My NEW Mouse Broke The Game... (Insane)

20 feb 2021
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My NEW Mouse Broke The Game... (Insane)
Today I used a brand new mouse that made my editing speed even faster than ever before...
This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating and Breaking Fortnite Edit Records
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  • My edits are becoming even faster...

    RyftRyft10 dagar sedan
    • I agree

      CxlturesCxltures2 dagar sedan
    • Ok

      ellen van der veerellen van der veer4 dagar sedan
    • Your edits are faster because u where editing a lot

      x2x Izzyx2x Izzy4 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      TTVSMITH2033 SmithTTVSMITH2033 Smith5 dagar sedan
    • Yessir

      Audrey FloresAudrey Flores5 dagar sedan
  • What mouse is that

    Fletcher CainFletcher Cain3 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone feel emotion sick with his new mouse. like... DANG LOL INSANE BRO.

    Myles SchultzMyles Schultz15 timmar sedan
  • K

    Dylan Does EverythingDylan Does Everything17 timmar sedan

    QrispiQrispi23 timmar sedan
  • whats the name of the edit map

    Miles LewisMiles LewisDag sedan
  • Macros

    NXG JoltyYTNXG JoltyYTDag sedan
  • What’s the code to the edit course

    Diamond#steveDiamond#steveDag sedan
  • Mouse? (Name)

    zRessyzRessyDag sedan
  • What mouse is this!!!???

    Harry Simpson-BilesHarry Simpson-BilesDag sedan
  • it looks so toksik when you do best edits

    rokas Ivanauskasrokas IvanauskasDag sedan
  • You MACRO

    Ogc 704Ogc 704Dag sedan
  • To people 2000 years in the feather he don't use macros He's been a legend in his time respect Ryft

    Rickel MurrayRickel MurrayDag sedan
    • Feather you mean future

      ItsMeIanItsMeIan11 timmar sedan
  • Ryft you cheat

    XxgamerboixX GamerboiXxgamerboixX GamerboiDag sedan
  • Macros

    XxgamerboixX GamerboiXxgamerboixX GamerboiDag sedan
  • "This new mouse makes me edit slow"

    RaresRaresDag sedan
  • Ur. Turtering the. Mouse

    erik on the stickserik on the sticks2 dagar sedan
  • He be spamming e so muck

    Mambafade GodlyMambafade Godly2 dagar sedan
  • No one: Me: listens to the keyboard rhythms during the practice map

    lightishotlightishot2 dagar sedan
  • o say les!!

    Derek LaytonDerek Layton2 dagar sedan
  • that is a macro rift

    Carter WilliamsCarter Williams2 dagar sedan
  • yo ryft trynna ship me yo old mouse bruh...

    Corrupt JohntayCorrupt Johntay2 dagar sedan
  • Btw the mouse is the g pro superlight and the first mouse is g pro wireless

    RoJanRoJan2 dagar sedan
  • You use macro

    mome gamesmome games2 dagar sedan
  • Uhh, ok???

    BilalZzz BlitZzzBilalZzz BlitZzz3 dagar sedan
  • hey

    FA_ZartouFA_Zartou3 dagar sedan
  • gg

    FA_ZartouFA_Zartou3 dagar sedan
  • You are reallyyy fast

    Jose CardenasJose Cardenas3 dagar sedan
  • At first I thought his new mouse broke lol

    Rony FRony F3 dagar sedan
  • Ryft: takes about 10 minutes to complete the edit course me: no no a year

    Daniel GomezDaniel Gomez3 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Hazard KadriuHazard Kadriu3 dagar sedan
  • He sat friend request please

    Edward BellesfieldEdward Bellesfield3 dagar sedan

    Stacy AllenStacy Allen3 dagar sedan
  • You already broke the game long ago 😛

    ToxicDzToxicDz3 dagar sedan
  • Culturs is still better loll

    BH BlazingBH Blazing3 dagar sedan
  • Oh daddy

  • Im sorry but please get out the house and go to the barbers

    accurate R1ØTaccurate R1ØT4 dagar sedan
  • can you show your settings

    muhammad issatmuhammad issat4 dagar sedan
  • Ryfty:im doing realy good Also ryfty:gray heavy gray pisol

    The_oneshot_ onesieThe_oneshot_ onesie4 dagar sedan
  • *me being more interested in the hand cam* 😲

    6uii wedge6uii wedge4 dagar sedan
  • Me: Ahh my eyes hurt probably just the brightness *turns of brightness to the lowest* then I take a 20 min break Still me: going back to the computer eyes perfectly fine, I unpause the video MY EYES HURT Also me: realizing its how fast he's editing. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Also still me: continues to watch the video

    RayzsRayzs4 dagar sedan
  • Yoo

    Ayden AubreyAyden Aubrey4 dagar sedan
  • when u realise u can be as fast as ryft, but u dont have the ( pc, internet, keyboard, mouse, monitor...) for it

    Zelo wZelo w4 dagar sedan
  • smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth

    OLTI oltiOLTI olti4 dagar sedan
  • my new finger broke my new mouse, Thats how it looks like

    Ace_H1ghlightz GamingAce_H1ghlightz Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • if you beat tonz in editing i will use code RYFT and buy things from the shop

    ẸŘŘỖŘ ĮŇ ϻЎ ĹĮƑẸẸŘŘỖŘ ĮŇ ϻЎ ĹĮƑẸ4 dagar sedan
  • Ryft i can edit like a macro on ps4 im only 9

    Iam AlexIam Alex4 dagar sedan
  • im sorry ryft I cant watch ur vids no more ima be blind from ur edits also ima always sub to u nvm im always gonna watch ur vids even if im blind lol

    MandanoreoMandanoreo4 dagar sedan
  • but what is the name of this mouse?

  • lol face reveal

    WonWon4 dagar sedan
  • Tonz is fastest than u Xd.

    AC_ALKEYAC_ALKEY4 dagar sedan
  • that Lama that he left I actually got and then I died to a shotgun

    TonzTonz5 dagar sedan
    • legend has it if he got the lama before me he would have won

      TonzTonz5 dagar sedan
  • 8:00 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im confused that guy definitely shot through that wall

    Ellen NicolEllen Nicol5 dagar sedan
  • that thumbnail though, rift you need a haircut lol

    Ellen NicolEllen Nicol5 dagar sedan
  • I think im faster than you

    Kill Hh Kill hKill Hh Kill h5 dagar sedan
  • Someone pls tell me the name and model of his mouse

    TensedguyTensedguy5 dagar sedan
  • That mouse is so freeeeeee

    SMLSML5 dagar sedan
  • why dont you play competitive? you are so good

    Shakeyx.Shakeyx.5 dagar sedan
  • Editing so fast with my new mouse my eyes turn blye

    Hayaan 2012Hayaan 20125 dagar sedan
  • @Ryft sarah nicole killed you

    Levy HiethaarLevy Hiethaar5 dagar sedan
  • can you do a video that you do your key binds for fortnite

    Tech deck SebastianTech deck Sebastian5 dagar sedan
  • I have the same keyboard

    Gre NinjaGre Ninja5 dagar sedan
  • And I think that if you improve the editions a little, you are my idol, I want to make a day like you

    El sindi enteEl sindi ente5 dagar sedan
  • And I think that if you improve the editions a little, you are my idol, I want to make a day like you

    El sindi enteEl sindi ente5 dagar sedan
  • My eyes hurt

    Dan fosterDan foster5 dagar sedan
  • 7:05 that me btw im bot and that me 99%

    HaroldplayzPHHaroldplayzPH5 dagar sedan
  • Idk if he told yall but that’s macro u press one button to use macro on pc I was editing slow on my keybored and I didn’t press one button

    ItsYaGhostEditzzItsYaGhostEditzz5 dagar sedan
  • Bro hes useinv macro

    ItsYaGhostEditzzItsYaGhostEditzz5 dagar sedan
  • Aka macros lol jk Luv u man no homo

    boosieman-kan yeeterleetboosieman-kan yeeterleet5 dagar sedan
  • How can u even see what ur doing!!

    Mad VibezMad Vibez5 dagar sedan
  • Can u try 1v1 lol and see ur edit speed it is a browse game

    Mohanad ShaalanMohanad Shaalan5 dagar sedan
  • get a haircut

    Bacon737Bacon7375 dagar sedan
  • Hes a god at editing on all playback speeds

    R1SK FNR1SK FN5 dagar sedan
  • awesome

    talen delanotalen delano5 dagar sedan
  • "Whats up Tiko" 😂

    Davix ArtDavix Art5 dagar sedan
  • how are your edits so fast

    Kalin MadisonKalin Madison5 dagar sedan

      Virginia ListerVirginia Lister4 dagar sedan
  • Ryft can I keep your old mouse

    Janiel albinoJaniel albino6 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know the name of his pickaxe?

    Vibing CapybaraVibing Capybara6 dagar sedan
  • Do cookie clicker 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

    Logan GrantLogan Grant6 dagar sedan
  • Ryft's character looks like it was having a seizure in the edit course part

    2CMX02CMX06 dagar sedan
  • Everytime I watch either Ryft, Notluc or Raider464 I think I slightly develop cataracts

    echoecho6 dagar sedan
  • Every time you edit I can’t even see what your doing

    Skull_legend _YTSkull_legend _YT6 dagar sedan
  • because of peaple like you the game isnt fun anymore

    MaaxMaax6 dagar sedan
  • What mouse is that ?

    LundoaLundoa6 dagar sedan
  • Its like his Dad owns fortnite - - - - - - - His edits are soo fast that I can't even see

    AbizibayAbizibay6 dagar sedan
  • So i just go click baited love it

    dd_rustdd_rust6 dagar sedan

    Wlqking_Wlqking_6 dagar sedan
  • Use the logitech g703

    sam hallsam hall6 dagar sedan
  • "someone else can have fun with that llama" 😳

    dxrrkdxrrk6 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know the name of ryft’s mouse and keyboard ?

    Gear -BtwGear -Btw6 dagar sedan
  • At the beginning the come was dancing lmao

    not_faze_javier sadnot_faze_javier sad6 dagar sedan
  • Ala mierda

    EmiLolXdYolo YTEmiLolXdYolo YT6 dagar sedan
  • Ala mieeda

    EmiLolXdYolo YTEmiLolXdYolo YT6 dagar sedan
  • Now your not the slowest player in 1 persent

    Nope LNope L6 dagar sedan
  • ryft be like... I NEED TO KILL cultures and be better than him

    Sai Aryan VSai Aryan V6 dagar sedan
  • I just realized something... does he JITTER CLICK when he edits???

    Kenny WangKenny Wang6 dagar sedan
  • I love how he said were barely putting any effort in this but then i look at hand cam and i still dint know what hes doing

    Aarifa MemberAarifa Member6 dagar sedan
  • What the fack XD

    Loghan :vLoghan :v6 dagar sedan
  • Your edits are to fast it’s like your using macros

    Spiral is a godSpiral is a god6 dagar sedan
  • Do u use edit on relise

    Janike SalazarJanike Salazar6 dagar sedan