Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)

25 mar 2021
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Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)
#shorts #Minecraft
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  • You so cheated

    Chace HuffChace Huff10 minuter sedan
  • Dejen de estafar 😑😑😑 jaja🥱🥱

    Samiel Saravia CamachoSamiel Saravia Camacho19 minuter sedan
  • 발작왔냐?

    태정태세비욘세 • 12년 전ᅵ태정태세비욘세 • 12년 전ᅵ34 minuter sedan
  • Cap

    DamagedSoul BrokenHeartDamagedSoul BrokenHeart35 minuter sedan
  • As a geometry dash player, I can verify that that is Npesta

    TrøxyTrøxy47 minuter sedan
  • Npesta lol

    Dawxx そDawxx そ48 minuter sedan
  • Bro this dude looks like he gets no sleep at night and this is all he does

    Alex McnAlex Mcn52 minuter sedan
  • Its fake the dragon have more life in 4 hits he not die

    TheAbsa 21TheAbsa 2155 minuter sedan
  • Luck I mean

    Landon JenkinsLandon JenkinsTimme sedan
  • Never cringed more in my life

    CopiousCopiousTimme sedan

    Tadakitty 167Tadakitty 167Timme sedan
  • That was set up ENTIRLY

    Tadakitty 167Tadakitty 167Timme sedan
  • Don't think he has friends

    kUZi Vert HDkUZi Vert HDTimme sedan
  • Why he hype it was planned by someone

    Evan ElliottEvan ElliottTimme sedan
  • Fake

    ThaDarkWolfThaDarkWolfTimme sedan
  • Fake nieprawdziwe

    Oskar MajstrakOskar MajstrakTimme sedan
  • Bruh😞

    Tony RochaTony RochaTimme sedan
  • Bullshitting

    Rauta RuusuRauta RuusuTimme sedan
  • Dude this is what a slow death looks like, in very bad need of food and exercise

    Info WarriorInfo WarriorTimme sedan
  • Well that is time from my life I will not get back.

    grahamgraham2 timmar sedan
  • Cheated I noticed that you clip it right when the creeper exploded.

    VirtualGamingVirtualGaming2 timmar sedan
  • So rEal

    Yuv_sxinghYuv_sxingh2 timmar sedan
  • Jesus what's the world coming too 😂

    Cryllan GamingCryllan Gaming2 timmar sedan
  • I dont beleve it

    kaya veningakaya veninga2 timmar sedan
  • Schlechterer fack ever. *face_palm*

    INTHIENDINTHIEND2 timmar sedan
  • Eeeeeeeee mec faut calmer sur les dose la 😰

    abonne toi à oce_na rogaabonne toi à oce_na roga2 timmar sedan
  • My brother’s playing geometry dash too 💀💀

    Nazik SayedNazik Sayed2 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    sonic&shadow tvsonic&shadow tv2 timmar sedan
  • Lucky bro

    Kayden CainKayden Cain2 timmar sedan
  • 2 shots an ended dragon 😂

    Time ItselfTime Itself2 timmar sedan
  • This is the most abnoxious thing I have ever seen

    Trimzy FNTrimzy FN2 timmar sedan
  • Definitely not staged

    derek cderek c3 timmar sedan
  • Shroud?

    musabeendrillmusabeendrill3 timmar sedan
  • Faked

    Handicapped GTHandicapped GT3 timmar sedan
  • Fake The Ender Dragon Is On Low Hp How's The Possible

    Secretknight592Secretknight5923 timmar sedan
  • That's a weird kid...

    Kálmán TamásKálmán Tamás3 timmar sedan
  • Pov: you turn women gay

    Talking SeacowTalking Seacow3 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    logique mystiquelogique mystique4 timmar sedan
  • OMG

    Karlo AbramovicKarlo Abramovic4 timmar sedan
  • Had to unsub for this smh never seen somebody so excited to play such foolish games

    GoingKrazy TvGoingKrazy Tv4 timmar sedan
  • .... this is interesting to say the very least

    Giovanni EgidioGiovanni Egidio5 timmar sedan
  • Poor npesta

    Experiment FantasyExperiment Fantasy5 timmar sedan
  • mais fake do que minha nmrd kkkk

    KamiBuugadoKamiBuugado5 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    waterhousewaterhouse5 timmar sedan
  • La mayor trampa que e visto

    Edxavier De leónEdxavier De león5 timmar sedan
  • Now u guys know npesta is the best speedrunner

    RefazenRefazen5 timmar sedan
  • that looks way too fake bro, a portal tô The end completed???? and a ender Pearl at The spawning spot??? come One that was planned on creative!!! fake idiot!

    biker boyzbiker boyz5 timmar sedan
  • Fakeeeeee

    Artur jogos e GameplaysArtur jogos e Gameplays5 timmar sedan
  • Kiddo needs sunlight my god

    Bryson McCulleyBryson McCulley5 timmar sedan
  • you can see its fake but good vid😁

    p_ supernovap_ supernova6 timmar sedan
  • Ow 😣 owwww I’ve been stung by a wasp 🐝 I’ve been stung by a wasp 🐝😂😂😂😂

    Dalton BrownDalton Brown6 timmar sedan
  • Mclovin?

    Alexis Roberto San Juan RamosAlexis Roberto San Juan Ramos6 timmar sedan
  • Npesta plays Minecraft?

    joecrafter05joecrafter056 timmar sedan
  • This is faked

    Oscar PykeOscar Pyke6 timmar sedan
  • Ses se que l'ont appele la trizomi 21 mdr avec sa geulle 😂😂🤣

    l'incunu chutl'incunu chut6 timmar sedan
  • Ja nie moge 🤣🤣🤣

    PlaxiPlaxi7 timmar sedan
  • So he knew exactly where to go, somehow the dragon just stayed there and took like 4 hits and died, the wonder portal was right where the creeper blew up... gtfo

    Brian AllenBrian Allen7 timmar sedan
  • Nice fake clip 😂

    Cthulhu RedfoxCthulhu Redfox7 timmar sedan
  • And your proud of that its minecraft get over it

    Dead on Arrival GamingDead on Arrival Gaming7 timmar sedan
  • We all know that's nepsta right

    Toroihi PhillipsToroihi Phillips7 timmar sedan
  • Wtf hes crazy like fuck really its just a game

    Jaco RootmanJaco Rootman7 timmar sedan
  • Tai

    Isaka ArdiIsaka Ardi7 timmar sedan
  • How did the ender dragon lose all of it's health?

    Gunner LandryGunner Landry7 timmar sedan

    Mr. MeeseeksMr. Meeseeks8 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    James SturdivantJames Sturdivant8 timmar sedan
  • This is terrible, there just happens to be a revene to the end portal then goes to the end to find an enderpearl and the Enderdragon three hits away from death, totally not planned.

    Dark Saint514Dark Saint5148 timmar sedan
  • Fake veryyyyyyyyy fake

    Klein GAMINGKlein GAMING8 timmar sedan
  • It's not hard to know that that's fake. He knows exactly where Stronghold is, the portal already with the eyes of ender and have an enderpeal dropped when he arrives at The End

    _Black Levi__Black Levi_8 timmar sedan
  • 😐😐😐

    Super NegativeSuper Negative8 timmar sedan
  • This is super fake.

    Aaron ClemetsenAaron Clemetsen8 timmar sedan
  • WOW Knobelboy: Minecraft runer

    DannyGDDannyGD8 timmar sedan
  • This is so real,definitely not a scam or replay

    Mr. War RobotsMr. War Robots8 timmar sedan
  • And at the and calm fucking humming bird

    Snack for 2Snack for 28 timmar sedan
  • Wtf are you doing you just plan all of it (I'm not dumb)

    Snack for 2Snack for 28 timmar sedan
  • WTF off

    Mohammed ASHARFMohammed ASHARF9 timmar sedan
  • What is happening

    Zoo BinBaccMZoo BinBaccM9 timmar sedan
  • Damm good job

    meilensteinermeilensteiner9 timmar sedan
  • False

    -ITSMO--ITSMO-9 timmar sedan
  • 100% u enter end the dragon = 1hp

    Olaf SnowmanOlaf Snowman9 timmar sedan
  • Strange game with even stranger gamers

    Smokin JesterSmokin Jester10 timmar sedan
  • Dream's speedrun in a nutshel

    Pablo Roman GrijalbpPablo Roman Grijalbp10 timmar sedan
  • Faked

    Marcus AliviooMarcus Alivioo10 timmar sedan
  • No one can beat dream

    Marcus AliviooMarcus Alivioo10 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    MarleX2020MarleX202010 timmar sedan
  • I think it’s fake because it’s extremely lucky for the end portal to have full eyes of ender

    Caden’s worlds funniest videos !Caden’s worlds funniest videos !10 timmar sedan
  • This ist the 19000th Comment

    Alex GAlex G10 timmar sedan
  • Shs

    Alex GAlex G10 timmar sedan
  • DD

    Alex GAlex G10 timmar sedan
  • That's really fake ya know that right

    Denise GradDenise Grad10 timmar sedan

    Denise GradDenise Grad10 timmar sedan
  • FAKE

    Satu LindforsSatu Lindfors10 timmar sedan
  • Ah yes we all love finding creepers that blow the entrance to the strong hold a finding that minecraft made the portal for us and the ender dragons health is at 1% that's how we play minecraft ah yes

    Axolile NyangiweAxolile Nyangiwe10 timmar sedan
  • Can you please stop making memes with npesta? He made a video talking About it and it makes him upset that so many People make fun of him

    FolkloreFolklore10 timmar sedan
  • Freak.

    Ralf NellesRalf Nelles10 timmar sedan
  • Fake

    Aapo KoivikkoAapo Koivikko11 timmar sedan
  • Fake speedruners be like

    The Glizzy plantThe Glizzy plant11 timmar sedan
  • Omg Congratulations

    Lily DeMarchiLily DeMarchi11 timmar sedan
  • But how is there already a damaged Enders rag on and a ender pearl in the end? Edit: It’s a multiplayer server

    ThePixelatedHashtagThePixelatedHashtag11 timmar sedan
  • О повезло повезло...... Эээ не понела😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Каааааакк такк

    МАКСИМ ТОПМАКСИМ ТОП11 timmar sedan
  • I love the way he over reacted

    Kim AugustKim August11 timmar sedan