Is Barca's Lionel Messi capable of reinventing himself like Cristiano Ronaldo did at Juve? | ESPN FC

16 feb 2021
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All of Barcelona’s faults were on full display vs. Paris Saint-Germain, which thrashed Lionel Messi and co. 4-1 at Camp Nou in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg. With inefficiencies all throughout the park and Messi’s future in question, ESPN FC’s Craig Burley questions whether he’d be able to reinvent himself at a new club like Cristiano Ronaldo did at Juventus. ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Frank Leboeuf also address Kylian Mbappe’s hat-trick display and what to expect in the second leg.
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  • Barcelona need a coach, Barcelona need Xavi as coach. 🤔

    Gang BangGang Bang2 dagar sedan
  • Barcelona is done simple as that

    yannick willemsyannick willems6 dagar sedan
  • Players like messi, cr7 dont lose quality like that. Messi is the same player he just wants to leave. Then he'll play at his best

    Diaz romarioDiaz romario7 dagar sedan
  • Messi isn't struggling, Barca is. Juventus were tittle winners in 7 out of last 10 Serie A tournament before Ronaldo signed.

    FBI Secret AgentFBI Secret Agent7 dagar sedan
  • Your headline surely was before juve lost😂😂😂

    Yunus Veli MadlalaYunus Veli Madlala8 dagar sedan
  • Like ,, Cristiano did"? Like what? When he lost?

    ZEOZEO8 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo never reinvented always dependent on teammates to give him ball inside the box

    Ayush kawaleAyush kawale9 dagar sedan
  • 4-1 to lose a game like this is sad, you 8-2 see this happen to a club like barca

    Daniel TaiwoDaniel Taiwo9 dagar sedan
  • Messi prime>ronaldo , ronaldo and messi>maradona pele... so messi the GOAT. And yes you are blind if you think ronaldo was better in his prime than messi in his prime. It is just the truth. Messi is not performing always good because of the team. No player would do something with a team like that. Ronaldo fans can stop lying about that ronaldo could do it single handedly. He wouldn't. If ronaldo could do it he would drop back likr messi and dribble all the opponents and score. But no player can really do that right now. Only messi could do it in his prime. That is why messi is the best.

    Dāvids ĒrenpreissDāvids Ērenpreiss9 dagar sedan
  • Barca is not a good team, messi has no back up yet he is still successful not to the max though

    RED DEVILZRED DEVILZ9 dagar sedan
  • This is the stupidest thing to ever say. Messi invents football everytime he gets in the pitch.

    marcel tawambamarcel tawamba9 dagar sedan
  • Can Messi re-invent himself like Ronaldo You mean like forget how to pass,how to dribble,just learn to score goals in the box and also move to the best team in a simpler league is that what reinvention is?

    Colin SajjabiColin Sajjabi9 dagar sedan
  • Sergio Busquets needs to be gone. I have been saying this for about 5yrs. he has benefited the most from Xavi and Inesta out of all the players in the 2009-2010s

    jswats92jswats929 dagar sedan
  • Messi needs to reinvent himself? Lol Messi has already reinvented himself so many times throughout the years. He and Ronaldo would not still be relevant if they hadn’t done so.

    Bismark YeboahBismark Yeboah9 dagar sedan
  • Just face reality messi is overrated

    original sniperoriginal sniper9 dagar sedan
  • Messi naturally telent footballer. Don't compare him with others

    monirul islammonirul islam10 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact, did you know Messi and Tee Stegen basically covered the same ground on the field of play that day?

    Stay FocusStay Focus10 dagar sedan
  • Chiesa is the ONLY player other than Cristiano Ronaldo to score a UCL knockout goal for Juventus since 2018. EspnFc, I'll w8 for your response. Oh Messi scored a PENALTY 👀

    Stay FocusStay Focus10 dagar sedan
  • Well to be honest as a Ronaldo fan Messi is doing the best he can... But the thing is he is not changing his game... Dribbling is not gonna cut it anymore... He is old now... That's why Ronaldo is doing well in my opinion

    Likhona HlekaniLikhona Hlekani10 dagar sedan
  • So how Ronaldo reinventing himself against Porto haha

    klavdija locnikarklavdija locnikar10 dagar sedan
  • I wish Barca had invested more in defense then wasting money on same position players in front..😑

    lonely kidlonely kid10 dagar sedan
  • Messi cant be blame whats so ever. he gave 2 assists they wasted them both. by griz..and dumb demb. anyways. It feels bad not to watch the best player keeps playing more gamee on ucl with barca b cuz of some stupid old players like piq..alba. and that bulsh.kits.

    TrendingTrending10 dagar sedan
  • barca must be missing luis suarez now.

    XliGreeDXliGreeD10 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe becomes Platinum from Diamond 💎..............He will crack Ton of records in future

    Kolkata YouTuberKolkata YouTuber10 dagar sedan
  • I would lke to see mbappe againts city or bayern and scote a hatrick.Even aretard with a good midfeald could score 3 againts this barcas deffense.

    Mateo TollumiMateo Tollumi10 dagar sedan
  • When RONALDO Scores Penalty he is The Goat ,he is The best player and When Messi Scores Penalty, this kind of question arises 😂😂😂😂

    UnnamedUnnamed10 dagar sedan
  • The bar is set high for Messi and the comparison with Ronaldo should stop. They are two completely different players. Messi wants the ball and drops deep to get it. Ronaldo is a goalscorer he doesn't want the ball unless it's in or near the box. Messi is still quality but doesn't have support. There are no big characters around him. If you watch Barca games you noticed all players (Pique exception but he is a defender) are servants, no confident players around him who can support him like Neymar, Xavi and Iniesta did ( even David Villa).

    AkachiAkachi10 dagar sedan
  • Every time Barca loose Messi has to reinvent himself...?????? Messi is the best player in the world even now...., check his stats and not only his goals I mean... Messi is playing with a depleted Barca...

    Eduart DelliEduart Delli10 dagar sedan
  • No.

    Dah🔥Dah🔥10 dagar sedan
  • Koeman needs the sack

    Omair SheikhOmair Sheikh10 dagar sedan
  • Hold up.... Messi isn't the one who needs reinventing.

    kevin ogajikevin ogaji11 dagar sedan
  • Messi can still be successful for the next 6-8 years as Federer and Serena Williams are still playing well despite being almost 40 years old!

    Ali BabarAli Babar11 dagar sedan
  • Chelsea are also surviving after being good for 13 years but they are overblowing Barca's problems out of all proportions.

    Ali BabarAli Babar11 dagar sedan
  • messi reinventing himself? how? by going to an already stacked team that won the leauge 7 times in.a row and played the cl final before he came, for them to be struggeling in both competition. Messi went from right wing to cam to deeper midfield that carries the ball and scores. goes seasons with most goals and assists. WHAT IS THIS BLOKE TALKING ABOUT??? remove ronaldo from juve and juve might be better of, remove messi from barcelona and you have a mid ligue teaem.

    Förnamn EfternamnFörnamn Efternamn11 dagar sedan
  • The Thing Is Barca Defense And Mid Field Is Weak.

    Pro JamirPro Jamir11 dagar sedan
  • When you let people like Luis Suarez leave then ig barca deserves this. I'm a big fan of Messi and I was a big fan of Barcelona (was) but now its not the same barca I was a fan of.

    Abdullah JadoonAbdullah Jadoon11 dagar sedan
  • in what way did cr7 reinvent himself in juve..??

    syazwan jacksyazwan jack11 dagar sedan
  • How many Barça players are in playing 11 for their respective countries. Only few, worst Barça team ever

    Jona DebbaramaJona Debbarama11 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe and Haaland are the type of players you become when you idolize CRISTIANO "GOAT" RONALDO

    IndianPatriotIndianPatriot11 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo always leaves his club when they are on top... Hence proving NO COMPETITION LEFT

    IndianPatriotIndianPatriot11 dagar sedan
  • I don't know how many of you know about football.if you take messi out of batcelona team they are at the level of celta or betis.i haven't seen worst of the big teams with a player missing.take lewa out of bayern,neymar out of paris,anguero out of city,salah out of Liverpool they still gave great teams.take messi out of barca they won't finish in the four first places of la liga.and this stands for 3 years.he is literally alone...if you can't see that you're blind...

    Δημητρης ΝτατσιοςΔημητρης Ντατσιος11 dagar sedan
  • Messi has been reinventing his game for years

    Tommy PTommy P11 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo has kept himself physically fit. Messi walks around and has a heat map of a square foot. He needs to return to Argentina.

    Jannik NielsenJannik Nielsen11 dagar sedan
  • Iniesta was Messi’s soul. Dude is average without his team of stars. Meanwhile CR7 kills it everywhere he goes even at 36 years old. Not to mention what he’s done with Portugal.

    Dany AnchiaDany Anchia11 dagar sedan
  • Its a great club and it'll always be... irrespective of whether Messi stays or leaves. We will rise again someday and compete with the best once again in UCL. Maybe not tomorrow or immediately but we will. PSG deserved it thoroughly and there is no shame in accepting that.😔 We fight on....Visca el Barca!!!🙏🌞

    Mou TktMou Tkt11 dagar sedan
  • I'm shocked people thought a team that lost 1-0 to Bayern would lose to a team that lpst 8-2 to Bayern.🤔

    Shaun MShaun M11 dagar sedan
  • Messi is still the best in the world. Without him Bercé will be fighting relegation. That's what happens when you let Vidal, Suarez Rakatich go. Riki would have been in my starting lineup.

    Saul NyangSaul Nyang11 dagar sedan
  • Sadly not, Messi isn’t Cristiano. Cristiano will lead a team alone and brings fear to any team. Barca is just bad overall too though, it’s over.

    Alexander VasquezAlexander Vasquez11 dagar sedan
  • Where was the reinvented Ronaldo against Porto today..until that dive nobody saw him in the match 🤣🤣 and espn don’t have a video yet to discuss that..

    Ajith KumarAjith Kumar11 dagar sedan
  • messi won't be doing what he does at 34 and 35, he has been dropping off every year

    JAY MOSESJAY MOSES11 dagar sedan
  • Get Xavi out of retirement and iniesta out of Japan they are better than anything barca have in midfield currently

    Cavan RileyCavan Riley11 dagar sedan
  • after today's game FC Porto 2 Vs Juventus 0 LOL what's next to say now?

    • @Why Does Your Opinion Matter? lol then Barcelona defence costs the game for Messi and also what did Ronaldo even do vs Porto

      Remby 02Remby 0211 dagar sedan
    • @Why Does Your Opinion Matter? And this is why I dont like to get into an argument with a Pessi/Retardo fans

    • 1st: it was 2-1 dumb glory hunter. 2nd: your team got destroyed 4-1 (at home lmfaooo) 3rd: Messi had to rely on a penalty to not ghost tonight 4th: It wasn’t Ronaldo’s fault it was Bentancur’s for costing us that first goal that if not for that we would have won away. This is why Ronaldo is the 🐐

      Why Does Your Opinion Matter?Why Does Your Opinion Matter?11 dagar sedan
  • Messi

    Doffy ItachiDoffy Itachi11 dagar sedan
  • Wat happened to messi??? Well atm he's playing for 1 of worst team in da world. If he played 4 bayern or man city, he'd b scoring more den double da goals

    Mohammed IrshadMohammed Irshad11 dagar sedan
  • Barca is destroying messi

    Mohammed IrshadMohammed Irshad11 dagar sedan
  • We all know Barca don't hav complete team ..only Messi cannot make them win

    Diwas SharmaDiwas Sharma11 dagar sedan
  • no OFFENSE to messi fans but Finally espn admits something about ronaldo, Jesus,its been almost 5 years

  • Of course he can, Im not his biggest fan but Messi can improve any team and make them top contenders for the CL cup. Cristiano is a doing great at Juve and Messi can also thrive in any team he moves to. I think Barcelona is a cancerous team the way it is, there’s nothing there left for him

    Bobby PBobby P11 dagar sedan
  • Anyone that questions Messi’s ability to reinvent himself hasn’t been watching how his games evolved over the years.

    Rhaegar AragronRhaegar Aragron11 dagar sedan
  • Hey the only magic you will see from messi in big games is, he disappears! Sorry to the haters mbappe ruled this one.

    Egner CoetzeeEgner Coetzee11 dagar sedan
  • PSG 4 1 barça Idiots: Thats why CR7 is the goat

    Radu GrosuRadu Grosu11 dagar sedan
  • give messi one proper striker that scores 30-40 goals a season and you will see how messi reinvented himself. barca team is just trash tbh

    eanoxdeanoxd11 dagar sedan
  • Lol 1 - 4 😂

    Aw CraftAw Craft11 dagar sedan
    • Wow you’re so funny and original

      A4A411 dagar sedan
  • Messi just walks around, he won’t cut it in the fast paced Premier League

    Danny 906Danny 90611 dagar sedan
  • Messi to LA Galaxy

    DuderDudeDuderDude11 dagar sedan
  • Pique was the reason a couple goals ddnt go in. He was the best defender that game. He was also taking a leadership role controlling the back line

    PuccanPuccan11 dagar sedan
  • Messi is Mr Capable

    Alexander RestrepoAlexander Restrepo11 dagar sedan
  • Unreal heading

    Bryson SabunBryson Sabun11 dagar sedan
  • If messi reinvents himself Its either he becomes a midfielder only assists Or only scores Like a poacher Thats what Ronaldo did Become a poacher

    Mar .skvllMar .skvll11 dagar sedan
  • Messi si the top scorer in the league and still plays amazing yet he needs to reinvent himself apparently.

    The FantorangsterThe Fantorangster11 dagar sedan
  • BRAVO for Craig! The man stated the one biggest difference, and the question that is essential in the (eternal) debate about Messi and CR7. Ronaldo MANAGED TO REINVENT himself in Juventus, in order to continue to be on the top and be essential for the success if his team! Now, regardless of whether Messi stays in Barca or goes elsewhere... Is he gonna be capable to reinvent himself as well, and be as valuable to his team at the age of 34, and then 35, 36... as he was in all these previous years?! What do you guys think? I'm not so sure, because, unlike CR7, Messi has always been crucially dependent on a CERTAIN TYPE of players, like Xavi and Iniesta in the midfield, and Suarez in the attack, whilst Ronaldo is far more flexible in adapting to different style of play, various and different teammates.... and that's where his longevity also comes from. It's VERY SIMILAR with Ibrahimovic, too. Do I see that "thing" in Messi as well? Can he do that same thing? Perhaps... But I'm not sure

    ShtenoShteno11 dagar sedan
  • Your brains are non-existent.

    Prince of ThevesPrince of Theves11 dagar sedan
  • Imagine censoring a video with thousands of comments. Pathetic losers lol.

    Prince of ThevesPrince of Theves11 dagar sedan
  • Barca finished

    Ali MohamedAli Mohamed11 dagar sedan
  • Don’t question Messi you’ll end up looking dumb

    DROPPED81DROPPED8111 dagar sedan
  • Understand the human psychology..Kids, Youths, Women, Girls get attracted to Ronaldo(as they see a hero like body) cuz of his good 6ft height, abs, good looks (his physical personality)+ his charisma is there & obviously his huge goals/ trophies/ records etc..(but those amateurs don't understand the subtle part the overall game dynamics, vision, game involvement, skills, thoughts, artistic abilities, influence, tactics, sportsmanship, piousness) But Mature people, Sportsmen, Legends, Retired players, Commentators, Referees, Coaches, Managers of any sport understand the real worth of Leo Messi.. I wish he never retires.. "Just watch him do magics all the time..Don't try to describe him" sorry I tried a bit..

    Shashank SShashank S11 dagar sedan
  • He already reinvented himself from a winger to a proper number 10 / midfielder

    Steve MathewsSteve Mathews11 dagar sedan
  • No bcus messi is Lazy and gets comfortable and cristiano has good work ethic and still pushes himself messi gave up on that passion for soccer he should go where the unpassionate go like Vela. To MLS.

    Moi CruxMoi Crux11 dagar sedan
  • No messi is not able to reinvent himself, his best bet is to retire on a private island and take with him all the messi disciples and fanboys to prasie and worship him for aslong as he lives... Because lets be honest there is no way psg mancity or any mega club will pay for 34year old spoilt brat who never works for the team always walking all over the pitch like his some kind of field inspector

    Kabi KabiKabi Kabi11 dagar sedan
  • 4:15 uhhhhh that silence said it all. I honestly don't know what PSG will do in the second leg. They botched it before, though the ref was a factor ,but still. If PSG try to go defensive ,I think they might be done for,Too offensive and they're done as well. Playing a Balance game is key to shutting Barca out. Messi is still Messi.That is the deadliest player in the game. Everything he does is to hurt the opposition. I wouldn't count him out.

    TheGamingAnimatorTheGamingAnimator11 dagar sedan
  • If Messi moves he could be the biggest flop of all time .

    will stephensonwill stephenson11 dagar sedan
  • 4 goals for Messi this season in the CL, all of them are penalties but you’ll never hear the dwarf fans saying he is Pessi🙄

    Anchais kAnchais k11 dagar sedan
  • Of course he can . He can play more of a striker or a midfielder. He's already doing both and maybe that's the problem , given his age and all.

    TheGamingAnimatorTheGamingAnimator11 dagar sedan
  • Lmao at these jealous loser pundits, Zlatan is averaging goal a game at 40, Ronaldo doing same at 36. If those guys can do it at weaker teams than PSG/Man City, it's a no-brainer.

    BB11 dagar sedan
  • Has ale ever criticised Messi?

    Archie SimpsonArchie Simpson11 dagar sedan
    • He ran the same distance as ter stegen

      Archie SimpsonArchie Simpson11 dagar sedan
  • Messi would maybe look to move away from Barcelona to reinvent himself.

    Jarle MalminJarle Malmin11 dagar sedan
  • Like Ronaldo he canmove to Bayern and "help" themwin the Bundesliga by taking all the penalties.

    SivuSivu11 dagar sedan
  • Juve is worst now with cristiano they. Are not even leader in 🇮🇹 league what are you talking about dome jube team is better than barcelona but they'll win nothing this year thing something

    Walter CorveraWalter Corvera11 dagar sedan
  • Barca has to score four goals atleast , and that means they gotta attack so that leaves the defense vulnerable to the pace of mbappe

    Paradox MartinParadox Martin11 dagar sedan
  • Reinvent?? make him be in the box and he ll score two times as many goals

    Subramanian NSubramanian N11 dagar sedan
  • No

    Monda ChewonMonda Chewon11 dagar sedan
  • When you can't play alaves every game

    Vincent CollinsVincent Collins11 dagar sedan
  • Cristiano is the best. Told everyone from the first.

    Ankush KarAnkush Kar11 dagar sedan
  • Man city is always overrated

    R barR bar12 dagar sedan
  • Messi should join madrid

    R barR bar12 dagar sedan
  • Lol people are really blaming Messi for this. Not one single player in football history can carry this barca team alone. No one. What I saw was a joke yesterday

    Jordan NaranjoJordan Naranjo12 dagar sedan
  • Im genuinely depressed right now. In football ive never had a proper moment that made me happy

    Emre FraserEmre Fraser12 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo is clear

    Mitch HMitch H12 dagar sedan
  • They always scream “The only thing he did was score a penalty.” This statement is relevant today lol

    Morris MuobeleniMorris Muobeleni12 dagar sedan
  • CR7 reinvented himself? Why didn’t went to Napoli to prove himself like Maradona?

    Florin B.Florin B.12 dagar sedan