I Survived 200 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft In An Ocean Only World.

13 feb 2021
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I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
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  • So how about that 300 days 👀

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  • So I don't play minecraft but I wanted to let y'all know these videos are brilliant plus your commentary is incredible

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  • XDD Chicken

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    • Hello

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  • 26:09

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  • 300 days all achievments

    Spiele Spiel SPSPSpiele Spiel SPSP2 timmar sedan
  • for basalt based builds you can make a basalt generator i think illmango made a design that makes 150,000 basalt blocks a hour he even made one thats so efficiant you dont need a storage system just something to burn the items with because the items fill up the chests incredibly quick you can get a full inventory of basalt in 2-3 seconds its crazy you should really check it out

    creamMCcreamMC2 timmar sedan
  • Should’ve said I need to start making serious profits. Also you can use a silk touch on gold ore in the nether and you’ll get an ingot

    A PersonA Person3 timmar sedan
  • 20:09

    Max HallMax Hall3 timmar sedan
  • Rip chickens

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  • you really like circles😂😂

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  • R.I.P baby villagers 😔

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  • I thought emerald is dark green

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  • Like for 300 days

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  • you now not paulgg used to work for DOPE OR NOPE

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  • 300!!!!!!

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  • RIP chicken 103

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  • Lazarbeam made an emerald beacon so u should make a netherite beacon

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  • I love that name the chicken forest lol

    Belinda LawnBelinda Lawn6 timmar sedan
  • Not sure if it’s that much more effective if you have fortune three but silk touching the gold in the nether then smelting it into a gold ingot might be more beneficial moving forward

    Austin SteelAustin Steel7 timmar sedan
  • Why didn't you use a stone cutter

    Gruesome PuppetGruesome Puppet7 timmar sedan
  • You can grow grass by using bone meal on a fully grown dirt block

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  • 300 300 plssssssssssssssssss

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  • i lov how this is forge labs stuff and hes just continuing whre he lft off

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  • You can combine the trident! you put them in the wrong way

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  • My friend got Weather skeleton hat blaaaaa her first try

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  • I saw the first chicken

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  • He had a chicken x2 suffocate in trees in the first 100 days that didn’t get graves

    Mark JohnsonMark Johnson9 timmar sedan
  • Plz

    Green RacerGreen Racer9 timmar sedan
  • fact: when charged creeper blows up a stray, it'll drop wither skull head

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  • Can't grass blocks be made by leaving placed dirt blocks alone, then mining them with silk touch?

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  • Ok

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  • Eres abusador porque mataste a los ardeanos bebés

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  • You are awesome, and your vids are 100% lit !

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  • please go to 3 hundred days

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  • Hey 300 days

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  • We just glossing over the gentle nudge of villager children off a nether cliff huh....alright carrying on....

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  • What is this seed I can’t find a seed like this :(

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  • 300 days please

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  • Did I just witness murder??? 3:30

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  • There’s a cat in the nether. WHAT.

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  • 300!!!!!!

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  • I would like to see a 300 days

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  • Not PaulGG y do you say the brown pearl everytime u go on you boat?

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  • You can have riptide and channelling you just did it in reverse....

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  • Level 15 is the best level for netherith

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  • WHAT THE HELL YOU TROW A KID IN LAVA IN DAY 112 AM A KID AM UNSUBSCRIBING. am still going to watch because your videos are good

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  • It is obvious that you deserve to have my like and my subscription and I am sorry for being late 😅😅 I am new by the way

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  • Only technoblade wants to trade that much potatoes

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  • 20:00 When he made the beacon he said somthing 2 times in a row

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  • I love ur vids

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  • Simte

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  • there are 5 bosses

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  • Acts like a day isn’t 20 minutes 😂

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  • 300 days please?

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  • paul can you do 100 days in the nether

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  • them chickens looked delicious in sandwich form👀

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  • "So after beating his fish sticks"

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  • Yas 300 days

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  • My cousin kills dogs for xp

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  • Nice vid, I am working now at same video. +1 nice editing style.

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  • seed?

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  • why didn’t he jus use beds instead of tnt💀

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  • " *but most importantly I wanted to find ß uh* "

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  • 300 days

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  • so many times he says the same thin twice in a row and i hate it

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  • If you don’t want your chicken feild to be a chicken grave, just separate your trees and chickens

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  • Idk if he did this in 300 days but he should make the glass for the villagers gray.

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  • Next time you have to kill the wither, go to the end under the bedrock portal and spawn it there. if you look up videos on how to do it the wither will suffocate and die.

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  • Rip peewee 😭

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  • Can i get seed plese

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  • Just to mention it will probably be easier to beat Minecraft on ocean only world because mobs cant spawn on water.

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  • Your

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  • You're allowed to shoot fireworks with crossbow use Multi Shot so you can shoot three

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  • Make a enchanted golden apple

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  • Sub to palgg for making this even more then 30 hours

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  • Hey i play 600000 days in minecraft

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  • You so nice playing hardcore dude you are so pro

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