OUR FIRST EVER DRAFT? (The Henry Theory #19) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

22 nov 2020
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  • "Get fisted, kid!" -Miniminter 2020

    NIXA BRATNIXA BRAT29 dagar sedan
  • Simon do Rodrigo record breaker Looks like a good super sub

    Ewan SaundersEwan SaundersMånad sedan
  • Bring big josher

    bang n boombang n boomMånad sedan
  • on the draft when you had Ronaldo and Kane on you could have put on mbappe for kane and have gotten the same chemistry because saint-maximin is french and you had an icon behind

    SlyQuetzalSlyQuetzalMånad sedan

    vMoppyvMoppyMånad sedan
  • Simon’s collar was bothering me the whole video

    Bella BurksBella BurksMånad sedan
  • Simon: *moans at mbappe all draft* Also simon: "mbappe is a cheat code"

    Zack Robb07Zack Robb07Månad sedan
  • do the base icon sbc

    NoahNoah2 månader sedan
  • His voice is so annoying

    Ammar MuradAmmar Murad2 månader sedan
  • Do the lewandowski sbccc

    Baziel NachtergaeleBaziel Nachtergaele2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo: best gold card In the game with mbappe Simon:why does ronaldo feel like a bus

    HowImetUrMata FCHowImetUrMata FC2 månader sedan
  • So you just have to be a proper prick in order for Simon to beat you lmao

    Reed SmithReed Smith2 månader sedan
  • Simon truely is shite at fifa

    Liam SmithLiam Smith2 månader sedan
  • Ksi

    Geggi AbdowGeggi Abdow2 månader sedan

    TGA MysteryTGA Mystery2 månader sedan
  • Get JJ in for the next episode

    Aamir2K2Aamir2K22 månader sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Patricio BahenaPatricio Bahena2 månader sedan
  • Bring ksi

    Leotrim GashiLeotrim Gashi2 månader sedan
  • My guy pls follow the rules you’ve set. Just opening packs is really ruining the series

    mikail imranmikail imran2 månader sedan

    NotSoGifted TrickShotsNotSoGifted TrickShots2 månader sedan
    • Honestly

      NotSoGifted TrickShotsNotSoGifted TrickShots2 månader sedan
  • Get Lewandowski and switch your team name to THE HENRY THEORY it’s been 20 episodes!

    Adam BlankAdam Blank2 månader sedan
  • anyone else cringing that he is saying BPL

    Official RyanOfficial Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Just so that Simon knows, rivaldo is left footed my guy.

    PriestPriest2 månader sedan
  • Missing that casemeiro is making me mad

    EllisEllis2 månader sedan
  • ksi

    Shaheer KhalidShaheer Khalid2 månader sedan
  • No offence to Simon but this game is god awful! Almost as if EA said "let's just allow everyone to score bags of goals that will keep 'em happy" 🤣

    AbsoluteAzzaAbsoluteAzza2 månader sedan
  • This is my favourite series on SEworld plz upload more 💯

    Noah MclarneyNoah Mclarney2 månader sedan
  • I spend my most time in "recording gameplay "Editing "uploading "I need my brothers and sisters please support me😢🙏🙏😢

    Totti El ShaarawyTotti El Shaarawy2 månader sedan
  • Bring back fastest draft and oldest draft and stuff pleasseee

    Cawzthebeast _1Cawzthebeast _12 månader sedan
  • I think Simon has dimensia and has literally forgot what this series is!

    Red CannonRed Cannon2 månader sedan
  • Get lewandowski please

    TheDankShankTheDankShank2 månader sedan
  • Doooooo lewa he is sick

    rabis babisrabis babis2 månader sedan
  • cOulD Of HAd dE BrUYne

    TK GamingTK Gaming2 månader sedan
  • 9:56 if that's a good challenge then I'm related to Queen Lizzy

    Kai CookeKai Cooke2 månader sedan
  • Buy Lewandowski

    Liam GoffLiam Goff2 månader sedan
  • Rivaldo is left footed and has a 2 star weakfoot so shooting on his right all the time is probably not a good idea

    Harvey ReynoldsHarvey Reynolds2 månader sedan
  • can we work on getting henry 93 rated card

    pandu shixwamenipandu shixwameni2 månader sedan

    laurencio_laurencio_2 månader sedan
  • Bring harry onto Henry theory

    Zac BaconZac Bacon2 månader sedan
    • Lol Simons probably scared that Harry is gonna smash the controller in his head

      LankyBoiLankyBoi2 månader sedan
  • Simon still saying BBVA and BPL really gets to me for some reason

    Noah EllisNoah Ellis2 månader sedan
  • In form Lozano is op

    Wumpy L0ui5Wumpy L0ui52 månader sedan
  • Bring tobi on the next episode

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 månader sedan
  • Bring w2s on the next episode

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 månader sedan
  • don't get him, too slow

    ali zoheirali zoheir2 månader sedan
  • Do the lewandowski sbc pls

    Tobossco AkaTobossco Aka2 månader sedan
  • Simon:Mbappe Mbappe Mbappe Mbappe Mbappe Mbappe Also him: we need to replace Mbappe

    Miki BednarczykMiki Bednarczyk2 månader sedan
  • Aguero is actually really good I got him untraedable

    Joe GriffinJoe Griffin2 månader sedan
  • 3:36 he should’ve just put mbappe at left striker cause he would’ve had the same chem as Kane because Lozano is sooo good

    Skinny WhiteBoySkinny WhiteBoy2 månader sedan
  • I did the lewandowski sbc and he’s really good

    Muhammad MughalMuhammad Mughal2 månader sedan
  • I know u could not buy players but Harry Kane is a really good striker and he was just ridiculous in the draft he is an animal for me asswell

    Paramita MukherjeeParamita Mukherjee2 månader sedan
  • just sayin youtube put simons video as fifa 15 haha

    IGS illusionIGS illusion2 månader sedan
  • how does he not pick werner :/

    Michael AlvaradoMichael Alvarado2 månader sedan
  • Do the Lewandowski

    mathiastoftsimonsenmathiastoftsimonsen2 månader sedan
  • Do the van der sar he will be better than strakosha

    Craig HarperCraig Harper2 månader sedan
  • do lewindoski

    Darragh NooneDarragh Noone2 månader sedan
    • Yes agreed

      LankyBoiLankyBoi2 månader sedan
  • Whats that celebration called that the third guy kept on doing?

    elyon telyon t2 månader sedan
  • Simon: chips don’t make sense. Also Simon: why don’t I chip?!

    Mark IMark I2 månader sedan
  • sell zinedine

    Luca AttardLuca Attard2 månader sedan
  • 2:09 talks about a PL defence.... yet takes a lower card (stones) over the higher one (Bednerak!) 🤯

    Elijah KhairaElijah Khaira2 månader sedan
  • Get the lewandowski

    Daivik KhotDaivik Khot2 månader sedan
  • Time for Reddit

    EweiKiwiEweiKiwi2 månader sedan
  • Simon leaked Barcelona's real life tactics. - 10:25

    Astral GamingAstral Gaming2 månader sedan
  • When he said omg omg it reminded me of the video when he wakes up black if u know u know

    ewan birdewan bird2 månader sedan
    • @LankyBoi glad someone knew

      ewan birdewan bird2 månader sedan
    • Hahaha yes

      LankyBoiLankyBoi2 månader sedan
  • Get Lewandowski he is amazing

    VipRVipR2 månader sedan
  • I heard that Bamba is really good..... But its expensive

    Jarmo VälkJarmo Välk2 månader sedan
  • I hope you get Fangs as a guest in the game , as well as Talia of course , more female gamers

    paul williamspaul williams2 månader sedan
    • Lol Talia would be funny

      LankyBoiLankyBoi2 månader sedan
  • Rivaldos left foot and he’s 2 star week foot

    Issy AliIssy Ali2 månader sedan
  • Yes yes get lewandoski. Please

    Keaton LevineKeaton Levine2 månader sedan
  • To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it.Always stay safe read my name btw 🌈

    MSZY1XMSZY1X2 månader sedan
    • Fukin bots

      Akash HallurAkash Hallur2 månader sedan
  • Simon what did you say bout Ronaldo?? 😂😂..I love that as soon as Simon says that Ronaldo scores a brace

    PES NATION XDPES NATION XD2 månader sedan
  • thats why we have got that keeper!!!!!!!!!! Wait who is it? XD

    Sz. BarnusSz. Barnus2 månader sedan
  • Does he know hes 2 star wf

    Lars LangeLars Lange2 månader sedan
  • That comeback was unreal

    TyrantTyrant2 månader sedan
  • U need to do a draft episode with harry

    Umair KhanUmair Khan2 månader sedan

    Karim YusufKarim Yusuf2 månader sedan
  • Simon u need to follow the rules done just open packs when ur feeling sorry for ur self

    Burnz_11Burnz_112 månader sedan
  • Bring Chris md on the series ty

    Kareem AbdelrazekKareem Abdelrazek2 månader sedan
  • Rivaldo has 2* weak foot and you were using his right foot, he’s left footed. He’s actually a good card

    Ewan_JWEwan_JW2 månader sedan
  • please get Harry on the series

    Yassin SherifYassin Sherif2 månader sedan
  • Do bamba

    Jack CraneJack Crane2 månader sedan
  • just hold L2 and run into the forwards to defend literally

    Eyad GhosnEyad Ghosn2 månader sedan
  • 4:16 anyone else tilted he didn't start cr7 over Kane 😂

    The Mighty EagleThe Mighty Eagle2 månader sedan
  • Do khedira and play alex sandro

    Daniel VignirDaniel Vignir2 månader sedan
  • Get Chris MD

    Ashrith TAshrith T2 månader sedan
  • Jesus Christ, I did a Draft recently and didn't get given the option of Mbappé or a single icon. I got Messi and Salah and the rest of my team was wank 😂

    The HobatronThe Hobatron2 månader sedan
  • Can we just get KSI on

    The GethThe Geth2 månader sedan
  • U should get

    Lil PolaxLil Polax2 månader sedan
  • change your team name ffs hahahaha

    Luke FieldingLuke Fielding2 månader sedan
  • you should buy lewa

    Bence GasparekBence Gasparek2 månader sedan
  • Change the name of the team to Spoonfoo FC

    Kieron HampshireKieron Hampshire2 månader sedan
  • Get big josher on 😂

    Jim StanyerJim Stanyer2 månader sedan
  • Simon rating footballers Messi - Just give to Messi and run Ronaldo -" Ron" You are sick Rivaldo- he is most bad player in the team . Oh man what a card Simon seeing neymar "Are you serious" If u scored neymar I will bring ronaldo Neymar scoring a hattrick Simon- Sugar Honey Ice Tea

    Arjun MenakathArjun Menakath2 månader sedan
  • Use a finisher instead of engine on Henry

    Imre FosslandImre Fossland2 månader sedan
  • U should bring W2S and build a draft with him

    Murty .919Murty .9192 månader sedan
  • Today is a special day where he actually played with his draft

    joshua chinneryjoshua chinnery2 månader sedan
  • Do the Lewandowski

    amir abbasamir abbas2 månader sedan
  • 2:03 U TOOK STONES?!?! wtf

    Nik HorvatNik Horvat2 månader sedan
  • I like how he said no to the lukaku card😂

    AJ GAMINGAJ GAMING2 månader sedan
  • when are you going to play minecraft again i dony care if you have finished it I want to watch it like so he can see

    Jonathan StewartJonathan Stewart2 månader sedan
  • Whenever Henry scores play 0:04

    Honey MangoHoney Mango2 månader sedan