Feeding a City in Need

5 apr 2021
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THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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  • You’re amazing

    Min /\Min /\5 minuter sedan
  • Question to the 1.7k people who disliked. Why, this guy helped 28000 families

    Yousuf Omar ChoudhuryYousuf Omar Choudhury36 minuter sedan
  • This is what you call a radom comment where what you read isn’t what it is. For example: you didn’t realize that random didn’t have a n in it.

    Landon FrenchLandon French46 minuter sedan
  • Wot idk (I didn’t Know) This Was Here

    Стэнли КоэнСтэнли КоэнTimme sedan
  • I am going to actually watch the ad at the end of the video

    Juan FranciscoJuan FranciscoTimme sedan
  • How many channels do you have

    CARLA NeffCARLA NeffTimme sedan
  • Great to see SEworldrs giving back. Our son's dream is to reach 10,000 subscribers and someday maybe even reach 50,000! We admire your aspiration and courage to take on a completely new path in life. It was a great decision!

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  • jus doing my part for the algorithm

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  • Lit

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  • Yeah, Mr.Beast

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  • Commenting to boost !!

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  • Mister beast Lebanon needs lots of your help Edit : i meen jimmy ♥️

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  • Hey my dad works at lances some body put a can a nail like a metal one so be careful

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  • New channel wooo

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  • This is just great

    RohGamerRohGamer4 timmar sedan
  • This is the reason why I subscribed to mr beast

    RunaRuna4 timmar sedan
  • I just want to say Kudos to your mom. She raised great sons! You're generous to a fault and it's how I feel about my own kiddos. Never give up what you're doing for those around you. Blessings. P.S. I got my Mr. beast limited edition t-shirt today! I am very impressed with it. It's very roomy and comfy! ;-) Thank you, Jimmy and crew!!

    Linda EdwardsLinda Edwards4 timmar sedan
  • Wait when did you have this channel wth

    -Blacklist- BG-Blacklist- BG4 timmar sedan
    • Been here since 2020

      1h2 poink1h2 poinkTimme sedan
  • Awesome😊

    Hari MagarHari Magar4 timmar sedan
  • Hope you make some money off of my comments for those in need. Great work

    Stephen GarrisonStephen Garrison4 timmar sedan
  • He shaked his hands 9999999 times

    AL JUNUDSAL JUNUDS4 timmar sedan
  • This is the first time I feel good when watching ads on a SEworld video.

    That Rust kidThat Rust kid5 timmar sedan
  • I want to work there now 🥰🥰🥰

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  • Mrbest free for me pass the fortnite my name and fortnite is supergamenoob

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  • we all love u mrbeast and can you help are city is Oklahoma okmulgee

    trenton pigeontrenton pigeon6 timmar sedan
  • I’m the opposite you and I’ve escaped my cage and you better fear. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  • i subbed to every channel and good job..

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  • god may forgive the dislikes but i wont.

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  • The people who disliked it

    Süße DNASüße DNA7 timmar sedan
  • The only channel I'll whitelist

    Mirthful MellousMirthful Mellous7 timmar sedan
  • Who dislikes a wholesome video like this

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  • Mr beast after 10 years, let's feed the country in need

    Adi and Mahi ExperimentsAdi and Mahi Experiments7 timmar sedan
  • *hugs to everyone*

    RiyaRiya7 timmar sedan
  • I did suscribe through whole acnt from my family... I wanna win the $$$$

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  • You mean no longer Jimmy donaldson

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  • Hi

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  • Wow this is azming good job mr beast

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  • What this is not me best

    Lexi AridanoLexi Aridano7 timmar sedan
  • i didnt think i could respect you more

    tomatofrogtomatofrog8 timmar sedan
  • MrBeast: "Feeding a city in need" Everyone coming in their fancy cars: 👁👄👁

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  • soo many mrbeast Mrbeast Mrbeast reacts Mrbeast gaming Mrbeast philanthropy MrBeast 2 MrBeast shorts well heck theres even a MrBro

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  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    Gidy HidyGidy Hidy8 timmar sedan
  • we need *B E A N S*

    iiMattzukaiiMattzuka8 timmar sedan
  • If Mr. Beast is running for a position of government, no matter what side I will vote for him

    Ender PrinceEnder Prince8 timmar sedan
  • Mr. Beast (Jimmy), if you would like some help with your packaging needs(boxes tape etc.) Please reach out. We have nation distribution and I think we can help.

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  • Hey I want takis

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  • This is my favourite video ever

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  • *this is why jimmy is our king*

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  • To the people who disliked this. Why

    Phantom SlayerPhantom Slayer9 timmar sedan
  • I just dont understand the dislike, this man is giving people how needs food and that food . What have we doing wrong??

    iiAsh_xleyiiAsh_xley9 timmar sedan
  • It makes me smile seeing how far he’s come. I have never seen such a good hearted person like this before. Jimmy is truly an angel in disguise.

    Simon SmilesSimon Smiles10 timmar sedan
  • Mr beast You are a legend I wish I can meet you in person you are so caring keep it up man

    amjad muzaffaramjad muzaffar10 timmar sedan
  • This warms my heart and gives me hope

    Юное ДарованиеЮное Дарование10 timmar sedan
  • 3:30, why did it go from 29770 to 28000?!!

    the great methe great me10 timmar sedan
  • I wasn't skipping any ads even if the ad was 5 minutes and also why do people dislike his videos? He uses money for good and people dislike that video

    GamingtasticGamingtastic11 timmar sedan
  • o7

    CollColl11 timmar sedan
  • Great job Jimmy. Love from Bangladesh

    Ethan paulEthan paul11 timmar sedan
  • nice

    naveen Koshynaveen Koshy12 timmar sedan
  • Thx for food

  • yummy

    SifakSifak12 timmar sedan
  • i help people by just watching your vid. my day feels better :)

    リアルモダーリアルモダー12 timmar sedan
  • Amazing I love this and can’t wait to meet you one day !! I have the same goal to help everyone in need one day and slowly working up to it ! #INSPIRATIONAL!

    Jose GomezJose Gomez13 timmar sedan
  • 1:10. "Who the heck still reads newspapers?" - Beast Philantrophy 2021

    SM64 UltimateSM64 Ultimate13 timmar sedan
  • What a Nobel heart person

    Mehak FatimaMehak Fatima13 timmar sedan
  • Mr.Beast the best 💪❤️ I wish to be like this guy 🌎❤️

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  • The wrong people become millionaires/billionaires, they could learn a thing or 2 from Mr Beast.

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  • I wish I was in America

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  • You have a big heart bro💝💝 Keep up your Great Works😍😍

    Harriz GamingHarriz Gaming13 timmar sedan
  • dislikes are people that cancelled him on Twitter, cuz of "eat the rich" and "dont care about humanity", lmao try to say that on Jake Pao;

    GamingWithLanzGamingWithLanz14 timmar sedan
  • who wants to be mrbeast the mayor of raleigh???? or a governor of north carolina?????

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  • Mr beast is a good man😇

  • HELLO 😊

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  • save the world mr beast

    Rebecca DavisRebecca Davis14 timmar sedan
  • Lol he's just getting more money by making different chammels

  • Bro you have inspired me to donate every month I donate $100 worth of food thanks bill

    Brandon BerkelandBrandon Berkeland14 timmar sedan
  • This is wholesome and all. But some of those cars that were turning up, are not cheap to buy and run which makes me think some people were just taking advantage of the free food. Just pointing out.

    Random Mountain BikerRandom Mountain Biker15 timmar sedan
  • they have a Caaaaar (car), why are you giving them who Already have money, give it to local people or homeless peeps, just think about this brother

    Rohit BagadeRohit Bagade15 timmar sedan
  • I not like this vedio 20000 dollrs car that like it vedio

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  • thx for food

    Basheer sabeenaBasheer sabeena16 timmar sedan
  • I won't skip ads to this channel

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  • I hope comments give money! Beceause then i might spam!

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  • You don't know-how to drive a truck?

    Frank CastleFrank Castle16 timmar sedan
  • How many channels does Mr beast have. lol

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  • Mr beast could you please pay for our college for a better future💞💞😭

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  • God bless you for your good deeds

    ArnoldPinoy in CanadaArnoldPinoy in Canada17 timmar sedan
  • you are soo kind

    Rani ThomasRani Thomas17 timmar sedan
  • I need 5 million dollar. It is enough for me and my family for whole life.

    Tom TimeTom Time18 timmar sedan
  • “People in need” but they all have cars

    Robbe ChristiaensRobbe Christiaens18 timmar sedan
  • Yo

    Jessie MugishaJessie Mugisha18 timmar sedan

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  • Why do people dislike the video🤨

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  • He is the most generous guy in the world

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  • Mr, beast I mean

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  • Mr, beat thank you and you deserve 200k subscribers😃

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  • Props to you Jimmy!

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  • You are a Angel keep doing what you're doing and be safe

    MichaelFred CooperMichaelFred Cooper20 timmar sedan
    • And everyone reading this be safe

      MichaelFred CooperMichaelFred Cooper20 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for sharing your blessings to others. Appreciated

    alyana joy manlapazalyana joy manlapaz20 timmar sedan
  • How do you get that much money?

    Evelyn Angelica TangoEvelyn Angelica Tango21 timme sedan
    • Wholesome guy get more luck

      Lex1184 mineblox Gamer playerLex1184 mineblox Gamer player5 timmar sedan
  • The thing that is bigger than his wallet it’s his heart. Also someone give this man a Nobel peace prize. He DESERVES IT.

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