NLE Choppa - Beat Box “First Day Out” (Official Music Video)

1 apr 2021
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    NLE CHOPPANLE CHOPPA16 dagar sedan
    • @ItsMikey bp

      Brenda MartinBrenda Martin4 dagar sedan
    • @Bradon Williams lil pumps old songs are decent but his new music sucks A$$

      Gabriel KrugerGabriel Kruger9 dagar sedan
    • Ok haha to go you go be

      lin boalelin boale9 dagar sedan
    • Point 'em out, shoot 'em out, I spot 'em, I got 'em He started runnin', so I caught 'em (Ayy, ayy)

      Krown TNFKrown TNF10 dagar sedan
    • 😂

      DrillEm 300DrillEm 30010 dagar sedan
  • Beat been passed around mo than my ex yo😳

    Kyle StrobelKyle Strobel6 minuter sedan
  • U kinda look like dababy

    isaiah ッisaiah ッ6 minuter sedan
  • pov: your rewatching nle choppa getting head

    6760C6760C12 minuter sedan
  • this guy that edited this video, will not use mask for the rest of his life

    AdaptionDesignAdaptionDesign14 minuter sedan
  • My Eyes can't keep up

    ShrazeShraze25 minuter sedan
  • Crips for life

    Jack thunderJack thunder38 minuter sedan
  • This is the worst version

    JA MALJA MAL49 minuter sedan
  • Man made the beat extincted

    Constipated WillConstipated Will54 minuter sedan
  • Ohhh yeah

    Thomas Simang0Thomas Simang0Timme sedan
  • Are we gonna ignore that fact that he got head 😭

    Pandas JourneyPandas JourneyTimme sedan
  • Hi Because Brad was only one roll

    Brian YoungBrian YoungTimme sedan
  • Choppa murdered this shit

    Marquan PittmanMarquan PittmanTimme sedan
  • So 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • He was spitting

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  • $500 giveaway to my 1k subscriber the notification will pop up when I get to 1k

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  • I love this faraon dance

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  • 1:43

    SALTYS Gaming ZoneSALTYS Gaming ZoneTimme sedan

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  • I was the 20 million view person

    Owen NickelssOwen NickelssTimme sedan
  • 1:07 i'm dead hahaha

    M1lfxHunterM1lfxHunterTimme sedan
  • why tf is he twerking at 0:48

    M1lfxHunterM1lfxHunterTimme sedan
  • He's only 18😂😂👀

    Neonchef_23 NkoaneNeonchef_23 Nkoane2 timmar sedan
  • He talk all that banging sh*t in his music but wanna play another role when he not rapping. Cmon bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    NoName718NoName7182 timmar sedan
  • This beat is gettin passed around more den a treesh good lee

    ToHunnitKToHunnitK2 timmar sedan
  • Chopa is a 🐐no cap since beginning My favourite rapper

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  • 🔥🔥🔥

    SHINE CS GOSHINE CS GO2 timmar sedan
  • This guy just got head

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  • This beat is the new old town road

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  • Nle:snappin

    Cxrafty4 Aka mr 17kange1zCxrafty4 Aka mr 17kange1z3 timmar sedan
  • we all know this video is gonna get at least 100M views by the end of this year

    Corey BonnerCorey Bonner3 timmar sedan
  • No ones going to talk abou 1:06

    Rap RapRap Rap3 timmar sedan
    • Omg wtf

      mEmUr GoNzAlEsmEmUr GoNzAlEs2 timmar sedan
  • 3things happened today: neighbor said he didn't like this song 2.he got shot 3.I lost my nerf guns

  • Why this man bars be sounding like the draco on blast

    The_enforcerThe_enforcer4 timmar sedan
  • O

    pathex wydpathex wyd4 timmar sedan
  • dislikes are cardi b's fans

    I'm DuffyI'm Duffy4 timmar sedan
  • норм

    Artem MorozovArtem Morozov4 timmar sedan
  • "leave em stuck nd send em up like he fucking with cardi b" HARD

    FrenzyghostsFrenzyghosts4 timmar sedan
  • [Intro] Grrt (Come on) [Chorus] Ayy, walk 'em down straight to the ground, we make sure that he don't get up (Damn E, this shit exclusive) Call the reverend and his momma, tell 'em, "Come and pick 'em up" I'ma smack you with this .40, askin', "Is my Glizzy tucked?" [Verse] Only like it sloppy, she gon' beatbox when she suckin' me (Come on, come on) Told her, "Bring a friend", if she ever think about fuckin' me Touchin' who? Touchin' me? To God where your ass gon' be (Prr, prr) Leave him stuck and send him up like he fuckin' with Cardi B (Prr, prr, prr, prr) Park thе car before we hit thе street, I'm hoppin' out on feet Get up close so I can see his teeth but I'ma keep it brief Ask do he remember me, then introduced him to my heat Skrrt off the block, you followin' this car, your whip be cream cheese (Come here, prr) Ain't no bush to beat around, you not duckin' on hunnid rounds Whole hood been down, fuck the count 'cause we just beat it down Ain't gotta spin back around because my target hit the ground Crossed that line, you out of bounds They gon' find you up in the crowd Nappy-ass dreadlocks, black Forces, black socks (Ayy, ayy, prr) Make the Draco pop, it's louder than a boombox (Prr, prr) Shoutout to OVO, this Drac' can make your bed rock (It make your bed rock) We beat them four-and-oh, just check the score, it say a lot (Ayy, check the score) Ayy, I'm in Miami, she givin' me head on Ocean Drive while her nigga outside Sucked me so good, I thought that I died But when I nutted, I had came back alive Skeet on her face, it got in her eyes Now she tellin' me she legally blind Gave her a towel and told her she fine She kept suckin' 'til she started cryin' Point 'em out, shoot 'em out, I spot 'em, I got 'em He started runnin', so I caught 'em (Ayy, ayy) Bag on his head, I bought 'em (Ayy) Told my shooter do everything that I taught 'em (Ayy) Let me know if it’s a problem Like a school boy, I be super quick to solve it Thinkin' my shooter retarded He take a pill and then snort it right off of his .40 Snort it right off of his gun Shot a hunnid, then paid a hunnid for his bond Send a diss, I won't respond (No) Slam dunk a nigga like a nigga was LeBron (Come here) Leave a nigga where he stay Same place that I met him, I made him lay (Come here, come here) Let a nigga come and play He gon' tell his momma, "Plan the funeral date" (Prr, prr, prr, prr, prr) I got the power like Nelson Mandela You need a umbrella whenever I spray (Whenever I spray) Leave him shitty like Nutella He gon' need a Pamper if he survive this K Me and my niggas, we down for whatever We step on whoever in retro J's (Retro J's) Bullet, stick like a thorn, call it Bella Make him Cinderella if he betray, bitch [Chorus] Ayy, walk 'em down straight to the ground, we make sure that he don't get up (Damn E, this shit exclusive) Call the reverend and his momma, tell 'em, "Come and pick 'em up" I'ma smack you with this .40, askin', "Is my Glizzy tucked?"

    SaNdRo MiQaSaNdRo MiQa4 timmar sedan
  • mans went to jail for 2 days you spent the night good buddie

    tyrone 420tyrone 4204 timmar sedan
  • the reson so many ppl are watching is beacouse the wierd ass lyrics and the sus video and this clip 1:05

    Matej MiklavcMatej Miklavc5 timmar sedan
  • Make more songs

    Kayden BrownKayden Brown5 timmar sedan
  • 0:29 was so fucking lit I wish NLE hearted this comment you the best 🔥

    xvizes_ swayxxvizes_ swayx5 timmar sedan
  • What happend to Spiritual choppa lmao, i aint complaining tho

    BigDickDenis InTheCutBigDickDenis InTheCut5 timmar sedan
  • It goes Hard but, 😂😂🤣🤣the way this dude dance got me dying

    Lucas NadeauLucas Nadeau5 timmar sedan
  • Sucks that nle cant have guns in his music videos anymore

    Tyson LiptayTyson Liptay5 timmar sedan
  • Bro he hit his car at the end

    Zolta ShyuZolta Shyu6 timmar sedan
  • This beat is getting passed around more than my ex

    StackzStackz6 timmar sedan
    • *wow so funny* 😂😂😂😒😒

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    • Soo funny

      Kaylen EllenKaylen Ellen6 timmar sedan
  • this goes crazy

    WRẞ CryocynicalWRẞ Cryocynical6 timmar sedan
  • so no one gonna talk abt 1:07?

    nexusnexus6 timmar sedan
  • Bruh this shit hilarious an fire... HE WON THIS. IDC IDC LOL

    Lipstick And CrayonsLipstick And Crayons6 timmar sedan
  • that spotemgotem line prob went over alot of ppl's heads

    Chidozie not HenryChidozie not Henry6 timmar sedan
    • Shiit was fire

      Kaylen EllenKaylen Ellen6 timmar sedan
  • 1:36 the boys tryna hop on the dance😭😭

    Chidozie not HenryChidozie not Henry6 timmar sedan
  • I Got Freestyle Rap Beats 🔥🔥

    JG310HOEJG310HOE7 timmar sedan
  • 0:05

    16 Travis Kennebrew16 Travis Kennebrew7 timmar sedan
  • cuz really gettin head in this shit lol 1:06

    itz boyyditz boyyd7 timmar sedan
  • U mean first 20 hours out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Kevin DavisonKevin Davison7 timmar sedan
  • Mane this beat getting tossed around more than the coronavirus

    xJaySupremexJaySupreme7 timmar sedan
  • Lol nle choppa took the merch from @Smoove barfour

    DeadLine CloverDeadLine Clover7 timmar sedan
  • Like you man..💪🏻🤟🏻😎

    4;20 Rastafany4;20 Rastafany7 timmar sedan
  • (1:04) Im just now peepin this💪🏾😎

    DRILLANODRILLANO7 timmar sedan
  • Fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    nae_ baby13nae_ baby137 timmar sedan
  • Went to jail came out making a big ass banger 🔥 🔥

    Isaiah WardIsaiah Ward7 timmar sedan
  • Spiritual choppa ????

    getmy Wn8getmy Wn87 timmar sedan
  • The edits make this even harder ☄️🔥

    Nichole BelchrNichole Belchr7 timmar sedan
  • This beat box is fire 🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥🔥️🔥️🔥 I can't find any better beat box than this 🔥️🔥️🔥

    ItsyourboyalexanderItsyourboyalexander7 timmar sedan
  • Yoo he gave the girl head😂😂

    Justina LloydJustina Lloyd7 timmar sedan
  • the best beatbox remix imo.

    shin 進shin 進8 timmar sedan
  • Too bad he can't post no more he in jail for murdering this beat 🔥🔥🔥

    Fizzer ClipsFizzer Clips8 timmar sedan
  • That was a lit song Emily chapa

    Jean MusafiriJean Musafiri8 timmar sedan
  • 1:57 what if we use our brain 100%

    DripkixDripkix8 timmar sedan
  • 1:06 mans was deadass gettin head

    Watch AccWatch Acc8 timmar sedan
  • Mans was getting head in the vid lmao😂

    Lil 2kLil 2k8 timmar sedan
  • Choppa always hits different to other rappers.

    Renagade BuddyowtRenagade Buddyowt8 timmar sedan
  • He really said the spiritual shit aint working.Aight bet

    FIrescale IcyfoxFIrescale Icyfox8 timmar sedan
  • on god nle choppa was and still is my favorite rappersince i was 9 now im 11 2 years i love you nle choppa

    davionna stewartdavionna stewart8 timmar sedan

    JidaxanJidaxan8 timmar sedan
  • Hell no

    Jilmar CruzJilmar Cruz8 timmar sedan
  • ok but like this go hard 🔥😌

    Kirsten WalkerKirsten Walker8 timmar sedan
  • My head hurt from bumpin it to much

    corny joshcorny josh9 timmar sedan
  • Choppa got fire 🔥every music video no cap

    TTF Savageboy1958TTF Savageboy19589 timmar sedan
  • That shit straight up fire

    TTF Savageboy1958TTF Savageboy19589 timmar sedan
  • NLE choppa really crashes his car

    2k Cahpッ2k Cahpッ9 timmar sedan
  • Choppa 😀

    tyzila tyzilatyzila tyzila9 timmar sedan
  • I heard pooh beat box I thought it was 🔥🔥🔥 then I hear this and I makes me wanna drive fast 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • bruh i might just make a nle hoodie design

    McSplazMcSplaz9 timmar sedan
  • transition clean af

    McSplazMcSplaz9 timmar sedan
  • bro it hurt me seeing the hellcat fucked up cause thats one of my dream car

  • 1:11 skeet on her face it got on her eyes now she tellin me she legally blind 👀👀

    BigBusterBigBuster9 timmar sedan
  • This shii 🔥

    Antwone FrancisAntwone Francis9 timmar sedan
  • This the first 10th best rap song I ever heard. Young legend bro

    Ray D3V1L0Ray D3V1L09 timmar sedan
  • Not him actually getting head

    deku_the_cookie _loverdeku_the_cookie _lover9 timmar sedan
  • These remixes are going hard

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  • Do a song with polo g or lil baby

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  • Beast beatbox remix💯😎🔥

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  • This is fire 🏃🏽‍♀️

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  • Did you really crash

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  • Nle go hard af🔥

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  • Fire:-P

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