PRETTIEST TARANTULA gets a spacious house!

23 nov 2020
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  • Where did you get that t-shirt? It looks super rad

    Casey MarieCasey Marie3 dagar sedan
  • I live in Atlanta, GA, USA and we have a Lidl down the street! Damn, the prices were insane at their grand opening!

    R34NismoGTRR34NismoGTR3 dagar sedan
  • Actually, here in America I have a LIDL opening near me! ;)

    TheCinemaphobicTheCinemaphobicMånad sedan
  • Rasputin: He Rootin He Tootin But most importantly: He Hissin

    mehmehMånad sedan
  • Best intro to date

    free worldfree worldMånad sedan
  • Canadian powerviolence band Endless Blockade had a song that's about Rasputin.

    wrarmateiwrarmateiMånad sedan
  • Raspoutiny's!

    SkaatjeSkaatjeMånad sedan
  • Rasputin is a funny name :) I am from fFrance and we have Lidle here too haha

    SophieSophieMånad sedan
  • Damn! Houdini would have been awesome. But Rasputin is cool, tho.

    BlechfaustBlechfaustMånad sedan
  • Hey where did u get the plastic enclosure the ones that u cleaned out

    Alex OsborneAlex OsborneMånad sedan
  • Rasputin, the luckiest roach in dark den history!

    MaJeStYMaJeStYMånad sedan
  • Hey i just wanted to ask where u r from because im living next to lidl and u know this so yeah i just want to know

    VitoTrinktCayVitoTrinktCayMånad sedan
  • 0:59, what happened to its little head?

    Gillian DayGillian DayMånad sedan
  • Not expected that i'll see a lidl bag in a not german Video 😄

    RaixcaseRaixcaseMånad sedan
  • When I dispose of substrate i bag it and put it in my freezer for a week. It’ll kill anything alive in it so non native species can’t get out.

    Buddha23FettBuddha23FettMånad sedan
  • I didn't realize how easy a spiderling could escape an enclosure. Last week I got a metallic pink toe tarantula and the next day I thought it was just hiding. Well today I found it traveling on my ceiling 😂

    Morgan NowickiMorgan NowickiMånad sedan
  • She is just shy, you keep staring at her 5:40

    HohanHohanMånad sedan
  • Great video dude ...we have been watching you since the first season on your couch and love your content !

    Rocky Mountain Spider FreaksRocky Mountain Spider FreaksMånad sedan
  • We have Lidl in the UK

    Louisa YatesLouisa YatesMånad sedan
  • 2:11 You know you'll have to name the girlfriend Alexandra :p (Alexandra Feodorovna was the Empress of Russia who ended up being murdered alongside Rasputin because they were having an affair)

    Dutch BladesDutch BladesMånad sedan
  • You should listen to Rasputin by Turisas. It’s an awesome metal cover.

    Mirco The Lone WolfMirco The Lone WolfMånad sedan
  • Although I'm disappointed he didn't get the name I picked (Zipp), I love the name Rasputin just as much.

    Amanda JonesAmanda JonesMånad sedan
  • Ah Rasputin. THE OG celebrity of Russian 'Hollywood' of the day😎 Living large off other people's money, getting high, bedding everyone, & leaving a trail Master Class drama n his wake. 🤩👍 I wonder who we could accurately compare him to these days...?🤔 Andy Warhol is close but doesn't quite fit...

    Anime AuntyAnime AuntyMånad sedan
  • Petko, it's very obvious that u r so very happy!😁 U almost always r. That's prolly why we all love watching u so much ❤️😍

    Anime AuntyAnime AuntyMånad sedan
  • LIDL is awesome.. we have them stores in Northern Ireland too 😁 they sell real nice German beer

    Luke PaxtonLuke PaxtonMånad sedan
  • I don't like the Lidl in Germany. They just don't have any tasty Energy drinks. That's nasty.

    SternradioSternradioMånad sedan
  • Wow the purple with the metallic looking carapace is gorgeous! *u*

    BlakKatBlakKatMånad sedan
  • LIDL is so popular all over Europe, amazing stores and I'm so surprised to see Americans in the comments saying they have LIDL there too, that's sick! and great video, I love the colours on this tarantula so much. What is his name?

    DaniDaniMånad sedan
  • Yeah dude we have lidle in Scotland too, some people pronounce it lie-dle. What a fantastic colour! Loving the purple tarantulas!!

    Dah G ManDah G ManMånad sedan
  • Hisscape ahaahahah thats the pun!

    Pedro IsidoroPedro IsidoroMånad sedan
  • *R A S P U T I N*

    MermaidBoyzMermaidBoyzMånad sedan
  • Should make a obstacle course for Rasputin. Also, did you not put the sign back in?

    Brittany W.Brittany W.Månad sedan
  • Lidl is a german Store that‘s kinda everywhere around the world xD There are also a couple of them in my hometown in poland :D

    PolenboyPolenboyMånad sedan
  • Speak indonesia

    Adia SaputraAdia SaputraMånad sedan
  • Please speak indonesia please

    Adia SaputraAdia SaputraMånad sedan
  • I don't know who that person is you named that Roach after but I think it's a good name if I do say so myself

    David AdamsDavid AdamsMånad sedan
  • A purple spooder is definitely something I need...

    Spider PickleSpider PickleMånad sedan
  • Anyone know where I can get a black velvet spider in the US? I’m in love 🕷

    Andrea RayeAndrea RayeMånad sedan
  • Hey I loved your videos, you’ve got me into tarantulas and I used to be an arachnophobe! Now I have 11 and looking to add more. Your videos are really entertaining keep making them!

    faithfulfairy1faithfulfairy1Månad sedan
  • I think it's funny when he swears because I dont expect it to happen it comes out from no were lol

    Matthew WalkerMatthew WalkerMånad sedan
  • Beautiful male, I hope to see him in feeding video 🙂

    ExoticboiiiExoticboiiiMånad sedan
  • I’m from the UK and we all love Lidl 🤣🤣

    Shay The VeganShay The VeganMånad sedan
  • We have Lidel. In SC, it's 10 minutes from my home.

    Love LifeLove LifeMånad sedan
  • Lmao when it switched to russian national anthem 😂

    Reda AcheacheReda AcheacheMånad sedan
  • Lidle is in America as well

    AmpedFrequencyAmpedFrequencyMånad sedan
  • You get me everytime with your VERY NICE, even the little ones

    Grant IversGrant IversMånad sedan
  • Taking in consideration all the out-comes of the poll: Raspuodini? Rasputin the Roachdini. Is it getting out of hand orrrr...?

    TheKyoubiTheKyoubiMånad sedan
  • Any arachnophobic ever : The dark den : "tarantula are so small"

    Gilles SulaimanGilles SulaimanMånad sedan
  • Lidl is Finlands cheapest foodmarket

  • may i ask if you would like to do a Day in the life video! or some kind of start to finish routine at the dark den? Curious to see what kind of rutines you have to keep an eye on so many creatures.

    DritogfaenskapDritogfaenskapMånad sedan
  • Greetings from Australia! Recently saw your channel pop up through an Arcadia post about felix's setup. I love using Arcadia products for my Rankinia Diemensis (Mountain Dragon) enclosure. Watched a couple of videos & loved the content. Great personality & very entertaining! Have subbed & donated on Patreon. Say hi to Felix & Despacito from the land down under. Nastavite s dobrim radom, budite sigurni i nadam se da će ostatak nove Dark Dark gradnje ići prema planu. Zasad izgleda sjajno!

    Ozbud GamingOzbud GamingMånad sedan
  • Us brits recognise lidl too

    Moses JonsonMoses JonsonMånad sedan
  • You dont put back "go away" board

    eReSWueSKaeReSWueSKaMånad sedan
  • Best species 😍🔥

    Denrick BDenrick BMånad sedan
  • Aww you saved Rasputin. Cute.

    MusisticsMusisticsMånad sedan
  • He is sooo handsome.. moody, but good-looking! (I wood be moody too if I was poked with a straw) ❤️

    Gail WagnerGail WagnerMånad sedan
  • We also have lidl in spain!!

    電磁アンドロメダ電磁アンドロメダMånad sedan
  • how is the linothele megatheloides going?

    Iam AusIam AusMånad sedan
  • we also have lidl in belgium ;)

    Deeke StonareDeeke StonareMånad sedan
  • Now I have Ra Ra Rasputin stuck in my head. I think I like it. I'm in the US and when I need a smile, I come to the Dark Den. Thank you for brightening up my life.

    Princess Sparkle of the ResistancePrincess Sparkle of the ResistanceMånad sedan
  • Maybe a FEW girlfriends...Rasputin was said to be a sex fiend!

    Gloria DossettGloria DossettMånad sedan
  • ❤️❤️ love from south africa ❤️❤️

    Patrick LombardPatrick LombardMånad sedan
  • Slow motion bolt compilation

    ya girlya girlMånad sedan
  • You are my main reason for now being a new Tarantula keeper! Your videos are great. Keep them up

    S AS AMånad sedan
  • Lidl, Aldi one did make it to merica i think

    Steve O ́tooSteve O ́tooMånad sedan
  • It's pronounced "RaspUtin" in russian :) Good choice!

    Laila VegnerLaila VegnerMånad sedan
  • We have Lidl and Aldi here in England and love them 🥳 excellent food and cheap prices 👍🏻😎

    Wizziewife 450Wizziewife 450Månad sedan
  • That mf guna take over the world if he gets any bigger dam

    Rico JimenezRico JimenezMånad sedan
  • Beautiful tarantula

  • this maybe a dumb question but since im new to this spider thing and i need help. i have a giant salmon bird eating spider sling. it has a abdomen that pretty big i guess. i tried feeding it and it wont eat. and someone recommended to pre kill crickets, so can you tell me how to do that?

    Explicity21Explicity21Månad sedan
  • Im from hungary we have them too cool stores like the LIDL

    North AngelNorth AngelMånad sedan
  • Да ты все равно хорош в этом деле но у меня бомбит от Распутина

    North AngelNorth AngelMånad sedan
  • The roaches make me cringe 😬 though is that hissing a threat ?

    sharon patersonsharon patersonMånad sedan
  • What a stunning T wow 🤩

    sharon patersonsharon patersonMånad sedan
  • Roachy mcroachface

    Paul swabekPaul swabekMånad sedan
  • The "german" walmart exist un Belgium and in Italy ans France i think

    jerome sautoisjerome sautoisMånad sedan
    • And too bad i didn't proposed the roach's name, "Papa Roach" would have been funny too

      jerome sautoisjerome sautoisMånad sedan
  • That German store has several stores in The Netherlands too 😄

    Sunniva BSunniva BMånad sedan
  • Male tarantula is kinda sus and Petko is just doing tasks

    Matt PixelMatt PixelMånad sedan

    Matt PixelMatt PixelMånad sedan
  • I thoroughly appreciated "the instagram" commentary, sounded like how grandma talked about modern things

    KarroSweetyKarroSweetyMånad sedan
  • i live in the US and can confirm that at least where I live, there is a Lidl and Aldi here.

    ThomasTheZombieThomasTheZombieMånad sedan
  • I found funny how I LOVE tarantulas but I can't even see a roach cus my heart would stop, and that's the only reason I won't have a tarantula cus there's no way I would be able to feed them a roach D:

    Maria Dolores GuzmanMaria Dolores GuzmanMånad sedan
  • Two great names, you had to pick one. Great intro though, got a laugh outa me.

    Austin PoudretteAustin PoudretteMånad sedan
  • The US actually do have LIDL ;) It's actually one of the fastest growing retailers in the country

    TiGGowichTiGGowichMånad sedan
  • fun fact about LIDL in Italy: since it started selling shoes people went crazy bout them and started reselling at like 3000$, so stupid ahah. Food is rly good btw

    the Unicornsthe UnicornsMånad sedan
  • Title @ 8:00

    Daps R.Daps R.Månad sedan
  • I want some spiny asassin guys

    tomek paradowskitomek paradowskiMånad sedan
  • Us spaniards also know Lidl pretty well!

    135Pandemonium135PandemoniumMånad sedan
  • Buy a new bearded dragon 😁

    EksotikoEksotikoMånad sedan
  • We have also Lidl in Greece

    Konsiam _YTKonsiam _YTMånad sedan
  • RASPUTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verss NewVerss NewMånad sedan
  • It is funny you brought up LIDL. They just built one across the street from my house. I live on long island, N.Y. I did not know it was a German store. That is the most beautiful tarantula I have ever seen.

    Melissa MarieMelissa MarieMånad sedan
  • We have Lidl in Romania

    evildragon196evildragon196Månad sedan
  • Felix surely is one of the Dark Den's great succes stories. I remember how scared he was in the beginning. It's great to see how good your relationship has become.

    Niels HazeborgNiels HazeborgMånad sedan
  • Its purple. That's cool asf.

    Death by Pizza GamingDeath by Pizza GamingMånad sedan
  • And like baby Yoda, the tarantulas will be eating all of Rasputin's offspring!

    Jeff Vader_Head_Of_CateringJeff Vader_Head_Of_CateringMånad sedan
  • Anytime I hear the name Rasputin it always makes me think of Turisas's version of it. (great folk metal band)

    nosidda666nosidda666Månad sedan
  • No one: Petko: I need more of this escape artist roaches, lets do babys. :D

    Leutnant ObviousLeutnant ObviousMånad sedan
  • one more amazing video i would like update on despacito and video with scorpioons plz!!

    savvas svsavvas svMånad sedan
  • rasputin hard to kill😂😂