TommyInnit & Wilbur Soot play Minecraft with Tess

24 nov 2020
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TommyInnit & Wilbur Soot play Minecraft with Tess
Streamed live over on
Amazing thumbnail by Uno -

0:00 Intro
0:33 Explaining the stream
7:28 Starting the run
27:30 Into the nether
31:45 Bringing in a new person
37:06 Starting the run again
51:31 Into the neather part 2
56:49 Adding ANOTHER person
1:00:38 Heading to The End
1:15:02 Ending stream
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    TommyVODSTommyVODSMånad sedan
    • 4:20 \

      bAll sAckbAll sAck4 dagar sedan
    • Open at your own risk

      borgylynborgylyn4 dagar sedan
    • This mean's war

      borgylynborgylyn5 dagar sedan
    • Open at your own risk

      borgylynborgylyn5 dagar sedan

      Sienna MaloneSienna Malone6 dagar sedan
  • 35:00

    ReverseElfReverseElf14 timmar sedan
  • Really nice they did this

    ZeldaLordZeldaLord3 dagar sedan
  • 35:00

    NetherBeeTheGodBridgerNetherBeeTheGodBridger3 dagar sedan
  • alternate title: Adult peer pressures 16 year old into bullying a cancer patient

    Ryan PullingerRyan Pullinger4 dagar sedan
  • does anyone have tess's twitch or tiktok bc i cant find her anywhere

    Hana TariqHana Tariq4 dagar sedan
  • I thought it said they played with trees

    Print LimePrint Lime5 dagar sedan
  • All the dislikes are from the people that cant sing like Tommy

    GoodChannelGamesGoodChannelGames5 dagar sedan
  • could u plug her in the description maybe bc i've never seen her stuff and i'd like to

    Hana TariqHana Tariq6 dagar sedan
  • is it just me or tess and drista correlation....

    honeydusthoneydust6 dagar sedan
  • the youtube glitch IS real. O was subbed 2 days ago and I checked and I wasnt subbed. so I subbed again

    Galaxmo gachaGalaxmo gacha6 dagar sedan
  • byee tommy

    Pog TingsPog Tings6 dagar sedan
  • im inlove with tess

    aziziazizi7 dagar sedan
  • Tommy: "The more dead men the better" Me: silently whispers to self "This is the way"

    No NameNo Name7 dagar sedan
  • 52:31 why does “diamonds” here give me flashbacks of “Clementine”?

    Aliea HoweAliea Howe7 dagar sedan
  • I am furious at the 185 people who disliked the vid bc why would you at all like wtf

    Iris XDIris XD8 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 that moment-

    Niki DoesFilmingNiki DoesFilming8 dagar sedan
  • your dream intro was so accurate

    MyLifeIsAnAvalancheMyLifeIsAnAvalanche8 dagar sedan
  • tommy after the cheesburger joke: (._.), (,_,),(:D)>hahahaha

    Player ExePlayer Exe9 dagar sedan
  • 99% of the comments about the “at least I can say cheese burger” jeez you’s are starting to ruin it

    Sushi StxrsSushi Stxrs9 dagar sedan
  • "Atleast I can say cheeseburger" *Tommy exe has stopped working*

    せり-語せり-語9 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade sounds like a prepubescent corpse husband

    Singing 2008Singing 20089 dagar sedan
  • its just CH-EE-ZZZ- BUR-GRR Bur as in wil-BUR

    LUKE O. PEÑALUKE O. PEÑA9 dagar sedan
  • More vids with her

    Lavaman1918Lavaman19189 dagar sedan
  • fuckin ouse

    Jai Tye ParkerJai Tye Parker10 dagar sedan
  • What's tess's tiktok?

    Carlie ToyamaCarlie Toyama13 dagar sedan
  • 1:11:57 Tubbo floats to heaven

    Tamaki simpTamaki simp13 dagar sedan
  • I love the pigstep rap lmao

    AngieAngie14 dagar sedan
  • here for sleepy bois

    SaSa14 dagar sedan
  • I love it how we did not know that tommy could spit straight fire

    TorinabeanaTorinabeana14 dagar sedan
  • Such a good video!

    papablesso TVpapablesso TV14 dagar sedan
  • 57:00

    Riley LikesRiley Likes15 dagar sedan
  • they could do /kill @e

    I don't know what i'm doingI don't know what i'm doing15 dagar sedan
  • 2000th comment

    TrimBlueTrimBlue15 dagar sedan
  • e

    TrimBlueTrimBlue15 dagar sedan
  • e

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  • e

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  • e

    TrimBlueTrimBlue15 dagar sedan
  • e

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  • May I join your server? Pls

    KayinnitKayinnit15 dagar sedan
  • She’s so nice :)

    no.iidevixxno.iidevixx16 dagar sedan
  • i made a rap for tommy it goes like his name is tommyinnt and hes so amazing we love him cos hes british (im not rasist by the way) he also sports gay and the lbtq+ cumonity hes really funny him and tubbo are still friends but im the rp there miss each othere

    IT'S MULKIT'S MULK16 dagar sedan
  • i bit my tonge twice because of this

    ColourfloryColourflory16 dagar sedan
  • HaHa you have canser I'm sorry it was a joke

    MartaQMartaQ17 dagar sedan
    • What are you sorry about? All you said was cancer, watch this FUC-

      Aidan TursiAidan Tursi15 dagar sedan

    a random rare beea random rare bee17 dagar sedan
  • Text of last year: "We are like dream but he can not sing" >=>

    MCardMCard17 dagar sedan
  • Good news and bad news we found a woman bad news she is an American tik toker

    game doughnut575game doughnut57517 dagar sedan
  • 23:31 yeah... about that Tommy.....

    LanzeLanze17 dagar sedan
  • 16:55

    ValerieLoves DoggiesAndFoodValerieLoves DoggiesAndFood18 dagar sedan
  • 35:01

    Kent ShiKent Shi18 dagar sedan
  • His name is TechnoBlade and he wears a red gown,he has a crown on his head ,And he doesn't do drugs..... Uhhhhhh idk

    Ronnan PadrigaRonnan Padriga18 dagar sedan
  • 35:02 Tommy rap

    TheDullNullTheDullNull18 dagar sedan
  • 35:02

    shitassshitass20 dagar sedan
  • 35:00

    Jacky PhayakmalerngJacky Phayakmalerng20 dagar sedan
  • According to statistics only a small percentage of people can say Scotland properly by using an "O."

    Pingu P. Nootson IVPingu P. Nootson IV20 dagar sedan
  • Most CHAOTIC stream/vod EVER MADE

    sm0vii _sm0vii _21 dag sedan
  • What tommy says during cex oh there’s a hole down there 👇🏼

    DocterzerckDocterzerck22 dagar sedan
  • 35:07 if your looking for the song its here

    EggyGamingEggyGaming23 dagar sedan
  • wait people made fun of dream trying to craft a crafting table with cobblestone can we make fun of tommy crafting a soul table xD 53:18

    Damon WhitingDamon Whiting27 dagar sedan
    • and then hit a pigman (or piglin)

      SzorchSzorch17 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know her twitch or youtube?

    rosetheghost streamsrosetheghost streamsMånad sedan
  • there’s nothing wrong with me i just sit here watching tommy and wilbur all dag

    Abbi RobinsonAbbi RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Damn so I just need to get terminal cancer, to play a stream with Tommyinit and the other guy “bet” -Thanks for the likes 😂🤌🐰

    wiskwiskMånad sedan
  • why did i think it was tessa brooks for a while idek why i thought that

    Stevie McvieStevie McvieMånad sedan
  • 24:45🤣

    PickleGoesHonkPickleGoesHonkMånad sedan
  • Lol

    ElitePantherElitePantherMånad sedan
  • who’s tess

    NesixNesixMånad sedan
  • does Tess have a twitch?

    cros107cros107Månad sedan
  • wait i have the same cow suit as tess o:

    miamiaMånad sedan
  • Lyrics: His name is Technoblade (Techneoblade) and he wears a red gown He has a crown on his head and he doesn't do drugs Her name is Tess and she uses tik tok that is funny to me We are playing Minecraft and I am cool Vikkstar... Technoblade.. bahaha We are playing Minecraft we are like dream but dream can not sing Technoblade he has brown shoes I think that is interesting I don't really know what to think the color of his shoes don't matter that much to me xxx Yuh RED uh colors yeah squares/swears swears/squares swears/ squares clouds I see clouds His name is Wilbur Soot and he's a dirty crime boy he just walked around being strange I think he may be on a list I don't know what his deal is He probably dates Niachu I shouldn't have said that line anyway moving on I've met him in real life it was It was a vlog and Tubbo was there yeah Mm yeah Bessie are you ready to take it away cause I can not do this for much longer YUH M M Bessie: how about technoblade Tommy: Ok Technoblade are you ready to do some rapping ok well Wilbur are you ready Wilba Wilba oh its his verse ready Wilbur is not rapping so I'm going to do a ---- rap it is very awkward and rather uncomfortable There is a birch tree end (like this took me a while ;c)

    KawaiiKawaiiMånad sedan
    • @Cute Cow my other comment which was a dum joke got 107 likes :c

      KawaiiKawaii29 dagar sedan

      Cute CowCute Cow29 dagar sedan
  • 35:00

    Bananaman 9116Bananaman 9116Månad sedan
  • 35:24 Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba

    Agent3124Agent3124Månad sedan
  • Dream : What would be my rapper name? Tommy : Lil D

    ᴛsᴜɢɪᴋᴜɴᴇᴛsᴜɢɪᴋᴜɴᴇMånad sedan
  • Rudy

    SokaSokaMånad sedan
  • Wilbur: how is herding those cats going? Tommy: well uhm I suddenly have a bunch of corpses in a bag..

    Elisa McLaughlinElisa McLaughlinMånad sedan

    Shoto TodorokiShoto TodorokiMånad sedan
  • While reading the title, insted of reading tess I read trees

    TreeTopGTreeTopGMånad sedan
  • B E E S E C H U R G U E R

    Giovanni NeriGiovanni NeriMånad sedan
  • I swear tommy is younger than literally everyone he meets

    Connor RileyConnor RileyMånad sedan
  • DRUGS , DRUGS, VERY FUN, THE MORE YOUNSNORT THE MORE ITS FUN LMAO dont know why I did that, just thought it was funny

    XxGLITCHxXXxGLITCHxXMånad sedan

    XxGLITCHxXXxGLITCHxXMånad sedan
  • Anyone else think tess skin looks like th e birch tree

    XxGLITCHxXXxGLITCHxXMånad sedan
  • Why Is tommy on Minecraft that is modded

    Kraken KiraKraken KiraMånad sedan
  • what the fuck

    jojo gamer8972jojo gamer8972Månad sedan
  • subsctibe to technoblade for techno day

    Seb_The_TreeSeb_The_TreeMånad sedan
  • I love how little wilbur had to screw them over bc they were a disaster all on their own

    jenna andrewsjenna andrewsMånad sedan
  • I was drinking milk while watching this I feel sick now

    PadlukPadlukMånad sedan
  • Tommy: I hate TikTokers. *Also Tommy*: I’m on TikTok because I want views

    Prince InvictaPrince InvictaMånad sedan
  • 17:00 35:22

    cherry blossom skcrzecherry blossom skcrzeMånad sedan
  • Holy shit, this thumbnail is 🔥 keep it up!

    Jacob YunJacob YunMånad sedan
  • why is the female a cow???? tf was she doing out there

    Marcel 0001Marcel 0001Månad sedan
  • LMFAOOO "He's pretty good and not a nerd" "I know..."

    Muffintime 631Muffintime 631Månad sedan
  • Tess? Who is that?

    DuckToastDuckToastMånad sedan
  • Moo

    toddtoddMånad sedan
  • this is so trippy... like no one has my name so it's weird when someone has it

    TessaTessaMånad sedan
  • 13:04 Wilbur: Burns Small House Tommy: *Screams In R2D2

    GoofyGoofyMånad sedan
  • wheres the links for tess?

    James GrayJames GrayMånad sedan
  • Please start linking your guests. It makes it easier for the viewers to find them, but more importantly it give smaller creators (like Tess) a lot of positive attention

    Jacob InnamoratoJacob InnamoratoMånad sedan

    Katherine LowdenKatherine LowdenMånad sedan
  • 36:02 that fucking freestyle wtf

    david rogersdavid rogersMånad sedan
  • when my name is tess 😃

    Tess HarperTess HarperMånad sedan