Three Men Lost in Space - The Apollo 13 Disaster

27 feb 2021
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  • I was sweating watching this and my heart was going crazy even though it happened 50 years ago. Imagine what the crew was feeling during that time.

    My ReviewsMy ReviewsMånad sedan
    • @My Reviews same that would be scary and

      1-800ChokeThatHoe yes._nope1-800ChokeThatHoe yes._nope21 timme sedan
    • You wanna know how it feels? Normal because it never happened

      Aoos ElbarraniAoos Elbarrani2 dagar sedan
    • @Tom Kenny *you’re

      Steve MSteve M3 dagar sedan
    • @Tom Kenny you probably should have thought about that before you start calling someone you don’t know “weak”. Someone isn’t weak just because they can’t do something, or have a fear. For example, just because you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, a lesson learned in 3rd grade, doesn’t make you weak. Now let us know when that basement floor is done.

      Steve MSteve M3 dagar sedan
    • @Steve M my mom died a long time ago i wish you good luck and fortune

      Tom KennyTom Kenny3 dagar sedan
  • I am literally in tears as i write these.Astronauts like them are the reason the kids today will probably enjoy space trips.Had these men given up god knows what the consequences could have been and maybe we would be even behind than we are on our space exploration.But they didnt,they drank little to no water for three days,did engineering calculations while being close to freezing to death all with the fact in mind that you could lose connection to the only ball you call home in the universe.Those men didnt represent Nasa, they didnt represent america, they represeted the determination and the never give up attitude of humanity to the unhospitable and cold universe itself.That day those men showed a big middlefinger to the cold universe and their survival was a message that its not war its not money,but its the science, knowledge and the curiosity with the emotions that tie the whole humanity together!!

    Varun VarinVarun Varin4 timmar sedan
  • Wow this was so awesome to watch!! Thank you for what you do putting these videos together!!✌❤✌

    JerrBear74JerrBear746 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for this information so much! I’m so thankfull for your work that you do, been watching you from the beginning. I wish all the best to you and hope you’ll continue to inspire us with your videos! Love you man.

    WellWell15 timmar sedan
  • Nasa is the devil project

    Amu waaAmu waa21 timme sedan
  • Comedic relief re the request not to eject "U-rind in space"

    Earthling 6.455.463.728Earthling 6.455.463.728Dag sedan
  • Finding this video on April 17th 2021. I️ started bawling when the date was said. 😭😫

    Onya NasiaOnya NasiaDag sedan
  • Such a fake story

    Rathish RamakrishnanRathish RamakrishnanDag sedan
  • Lesson: never leave earth 🌍

    Yash PYash PDag sedan
  • All of this because one day some human being positioned as president wanted to send humans to moon so he can win the race...

    Yash PYash PDag sedan
  • I suck at math lol

    TTDag sedan
  • Wanna talk about having PTSD

    L. JohnsonL. JohnsonDag sedan
  • This Apollo 13 debacle was one of greatest examples of triumph of human endeavour over agony and adversity.

    candyfloss184candyfloss1842 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe a ColdFusion video made me cry out of joy

    Daniel Marco Aguilar HernandezDaniel Marco Aguilar Hernandez2 dagar sedan
  • Ohh it's tomorrow then.... April 17

    Shanmukesh RShanmukesh R2 dagar sedan
  • I’m now scared of the future

    yaman Orabiyaman Orabi2 dagar sedan
  • Mission successfully failed.

    Qqupis PpisQqupis Ppis2 dagar sedan
  • I went to movies to watch Apollo 13 movie when it first came out. I can tell you this, I probably watched this movie more than 100 times and I still get goosebumps.

    Chad SimonChad Simon2 dagar sedan
  • Amazing. This is the most thrilling, terrifying, and incredible adventure story I’ve ever heard.

    AscertivusAscertivus2 dagar sedan
  • Hard to believe people still believe this nonsense!!!

    1960ARC1960ARC2 dagar sedan
  • But they make a movie about the one that didn't happen . Apollo 13. Please

    Oscar RiveraOscar Rivera3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah just like the movie, but why they never make a movie about the first lunar landing.. why not.,?

    Oscar RiveraOscar Rivera3 dagar sedan
  • We are not suppose to leave Earth. We are not suppose to set foot anywhere else but earth.

    Blasian AsianBlasian Asian3 dagar sedan
  • Think about the thin foil walls of the moon module I can only say HA HA HA funk off not all humans are dumb down

    Gogo ZagazezeGogo Zagazeze3 dagar sedan
  • Among us?

    Janice Ann TopasnaJanice Ann Topasna3 dagar sedan
  • I got to see the apolo 13 module in Wright Peterson air force museum here in ohion

    Damion ScarberryDamion Scarberry3 dagar sedan
  • High lvl masons giving y’all a show

    Nick CharlesNick Charles3 dagar sedan
  • I cried for a while. This is the humanity we are missing these days.

    GhulatzUp AttiogbeGhulatzUp Attiogbe3 dagar sedan
  • Who disliked this video have no hearts and are idiots

    Prof.G.C.KoliProf.G.C.Koli3 dagar sedan
  • Inspiring story 🥺❤️

    Bennajim JumlailBennajim Jumlail3 dagar sedan
  • i am glad i play kerbal space program ...

    kosmiquekosmique3 dagar sedan
  • Who can please tell me the name of the movie about the APOLLO mission, where the govt knew they were sending 2 Or 3 astronauts to the moon on a one way trip. While they were there, they found out Russian had been there, they found their skeletons in like a pit on the moon. One man had collected what he thought was moon rocks, but it ended up being some little creatures. Long story short, when the one astronaut put his suit and helmet on the thing just started to tear his face to shreds. Then there was another, I kinda forget this part, but somehow they got separated, . Or maybe one was in the Russian spacecraft and they had been keeping I'm contact with the base right, so when it was time to come home, whatever had happened to the one astronaut with these creatures tearing him up, the command center told this one healthy guy to come home without the other guy, to leave him out there in space.I forgot if he listened, but he realized that they were already anticipating this being a one way trip. Oh, their vessel or capsule, whatever it's called, needed repair... The end is, the command center had already planned what the story would be to tell their loved ones black home. I only saw it once and have been searching for it ever since. So whichever APOLLO MISSION that was a fail, 11, 13, 15, 17, etc... That's the one the movie was about.

    Ms Yvette JacksonMs Yvette Jackson3 dagar sedan
  • Totally amazing that they ever made it back

    BaileyBailey3 dagar sedan
  • Thank God they came back to their families and to us.

    Maria LimaMaria Lima3 dagar sedan
  • This is only half the truth, what actually happened.... What was on news was what they wanted people to know not the truth... So truth please lmao NOT

    Teeter totterTeeter totter4 dagar sedan
  • You did a great job putting this together.

    zLegends PvpzLegends Pvp4 dagar sedan
  • How did he get back to Earth in time when there’s no oxygen???

    Cat TimCat Tim4 dagar sedan
  • That daughter looked like the mom from home alone

  • Video just started and I already need a Xanax..

    ChefMontieChefMontie5 dagar sedan
  • I had just walked into my doctors office when the receptionist opened the window and announced that the astronauts were safe. Everyone cheered

    Jan BlackmanJan Blackman5 dagar sedan
  • Who’s among us hmmm tell me please lol jkjk

    Jacob MosesJacob Moses5 dagar sedan
  • Prayer changes things 🙏

    AngelaAngela5 dagar sedan
  • Yeah yeah yeah

    HOT GRABBAHOT GRABBA6 dagar sedan
  • Serbian Apollo 7 saved Apollo 11.

    Бојан БјелићБојан Бјелић6 dagar sedan
  • This was a impossible and near deathtrap but with the most coolest line "houston, we have a problem "

    Senindu FernandoSenindu Fernando6 dagar sedan
  • Can’t be lost in space if they never been to space in the first place bruh

    //// AMG//// AMG6 dagar sedan
  • 👽👽👽whe take good care off them no worry they get not old🙌🙏✌

    Roy van BeusekomRoy van Beusekom6 dagar sedan
  • Not only should they stop stealing they should stop lying United States is fake they never went to the Moon.

    Wanda HallWanda Hall6 dagar sedan
    • blah... you guys overestimate orbital mechanics. its very easy to get to the moon, all the calculating, coordinating and math aside. faking a landing in the 60s would have been a bigger challenge.

      kosmiquekosmique3 dagar sedan
  • Tears rolling on me

    Bakamps Denis AmootiBakamps Denis Amooti6 dagar sedan
  • So 200k away from earth with limited oxygen Duck tape ?

    Go TimeGo Time6 dagar sedan
  • there is ufo sighting at 16:30 , did an one notice, i thought its satellite but one zoom in with full speed

    Devkanth GmDevkanth Gm7 dagar sedan
  • So then they weren't actually lost in space. 🤨

    Tracy MarshTracy Marsh7 dagar sedan
  • OH MY GAWD!!!

    Rance GoRance Go7 dagar sedan
  • This is amazing! God will always come through for his people.

    Joy UsmanJoy Usman7 dagar sedan
    • u right joy Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,

      Jim BobbyJim Bobby3 dagar sedan
  • "houston, we have a problem" I always wondered what is the real story behind these words. Better late than never.. Thanks

    abiri abdullahabiri abdullah7 dagar sedan
  • The Computer System wasn’t Microsoft , even though amazing Technology, how did they manage such missions?

  • Gosh your going to keep the lies of the moon walk going? Well ok. Have at it....

    Fatherswrath roostertailFatherswrath roostertail8 dagar sedan
  • White people are amazing

    ☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤8 dagar sedan
  • I am surprised that you got the quote wrong. It was “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

    KnowItAllKnowItAll8 dagar sedan
  • how is the firmament? The truth is coming boys to send you 33 levels under

    Velin SimeonovVelin Simeonov8 dagar sedan
  • everybody think yuri gagarin is first man in space but it's part of the truth, while he is first to go and successfully land from space, there been others who died there but ussr hidden those facts....

    1sonyzz1sonyzz8 dagar sedan
  • What happend to th three lost men in space

    eileen lockeeileen locke8 dagar sedan
  • Failure is not an option. 👍

    Aneesh ChowdhuryAneesh Chowdhury8 dagar sedan
  • He wasn't exposed to measles

    Aneesh ChowdhuryAneesh Chowdhury8 dagar sedan
  • lol you couldn't modify the oxygen tank yet you want us to believe you want to the moon I mean

    american runs the cover for wahhabisamerican runs the cover for wahhabis8 dagar sedan
  • I didn't see this one live but I did see the Challenger explosion in 1986. I'll never forget that day. Nobody quite understood what was going on when it happened but the whole world it seemed stood still all at once and people were awestruck like "how could this happen" after all the safeguards we have in place now? It takes a lot of guts to be an astronaut.

    JustinTimeJustinTime8 dagar sedan
  • Can you start accepting donations via mintme with your own coin?

    David GonzalezDavid Gonzalez8 dagar sedan
  • This people were lost around the corner.

    Leandro ZunigaLeandro Zuniga9 dagar sedan
  • And here i am writing 3 square as 6.

    Vishal JoyVishal Joy9 dagar sedan
  • The coldwar era was the most innovative era for technology.

    JoeJoe9 dagar sedan
  • Humanity is one of the most amazing thing. Seeing people come together, the signs "Apollo 13", their hats taken off when prayers were said- such a powerful event in History

    Daffni KharkongorDaffni Kharkongor9 dagar sedan
    • they only believe in God when they about to sink

      american runs the cover for wahhabisamerican runs the cover for wahhabis8 dagar sedan
  • *oh no*

    helphelp9 dagar sedan
  • it must be crazy coming back from walking on the Moon to Earth and looking up at the Moon one night and thinking to yourself.. "ive walked on that"

    serKoserKo9 dagar sedan
    • didn't walk on moon idiots you couldn't modify the oxygen tank

      american runs the cover for wahhabisamerican runs the cover for wahhabis8 dagar sedan
  • NASA needs those people who calculate faster than the calculator

    JoshJosh9 dagar sedan
  • Poor dog

    angel mammaangel mamma9 dagar sedan
  • Speechless, the entire episode, and suddenly blasted with joy at the end, the joy that might have surfaced on the faces of their loved ones !!!

    Mohammad Aamir AbbasiMohammad Aamir Abbasi9 dagar sedan
  • Another Fake story by NASA, to make believe their early mission were successful

    Logical JyaniLogical Jyani9 dagar sedan
    • just because you dont understand how things in space work.

      kosmiquekosmique3 dagar sedan
  • Ive waited for 'Aerosmith-i dont wanna miss a thang' music in the background

    m mmhm mmh9 dagar sedan
  • Amazing

    Johnny D PsalmistJohnny D Psalmist9 dagar sedan
  • I got three words for you: NEVER GIVE UP!!!

    Mega lolMega lol9 dagar sedan
  • Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

    WillWill9 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: Neil A. backwards is Alien

    BaporateBaporate10 dagar sedan
  • You got me hooked bro

    Frostedflakes24Frostedflakes2410 dagar sedan
  • Who told them to go there .

    Rabbit EarsRabbit Ears10 dagar sedan
  • Crew members fail to land on the moon but they successfully bring back safely the crew members *"Mission failed successfully"*

    John Carl CrisostomoJohn Carl Crisostomo10 dagar sedan
  • That's why they send not Dumbass in Space 😁

    Homer's not HomeHomer's not Home10 dagar sedan
  • Boy i remember that. Was 10 yrs old. Remember praying for them to come back home. 13 is not a good number!!! At least for space ships. Magnificent America ingenuity. God bless em!

    Madeline CesnaliseMadeline Cesnalise10 dagar sedan
  • I am glad they made it back, I could not imagine the tension and the fair of crew. Pray really work, when the whole world is asking god for your safety then mirracle could happen.

    MZ TVMZ TV10 dagar sedan
  • “Imagine the scale of the disaster” comparably if a couple of astronauts are lost that’s still a very small scale event. You should broaden your horizon and look up some of the gruesome murders, mass murders, and mass suicides that are recorded online on a frequent basis.

    Johnny SixJohnny Six10 dagar sedan
  • “Don’t be sad because it happened, be happy because it’s over”

    AmericaballAmericaball10 dagar sedan
    • @V99 oh 😂

      AmericaballAmericaball7 dagar sedan
    • @Americaball no im not correcting but that makes more sense for the video xD

      V99V997 dagar sedan
    • @V99 I just now realized I put it backwards thanks for correcting me 🤣

      AmericaballAmericaball7 dagar sedan
    • More like the opposite, "Don't be sad because it happened, be happy because it's over"

      V99V997 dagar sedan
  • Sad to go through the video and reliving the tragic incident. It appears venturing in space was a major objective of NASA, than the robust and tested system in-built, before crew were being sent out. An open risk taking attitude, ignoring the facts of risks. The launch of projects would got delayed a lot, but confidence, reliability and robust & properly integrated systems would be ensured; I think. Still, many regards to the teams.

    Vivek GuptaVivek Gupta11 dagar sedan
  • The three African American ladies who did the actual calculations were completely omitted from this documentary! Thanks dear black people for saving us once again we love you!🥰

    Tamara LopezTamara Lopez11 dagar sedan
  • Amazing! This is a beautiful example of humanity.

    mean hemean he11 dagar sedan
  • Well...13 is an unlucky number after all.

    DJPJDJPJ11 dagar sedan
  • All Glory goes to You Jesus!! Thank you for bring these men home safely!!💕🌹🙏🏾

    The Golden Beauty's LifeThe Golden Beauty's Life11 dagar sedan
    • @chronblaze omfg stfu

      Christine DiorChristine Dior2 dagar sedan
    • Jesus is my favorite engineer.

      chronblazechronblaze9 dagar sedan
  • I think Apollo 13 mission was never to land on the moon... 😉

    The KoopaThe Koopa11 dagar sedan
    • Ponzi scheme

      Alexandru RusuAlexandru Rusu11 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: the original line was "Houston, we've had a problem" but Hollywood modified it to "Houston, we have a problem", because it sounded better

    SacrosauntSacrosaunt11 dagar sedan
    • So they made it sound more negative lol

      Invader JetInvader Jet5 dagar sedan

    Rareangel21 RomualdezRareangel21 Romualdez11 dagar sedan
  • Imagine having to “line up earth” through your side window and hope you got it right

    The OThe O11 dagar sedan
  • Think about it. We went from animal powered transportation to space flights in less than an average human lifetime! I wonder how many of those calculations on the ground were being done with slide rules? (I think I just gave away my age, LOL)

    Robert HermensRobert Hermens12 dagar sedan