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10 dec 2020
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Crispy & Kate eating challenge ep. 1
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Today Kate & I try and review every fast food french fry we could find in Austin. We didn't exactly make a tier list but we both decided on a clear winner so if you're looking for the best french fries you've found the right video.
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  • the video no one asked for but we delivered anyways 💯

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy Concords4 månader sedan
    • pOGgers

      EXTINGUISHER101EXTINGUISHER1013 månader sedan
    • The thing is that we need more food reviewz

      Xavier RosarioXavier Rosario3 månader sedan
    • basically only morons with no creativity dose this kind of garbage vid

      Ty JohnsonTy Johnson4 månader sedan
    • @crispy that taste you are talking about is the McDonald’s oil that we use I work there bro and I wish I can show you a video of how fucking DARK that Oil is, we clean it every month and a half.

      Mr GMr G4 månader sedan
    • You forgot Burger King but don't worry I'll tell you it taste dry with salt

      code3 do stuffcode3 do stuff4 månader sedan
  • More

    Prudence BroughtonPrudence Broughton2 dagar sedan
    • Please

      Prudence BroughtonPrudence Broughton2 dagar sedan
  • ThAnk GoD SHe

    BOLTZ BBSBOLTZ BBS2 dagar sedan
  • I live in Germany and in my city there is only 1 McDonald’s 🚬🚬 I want to eat wendy fries

    Just_someone _Just_someone _4 dagar sedan
  • I live in Canada 😭

    gaming BOTgaming BOT16 dagar sedan
  • hey PARKER

    AsxsinAsxsin20 dagar sedan
  • Let's be real. all those fries had to be COLD.

    Sammie サミーSammie サミー22 dagar sedan
  • When she says she’s a big “sauce” fan 😳

    Hugo BowmanHugo Bowman22 dagar sedan
  • They didn’t even get Burger King 😂

    Hugo BowmanHugo Bowman22 dagar sedan
  • Don't judge me for this but... I've never tried chicken fil a and the only reason is that we have NO chick fil a in oregon I live in oregon and there is no chick fil a

    xdmcfinnyxdmcfinny22 dagar sedan
  • Chic fil a poop

    DiladrixDiladrix24 dagar sedan
  • Y’all should have done Dairy Queen fries

    Ethan HaanEthan Haan27 dagar sedan
  • They forgot bugermking

    Jesús AriasJesús Arias29 dagar sedan
  • wheres in n out?

    In404nIIn404nIMånad sedan
  • I know you won’t see this but you should try steak and shake fry seasoning it’s soooo good

    Puppers.gamers.Pokémon.repeatPuppers.gamers.Pokémon.repeatMånad sedan
  • I live in New Jersey so idk any of these brands but i know Wendy’s is 100% better than this p terrys place i can just tell how bad it is

    Just_Senku69Just_Senku69Månad sedan
  • crispy wipin the beamer?

    Jax HernandezJax HernandezMånad sedan
  • The best fries are checkers fries and sadly you didn’t include checkers😞

    GR4L3GR4L3Månad sedan
  • Sheeeesh I love ur vidssss

    OPheheOPheheMånad sedan
  • This isn’t related but, I just had the greatest waffle

    Al. JAl. JMånad sedan
  • “Bro it taste like... AIR” - Famous qoute from Crispy Concords

    cole_gam1ngcole_gam1ngMånad sedan
  • He lied to us all, we all thought his name was Crispy... no, no its Parker😭

    cole_gam1ngcole_gam1ngMånad sedan
  • they dont have any of these on guam help

    Ryomen SukunaRyomen SukunaMånad sedan
  • Crispy is getting family friendly Thats a bad thing

    whitobbleswhitobblesMånad sedan
  • Costco has the best fries

    ArtichokeArtichokeMånad sedan
  • I guess I'm a crackhead because Chick-fil-A doesn't exist where I live

    ArtichokeArtichokeMånad sedan
  • Maple syrup

    GhostyyyGhostyyyMånad sedan
  • K9 RevengeK9 RevengeMånad sedan
  • Imma be real, I gotta Chicken Express in my town and that shit sucks ass, the chicken is always cold and the fries are always soggy

    ayyronayyronMånad sedan
  • Tell her 😂😂🍿whataburger fries sad 0/10

    2V WentVirtual2V WentVirtualMånad sedan
  • 1:58 Crispy: "Too Late"

    realloganbrewerrealloganbrewerMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or did that guy look like clix

    Brayden HaneganBrayden HaneganMånad sedan
  • White people the greatest race ever

    Chris KeeranchiraChris KeeranchiraMånad sedan
  • i bet she likes crispys sack saussss

    Syfluu OfficialSyfluu Official2 månader sedan
  • It’s a crime y’all didn’t get Culver’s fries

    TheseBrosRBossTheseBrosRBoss2 månader sedan
  • The pumped lute distinctly knock because quicksand feasibly prevent unto a maddening peony. eatable, chemical rose

    Tommy STommy S2 månader sedan
  • Are they dating?

    Alex AvedisianAlex Avedisian2 månader sedan
  • Crispy says six then kate says 6 its fine but when crispy copy’s Kate answer ohhhh damn crispy be simping

    reaction satisfactionreaction satisfaction2 månader sedan
  • Wendy's, Checkers, and Arby's are the only good fast food fries.

    CorvidoxCorvidox2 månader sedan
  • They really put disrespect on Whataburger fries

    ChocolateDiughChocolateDiugh2 månader sedan
  • Yo crispy... did you tap tho?

    NurpleFPSNurpleFPS2 månader sedan
  • Kate is so pretty :(((

    burghursburghurs2 månader sedan
  • ...lets ignore the beauty and the tramp scene

    Spyce KingdomSpyce Kingdom2 månader sedan
  • crispy blue balled Kate :’)

    renireni2 månader sedan
  • Whataburger smacks. Y'all just got shitty workers.

    YungFather HandzYungFather Handz2 månader sedan
  • Sweet home Alabama he’s always with a sister that seems kind of weird

    NormalNormal2 månader sedan
  • we need kate back yall are great together dammit

    SteinerSteiner2 månader sedan
  • 8:10 crispy speaking big facts

    SteinerSteiner2 månader sedan
  • Crispy stay trolling us😂😂 they gotta be eating at this point

    Tadrick TomasichTadrick Tomasich2 månader sedan
  • The loud tabletop unfortunatly invite because park developmentally concentrate between a joyous greek. complex, neat bladder

    Shawn ReyesShawn Reyes2 månader sedan
  • If I could send you Powder Ridges seasoned fries you’d never eat another fri again it’s at a snowboarding/skiing hill

    MN LifeMN Life2 månader sedan
  • she have bad taste

    King PinKing Pin2 månader sedan
  • 100% try freddy steakburgers and custard. Their fries are fye and their menu it's just fucking mint

    Ubisoft bruhUbisoft bruh2 månader sedan
  • Bra her eyebrows are clapped🤣

    Kurtis SearKurtis Sear2 månader sedan
  • Crispy kept putting the beginning of giveaway in the video, the part where he says "took a pregnancy test on easter". Idk if it's just because he said that line or if he means that Kate took a pregnancy test. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 IT'S A JOKE!!! IM KIDDING!!!!

    video smasher 109video smasher 1092 månader sedan
  • Well it's not my fault that my country doesnt have chick-fil-a here

    KlyZianKlyZian2 månader sedan
  • i have never ate chick fil a i’m 9 and live in town with 7,800 people

    HeyItsMinusHeyItsMinus2 månader sedan
  • There is no way they haven’t smashed

    Fuzed MonkeyFuzed Monkey2 månader sedan
  • why did he introduce himself 😂

    Frenchy lolFrenchy lol2 månader sedan
  • u forgot smash burger

    Zayvier ShAdOwZayvier ShAdOw2 månader sedan
  • My family love’s chick fIL A

    Analaura Velazquez-RubioAnalaura Velazquez-Rubio2 månader sedan
  • Go to Cali for in n out

    Nightmare _666Nightmare _6662 månader sedan
  • bro crispy is pullin

    Yee BoisYee Bois2 månader sedan
  • Where’s in n out? Those are literally so good!!!

    Triple C FishingTriple C Fishing2 månader sedan
  • I'm sad I don't have any chick fa la around me

    French ChefFrench Chef2 månader sedan
  • Find a girl with substance my guy

    Jack HallJack Hall2 månader sedan
  • Kate is so Cute!

    Sensei AstroSensei Astro2 månader sedan
  • Personally I’m from Texas and WHATABURGER IS CRAP 💩 everything they sell is bumcheeks

    ExroExro2 månader sedan
  • Review the crispy concords meal pls

    Blu ScoutBlu Scout2 månader sedan
  • do burgors

    gamer man091gamer man0913 månader sedan
  • The pillow in the back 10/10

    SwiftSwift3 månader sedan
  • u missin wing stop tho

    xddannyy_xddannyy_3 månader sedan
  • wait they were eating fries sry I got distracted

    mike _mike _3 månader sedan
  • If you haven’t tried chick-fil-a your a crackhead: people in northish NY

    Nick CNick C3 månader sedan
  • 9:26 ok but she kinda went in for that

    chicken str ipschicken str ips3 månader sedan
  • 4:10 😂😂😂😂

    Elias EzekielElias Ezekiel3 månader sedan
  • 9:26 bruh simp

    blackviper024blackviper0243 månader sedan
  • All of Australia is crack addicts now cause yea hahah

    Keith LockyerKeith Lockyer3 månader sedan
  • u forgot to taste frenchfries of Jollibee

    DexxDexx3 månader sedan
  • I SWEAR TO GOD STOP SAYING "FRENCH FRIES".... Im belgian and fries come from belguim soo not france....

    Xndr2Xndr23 månader sedan
  • Haha big face edit make funny

    Donhardt EmpireDonhardt Empire3 månader sedan
  • the editor might have been touching the clouds while editing this

    Barack ObamaBarack Obama3 månader sedan
  • Where was the Popeyes fries

    g gg g3 månader sedan
  • Fly her back

    Lil SwissLil Swiss3 månader sedan
  • I love how far they’ve come lol Kate seems so much more comfortable being on camera

    Claudia ElizabethClaudia Elizabeth3 månader sedan
  • u forgot jack in the box

    Mathue SmithMathue Smith3 månader sedan
  • my cousin cant eat chick fila because of peanut oil f to pay respects of the deliciousness

    Fin or DCJFin or DCJ3 månader sedan
  • Wait whataburger

    xentral shottaxentral shotta3 månader sedan
  • No zaxbys fries?

    Adam Shane Fulton JrAdam Shane Fulton Jr3 månader sedan
  • Does he not want to date the Omegle girls for an excuse to get MORE OMEGLE GIRLS. I promise this isn’t hate comment

    RB PresentsRB Presents3 månader sedan
  • Wheres IN N OUT?

    Ytsomeduck rbYtsomeduck rb3 månader sedan
  • live in same house crispy " she's only visiting for a while but in the mean time we aren't dating

    Adriano PradoAdriano Prado3 månader sedan
  • What was the place that didn’t have fries ?

    Jacob LaraJacob Lara3 månader sedan
  • What about Arby's and Checkers

    Mr-_-MallowMr-_-Mallow3 månader sedan
  • Where the Sheetz fries at?

    Blue MantaBlue Manta3 månader sedan
  • Some Of These Edits Tho

    Jonathan3605Jonathan36053 månader sedan
  • Came here because of Freddie talked about it on his channel! Watched because I LOVE FRIES 🍟!! I agree Chick Fil A and McDonald’s are definitely 10’s! Five guys Fries are a close second!! Love the editing on this!! Cracked me up!

    BigDaddysWorldBigDaddysWorld3 månader sedan
  • 9:28 i hate you. she full sent it and you played with her feeling :() edit: i dont hate you but still

    NoShotNoShot3 månader sedan
  • Crispy is is right on all of these

    nickthekillanickthekilla3 månader sedan
  • So just forget about sonic

    TastyLasagna_TastyLasagna_3 månader sedan