Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

10 okt 2020
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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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  • yo i love u ur so funny lol

    Lee Bear Jr.Lee Bear Jr.12 minuter sedan
  • Lol a twin sized mattress later on he says there's a realistic change that the ender dragon will beat him but he says but not me thoe I'm built different

    SwordsnapperSwordsnapper14 minuter sedan
  • oh so that's the major problem i have trouble wording with the new versions. they specifically tried to make a linear way to play the game and force you to do unnecessary things else have a hard time with basic stuff. nice work beating mc your first time but that must suck having played it this... bad way.

    BlazBlaz26 minuter sedan
  • Don’t put blinding white in-between screens on your videos, shits fucking whack dude fr fr I was having a good night till I heard your voice and saw this shitty video

    Elyjah BougheyElyjah Boughey27 minuter sedan
  • You got me you said more friendly creatures

    Here's MultiHere's Multi50 minuter sedan
  • Bruh the fact mojang recommends full dia armor ENCHANTED TOO FOR NETHER IS FKING RIDICULOUS

    Amy NicholsonAmy NicholsonTimme sedan
    • Bet $500,000,000 that Mojang will next recomend full prot IV netherite armor

      Amy NicholsonAmy Nicholson54 minuter sedan
  • did you bought the knife to look cool or do you plan to enlist anytime soon solider boy? disturbing conspicuous behavior 101. you are not 9 anymore.

    Michael CusanusMichael CusanusTimme sedan
  • 7:39 “one last portchalk before we go”

    Jake O'BrienJake O'BrienTimme sedan
  • “Ok so you can say “Oh I build my portal with 10 or 14 blocks” BuT i BuIlD mInE wItH 50”

    Mora MulfordMora MulfordTimme sedan
  • When did you get a stack and 19 obsidian plus the other like 40 you used for your portal?

    Bent IceBent IceTimme sedan
  • ESEE.. A man of taste

  • What mod does he use to make it so torches light up when it’s just in his hand?

    Emily SuttonEmily SuttonTimme sedan
  • Well the SEworld gods liked you playing minecraft in the intended way

    Kim GuirKim GuirTimme sedan
  • 6:56 He followed every rule, except the most important one, DO NOT DIG STRAIGHT DOWN!

    Toxic SmokeToxic SmokeTimme sedan
  • video : goes into nether *ad shows* me : OMG SO COOL

    Toxic Gl0wシToxic Gl0wシTimme sedan
  • It’s true he’s built different

    Simpithy _Simpithy _2 timmar sedan
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    MR. SMASHMR. SMASH2 timmar sedan
  • 10 or 14 I use 1000

    Emin HEmin H2 timmar sedan
  • man, im proud of u.

    selasela2 timmar sedan
  • Nice ESEE.

    cloudcleaver23cloudcleaver232 timmar sedan
  • My is 1b

    karen gannabankaren gannaban2 timmar sedan
  • “Moyang”?

    Poopman27 Oh heckPoopman27 Oh heck2 timmar sedan
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    Jessie ChiodoJessie Chiodo2 timmar sedan

    ItsKyrexed _ItsKyrexed _2 timmar sedan
  • Mo Y ang

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    greenlightapartgreenlightapart2 timmar sedan
  • Make a new vid I love your vids

    Rad MasterRad Master2 timmar sedan
  • That end portal made a fire beat tho

    Junway LinJunway Lin3 timmar sedan
  • I build my nether portal with 300 blocks

    Gem SistersGem Sisters3 timmar sedan
  • This Chanel blew up fast

    Kamuela KukKamuela Kuk3 timmar sedan
  • АDULТ Оnlу :18+🤩 sul fiore pentola , egli s' mano nella mano , e veicolo I a mettere in scatola cibo in chiesa , 💕 był minut oni mieli całe godziny, a następnie

    Karen AnistonKaren Aniston3 timmar sedan
  • “Moe-yang”

    Blake BarrBlake Barr3 timmar sedan
  • You can use snowballs to destroy end crystals what-

    NGLJustWannaVIBENGLJustWannaVIBE3 timmar sedan

    chocolatechocolate3 timmar sedan
  • Moyang

    Medhansh SharmaMedhansh Sharma3 timmar sedan
  • Hey... wanna be friends?

    Squidward TentaclesSquidward Tentacles3 timmar sedan
  • Fuc7 up

    Tekau NelioTekau Nelio4 timmar sedan
  • you should make a song out of those killing sounds

    John Kenneth PalomoJohn Kenneth Palomo4 timmar sedan
  • Wait we’re sappose to be vegan*wile playing minecraft and eating cow

    Anthony AccomandoAnthony Accomando4 timmar sedan
  • When I get a lucky village spawn deletes all houses

    Anthony AccomandoAnthony Accomando4 timmar sedan
  • 15

    Anthony AccomandoAnthony Accomando4 timmar sedan
  • 10 blocks

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki4 timmar sedan
  • One of the worst mistakes he’s made this year I don’t need a panic shelter 3:40 2 seconds later ahhh watch the F is that thing 3:45 2 minutes later oh gosh oh on things are getting crazy oh no lol I could really use a panic shelter right now 5:07 Got a listen to the guide Hu 5:16

    Isabel BishopIsabel Bishop4 timmar sedan
  • stop saying bad words i am not watching ur vids now

    Shaurya KumarShaurya Kumar4 timmar sedan
    • you tell him

      BlazBlaz28 minuter sedan
  • Holy dry humor

    Leith JonesLeith Jones4 timmar sedan
  • J

    nick carpenternick carpenter5 timmar sedan
  • Moyang?.?

    Luke FlawsLuke Flaws5 timmar sedan
  • You broke one rule *i think* and its mining straight down you mined straight down when you realized the strong hold was below you

    Kenrick Clark RuleteKenrick Clark Rulete5 timmar sedan
  • You: Kills all animals in game

    Elvis LukElvis Luk5 timmar sedan
  • Ore: “Why does this thing sound like me on the toilet after eating taco bell?” Ad: “Get taco bell!” Me: In physical pain

    CKnappJacksonvilleCKnappJacksonville5 timmar sedan
  • “Pretty cool right? I’m in crippling debt”

    Bobby ABobby A5 timmar sedan
  • Long portal as long Horse

    Elvis LukElvis Luk5 timmar sedan

    Gabriel GutierrezGabriel Gutierrez5 timmar sedan
  • Bruh you don’t even need full iron armor to beat the ender dragon💀

    Mr. Fucked Your MomMr. Fucked Your Mom5 timmar sedan
  • "i don't want to start a battle in the comments but how do you build you nether porta, with 10 blocks or 14 block? because personally i build mine with 50." i die

    Salomon CalzadillaSalomon Calzadilla5 timmar sedan
  • I know how to play

    GamingwithboneGamingwithbone5 timmar sedan
  • "But not me though, I'm built different" LEGIT

    Jossiel GaliciaJossiel Galicia5 timmar sedan
  • This video was better then I expected

    PhoenixFTWPhoenixFTW5 timmar sedan
  • ah yes, Moyang

    PikachuPikachu5 timmar sedan
  • and shoot with a bow you Noob

    Ice cubeIce cube5 timmar sedan
  • Why does this person only have 3 videos

    Green Bleach GamingGreen Bleach Gaming5 timmar sedan
  • 1v1 hem dream

    Ice cubeIce cube5 timmar sedan

    Reagan PhillipsReagan Phillips5 timmar sedan
  • and i bet dream will wen in a 1v1

    Ice cubeIce cube5 timmar sedan
  • It's funny because I have always been ashamed for not beating the Ender dragon, but now that I know this man hasn't either, I feel a bit better... Oh wait he just did, welp sucks for me

    Am not Genji mainAm not Genji main5 timmar sedan
  • Mojang=So you need a full diamond armour with diamond tools to kill the dragon Me who kills the dragon with iron armour only with iron tools and bow=Wut Mojang=WHAT?!

    Chace N LiuChace N Liu6 timmar sedan
  • “Snowballs are actually useful: The video”

    Neth WinklesNeth Winkles6 timmar sedan
  • Me waiting for a comment talking about how he uses 50 obsidian blocks

    Nayeli FrondaNayeli Fronda6 timmar sedan
  • Why you not uploading vids anymore

    Euan ValdezEuan Valdez6 timmar sedan
  • No one: MysteryOre: Mo yang

    Sh0cks 900Sh0cks 9006 timmar sedan
  • Nobody: People in year 1000 5:53

    Joseph DesarmenienJoseph Desarmenien6 timmar sedan
  • Mojang: You have to have full diamond armor to go in the nether and live. Dream: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?!

    Stupid Animator and GamingStupid Animator and Gaming6 timmar sedan
  • Ore: “Why does this thing sound like me on the toilet after eating taco bell?” Ad: “Get taco bell!” Me: In physical pain

    irons nicholastirons nicholast6 timmar sedan
  • I'm new so idk if its a joke or not but its pronounced mo j ang

    avery benzingavery benzing6 timmar sedan
  • Ore: “Why does this thing sound like me on the toilet after eating taco bell?” Ad: “Get taco bell!” Me: In physical pain

    Shayla LilianaShayla Liliana6 timmar sedan
  • Moe-yang

    Definate HumanDefinate Human6 timmar sedan
  • Moyang

    Thurobred99Thurobred996 timmar sedan
  • “Did you know that Jeb is a Simp?” -...okay enough for me, here is your like.

    FranFran6 timmar sedan
  • Do you build with ten or fifteen block I do it with fifty

    Marco BlancMarco Blanc6 timmar sedan
  • I'll use this 40$ guide to help me through the nether Guide: this guide is for version 2.3 minecraft Current version: 4.6 Oh well this guide is useless in the nether

    Freeza SamaFreeza Sama6 timmar sedan
  • Well you didn’t follow the guild it stayed to use bow sword and bed you used axe snow balls

    Mega RangerMega Ranger6 timmar sedan
  • MO-YANG? ITS Mo-Jang

    R0NN13R0NN136 timmar sedan
  • Umm, 50 blocks for a nether portal??? And i had an ad right when he was in the portal

    Eh MehEh Meh7 timmar sedan
  • 4:58 “Do I need to put looting on my snowballs?” XD LOL

    Joachim Yzekiel VentenillaJoachim Yzekiel Ventenilla7 timmar sedan

    AlexAlex7 timmar sedan
  • moyang

    unreliableunreliable7 timmar sedan
  • Pffff , u build your portal with 50? I use 99999999999999999999999999999 >:)

    Inky BenInky Ben7 timmar sedan
  • No like 87 blocks

    Splatter 760Splatter 7607 timmar sedan
  • MysteryOre: Ya see “not long ago” Mojang released a seizes of guides to help you beat Minecraft Also MysteryOre: Oh yeah forgot to mention... this is extremely outdated

    Solifocus SSolifocus S7 timmar sedan
  • “Moyang”

    Osvaldo BalderasOsvaldo Balderas7 timmar sedan
  • "do you build your nether portal with.." "10 blocks? or 14 blocks" " cause personally I use 50--" dude I might start a fight cause I use 100 blocks to build a nether portal--

    Wanda BaileyerWanda Baileyer7 timmar sedan
  • How do people build nether portals with only 50 blocks because I build mine with 86 also thank you so much I finally beat Minecraft

    Pokémon FriendsPokémon Friends8 timmar sedan
  • I build my portal with 10 blocks then put 4 of the same blocks that look good with the black and purple in the corners

    Tanner WardTanner Ward8 timmar sedan
  • First time watching him and he is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂😂

    Kieron HigginsKieron Higgins8 timmar sedan
  • You try so hard to be funny and it falls flat so badly every time.

    Alexandru GogaAlexandru Goga8 timmar sedan
  • What do you use to edit your videos? This editing is A tier.

    SushiSushi8 timmar sedan
  • Why do u keep switching to just completely white screen, so annoying

    Wikedkillerwhale12 TMWikedkillerwhale12 TM8 timmar sedan
  • *"refund your donation to team trees"*

    H1PP1EH1PP1E8 timmar sedan
  • When he keeps saying mo yang instead of mohjong

    Bryce BrittonBryce Britton8 timmar sedan
  • 0:54 ugh I get that a lot

    Orange CrewmateOrange Crewmate8 timmar sedan