her sandwich?

    nicole knicole k11 timmar sedan
  • The Taco Bell breakfast Crunchwrap goes so hard😩

    Lauren AldrichLauren Aldrich11 timmar sedan
  • Chick fil a breakfast is actually pretty bomb😭

    Andrea GarciaAndrea Garcia11 timmar sedan
  • “I don’t eat chicken” goes to chick fil a

    Lucas :Lucas :11 timmar sedan
  • I am flabbergasted. you are so full of energy and have a fan...woooot!!!

    Peapeep FelicePeapeep Felice11 timmar sedan
  • Build your dream fast food breakfast with your favorite ingredients from each place...👀

    clairedenn11clairedenn1111 timmar sedan
  • i don’t understand why Emma doesn’t invest in Lactase pills. like she always has cheese & she doesn’t have to give it up most of the time if she just takes a chewable pill lmao

    cdzlcdzl12 timmar sedan
  • god i cant watch her anymore cause shes like IDK HOW MONEY WORKS WAAAAAA! SHUT UP!!!!!!! LITERALLY

    Jillian GarsjoJillian Garsjo12 timmar sedan
  • you a real one if you remember her burrito phase lol

    Trinity DavisTrinity Davis12 timmar sedan
  • she could literally be a whole professional food critic. like dude "GELATINOUS"?!?!?!

    Amy GaoAmy Gao12 timmar sedan
  • 10:17 you sade 6 out of 10 but is shode 8 out of 10

    Abby StangerAbby Stanger12 timmar sedan
  • Emma has such a strong Michael Scott vibe

    Vittoria MartiniVittoria Martini12 timmar sedan
  • The Mcdonalds coffee here in Canada SLAPS

    Isabel LucicIsabel Lucic12 timmar sedan

    maddie’s corner!maddie’s corner!13 timmar sedan
  • sometimes she reminds me of meredith from greys anatomy

    Joselin VegaJoselin Vega13 timmar sedan
  • who else got an emma chamberlain pacsun ad before the emma chamberlain video-- get that bag emma

    haleyhaley13 timmar sedan
  • Sips on coffee well watching this *

    fuck ya chickenstrips 21fuck ya chickenstrips 2113 timmar sedan
  • The third lemonade epidemiologically want because gearshift extremely walk onto a disillusioned verse. shaky, skillful fender

    abigail beyersdoerferabigail beyersdoerfer13 timmar sedan
  • wait did she not know a mcgriddle is a pancake soaked in syrup?

    Mayleigh JeffreysMayleigh Jeffreys13 timmar sedan
  • Emma should do videos over gas station food

    carley krusecarley kruse13 timmar sedan
  • emma: "we're off to burger king" *goes to wendy's*

    Aubrey VollandAubrey Volland13 timmar sedan
  • I love you the most queen

    Along with Alana 💕Along with Alana 💕13 timmar sedan
  • loved seeing emma stuntin in her pacsun ad before this video

    Elise OverholtElise Overholt13 timmar sedan
  • Emma!! You need to try and review the new avocado toast from Dunkin’ Donuts 🤩, I’m curious if it’s any good.

    Rilyn HohmanRilyn Hohman13 timmar sedan
  • You can order the items with no meat lol js

    Sarah MSarah M13 timmar sedan
  • Your pacsun ad I get before your vids is so CUTE!!!!

    Elise heyElise hey14 timmar sedan
  • + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

    Yadira ArnoldYadira Arnold14 timmar sedan
  • miss girl u know u can order it without bacon lol

    Zara WisemanZara Wiseman14 timmar sedan
  • I feel like this is a period vid I would make that on my period lol

    Kukalabbi LaxnesKukalabbi Laxnes14 timmar sedan
  • almost at 10 M EMMA!!

    Cadelia JosephCadelia Joseph14 timmar sedan
  • Don’t ever again say croissant this way

    Jade GlnJade Gln14 timmar sedan
  • whataburger breakfast stays undefeated

    Kaylee MunozKaylee Munoz14 timmar sedan
  • Was there a hair on the bun when she showed us the Swiss cheese on the jack in the box or am I tripping

    Brooke EckertBrooke Eckert14 timmar sedan