11 jan 2021
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FUT CHAMPS Weekend League on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team with my beloved Past and Present EVERTON FC Team!! Can I get TOP 100?
TIKTOK - harryheskethh
Twitter: @harryhesketh
Instagram: @harryhesketh
My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team
Top 100 with a Silver Team
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc

  • Proof I could’ve been an Everton player if I wanted to on tiktok rn - harryheskethh

    Harry HeskethHarry Hesketh16 dagar sedan
    • Rooney you forgot Rooney and fellaini

      Raymond jr slashedRaymond jr slashedDag sedan
    • U cold have used Coleman the icon

      Deniz ColakDeniz Colak14 dagar sedan
    • How does the scoop chip still work for yoy

      BL-FIFABL-FIFA15 dagar sedan
    • Harry do a WL using only SBC and/or Objective players

      Murtaza MalikMurtaza Malik15 dagar sedan
    • You could try to make a past and present manchester united, for the red devils fans ❤️

      VladinhoVladinho15 dagar sedan

    Thomas BoyLFC1892Thomas BoyLFC189218 timmar sedan
  • win a draft with the stongest possible players

    Mear-_-Mear-_-2 dagar sedan
  • You should do Bayern Munich past and present

    Szymon SulkowskiSzymon Sulkowski2 dagar sedan
  • U should do a past and present Barcelona team

    Owen SmithOwen Smith4 dagar sedan
  • Diss track season 2?

    Aaron BloomAaron Bloom6 dagar sedan
  • Harry: "Money cant buy you Stones" Man City Board: "And I took that personally"

    ben t-pben t-p8 dagar sedan
  • Do a past and present West Brom team for pain

    WilltrWilltr9 dagar sedan
  • Harry if there wasnt scripting you wouldnt of won the hashtag tourny ....only messing

    james94-09james94-099 dagar sedan
  • Harry should go 30-0 with a full Romanian team in fut champs

    ᏞuᏦᎬ_ ᑕIOᗷᗩᑎᑌᏞuᏦᎬ_ ᑕIOᗷᗩᑎᑌ10 dagar sedan
  • if you have problems dribbling or overcoming a defense do this game plan and you would go very easily in the header

    kevins gamekevins game11 dagar sedan
  • My last video may interest you

    Tiki FutbolTiki Futbol11 dagar sedan
  • Watching harry play fifa makes me want to go on and play, then 8 mins into a game you’re getting bummed by neymar and mbappe

    Aiden McAloonAiden McAloon11 dagar sedan
  • Do a custom tactics video again

    KH1_ST4RK3YKH1_ST4RK3Y11 dagar sedan
  • Draft challenge: Do a draft in vr

    Conor MurphyConor Murphy12 dagar sedan
  • Me being an Everton fan I’m happy you’re doing this but I wish you the best in this

    David PickeringDavid Pickering12 dagar sedan
  • Completely forgot that Sammy Eto'o played for Everton!

    chrisbutler83chrisbutler8312 dagar sedan
  • If this isn’t proof that EA scripts the game idk what else you need, Kounde was literally right in front of bolasie and DIDNT DO ANYTHING to stop him 🤦🏻‍♂️ 10:55

    Rodrigo PinheiroRodrigo Pinheiro12 dagar sedan

    Tyler BuckleyTyler Buckley12 dagar sedan
  • That flick up he keeps doing with lukaku.. Anyone know how to do that?

    Heavy HeroHeavy Hero12 dagar sedan
  • How do you do the skill move at 3:52, the one after the McGeady cancel? Kind of looked like a V move but not quite the same

    Connor SmithConnor Smith13 dagar sedan
  • Draft challenge with only short players!

    FraserFraser13 dagar sedan
  • The true passion in this video is just fantastic

    Certified GodCertified God13 dagar sedan
  • I’m a Fulham fan Robinson is absolutely class in real life

    Louis KingLouis King13 dagar sedan
  • Harry: seamus coleman is the best coin for coin player in history Promes: 😮

    Daan HoubenDaan Houben13 dagar sedan
  • I subbed because of 15:35 im crying

    Lloyd FrancisLloyd Francis14 dagar sedan
  • He makes fifa look so easy

    Leo LancasterLeo Lancaster14 dagar sedan
  • I don't even like Fifa but watch u coz ur jokes

    Dominic Atkinson396Dominic Atkinson39614 dagar sedan
  • Past and present United

    Joe HughesJoe Hughes14 dagar sedan
  • I am a Liverpool fan

    Riley WilsonRiley Wilson14 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool fan but I’m just here for Harry what a guy

    John SmartJohn Smart14 dagar sedan
  • Digneeee?

    Carlos Wilberto Rodríguez RosasCarlos Wilberto Rodríguez Rosas14 dagar sedan
  • Stop singing as much your terrible

    TTV CalvingriTTV Calvingri14 dagar sedan
  • The first Gary linekar shags crisps had my crying 😂😂😂

    Charlie's WorldCharlie's World14 dagar sedan
  • Efc💙💙

    HotGrapesHotGrapes14 dagar sedan
  • Easily the funniest Fifa SEworldr. Not to mention the fact he’s got countless chants memorised. Fackin lav it!!!

    rilo kenrilo ken14 dagar sedan
  • 4:49 THE EGYPTIAN MING 👁️👄👁️

    Kevin LetebeleKevin Letebele14 dagar sedan
  • This vid is that good I’ve watched it twice

    Adam GadsbyAdam Gadsby14 dagar sedan
  • Makes Fifa look fun and easy af game gives me anger issues lool

    VzekoVzeko14 dagar sedan
  • Addicted

    Antonio YeAntonio Ye14 dagar sedan
  • Hesketh is the definition of a British lad

    IRFAN ALIIRFAN ALI14 dagar sedan
  • Please can you do a Chelsea past and present 🎁

    Pavel BeliajevPavel Beliajev14 dagar sedan
  • Get 30-0 With a Milan or An Aston Villa past and present team

    Lucas sm8Lucas sm814 dagar sedan
  • Why do you always play with bots, your opponments cant even tackle..

    Karol kkKarol kk14 dagar sedan
  • Better than Rblz Anders

    IG fut_adxmIG fut_adxm14 dagar sedan
  • Okay okay you’ve had your fun....Liverpool P&P next 😉👏🏼

    Cameron Healey-SteventonCameron Healey-Steventon14 dagar sedan
  • “The Egyptian Ming”😂😂😂😂😂4:45

    Hazzy 72Hazzy 7214 dagar sedan
  • EFL Championship team: Past and Present!! Get it done

    Jake KervickJake Kervick14 dagar sedan
  • My son supports everton

    Kellie AustinKellie Austin14 dagar sedan
  • How does he do the flick up and chip shot?

    Tom IveTom Ive14 dagar sedan
  • Where’s big kurt zouma

    Andrew CoveneyAndrew Coveney14 dagar sedan
  • Wayne Rooney was not even on the bench

    Cyalum on Da dashCyalum on Da dash14 dagar sedan
  • Tony Hibbert should have an icon card

    Paddy HPaddy H14 dagar sedan
  • Wigan past and present 👀

    Josh PorterJosh Porter14 dagar sedan
  • I think he should play WL with my team

    M4DDZ__M4DDZ__14 dagar sedan
  • You should do a Celtic past and present

    Br0dy 99Br0dy 9914 dagar sedan
  • Do a REAL RAINBOW 🌈 team Red: Red TOTW cards Orange: Headliners/ Europa R2F Yellow: Gold Green: Rulebreakers/ Ligue 1 POTM Blue: UCL/ EPL POTM/ Moements Indigo: UCL R2Final (kind of)/POTY Violet: Heroes That would be sick. Like if you agree 👍

    Joe SifaJoe Sifa14 dagar sedan
  • Wish you could do my champs for me 😂 i can only get 9 wins 🤣

    Demir DikiciDemir Dikici14 dagar sedan
  • As a Watford fan I have the deulofeu and every single time he score it feels only right to scream “ he’s magic you knowwww, Gerard DEULOFEUUUU

    BenjaminGamblinBenjaminGamblin15 dagar sedan
  • On yah ice_wollow_come. I send you a et badge...

    SmokenSmoken15 dagar sedan
  • Even got the win today duuuuuub

    Daniel McelDaniel Mcel15 dagar sedan
  • Why does he call bollingolli lukaku?

    EJREJR15 dagar sedan
  • Past and present West Ham 😂

    Daniel CollenDaniel Collen15 dagar sedan
  • Where was Schmeichel

    Rafi SwagadonRafi Swagadon15 dagar sedan

    mittens the house catmittens the house cat15 dagar sedan
  • Do a Nottingham forest past and present!!!! Few decent players still knocking about plus some good icons!👍

    Jake SimpsonJake Simpson15 dagar sedan
  • It’s no Salah mo Salah running bla bla salah can’t score a thing

    Joe HolmesJoe Holmes15 dagar sedan
  • Do man utd

    Omar ToomOmar Toom15 dagar sedan
  • I swear I watched this video yesterday 😂😂

    isi2wickisi2wick15 dagar sedan
  • A tech house banger was a lovely touch

    RoemerRoemer15 dagar sedan
  • Harry carrying the FIFA scene. You love to see it.

    Benz AbangaBenz Abanga15 dagar sedan
  • Harry do a full libattadoris team challenge

    Alireza SakiAlireza Saki15 dagar sedan
  • 4th back at the top

    George TudorGeorge Tudor15 dagar sedan
  • Everton? oh the mean the 3rd best club in liverpool

    FERALFERAL15 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool fans were u at

    Ayan TufailAyan Tufail15 dagar sedan
  • If you switched Stones with digne bolasie would be 10 chem

    Siebe _a14Siebe _a1415 dagar sedan
    • Bolasie is already 10 chem pal

      Robert DimelowRobert Dimelow15 dagar sedan
  • Play weekend league with icon swaps

    Stenole MovigStenole Movig15 dagar sedan
  • At 7:50-7:55 the rangers version is way better imo

    CalumWatp 1872CalumWatp 187215 dagar sedan
  • Make a full mls team

    christopher martinezchristopher martinez15 dagar sedan
  • Only man I watch that has an intro but doesn’t have an intro

    James ultra star YJames ultra star Y15 dagar sedan
  • Another thing u havent done harry is... ROMANIAN XI 30-0 DO IT OR WE RIOT

    R.E.D BEEFSR.E.D BEEFS15 dagar sedan
  • 8:31

    Erik !Erik !15 dagar sedan
  • How does he raise the ball like that with lukaku??

    Vladimir-Nicolae BălanVladimir-Nicolae Bălan15 dagar sedan
  • You make everything look so easy!!!😂

    Oliver SHELLEYOliver SHELLEY15 dagar sedan
  • Does he do twitch anymore?

    King NachifeKing Nachife15 dagar sedan
  • 10:12 what is that skill move called?

    Drunkcomet1Drunkcomet115 dagar sedan
  • You didn't say vamo carayo the hole episode:(

    Israr DurraniIsrar Durrani15 dagar sedan
  • This year try a Wales team for me and my shaggers🐑

    CellanCellan15 dagar sedan
  • Imagine matching this team in FUT champs and think it’s a easy win 😊, then lose🤦🏽‍♂️ , RIP controller 🤬😤..

    Hodane MartinHodane Martin15 dagar sedan
  • That “put a Hunter on bolasie” was for me 😂 cheers Harry lad!

    King NachifeKing Nachife15 dagar sedan
  • Could you get top 100 only using only players you pack in your weekend league and division rival rewards from the previous week?

    LegendOfThinLegendOfThin15 dagar sedan
  • 'STILL NOT GOT AN INTRO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN' lowkey became an intro

    Mathias GunsMathias Guns15 dagar sedan
  • yes lad

    Ari HughesAri Hughes15 dagar sedan
  • @HarryHesketh how do you flick and score like that

    Bren MajaBren Maja15 dagar sedan
  • 30-0 using all the milestone players then 2 other players that you want

    Dylan LaCroixDylan LaCroix15 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a draft en play with it in fur champs

    Maximilien hachetteMaximilien hachette15 dagar sedan
  • This really dose put a smile on my face

    blue savageblue savage15 dagar sedan
  • Championship 30-0 team ! Like so Harry can see 💙 and bayo has to be up top

    Gta_LxGta_Lx15 dagar sedan
  • What camera angle is that?

    FreshAsapFreshAsap15 dagar sedan
  • how do u do those shots cancels at 5:13

    Freddie ButlerFreddie Butler15 dagar sedan