ALL OF MY ANIMALS (150+)! Full Animal Room Tour

24 dec 2018
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Intro and outro song:


  • Hello my dear frend, you create amazing word ) Now i know what i shoud do :3 Also do you have fish or mushroms ?)

    Pavel BragaPavel Braga2 dagar sedan
  • I- that cage for ur Syrian hamster is not ok, ur cage size is good but u need more bedding 6in is the minimum and the minimum of the cage in square in is 450 and u need at least 3 hides, a sand bath, and a good food diet

    Nala TalaNala Tala2 dagar sedan
  • This madlad just used megalovania as overview music, I'm shitting and crying rn

    DuenferraDuenferra4 dagar sedan
  • Please someone burn down his house

    imim5 dagar sedan
  • You look like my cool programmer uncle ngl

    Christopher GrapetintChristopher Grapetint6 dagar sedan
  • How can I find a ghost mantis?

    Tim Von DrakTim Von Drak7 dagar sedan
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    Shawn McDowellShawn McDowell7 dagar sedan
  • Where can o find a large Snail? I have been wanting one but I cant find any, im in Alabama

    Sandys ToysSandys Toys8 dagar sedan
  • И они все в одной комнате, аааааа 😱😱😱

    Владимир МалыгаВладимир Малыга8 dagar sedan
  • I don’t wanna be in that room when an earthquake happens.

    RWina GangGangRWina GangGang8 dagar sedan
  • I love your cameleont

    Felix AlmströmFelix Almström10 dagar sedan
  • Borat is that you?

    Vamos I9varVamos I9var12 dagar sedan
  • Hahah Capuccino running in his wheel made that montage!

    Greed GreedGreed Greed13 dagar sedan
  • What should I raise to dispose of a body? Just curious, haha

    no nameno name13 dagar sedan
  • What about your girlfriend?

    Илья КузьменкоИлья Кузьменко15 dagar sedan
  • Ma sei italiano?

    Gior giorgioGior giorgio17 dagar sedan

    HinoHino17 dagar sedan
  • I have a baby crested gecko and he climbs onto my hand, looks about, runs and jumps. That's it 😂

    Connor MearsConnor Mears18 dagar sedan
  • I dunno why I do this to myself I hate spider and tarantulas but I can't look away I'm gonna have nightmares tonight

    LilZombieGurlLilZombieGurl21 dag sedan
  • Petko pronouncing and almost remembering all the Latin species names fluently: "What am I saying?! Wrong species, I'm sorry" My man, I don't think you have to be concerned about making some name mishaps, you have plenty of names to remember.

    WuffieGGWuffieGG22 dagar sedan
  • parkinsons camera work.. ..

    cyberhawk80cyberhawk8023 dagar sedan
  • "So this is my (insert dangerous animal), let me disturbing its resting place with my hand"

    SeungHyunSeungHyun23 dagar sedan
  • I heard megalovania and my fight or flight response kicked in

    Phillip MelickPhillip Melick23 dagar sedan
  • Lol "one leg is all you are not worthy."

    ActualDoctorAsmrActualDoctorAsmr28 dagar sedan
  • I wish I had that many animals

    Mandy ProctorMandy Proctor29 dagar sedan
  • 11:09 Didnt they said in HP that this animal has very painful bite ? Or maybe deadly they said.

    N1GHTM4REN1GHTM4REMånad sedan
  • i absolutely LOVE lasiadora parahybana i want one of my own so bad :(

    Robin WRobin WMånad sedan
  • Jesi li ti iz hrvatske?

    Dan RovisDan RovisMånad sedan
  • Your collection needs some Millipedes

    Henry SochaHenry SochaMånad sedan
  • This turn arrounds..... never ends!

    Cagri TurkCagri TurkMånad sedan
  • These set ups are amazing! I've always wanted to create a dart frog vivarium.

    Kathleen PingeltonKathleen PingeltonMånad sedan
  • really like ur "collection"-so beautiful animals uve there go further nd good luck ^^

    Darkest RealmDarkest RealmMånad sedan
  • 11:00 cha cha cha cha cha un tendarapo

    Juan_manuel_The_Ignitito01Juan_manuel_The_Ignitito01Månad sedan
  • I am so dealthy afraid of spiders, but I'm so fascinated with watching your videos.

    denisejerrydenisejerryMånad sedan
  • Bah!

    BigBoy OppermannBigBoy OppermannMånad sedan
  • Watching from Philippines

    Jhams ExotiCSidEJhams ExotiCSidEMånad sedan
  • Ahhh the list of sling make me cry there are many of my dream Ts😪 god bless happy keeping petko

    Jhams ExotiCSidEJhams ExotiCSidEMånad sedan
  • Like for capuccino!!!

    Vin rrVin rrMånad sedan
  • stop going around in a circle I'm getting dizzy over here

    Scale SlidersScale SlidersMånad sedan
  • You should get my dream pet (a black widow spider). Don’t ask... 😐

    xX_Aesthetic_Yeet_XxxX_Aesthetic_Yeet_Xx2 månader sedan
  • Why is there a book of mormon in one of the enclosures rofl? 13:15

    Jared FauxJared Faux2 månader sedan
  • Hey amazing video...i want to know that what do you put in the box is it sand or something??

  • lol all the things that scare me most in one room, i prefer to been tortured by the spetnatz

    David dmgDavid dmg2 månader sedan
  • I have a tarantula, 3 chameleons and an Argentinian integu, when my girlfriend tells me that there are too many I show him these videos

    Il Bolso swIl Bolso sw2 månader sedan
  • I want to see more footage of the water bug!

    NheffNheff2 månader sedan
  • ok it s cool, but it hurts my heart to see those beautiful animals in so tiny spaces

    Milan IzzoMilan Izzo2 månader sedan
  • Why am I here? I'm so scared of spiders and look those videos.. :D Everything is okay as long as the spiders stand still and don't move so fast. :P

    CashimaeCashimae2 månader sedan
  • Thanks god Cappuccino is not live stock. He's so cute!

    DrLuuDrLuu2 månader sedan
  • ever had an accident on tape? like stepping on one? or one escaped?

    ScuzzyScuzzy2 månader sedan
  • How you feed it

    mth2 jsvmth2 jsv2 månader sedan
  • If i saw that spider in my hosue it would get the shoe

    Sx rampageSx rampage2 månader sedan
  • I miss cappuccino. The dark den og

    Jonathan TaylorJonathan Taylor2 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know the origin of the name Nnandu ? I know it's south american, sounds like it was taken from the guarani language.

    Aaron AllgrunnAaron Allgrunn2 månader sedan

    A little Bit of everythingA little Bit of everything2 månader sedan
  • why u make that to the animals? so sad

    Nico R.Nico R.2 månader sedan
  • EXCELLENT ! EDUCATIONAL Video is well done . Love that little Hamster looks well adjusted and Happy

    Chris WChris W2 månader sedan
  • Stop fucking spinning! Got a headache 2 minutes into the video

    Zachary SpielmanZachary Spielman2 månader sedan
  • Why is no one talking about that chameleon enclosure with no door.

    Jacob’s ExoticsJacob’s Exotics2 månader sedan
  • using sans song...... Cool

    taufan da cunhataufan da cunha2 månader sedan
  • You have italian origins?

    Francesco PetraliaFrancesco Petralia2 månader sedan
  • I'll take a "Lucas" spider and blue death feigning beetle!! So cute!! Great collection Petko!! Thank you!

    Amy Tyrrell-SutherlandAmy Tyrrell-Sutherland2 månader sedan
  • Wait? You are Croatian? :)

    Damir MartićDamir Martić2 månader sedan
  • hiii could i just suggest you add a little more bedding for capuccino (i am unsure if cappuccino's enclosure has a deep base) but they need bedding to burrow~

    Kent LeeKent Lee3 månader sedan
  • Thank you Petko I realize it takes time to film a long video like this for us but I enjoyed it very much.

    casij22745casij227453 månader sedan
  • epic animal room shot. sans

    Pizza EX1Pizza EX13 månader sedan
  • i miss cappucino now

    Jansen BorjaJansen Borja3 månader sedan
  • Monika and Natzuki for the predator beetles huh? Good choice

    S3itanS3itan3 månader sedan
  • How is this a hobby?

    Adel KAdel K3 månader sedan
  • spider man irl 2020

    LoniLoni3 månader sedan
  • ''In this enclosure is another scorpion'' immediately tries to poke it

    DzjingleDzjingle3 månader sedan
  • Why no solifugae?

    LoganLogan3 månader sedan
  • Lots of these are from my home state of Arizona. So cool. Instantly subbed.

    LoganLogan3 månader sedan
  • I BROKE WHEN U PUT ON THE MEGALOVENIA MUSIC. like i know u drink energy but i didnt know u where so young

    Niels van der VaartNiels van der Vaart3 månader sedan
  • 1:22 song??

    Bart MartensBart Martens3 månader sedan
  • I don't know if you would still consider it arachnophobia if I had a fear of one species

    Dakota WalkerDakota Walker3 månader sedan
  • I used to have a fear of tarantulas but after watching your videos I slowly got over my fear

    Dakota WalkerDakota Walker3 månader sedan
  • 9:16 jump scare

    FerkoFerko3 månader sedan
  • The bugs you have too much and are easy to take care of, have the relation of one male for how many females? I know some birds who have 1 male for 1 female all life and others birds 1 male for 3 to 5 females in the same cage

    xrl80xrl803 månader sedan
  • Music to load

    Maine outdoorsmanMaine outdoorsman3 månader sedan
  • why i insist on watching this when i hate spiders and such soooo much!

    AhlozAhloz3 månader sedan
  • “We have Monika and Natsuki” Coincidence, I think not

    JoeythedudeguyJoeythedudeguy3 månader sedan
  • Where did you get the posters with the tarantulas on them?

    Mindy KeelerMindy Keeler3 månader sedan
  • Hola buenos tarbes

    Daniel Panizo HerreroDaniel Panizo Herrero3 månader sedan
  • Is anyone else itching from this 😭

    Anonymous_ChrisAnonymous_Chris3 månader sedan
  • Some of those are just scary , if I seen one of those near me ... it’s gonna get stepped on

    Anonymous_ChrisAnonymous_Chris3 månader sedan
  • the one insect i cannot handle are roaches. all of them are very unnerving and gross to me. i commend your bravery lol

    Over OpinionatedOver Opinionated3 månader sedan
  • do you sell empty enclosures? how difficult are those to make?

    Over OpinionatedOver Opinionated3 månader sedan
  • You know.... where most people would think "oh heck no, I'm not putting my hand in there" you just go for it!

    EyeSMK1EyeSMK13 månader sedan
  • Your voice is a Russian accent

    John mark MadrilejosJohn mark Madrilejos3 månader sedan
  • Are you Mormon ?

    Dakota GrahamDakota Graham3 månader sedan
  • Do yo have a RED Rotisseried Tarantula . I got fuzzy when he was the size of a pin head on a little piece of sponge In a side order dish with label . Thank You 🙏 Blessings. Black Dog Out.......

    BLACK DOG .BLACK DOG .3 månader sedan
  • Why am I more scared of the bugs than the poison dart frogs? (Yes i know they can’t produce poison in captivity but you get the point)

    Real KirboReal Kirbo3 månader sedan
  • SANS!!!!

    Kisame HoshigakiKisame Hoshigaki3 månader sedan
  • Why you don’t have a black widow spider get one man

    Pulkit NamdeoPulkit Namdeo3 månader sedan
  • The dark den: dies All the animals in his house:dies shortly after😂 Nah but fr tho u got any backup people "godfathers/mothers" for the animals in case anything happens to u?

    MantatoMantato3 månader sedan
  • Im not gonna lie i hate fucking spiders

    BiscuitsBiscuits3 månader sedan
  • 11:31 man im always get jumpscared everytime a spider making a sudden move

    raelrael4 månader sedan
  • Nice job!

    Eleonora PolishchukEleonora Polishchuk4 månader sedan
  • I’m new to this channel...but his poking..? Did he ever get bit or stung??

    Yashwanth BalakrishnanYashwanth Balakrishnan4 månader sedan
  • If a natural disaster like an earthquake or a tornado slams this man's place...we are fucked

    F VF V4 månader sedan