Ghostbur finds out His Son Fundy is getting ADOPTED by Eret on The Dream SMP!! (Ghostbur Cries)

24 nov 2020
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in this video ghostbur finds out that his son fundy is getting adopted by eret on the dream smp and cant hold back his tears...
Ghostbur Finds out His Son Fundy is getting ADOPTED by Eret on The Dream SMP!! (Ghostbur Cries)
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  • I feel so bad-

    The Phoenix NationThe Phoenix Nation8 timmar sedan
  • In crying poor ghostbur

    fnaf killerfnaf killer16 timmar sedan
  • I....... was cying at 9:01

    Lillian CyrLillian CyrDag sedan
  • I’m crying and I don’t know why

    Emelys alexandra AlvarezEmelys alexandra AlvarezDag sedan
  • i feel so sad for wilbur

    KIMITSU YTKIMITSU YT2 dagar sedan
  • "Yeah, we don't like Eret, its in the song, we hate Eret" "Right..." WAILING NOISES

    dogma_dogma_2 dagar sedan
  • When funny said he was getting adopted he was like: wait what…

    Shadow FlowerShadow Flower3 dagar sedan
  • Wait Fundy is a orthen don't tell tecnoblade he sed and I quote I will kill all orthens

    Dan JohnsonDan Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • Poor ghostbur. He lost so much even do he is such a good person... or ghost I can say.

    Aayan ShaikhAayan Shaikh3 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: even ninja made a book! The book: George’s an ninja’s marriage certificate- (i think)

    Gamer Mangle1234Gamer Mangle12343 dagar sedan
  • *awkward silence* Llama drives by😂

    Emma StrangEmma Strang3 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for him

    wild lpswild lps4 dagar sedan
  • I’m crying rn not kidding 😥

    Robby piggy RobotRobby piggy Robot4 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: Eret is just trying to safe fundy from technoblade.

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  • It stabs me in the heart so bad that the time Fundy told him about adoption, I went all tears up. It's felt so real...

    Linx AxcelLinx Axcel6 dagar sedan
  • Yall should start a role play 🥺

    -TotallyNotKaiya--TotallyNotKaiya-8 dagar sedan
  • I havent watched any of wilburs sides so seeing all them BUTTONS fuckin surprised me

    DrunkenHusky333DrunkenHusky3338 dagar sedan
  • 6:00

    LuLi LifeLuLi Life8 dagar sedan
  • 4:40

    LuLi LifeLuLi Life8 dagar sedan
  • bro I-

    Actually PsychoActually Psycho8 dagar sedan
  • Poor Ghostbur ;(

    AyBoiWAyBoiW8 dagar sedan

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  • Phil thank you phor philling me in you can go back to the phunnies

    Nish The GreatNish The Great8 dagar sedan
  • Remember, itz just a roleplay. Itz just a roleplay. Itz just a roleplay. itz just a roleplay. itz just a roleplay. Itz just a roleplay. Itz just a roleplay. That did NOT stop me from crying...

    NaiveGhost UwUNaiveGhost UwU10 dagar sedan
  • I watch this... i cry, and i think i need some blue for it...

    DociekDociek10 dagar sedan
    • Lmao wait now don't drug yourself

      Angel makes trashAngel makes trash8 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is like BBH but more adorable

    *-Toxic Bunny-**-Toxic Bunny-*10 dagar sedan
  • Oh yes I loVE to cry

    Ace o’ spadesAce o’ spades11 dagar sedan
  • As soon as I saw the video name I teared up :(

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  • 2 things: 1. Ghostbur visiting the cave is a subtle sign of faint memory. 2. He was happy to die at Phils hand.

    Veer _1206Veer _120611 dagar sedan
  • Why did this made me cry ;-;

    Nootmare WufflusNootmare Wufflus11 dagar sedan
  • I’m so confused is fundy actually Wilbur son

    SirBananaSirBanana11 dagar sedan
  • what does he mean ony alive relative now technically technos there

    TheGamingBoiTheGamingBoi11 dagar sedan
  • Fundy saying he's gonna get adopted is at 6:09

    MadUnwanted 2000MadUnwanted 200011 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the time stamp my dude

      Angel makes trashAngel makes trash8 dagar sedan
  • does wilbur have tics or what is he doing?-

    I love BreadI love Bread12 dagar sedan
  • U can hear Wilburs voice breaking..u can hear the pain in his voice

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  • Visiting pogtopia hit different

    Hypershock 07Hypershock 0712 dagar sedan

    monkey sparkmonkey spark12 dagar sedan
  • "Im not upset"... And sounds like he is almost crying

    The SoftThe Soft12 dagar sedan
    • It does

      Sarah PinnickSarah Pinnick12 dagar sedan
  • Fundy : I'm getting adopted ..... Ghostbur : ........... NANI ??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

    Mariam AzizMariam Aziz13 dagar sedan
    • But the end ghostbur gets sad . 🙁🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

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  • Don’t be shy some of u emotional people cried 😂

    CherryCOLAパイCherryCOLAパイ13 dagar sedan

    Baby eater PotatoBaby eater Potato14 dagar sedan
    • Yeah but he's er..slightly not sane

      Angel makes trashAngel makes trash8 dagar sedan
  • I like that Fundy is his "son" and they're like the same age IRL (I think)

    Sophie UdoSophie Udo14 dagar sedan
  • Ik that this is just a role playing server but......goddamn the emotions, the fights, the feelings are real they hit you hard in the heart

    Justin MonteclaroJustin Monteclaro14 dagar sedan
  • I feel like Wilbur is the most broken person in the smp

    •Chrisd0za ••Chrisd0za •14 dagar sedan
  • 9:48 Phil:”at some point you took a turn” Wilbur turns

    ð squid gaming ðð squid gaming ð15 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad that Wilbur showed his face while roleplaying this cause I know that his voice is not enough to make it sad. When he heared Fundy that he is going to be adopted and he stopped, his faced showed how sad and surprised he was and that added more sadness to the scenes. And that's also why I keep coming back to this video. Well, I mean I'm probably torturing my heart from all of this sadness rn but well it's worth it ig.

    LeiLei15 dagar sedan
  • Poor will and friend

    Remel CandeladaRemel Candelada15 dagar sedan
  • You can hear ghotburs voice cracking 😪

    Olivia WOlivia W15 dagar sedan
  • this is pog

    AymzzAymzz15 dagar sedan
  • 5:57 you can hear him about too swear

    Flexflame !Flexflame !16 dagar sedan
  • i didnt see ghostbur cry

    brenden ennestbrenden ennest16 dagar sedan
  • Knowing that this is acting doesnt make me cry less

    pyramid obamapyramid obama17 dagar sedan
  • I’m not crying there’s just something in my eyes

    The Smurf NoThe Smurf No17 dagar sedan
  • Hes trying not to cry really hard I can here it in his voice😭

    Satori?!. .?!CielSatori?!. .?!Ciel17 dagar sedan
  • the people that disliked are just sad cuz Fundy is getting adopted but didn't want to express it by liking lol

    EE17 dagar sedan
  • Well I am just feeling hurt, my hart just fucking broke to pices-

    Coco The Red PandaCoco The Red Panda17 dagar sedan
  • Wait is Wilbur fundys real dad?????? Cause I’m comfused

    Em The BirdEm The Bird18 dagar sedan
  • Fundy: I’m getting adopted *Technoblade has left the game*

    OreaganoOreagano18 dagar sedan
  • Poor Wilby :(

    HavesomeblueHavesomeblue18 dagar sedan
  • Poor wilbur first hes sheep friend and now his son

    messinotfoundmessinotfound18 dagar sedan
  • “Tubbo, we found him in a box but he’s not technically in the family tree” *Tubbo_ left the game*

    Emily ParkEmily Park18 dagar sedan
  • Here, have some blue

    N JacksonN Jackson18 dagar sedan
  • A D O P T E D

    StariiStarii18 dagar sedan
  • not me crying everytime I watch this

    Katelyn SchneiderKatelyn Schneider19 dagar sedan
  • The fact he turned the corner as he was told "You took a turn".

    •• Angel Dust •••• Angel Dust ••19 dagar sedan
  • Why were there buttons in his house

    Chicken flaChicken fla19 dagar sedan
  • Awwwwwweeee will you can be my dad

    king_lemonboii337king_lemonboii33719 dagar sedan
  • I just been wondering if they die will they loose their memory cause yeah i agree wilbur is gentle now unlike when his alive his so distructive

    Mae_ chanMae_ chan20 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for ghostbur I mean the whole time I wanted to gib him a virtual Minecraft hug :

    Desiree KerwinDesiree Kerwin20 dagar sedan
  • I got a scary image that also made me sad. *Wilbur stumbles through the mines they created, a red gleam in his eye, his beanie askew, and his coat torn on one shoulder. He takes a few steps forward, mumbling to himself. Something about "Mine... L'manberg is mine... Symphonies... They play so loudly... But of course they're right. No, they're wrong. It's not theirs to take." His eyes lift, and they positively glow with malice. "Well then, let it begin at the end, I suppose."* The next thing I saw was black, then ghostbur walking through the same place, looking around with a confused, and sad look. He mutters words again, but this time, it is only four words. *"Fundy needs a dad."*

    Emory ZundelEmory Zundel20 dagar sedan
  • A kid who was born inside a box later to be adopted by Phliza and his wife who gave birth to Wilbur, Techno And Tommy; and then Tubbo became friends with Phliza kids: Tommy and had their little adventure and then Wilbur started a nation and Tubbo and Tommy joined and then Technoblade join the nation to then at the festival kill His own Brother Tommy and also witness his other Brother Death Wilbur and Also The Kid in the Box Became the President and then Tommy was Exiled by God himself and but then escaped and Seeked help from the person that killed him, his brother Technoblade and Then Technoblade got hunted by the kid in the box Tubbo

    Caibur SenpaiCaibur Senpai20 dagar sedan
  • Will disconnecting from the server then suddenly after 30 seconds of silence saying “Fundy needs a dad..” was the thing that made me start balling

    I always feel like Somebody’s watching meI always feel like Somebody’s watching me20 dagar sedan
  • Fundy before becoming an orphan when watching Techno hating on orphans:👍🏻 After:😢😳

    Smenfield GachaSmenfield Gacha21 dag sedan
  • I'm crying rn..-

    HALOHALO21 dag sedan
  • "See you son" Philza how dare you shatter my heart like that

    Nikey RiderNikey Rider21 dag sedan
  • Ghostbur wanted to cry I feel so bad💔

    Jinger CheaneyJinger Cheaney22 dagar sedan
  • i love how the family tree started as like a joke but is now v incorporated into the plot

    PieceofLove BPieceofLove B22 dagar sedan

    LolsLols22 dagar sedan
  • I'm about to cry 😣

    •Lazy nugget••Lazy nugget•22 dagar sedan
  • Can somebody explain, what the fuck is going on?..

    DzhBzhLzh STDzhBzhLzh ST23 dagar sedan
  • I’m not crying I’m pretending to be a water fountain

    KrikkeyKrikkey23 dagar sedan
  • I dO gOoD dAd ThInGs

    s a t a ns a t a n25 dagar sedan
  • Wait can someone answer this: when fundy called tubbo a bad president and he said” well your dad is dead” and fundy got sad did tubbo mean that Wilbur died or did fundy's real dad die?

    Erik KilstromErik Kilstrom26 dagar sedan

    Dr did a dumDr did a dum26 dagar sedan
  • you reely need help

    Fox 435Fox 43526 dagar sedan
  • its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real its not real Fuck

    Robyn Clara SpinnerRobyn Clara Spinner26 dagar sedan
  • "Look at all those! (books)" *how to s^x 2*

    LittleFundyLittleFundy26 dagar sedan
  • I like that he's wearing pool hall merch

    Rice BoyyoRice Boyyo26 dagar sedan
  • Wait...,how old is Fundy exactly? Cause im gonna assume Tommy is the youngest sibling, cause Tommy is literally Fundy's uncle.. And Tommy is 16.Can anyone tell me how old Fundy is? even in the roleplay Universe.

    Rachelle NardoRachelle Nardo26 dagar sedan
  • 5:14 ignore this I’m just saving my spot point

    Yourapigthatgotranoverbyacarandisnowinanimeworld WYourapigthatgotranoverbyacarandisnowinanimeworld W26 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: i am the globgogabgalab and i love books People in the smp: ...

    dreamdream27 dagar sedan
  • I think I am tubo NOT LYING 6:45

    Maung KhuiMaung Khui27 dagar sedan
  • "Fundy needs a Dad." WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH T^T

    Gwyneth TevesGwyneth Teves27 dagar sedan
  • Them: *Role-playing* Me: *Le cries*

    Gwyneth TevesGwyneth Teves27 dagar sedan
  • Philza: you took a turn Wilbur: turns on the track Philza: things got a little messy The track that he was on had some full blocks instead of half blocks

    texa o4 yeettexa o4 yeet27 dagar sedan
  • i remember you killing me -wilbur2020

    anas ben hassineanas ben hassine27 dagar sedan
  • “We don’t like Eret it’s in the song...”

    Ava KnutsonAva Knutson27 dagar sedan
  • This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! This is scripted! I still cried

    MidnightMidnight27 dagar sedan
  • Wait my confused so fundy is wilbers son his Axel son can someone reply explaining this to me cuz my confused so hes saying that HE MADE FUNDY CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF This is real or fake just to roleplay in minecraft or he actually made fundy like do you get my point can someone explain to me

    Eris BeqirajEris Beqiraj28 dagar sedan
    • It's all roleplay. In the Dream SMP lore, Wilbur is Fundy's dad

      jaejae22 dagar sedan
  • o7

    • The Sun Spirit •• The Sun Spirit •28 dagar sedan