What Will Happen To The LOSER Of KSI vs Logan Paul

25 okt 2019
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#KSI #LoganPaul #KSIvsLoganPaul
KSI and Logan Paul are finally having their long awaited boxing rematch on November 9th and after almost two years of back and forth, press conferences and video responses, they will once and for all find out which one of them is the better boxer. Both of them have said they will knock out the other one, both say they will make a meme out of the opponent. KSI says he will knock out Logan Paul, Logan says he will knock out KSI, but after November 9th there will finally be a winner and a loser. In this video I want to take a look at what happens to the loser - how the internet will react to seeing one of them taken down. I think it's an interesting question. Not who will win, but who can handle the loss better? Joe Weller made a video addressing this topic, saying that long after he lost to KSI he is still being ridiculed and trolled by KSI fans. We can see how SEworld boxing is not at all the same as regular boxing, because in traditional boxing the loser is still treated with some respect. In SEworld boxing, the fans are much more vicious and tend to raise the winner up and put the loser down.

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    Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaÅr sedan
    • Booo!

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    • no

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    • Ksi vs Jake paul

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    • hey andrei, when will you do a face reveal? i was watching you for a long time and you have some interesting content soo you can maybe do a special 3 million subs face reveal? keep up the good work!

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    • I like you BRO

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  • Imagine paying tickets to then get there and leave after a 13 second KO.

    HypePyxlHypePyxl6 timmar sedan
  • floyd mayweather logan paul

    Michael SheehyMichael Sheehy2 dagar sedan
  • tbh youre animation style reminds me of dont starve together and thats a big compliment

    S h R o O M yS h R o O M y2 dagar sedan
  • I don't think ksi would have been able to handle it the way logan has handled it

    TrailerMaster 101TrailerMaster 1018 dagar sedan
  • Well apparently Logan handled it pretty good and made a great comeback in 2020

    Youssef Al-GhroryYoussef Al-Ghrory9 dagar sedan
  • Me 1 year after the fight i think JJ will win

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  • I wanted to tell you i am the 100 000th person to like the video

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  • Ace24434ace

    khaled aldoraeekhaled aldoraee17 dagar sedan
  • I think KSI is going to win because I am from the future and already know what happened

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  • I think ksi will win

    Skill ZoneSkill Zone21 dag sedan
  • He put aldo to SLEEP 🇮🇪🤣

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  • Spoilers ksi wins

    BetaSoulBetaSoul23 dagar sedan
    • Wow no way not like it was on months ago idiot

      layton Taylorlayton Taylor22 dagar sedan
  • Ksis reddit already bullies him in 2020 LOL

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  • 4:56 I thought it was supposed to be deadpool

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  • The best MMA fighter is Amilianenko

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  • Ya Btw you are gay

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  • Woah

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  • What about ksi and Paul

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  • i undersstand i

    Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar28 dagar sedan
  • I know I’m late but I really think that Logan would handle it better.They both agree on KSI wanting it more and that KSI said himself that it would crush him to ,one to Logan so I think that Logan would handle it better.

    ThatOneDude579ThatOneDude57929 dagar sedan
  • Is it me or in the I'm gonna make u a meme he looks like a blond Daniel Radcliffe

    Ajay HughesAjay Hughes29 dagar sedan
  • YES THAT I'LL MAKE A MEME OUT OF YOU!! Sorry someone had to do it. :/

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  • There both pieces of sh##.

    Jason doing random thing on YoutubeJason doing random thing on YoutubeMånad sedan
  • Rewatching to see if he was right.

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  • Imagine paying a ton of money to see a super famous boxing match for it to last 13 seconds.

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  • Fool

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  • I feel sad for Joe weller

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  • This is funny now

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  • logan is goona lose

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  • Wrong. the loser is now fighting floyd mayweather...

    That EliThat EliMånad sedan
  • Well the person who lost is now fighting Floyd Mayweather so I mean....

    Kiaan NagjiKiaan NagjiMånad sedan
  • Ask Logan Paul.

    DremeyDremeyMånad sedan
  • Well SEworld boxing made someone a meme Cough,cough Nate Robinson

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  • He lost fo khabib tho

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  • 0:25 Pure Art.

    Pokala AnimatingPokala AnimatingMånad sedan
  • It seems that the answer to this question ,ight just be what Jake Paul was doing in the first press conference of the last fight between Logan Paul and KSI. Deji started to chant "F JAKE PAUL!" and Jake just joined in because he was commited to it.

    Dona NasolDona NasolMånad sedan
  • ksi

    RJ7, FELICIA, DOGGO j7RJ7, FELICIA, DOGGO j7Månad sedan
  • I know that the fight had already happened but i think that KSI would have handled the lots better. As Andrei said; his music is very chill but he also has a good sense of humour. I think that Logans ego and inability to laugh at himself makes him the sore loser.

    Rocky's MaRockAsRocky's MaRockAs2 månader sedan
  • jose aldo wasent the best mma fighter in 2015

    HeadshotZ BuzzardHeadshotZ Buzzard2 månader sedan
  • Hi

    727 horror _ Shorts727 horror _ Shorts2 månader sedan
  • The real winner is the dude who watched with a microscope.

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  • And the winner is .......konor!

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  • a choo

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  • dude this kid was challenging me to a fight the kid looked like the Paul brothers ego if they drank bacon juice i accepted his challenge, he called my dad gay trying to insult me i replied he probably does not have a dad, when we met up people were surrounding us, he said i called his mom fat and i said yes he pushed me against a door, 3 right hooks were need to get him saying you are a crazy b*#^$ and get him going, a day later he stooped so low he went and said he knocked me out to the kids who did not watch 2 things were learned 1 i am a speed runner at a time of 8 seconds and 2 take a loss its tough but try to let go of ego and accept it, the people who mock you saying you lost have not gone through the fight so they do not have a word in the matter AND DON'T GET INTO FIGHT FOR NO REASON

    Tyler TibbsTyler Tibbs2 månader sedan
    • noob

      USCF ProductionsUSCF ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Absolutely nothing! Ksi wins and Logan is just chilling at a farm like he’s thanos 🤣

    Daniel WylieDaniel Wylie2 månader sedan
  • Joe Weller is depressed

    Aayan The good at anythingAayan The good at anything2 månader sedan
  • I’m from the future it’s a draw they have a rematch and KSI wins

    SquigglySquiggly2 månader sedan
  • Alright if you know that much box then smart ass

    thewanger cheeseandbeansthewanger cheeseandbeans2 månader sedan
    • Shut up and go play roblox you 5 year old

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    • You are a stupid idiot.

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  • Let's go champ

    David CeDavid Ce2 månader sedan
  • Yeah that’s a great boxing just think how to punch opponent and you move around and you have to think

    Andrew ZayasAndrew Zayas2 månader sedan
  • There is actually chess boxing which is chess and boxing

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  • lol

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  • Man these videos are even better then they were a year ago

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  • Am I The Only One Who Found This After The Fight. ._.

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  • HEHEHE...... mind games...... MY FAVORTIE GAME

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  • Wow

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  • The irony of this is Logan eventually did become a meme...Whats 7x8 Logan

    Josef GulerJosef Guler3 månader sedan
  • so like how goku is the best fighter in fiction he is not only the most powrefull anime protag but the guys IS A FREAKING 3MILLION IQ when it comes to fightn

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  • 2:27 can't wait till he hears about chess-boxing

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  • The stakes are so much higher lmfaoo definitely not..

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  • You can’t even tell Andrew is color blind

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  • Can you do a qna please go subscribe to my channel if am right

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  • 10:04: Me when i see a new Andrei Terbea Video

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  • "Wix is easy to use" is coming from someone who studied we design in college

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  • seworld.info/will/nmzXzLWxnmuUzYk/video

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  • Where is romani on the world map

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  • Alternate Universe: 5:50 Reality: 5:54

    Zsigmond AsareZsigmond Asare4 månader sedan
  • Ksi won

    Lorenzo PesceLorenzo Pesce4 månader sedan
  • Judging by what actually happened the way Logan Paul recovered from his loss was so unexpected and so good that I don't think KSI would be able to top it. going from an irrelevant person with 2 million views per vid on a 19 million subbed channel before the fight t to getting 6 to 20 million views per vid after the fight he grew the most in one month since January 2018 and was forgiven by most of the world for his bad decisions

    HUH??? WHAT???HUH??? WHAT???4 månader sedan
  • there's an actual sport called chess boxing lol

    The Paper EmpireThe Paper Empire4 månader sedan
  • Ummmmm......... wheres is all the rings that logan have

    Hannie AriffinHannie Ariffin4 månader sedan
  • They will germ canceled by mob mentality

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  • I think Ksi is gonna win not sure though

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    • YaBoyCeeJ whaaaat!!!! Bc this wasn’t a joke or anything

      Pedro 8952Pedro 89524 månader sedan
    • Fam it already happened almost a year ago

      YaBoyCeeJYaBoyCeeJ4 månader sedan
  • It’s funny how Kai made Logan a meme

    Jasper LazarusJasper Lazarus4 månader sedan
  • Face reveal

    Ace THAce TH4 månader sedan
  • weller did it for the clout

    RJ SHUKSRJ SHUKS4 månader sedan
  • that amazing day, watching through a mans glasses and hearing "a victory, for the united kingdom"

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  • this dude is just making money and videos out of the fight

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  • Ksi wins

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    • hamon thunder, Define sarcasm for me

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    • Bro the fight already happened what are you saying

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    • YOOO I was right

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  • Man. My best mate asked me "don't I feel satisfied after KSI won...." U bet your bottom dollar at heavens gate I did!! 😂😂

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  • Thats a though question

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  • .

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  • Are you gonno talk about the jake vs logan boxing match

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  • Self betterment for Logan apparently

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  • .

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    HypoProHypoPro5 månader sedan
  • Well guess who won

    NenolphaNenolpha5 månader sedan
  • the real winner is the friends we made along the way....

    strutyxstrutyx5 månader sedan
  • the real winner is the friends we made along the way....

    strutyxstrutyx5 månader sedan
    • Bruh

      Hazel TheOneHazel TheOne4 månader sedan
  • Ksi cause he already won

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  • I think ksi will win by split decision

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  • Little Did they know they were already a meme

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  • Logan Paul has taken the 2 biggest Ls of the decade

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  • 🇱 🇴 🇱

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