Adding Fish to aquarium and SECRET DIY tank build reveal!!

22 okt 2020
169 692 visningar

Today we add 200 fish to the 125 gallon aquarium!
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  • *We gave this tank away for $1* :

    The king of DIYThe king of DIYMånad sedan
    • Joey, if its verticle tank, then freshwater is limited. Speaking by pure experience, but salt water wise, why put a fish? You are challenging yourself doing a tough tank. Then also challenge yourself by carring for a very tough to keep life in a tank. Try doing a seahorse tank, they do best in verticle tanks and are challenging to keep.

      Alessandro Di GiandomenicoAlessandro Di Giandomenico20 dagar sedan
    • I would like to buy your cilinder thank ! Is it possible ?

      Mel RMel RMånad sedan
    • I like the waterfall idea a lot.... and just cultivate all of your own plants

      Bryan MooneyBryan MooneyMånad sedan
    • Maybe you should do a waterfall in the 6 feet aquarium and have it filled only halfway. Seems less dangerous and pretty amazing to me. Like if uh guys want this too. Love from india ❤️

      artistakash007asartistakash007asMånad sedan
    • I would love to see a tall salt water tank with a cylinder coral system running up the middle of the whole tank, now that would be lit

      jwilsnachjwilsnachMånad sedan
  • OCTOPUS PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jkstbjkstb2 timmar sedan
  • Saltwater butterfly or damsel fish tank

    Lego zombie moc makerLego zombie moc maker3 timmar sedan
  • I’ll take your 700 gallon it’s my b day on dec 6 and you could do more ideas with your room

    Treven RobbinsTreven RobbinsDag sedan
  • Hey QUESTION: Can My Tiger Oscars Eat BloodWorms ?? Like Can They Digest The Skins With No Probs ?? Ontario Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦✊😊❤️✌️🤘👍

    Realistically DazedRealistically Dazed2 dagar sedan
  • Freshwater. Piranhas.

    MoonMan GamingMoonMan Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • Just hire an editor

    F4isalKSAF4isalKSA4 dagar sedan
  • Can I have that corner tank since you ganna build a new one

    Hoss DelgadoHoss Delgado4 dagar sedan
  • Your fish room is my dream bro ❤

    Keith PurdieKeith Purdie5 dagar sedan
  • Try building a bigger tank then your biggest tank

    yvonne chuayvonne chua6 dagar sedan
  • 6 ft tall tank. Put Jason from Jason VI in there. Now that's a Scape.

    Darryl JoudreyDarryl Joudrey7 dagar sedan
  • Tiger barbs! Lots of them!

    monte Fullermonte Fuller9 dagar sedan
  • Freshwater! I'd include a lot of Vallisneria in the scape

    61percentodicarica61percentodicarica10 dagar sedan
  • Can you Same your cylinder tank

    Get WapGet Wap10 dagar sedan
  • Could have added eels...and lowered the light..for that tank...

    London WellsLondon Wells10 dagar sedan
  • Reach out to Brett and Wayde from ATM if you need any tips for bending that acrylic. I can't wait to see this tank built, keep up the hard work the gallery looks great!!

    William ClayWilliam Clay12 dagar sedan
  • Vertical saltwater reef

    Legacy GamingLegacy Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • The new tank u make should be a tall saltwater stocked with eels and a fancy coral insert with tunnels

    Zachary MulawaZachary Mulawa14 dagar sedan
  • Joey go salt water and go back for that puffer at the fish store.....He DOES need you!

    GIBBZ 626GIBBZ 62616 dagar sedan
  • balinnn

    Patrick StarPatrick Star17 dagar sedan
  • Medusas!!!!

    Willix_21Willix_2117 dagar sedan
  • My wife said she wants to see you do a tank for axolotl

    Madskills420Madskills42019 dagar sedan
  • All Exotic African Peacock Colors for the new tank. 👍🏾

    Brandon 0224Brandon 022420 dagar sedan
  • Oh seahorses plz

    Jennifer BoanJennifer Boan21 dag sedan
  • Salt.

    Porter RobertsPorter Roberts22 dagar sedan
  • seahorses!

    Anytyme06Anytyme0623 dagar sedan
  • Sea horses in a kelp forest

    Ryan HaynesRyan Haynes24 dagar sedan
  • Do it,,, and stock it with FISH!!!! any kind just can't wait to see it

    BassManMartinBassManMartin24 dagar sedan
  • I think it would be awesome to build a plywood tank stocking it with soft corals!! 🐠

    Brandon NewboldBrandon Newbold24 dagar sedan
  • can anyone tell me this tank size?

    Irshad FdoIrshad Fdo24 dagar sedan
  • tank size?

    Irshad FdoIrshad Fdo24 dagar sedan
  • Wow, the salt water tank looks amazing behind you

    The hornwort of hornwortThe hornwort of hornwort24 dagar sedan
  • Saltwater

    PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Saltwater

    PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Saltwater

    PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Saltwater

    PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Saltwater

    PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Saltwater

    PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Seahorses!

    Tom AndersonTom Anderson26 dagar sedan
  • But what about a cylinder tank inside of the big rectangle tank 🤔

    DragMyCorpse1DragMyCorpse126 dagar sedan
  • It would be cool to have a sorority Betta Tank on the new aquarium

    Nightshade2017Nightshade201726 dagar sedan
  • I've got limited floorspace and have been thinking about trying to go 3-4 feet high. Would love to see something like that.

    M OneM One27 dagar sedan
  • Eels!

    How WardHow Ward27 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a predator hap african cichlid tank?

    Goldfish ObsessionGoldfish Obsession28 dagar sedan
  • What about a "L" shaped tank

    JP RayJP Ray28 dagar sedan
    • I have done that already. :)

      The king of DIYThe king of DIY28 dagar sedan
  • Fresh water with angelfish

    Henre VoslooHenre Vosloo28 dagar sedan
  • joey we love ur energy and creativity, i can relate to how ur mind is bursting with ideas and is hard to contain

    Itzel AlvidrezItzel Alvidrez28 dagar sedan
  • How about a table tank

    king Arxeoking Arxeo28 dagar sedan
  • Fresh water

    Rathna KumariRathna Kumari28 dagar sedan

    Greatest EverGreatest Ever28 dagar sedan
  • ik uve kinda really done discus but they like tall tanks dont they?

    The StickmanThe Stickman28 dagar sedan
  • Sea horses would be nice in that 6 foot set up

    Paul RomeroPaul Romero28 dagar sedan
  • I think he has snapped

    Rolando TokesRolando Tokes29 dagar sedan
    • He lost it

      Jonas SkipperJonas Skipper24 dagar sedan
    • @Lidea Barker tbh HE wore me out

      Rolando TokesRolando Tokes27 dagar sedan
    • Kinda manic. Weares me out.

      Lidea BarkerLidea Barker28 dagar sedan
  • Loving the excitement in your voice. Cant wait for a update

    redbull 85redbull 8529 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the original 370 gal plywood?

    G LeeG Lee29 dagar sedan
  • Salt water

    MR SONGMR SONG29 dagar sedan
    • Good idea

      PGK rich kidPGK rich kid25 dagar sedan
  • Dolt water

    MR SONGMR SONG29 dagar sedan
  • If you want to get into the nitty gritty of it you can talk about fish anatomy, i.e. the importance of their mouths for different trophic levels!! I feel like a coral wall with fishes in between would be amazing or anything that'd look like a painting once mounted!!

    Duvman ggDuvman gg29 dagar sedan
  • solo tank for susan :))

    Duvman ggDuvman gg29 dagar sedan
  • Seahorses PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Jimmy SJimmy S29 dagar sedan

    mr bumpermr bumper29 dagar sedan
  • Stock with huge fire track eels

    John TranJohn Tran29 dagar sedan
  • Go fresh water stock with fish that swim on different levels

    Dustin CutrightDustin Cutright29 dagar sedan
  • Should get German blue ram in the cylinder tank instead of guppies! They will dwell at the caves in between those rock very well! And it will be fun to see a fly river turtle in the two thousands!

    RYLmaniacRYLmaniac29 dagar sedan
  • jeez man, you're stressing me out! you just put up that tank! but if you must, do an amazing tall coral reef in there, that would look awesome!!! or get an octopus, or even do a jellyfish tank!!!!!

    Music MagicianMusic Magician29 dagar sedan
  • That tall tank is not going to be fun to work or clean the bottom

    Chris WatsonChris Watson29 dagar sedan
    • It is 4x2x2 and is 120 gallons!

      BRANDT NAGYBRANDT NAGY29 dagar sedan
  • Stock it with angel fish. With the height they should do well

    TheDMLinkTheDMLink29 dagar sedan
  • African cichlids all the way!! Also hello from a fellow Maritimer! :)

    Melissa GallantMelissa Gallant29 dagar sedan
  • Hi Joey, can you do a video about Betta keeping? People are abusing this fish by keeping in small spaces

    Lee AliLee AliMånad sedan
  • what if he did an octopus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coy MartinCoy MartinMånad sedan
  • Saltwater with octopus!

    Christian GudbjartChristian GudbjartMånad sedan
    • Cruel....need to be in the ocean.

      Lidea BarkerLidea Barker28 dagar sedan
    • A dwarf octopus would be pretty cool!

      Demery DoughDemery DoughMånad sedan
  • You should watch George Farmers video for "Tropica plants" about planting hairgrass. You can get much more than six plants from a pot of tissue culture.

    Frank NagelschmidtFrank NagelschmidtMånad sedan
  • Salt, horses. Done!

    Alex JAlex JMånad sedan
  • I would love to see a flight River turtle in one of those tanks

    Nicole On YourTUBENicole On YourTUBEMånad sedan
  • Lmao “ calculating ”

    Curtis SchindlerCurtis SchindlerMånad sedan
  • 10 bucks for one cup of plants ?! In germany it’s 3-5€ :O

    PhillatorosPhillatorosMånad sedan
    • More than that mate

      EDL MemberEDL MemberMånad sedan
  • Angels and discus together

    Ron JRon JMånad sedan
    • they'ee not really compatible :/

      M PM PMånad sedan
  • Community Tank.

    Ryan WellsRyan WellsMånad sedan
  • Thats is plant and practice your scaping..and build that huge tower.

    Ryan WellsRyan WellsMånad sedan
  • Build a tunnel aquarium!

    Adam MillsAdam MillsMånad sedan
  • Cold water Jelly Fish. Hands down !!!!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    keithknight25keithknight25Månad sedan
  • What about jellyfish ! Can be cool in such vertical layout

    Nexi0n82Nexi0n82Månad sedan
    • Jellyfish are cool but a lot that you can buy there life span is so short you could be replacing them every 6months-1year

      Watson HereWatson HereMånad sedan
  • Moray eels!

    Jay LeBowJay LeBowMånad sedan
  • Ahh love it!

    RobynGuppy ArtRobynGuppy ArtMånad sedan
    • Can't wait for more on the mini tank VS.!

      RobynGuppy ArtRobynGuppy ArtMånad sedan
    • Oh plywood tank been a while!

      RobynGuppy ArtRobynGuppy ArtMånad sedan
  • Loving the curtains over the sumps joey, very smart. Awesome that you are doing another build xxx always some excitement in the gallery xxx

    Shel BuckleyShel BuckleyMånad sedan
  • Betta sorority or freshwater comunity fish tank or buenos aires tetras

    Marcos ArronesMarcos ArronesMånad sedan
  • Afircan Cichlids

    Bennett ManleyBennett ManleyMånad sedan
  • Salt water full reef with high light coral and low light coral

    Naz MoNaz MoMånad sedan
  • brackish water joey 😍😍😍

    Mad Fish LoverMad Fish LoverMånad sedan
  • Jellyfish

    matty bmatty bMånad sedan
  • Bring discuss back

    J ReeseJ ReeseMånad sedan
  • dangit Joey let's see some seahorses!

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • A salt water reef would be amazing and with the depth you could keep coral from high light all the way to low light species.

    Anthony McIntyreAnthony McIntyreMånad sedan
  • There goes crazy Joe!

    Luiz NunesLuiz NunesMånad sedan
  • Any Videos Of Your pool pond update?

    Wilson KohWilson KohMånad sedan
  • I think you should make a salt water shark tank with jelly fish and crabs and lobsters .

    Mohammad NatshehMohammad NatshehMånad sedan
  • Discus

    Samuel GreenSamuel GreenMånad sedan
  • Have you ever done a brackish water tank? Lots of shiny fish with lots of movement maybe som mangroves and inverts.

    Kern ValdezKern ValdezMånad sedan
  • Love it idea, something like jellyfish would be cool

    Simon SmithSimon SmithMånad sedan
  • Salt!!

    Dakota NicholsDakota NicholsMånad sedan