I taught my dog to bow for my cat

24 aug 2020
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Respect your elders my friends. Today I teach my dog to bow every time my cat comes into the room.
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  • Just realised I spent half the video making trumpet sounds. Very epic

    Liam ThompsonLiam Thompson3 månader sedan
    • Yep

      vonsenger2010vonsenger201016 dagar sedan
    • Very epic indeed

      Elektrik ツElektrik ツMånad sedan
    • Max:Give me the treats Liam while editing this:Too tan toooo tan tan!

      Cookie KiaCookie KiaMånad sedan
    • Lmao

      「Slothø」「Slothø」Månad sedan
    • Liam Thompson 50th 😎

      Lola HalfordLola HalfordMånad sedan
  • Plot Twist: Liam is the dog trying to bow for Frodo, and Max is Liam trying to teach Liam how to bow for his Elders LMAO

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer10 timmar sedan

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer10 timmar sedan
  • My cat's 22 beet that...

    Amelia PhoebeAmelia Phoebe12 timmar sedan
  • Helo Edit: This is not a edit

    Sajjad KhanSajjad Khan19 timmar sedan
  • Instead of frodo prototype call it a frodotype

    BryboygamesBryboygames2 dagar sedan
  • I just can sense frodo being confused the entire time!!

    Shin aceShin ace2 dagar sedan
  • Frodo... More like fro yo

    Amelia MarshAmelia Marsh3 dagar sedan
  • You should have called the Frodo prototype “Frodotype”

    David van den BosDavid van den Bos3 dagar sedan
  • You just missed the chance to call the prototype “Frodotype”

    erwin reyeserwin reyes3 dagar sedan
  • You should have called it a frodotype 😂✨🧡💛💜can I have a shoutout ? I’m robin 🥺👉🏻👈🏻☺️

    Pickle The nonbinary kidPickle The nonbinary kid3 dagar sedan
  • hilarious

    mcksnkkmcksnkk4 dagar sedan
  • The fact that you dont call the prototype "frodotype" is such a missed opportunity

    blushbakerblushbaker4 dagar sedan
  • i swear this dog is smarter then a scientist

    Ting GaoTing Gao4 dagar sedan
  • My cat is 17 to like 20

    Milena A. SmithMilena A. Smith4 dagar sedan
  • I thought my dog to stand. *He won't stop* .

    •Pastella Skylar••Pastella Skylar•5 dagar sedan
  • Max is more human than dog

    Conner PadgettConner Padgett5 dagar sedan
  • The dumbest thing ever you can think of

    Haig SagharianHaig Sagharian5 dagar sedan
  • listed of prototype it should be frodo-type look how smart I am

    XxMaja.Moo. MooxXXxMaja.Moo. MooxX5 dagar sedan
  • *frodotype*

    Tabitha HTabitha H5 dagar sedan
  • Sick video

    Mhmh HafMhmh Haf6 dagar sedan
  • Dude that cat is 270 in cat years

    Scott ArmstrongScott Armstrong6 dagar sedan
  • Liams vocabulary: YOOOO , EPIC, SICK

    Simran BatraSimran Batra8 dagar sedan
  • What an intelligent dog!

  • What breed is Max?

    lava girl amelijalava girl amelija9 dagar sedan
  • Liam couldn't have been 100% sure that getting another creature to bow for the cat wouldn't have unlocked ancient powers once used to enslave humans.This is the man you choose to watch?!

    LukasLukas9 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 You missed a chance to say frodotype!!!

    MoltenMan MolMoltenMan Mol10 dagar sedan
  • The emotions that went through him when max almost did it the first time😭

    Tamira WalterTamira Walter10 dagar sedan
  • 1:09 me in speech class 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Arissa KhanArissa Khan11 dagar sedan
  • the trumpet was actully proud sounding peppa pig music... lol

    TraciTraci11 dagar sedan
  • Missed a perfect chance to say “Frodotype” smh.

    Caleb BeckhamCaleb Beckham11 dagar sedan
  • The cat is gonna be like: wtf is this dog doing?

    pikkivs nppikkivs np12 dagar sedan
  • You should teach you doggo how to use TikTok!!! oml this would be amazing-

    genderbent barny }:3genderbent barny }:312 dagar sedan
  • China be like *yummy max.*

    BlueMemeZBlueMemeZ13 dagar sedan
  • Instead of saying prototype you should say frodotype

    Jessica CuevaJessica Cueva13 dagar sedan
  • Liam always say epic lol

    Ashley AzeezAshley Azeez13 dagar sedan
  • Petition to call the Froto prototype the Frototype

    Kid JunkieKid Junkie13 dagar sedan
  • Can’t believe Frodo is 18 years old makes me have hope for my kitties I love them ❤️

    Shows ofcarlyShows ofcarly13 dagar sedan
  • other dogs be like: i shall never bow in front of a cat Max be like: i will always bow to Froddo but on one condition i should get TREATS EVERYTIME!!!

    aline jerinaaline jerina14 dagar sedan
  • when a cute as puppy has better respect than u -_-

    Esha sujitEsha sujit15 dagar sedan
  • Dude I love lord of the rings

    Scarlett WScarlett W15 dagar sedan
  • wow you are so smart

    Kidz KriyaKidz Kriya15 dagar sedan
  • It's the best character: frodotype

    Puffpom CentralPuffpom Central16 dagar sedan
  • the prototype should be called the frodotype

    Richard MineaultRichard Mineault17 dagar sedan
  • what if he was bowing everytime he saw liam

    L4KSH ψL4KSH ψ17 dagar sedan
  • "Frodotype"

    FreefsFreefs17 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 nails on chalkboard

    Lizzie GamingLizzie Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • Ur cats 18 years old? Wow I didn’t know that

    Lizzie GamingLizzie Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • The cat’s tail hitting the floor on rhythm at the end 😂

    Holly WeiHolly Wei18 dagar sedan
  • Dogs have masters, cats have staff

    Vanilaa OvericeVanilaa Overice19 dagar sedan
  • Omg that dog is beautiful looking so clever. Love cat 😻 to. Right Craic they are lol 😆

    Paw Prints JerseyPaw Prints Jersey20 dagar sedan

    Un Ruso que te AmaUn Ruso que te Ama20 dagar sedan
  • Why tho......

    savage-tame 2savage-tame 221 dag sedan
  • When he said his name is frodo i was thinking FRODO BEGGINGS From lord of the rings

    vianne. quakkelaarvianne. quakkelaar21 dag sedan
  • What treats do u give max cuz I’m trying to just get my dog to bow it’s so hard cuz he is a saint Barnard

    Zellar_ ZeakZellar_ Zeak21 dag sedan
  • Don't you think it would be cool if Max bowed down whenever Frodo meows?

    That1gachagirlThat1gachagirl21 dag sedan

    SaikiMisoSaikiMiso21 dag sedan
  • "He who bows to a roomba"

    Unbox ItUnbox It22 dagar sedan
  • is this a male jesse but diffrent color and diffrent dog type??

    barb olsonbarb olson22 dagar sedan
  • He missed a chance to say frodotype

    Lucy CushmanLucy Cushman22 dagar sedan
  • Max is a really smart dog tho

    SheepCraft_ GaminSheepCraft_ Gamin22 dagar sedan
  • All dogs should bow to all cats 🐈👑😸

    Paz PazPaz Paz24 dagar sedan
  • The cat:hah slaves why not make the cat bow to the dog

    Tamaki AmajikiTamaki Amajiki24 dagar sedan
  • “Turning my Dog into A Simp”

    FN SymZnFN SymZn24 dagar sedan
  • i really loved this video make more videos about Max!

    neetu singhneetu singh24 dagar sedan
  • Liam - are you ready to rock and roll boy? Max - *Shakes head aggresively* (looked like NO to me)

    F L A M E N I N J AF L A M E N I N J A25 dagar sedan
  • Oh yo

    Olevia ChristiansenOlevia Christiansen25 dagar sedan
  • Liam taught me to bow for Frodo but isn't Liam older than Frodo? Liam should have taught max to bow before him too

    Mythili MenonMythili Menon25 dagar sedan
  • That is such a smart dog!

    Ajla PAjla P25 dagar sedan
  • What dog breed is that

    vid miloševićvid milošević25 dagar sedan
  • You could say a Frodotype

    Boppy GamesBoppy Games26 dagar sedan
  • are you ready to rock n roll sir? max: **HELICOPTER MODE ACTIVATE**

    Ervin Adriana DiscuaErvin Adriana Discua26 dagar sedan
  • Frodotype

    Eva DoodnathEva Doodnath26 dagar sedan
  • I didn't like that, why should a dog bow to a cat!

    Sushma O.MSushma O.M27 dagar sedan
  • ...a Frodotype, if you will

    Astrid WettonAstrid Wetton27 dagar sedan
  • The frodotype is back!!

    so scare doggoso scare doggo27 dagar sedan
  • 18 YEARS OLD!!?!?!!!?

    ReKt IdkReKt Idk28 dagar sedan
  • 3dogarbetterthencats

    360 Bros360 Bros28 dagar sedan
  • Frodo was like 👁️👄👁️

    MiNA GAMINGMiNA GAMING28 dagar sedan
  • You should teach max words using them programmable buttons that dogs can use to Express what they want.. over time they can use multiple buttons to make sentences.. like if you'd watch

    Natalie CrabbNatalie Crabb29 dagar sedan
  • u shouldve called the "prototype", "frodotype"

    xoturtle gamingoxxoturtle gamingox29 dagar sedan
  • What breed of dog is max as im very intrestead in getting one like him

    Rue OwRue Ow29 dagar sedan
  • Elder scrolls font let's gooo

    Arnold LohmannArnold Lohmann29 dagar sedan
  • SIMP

    l3lu boiツl3lu boiツMånad sedan
  • 18 years old cat😰

    Hàrshal PàťilHàrshal PàťilMånad sedan
  • when he scrached the wall he was righting his name max

    Thomas ArnoldThomas ArnoldMånad sedan
  • next video: i taught my dog to pay taxes

    Jamless JiminJamless JiminMånad sedan

    Haifaa TabbakhHaifaa TabbakhMånad sedan
  • 👇🏻 amount of times Liam said gud boyyy

    Cracked_on_30fps_YT AzardCracked_on_30fps_YT AzardMånad sedan
  • Liam in 2050 Teaching my dog to carry me

    Varenn Axel PrabowoVarenn Axel PrabowoMånad sedan
  • Why don't you teach your cat tricks?

    Adhire ShyamalaAdhire ShyamalaMånad sedan
  • I really wish I got a dog.

    jasonrogermaxjasonrogermaxMånad sedan
  • Interesting...

    Lu SyLu SyMånad sedan
  • According to me max is the king

    Rise in ThunderRise in ThunderMånad sedan
  • You thought it was Max, but it was *I, DIO*

    AidahAidahMånad sedan
  • 1:41 the "frodo-type" This is the second time I've done that on this channel

    Raman GoelRaman GoelMånad sedan
  • So kuuuuuuute

    Noemi sotoNoemi sotoMånad sedan
  • i luv ur vids btw

    Aryan KatyalAryan KatyalMånad sedan
  • Just found out his cat's name is Frodo, that doesn't happen to be in "Lord of the rings" does it? :P :D xD also how can frodo be so darn cute

    Zoe HolwayZoe HolwayMånad sedan
  • Liam: Frodo will see you very soon Frodo: D E D

    Awesome Nick47Awesome Nick47Månad sedan