Among Us but I make friends with random players

18 okt 2020
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Among Us has so many opportunities for friendship!
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    Efkan Demir ErenEfkan Demir Eren51 minut sedan
  • Kevin: what's the friendliest name. Click on "super man" instead of "ami" witch literally means friends in French

    SNILLOC NCSNILLOC NC3 timmar sedan
  • "whats the other impostor doing, venting in front of people? i always get idiot impostors with me" but u literally just... yknow what, nevermind

    ahmed َahmed َ4 timmar sedan
  • 5:14 orange was at a 2 part task, if you didnt see them do the other part first since I think you can do the align in any order, then the task not filling doesnt mean anything

    Night OrcidNight Orcid13 timmar sedan
  • the smashmouth version has a solid two minutes of them saying nothing but why cant we be friends

    Mick HowardMick Howard2 dagar sedan
  • I actually love Turk he’s adorable! Like a loyal puppy or a very close childhood friend

    Chiara BestChiara Best2 dagar sedan
  • for the love of god, PLEASE if youre 14 and under don’t play this game

    ozone722ozone7223 dagar sedan
  • Green is a real one.

    Uzi's DadUzi's Dad4 dagar sedan
  • The best part is when he voted out his friend red cuz he thought he betrayed the alliance :red was not an impostor😂

    Kristen K.Kristen K.5 dagar sedan
  • I learned everything I do in Among Us from Kevin and I’m a proud and honored student :’)

    ChIcozyChIcozy5 dagar sedan
  • Always remember! The difference between Turg and Türk is only in spelling but not in their spirit.

    Bogdan LinBogdan Lin5 dagar sedan
  • Red started as Kevin’s best friend. He ended it as he arch enemy

    Salutations YT!Salutations YT!5 dagar sedan
  • Kevin looks baked lmao

    MuhskiiMuhskii6 dagar sedan
  • this is like the lovers in werewolf, but self chosen and consistent, lol

    Michy MeowMichy Meow6 dagar sedan
  • power of friendship 😁

    Utopss AKA PJUtopss AKA PJ6 dagar sedan
  • 1:52 0 imposters what a bug 😆🤣

    Utopss AKA PJUtopss AKA PJ6 dagar sedan
  • green is a ride together die together kind of friend

    中山清美中山清美6 dagar sedan
  • This is literally every episode just Kevin making friends

    Michael CorsentinoMichael Corsentino7 dagar sedan
  • Jeg elsker innholdet til Kevin, han er en stor hjernejævla psykopat, det er det som gjør innholdet hans bra

    Reacting, Talking, GamerReacting, Talking, Gamer7 dagar sedan
  • "What if Kevin WANTED to make friends?" Well.....

    ZehanZehan7 dagar sedan
  • Basically every call me Kevin video EVER

    Taco girl Yaaas QueenTaco girl Yaaas Queen8 dagar sedan
  • What is the name of the video he did where he made friends with someone and killed in front of him and the person didnt say anything

    The Floof NoodleThe Floof Noodle8 dagar sedan
    • Wait nvm it's this video

      The Floof NoodleThe Floof Noodle8 dagar sedan
  • 1:53 it says 0 imposters remain but the game continues

    Rebecca Heinberg PyRebecca Heinberg Py9 dagar sedan
    • Yeah I noticed that happens sometimes when I play the game idk why it happens tho

      Vysnavi VijayakulasingamVysnavi Vijayakulasingam7 dagar sedan
  • Green, I would like to remove lime please.

    MrManGodMrManGod10 dagar sedan
  • 6:00 💀

    EriEri10 dagar sedan
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Ahhhh, Kevin!!! You're a fucking genius!!!

    Sam MaloneySam Maloney11 dagar sedan
  • 7:53 just like in among us but it’s a reality show

    Jack StriderrJack Striderr11 dagar sedan
  • Green is the most loyal friend anyone can have

    Carson LyonsCarson Lyons12 dagar sedan
  • Kevin needs to make an Insta just for adding his Among Us friends, so they’ll never get lost again. PeePeePooPoo we’ll remember you

    Bree HarrisBree Harris12 dagar sedan
  • 10:04 türk varmi- we are kill together; this is so freaking cute😩.... i mean wow man I’m jealous i can never have that😭❤️❤️❤️

    Jasica SarkarJasica Sarkar12 dagar sedan
  • The cult of kevo

    Jay HollerJay Holler13 dagar sedan
  • I’m doing this in many games now😂

    10Meisterbaelle10Meisterbaelle13 dagar sedan
  • I wish I played with people like this lol :(

    Mister RubbernoseMister Rubbernose14 dagar sedan
  • In turkish türk varmi means is there a turk so learn turkish and he will like you more

    World Of Tanks BlitzWorld Of Tanks Blitz14 dagar sedan
  • Psshhhh Psshh Psshhh!

    EziosBladezEziosBladez14 dagar sedan
  • Ghosts can do tasks, you know that right. And they fill the task bar, you know that right

    Not A SpyNot A Spy15 dagar sedan
  • Whit the combination of what and shit😂😂😂

    Sith StalkerSith Stalker15 dagar sedan
  • He kinda does s all the tine 😂🥳

    Kreative KloeyKreative Kloey15 dagar sedan
  • Something so disturbingly cute about Kevin killing someone and just running off with Green who just watched him do it. Sometimes I so want to meet the people he ends up bonding with.

    SabrinaSabrina16 dagar sedan
  • Laughed so hard. That was great!

    Liza PortLiza Port16 dagar sedan
  • 8:36

    -Kappi--Kappi-16 dagar sedan
  • 1:10

    -Kappi--Kappi-16 dagar sedan
  • 8:16

    gamingbobafett 07gamingbobafett 0716 dagar sedan
  • When I tried this they banned me every time and voted me out for ‘venting’

    Pumpkin BrunchPumpkin Brunch16 dagar sedan
  • I strive to be like Our Lord Kevin in public lobbies

    bean boybean boy16 dagar sedan
  • Turk saying "we are kill together" was so wholesome

    Brittnayy DBrittnayy D17 dagar sedan
  • 4:26 I DIEDDDD

    dogbrodudedogbrodude17 dagar sedan
  • Funny who I make friends easily when my name is Deku

    Utia BootinskayaUtia Bootinskaya18 dagar sedan
  • Notice how lots of his friendships started with murdering/being murdered by their future friends. Like Turk varmi killed him and yet they became besties

    LaurenLauren18 dagar sedan
  • Where can I find the type of players kevin gets to play with in any random lobbies he goes to, must be nice. All I get are the aggressive crewmates with 0 interactions lol

    Anthoria voiceAnthoria voice19 dagar sedan
  • Be it green or whatever we still miss pepe popo

    Stan KPOP and get a lifeStan KPOP and get a life20 dagar sedan
  • I made 2 great friends, angel and DORA. Angel was white with a halo and a mini crewmate and DORA was orange. But then I disconnected from the game as DORA was about to give us their TikTok.

    BananaBanana20 dagar sedan
  • I ship Kevin and whoever green was in among us

    Kirb SmithKirb Smith21 dag sedan
  • 12:24 its my friend in blue

    SUYASH 10-BSUYASH 10-B21 dag sedan
  • I came back to this video bc I just finished a few rounds where I found a friend. We would follow each other everywhere, vent in front of each other to inform the other right away, so we knew what we were from the beginning. And we would protect each other and help the other win no matter what. Pepe made me really happy today. Shout out to Pepe

    Bruna SilvaBruna Silva22 dagar sedan
  • türk varmi is a great person

    RantsandRamblesRantsandRambles22 dagar sedan
  • 11:59 [Cackles In Maniupulaton] haha!

    Dear-RhiannonDear-Rhiannon23 dagar sedan
  • Do the complete opposite, so instead of making friends, make enemies.

    ass gumass gum23 dagar sedan
  • among us but you dont do or say anything the entire game

    Katie TuggleKatie Tuggle23 dagar sedan
  • Please play 📌GRANNY and make a video of it😆

    Nuthi RingaNuthi Ringa23 dagar sedan
  • Pepe popo:U made a good friend Kevin:umm okay kevins mind:I miss you pepe popo

    Daphne ManingoDaphne Maningo23 dagar sedan
  • 7:34 No one: Kevin: laughs and skips away

    :/:/24 dagar sedan
  • Kevin's Among Us playtime is weak. Mine's at 70.9 hours. I may have a problem...

    ScalderaScaldera24 dagar sedan
  • I decided to be like Kevin and make friends in Among Us. I made a friend in Madi who was pink, but then someone started being mean in the chat so I banned them, and it turned out it was pink's friend, and pink left me T-T

    Luna StarLuna Star25 dagar sedan
    • I even vented and killed in front of pink, and pink always defended me. We were true friends

      Luna StarLuna Star25 dagar sedan
  • Reads title.... Okay, this should be very easy Edit: few seconds later, let be friends. Also love the fact that it was Turk who killed Kevin and now picks the wrong person because he knows it was kevin.

    Ghost 7352Ghost 735225 dagar sedan
  • Egg 2020 Pls like this comment, pls, I rllt don't care about the fame, but I just played a fantastic game with 2 amazing strangers and this was our secret code. If we get enough likes, he will see it, pls just like it, all I ask for. Bro, or other bro, if ur seeing this, hey :)

    Julia The NerdJulia The Nerd25 dagar sedan
  • Kevin makes me want to play this game. Lol

    Kusnul IstiqomahKusnul Istiqomah25 dagar sedan
  • I asked the seme thing to myself everyday and everyone I have ever come across

    Kieran party_bossKieran party_boss26 dagar sedan
  • The green guy is turkish and he is saying THE RANDOM things mdmdmd i love it

    Zeynep KekezoğluZeynep Kekezoğlu26 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, you're so sadistically sweet and your laugh warms my cold, dark heart. Thank you. 🤘❤️

    Mass JenacideMass Jenacide26 dagar sedan
  • Yellow: "Green and White failed a double kill and they are impostors!" Green: "Yellow..."

    DarkMaffiGalaxyDarkMaffiGalaxy26 dagar sedan
  • 4:32 "Why can't we be frien-"

    DarkMaffiGalaxyDarkMaffiGalaxy26 dagar sedan
  • No offense Kevin but I’m pretty sure you make friends like every game

    Ella FeringElla Fering27 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird that in a random among us server i started typing in "why can't we be friends"

    Elliott EnyeartElliott Enyeart27 dagar sedan
  • THE UPPER ENGINE THING IS A TWO PARTER! BAR WILL NOT GO UP UNLESS U CLICK AFTER DOING PART ONE! Sorry for yelling but caps lock and i did not want to rewrite the whole thing

    SeraSera27 dagar sedan
  • I made a friend in among us today... we were going to exchange snaps... I got disconnected right before we could :( meru will always be ma fav among us partner... our partnership and friendship was legendary

    Sophia PSophia P28 dagar sedan
  • How can I achieve this cult-level charisma?

    Yuriy LehkiYuriy Lehki28 dagar sedan
  • Lmao I'm so proud of myself for making a friend in Among Us and getting his insta Like, he literally sacrificed himself to talk to me in ghost chat and that's true friendship

    A PotatoA Potato28 dagar sedan
  • I've seen türk varmi

    issy Ryanissy Ryan28 dagar sedan
  • OK I have been able to vent in front of another and get them on my side. Next level, killing and getting away😂✌️

    Natalya DareNatalya Dare28 dagar sedan
  • “They are very suspicious of black for no reason” sounds about right 😂

    Lord SheogorathLord Sheogorath28 dagar sedan
  • It pepe omg 😱

    גל גרוסגל גרוס29 dagar sedan

    jennah kayjennah kay29 dagar sedan
  • Pepepopo was your best friend among all the friends you have made lol.

    Huda ShaikhHuda Shaikh29 dagar sedan
  • May I be ur friend

    Collin DedenCollin DedenMånad sedan
  • i make loads of friends on among us, we give eachother our snaps and they are all so nice :)

    aleasha shackletonaleasha shackletonMånad sedan
  • when i make random friends i just ask for their discord and now i have two people i've met that i keep in contact with... i feel like it's so much easier to make friends online on among us than in real life... i have social anxiety...

    Alex BlackAlex BlackMånad sedan
  • in actually so sad cuz yesterday i made a good friend and they showed me they were imp by venting and we were having fun AND I DISCONNECTED FROM THE GAME! Before i disconnected i saw 2 other people disconnected so i think it might have been a problem with the lobby

    ItzCarely • 6 years agoItzCarely • 6 years agoMånad sedan
  • no

    Rokas DirmantasRokas DirmantasMånad sedan
  • Sick games sick man

    Marcxy MandapMarcxy MandapMånad sedan
  • Isn’t this what Kevin does in every among us video?

    War FourWar FourMånad sedan
  • I started calling meetings immediately when I could and then didn’t accuse anyone. Everyone hated me at first but then red said she missed me while I was dead. Then we became friends and I got the whole lobby to stack when I was imposter, and any time someone left the stack I’d press the button and accuse them. Then the whole lobby would vote them out.

    Common DirtbagzCommon DirtbagzMånad sedan
  • But isnt thin exacly like every other among us video jevin has done? hahahaha he makes friends every game

    CarousaCarousaMånad sedan
  • THE GHOSTS CAN DO TASKS TOOOOO KEVIN. thats why the task bar was filling up

    colleen rooneycolleen rooneyMånad sedan
  • türk is a national treasure

    I'm going to regret this nameI'm going to regret this nameMånad sedan
  • 1:39 "Burr, you disgust me" "Ah, so you've discussed me"

    VarianaVarianaMånad sedan
  • You make me laugh

    Lucie LucieLucie LucieMånad sedan
  • Is Kevin a cult leader? He does evil things and people just... are okay with it? I love it hahaha

    Gabrielle DredgeGabrielle DredgeMånad sedan
  • Title: I make friends with random players. Me: *pretends to be surprised*

    tiredsleepyteentiredsleepyteenMånad sedan
  • I wonder if green/pink/türk varmi the friend will ever see this video.

    Me MyMe MyMånad sedan